Author's Notes: Yeah, this is basically the last of it, although I may post a few songs that I didn't put in originally (i.e. Santa Fe, Christmas Bells), but at this point the whole show is, quote, done. And so is the season, so… I hope you enjoy this and look for my new fic which should be up soon. After I listen to the soundtrack like a million times.

Drum Majors and Directors: It's only band, remember this.

Forget regret, for band is not to miss.

All: All brand new songs, marching all day

Today we will play


Brass and Band Front: We can't control

Our practicing

I trust this show

My only woe is just to be

Without band

No hand gropes

No ear hears

No drum beats

Life goes on

But I'm gone

Cause I die

Without band

I die without band

I die without band

Today we will play

I die without band

Woodwinds and Percussion: Will I play the music right?

Will someone know?

Will I march on Friday

In rain or snow?

There's only now

There's only here

Give in to band

Or live in tears

No other songs,

Marching all day

Today we will play

Today we will play

Today we will play

Today we will play

All: Today we will play