One Big Military Family

Author's Note: This is my very first on going Royai fic! I had a lot of random ideas for how I wanted to do so I hope it actually turns out decent. I actually got the idea before seeing episode 25 and I liked how it turned out so much I decided to keep the first chapters the way they were and I'll figure things out from there. There are only a few spoilers I actually know of cuz I'm relying on the Adult Swim schedule, so go easy on me.

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or the characters. I just like writing fics about 'em. :)

Chapter 1: The Beauty of Marriage

Most little girls day dream about finding love and what life will be like in the future at young ages, society almost planting that in their minds in some way, handing them baby dolls and cooking sets in toy form, but for some girls, those thoughts tend to fade away- especially if you are Riza Hawkeye. Yes, when she was younger, she would wonder what it would be like to find that prince charming and be happily married like her parents were, but the older the got, the more she didn't really care so much, especiallly once she entered the military. She was eighteen when she entered the military and met men of different varieties. She found men that were arrogant, some that were pigs, and actually some that were decent, but after some time, she had become immune to the to their advances. She discovered that childish crushes were pointless in the military and figured after a while, she wouldn't care if any man tried with all his might to get her to date him... That was until she met Roy Mustang.

She had met him during the Ishbal Rebellion, but it wasn't until she found herself working under him that she discovered how cocky the man could really be. He managed to be the only man who could get under her skin and discover all sorts of emotions. Roy Mustang, a man who seemed to regret a lot from his past and could be foolish and care free at times, had managed to find a way to break down her walls and get her to express things she never thought she would around him. He had seen her happy, angry, sad, amused, annoyed, stubborn, and sometimes even affectionate. Over the years he managed to get through the strict walls of the blonde woman and allowed her to even get through and understand him. That was why they were meant to be.

With the exchange of vows and "I do's", Riza found that life had quickly changed as soon as she and Roy shared a kiss in front of their companions and family memebers. At their wedding, they sealed the deal that they would deal with each others faults and share all their dreams and feelings with each other without shame and the first tep to that was Riza actaully managing to get Roy out of his military uniform and into a suit for the occasion. But because of this, she had to promise not to be carrying any guns on her person. Riza didn't complain though. She loved the way he looked in a suit and smiled at him with admiration at the reception, only to get a look of confusion from the alchemist when he would look up and see her.

"Hmmmm..." Riza squirmed a little in bed at the sound of Roy's tired moan as he continued to sleep, pulling her body close to his. It had been a long night and she smiled tiredly as she rolled over and laid her head on his chest, running her hand over his well defined chest, a fond smile crossing her face. One too many women were attracted to his looks, which was understandable, but she was happy to know there was so much more to Roy Mustang than just looks. Roy put his arms tighter around her and mummured I love you in his sleep. Riza blushed slightly. She could never remember how she fell for this man, but at least she knew why. She found herself staring at his sleeping face and sat up slightly, covering her bare chest with the covers. He was always so peaceful when he was asleep and she hated when events from the past haunted his dreams. The whimpering on the other side of the bedroom door snapped her out of her thoughts however.

It was Black Hayate on the other side, who clearly was tired of being left alone. Strange as it was, the pup was at the wedding and even the reception, but the rest of the evening, he had been alone since his mistress and her 'mate' wanted to be alone and he knew on those nights he wasn't allowed in the room. He was such a well behaved dog after all. Grabbing on of Roy's shirts, Riza put it on and opened the door, letting in the relieved black dog. She smiled as the dog sat in front of her, tail wagging and tongue hanging as he waited for a pat on the head and acknowledgement that he could climb in the bed with them, which he finally recieved. Riza sighed as she and the two men of her life laid in the bed. Both Roy and Hayate had the tendency to take up a lot of bed space, whether its them alone in bed or with her, but she wouldn't complain. Reaching over and scratching Hayate behind the ears, she decided she'd never complain about it. After all, this was her happily little family right now.

Roy came walking from the bedroom groggily, partially ready for work with his white collared shirt partially tucked in, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and the first few buttons undone as he ran his fingers through his messy hair. He yawned as he entered the kitchen, Black Hayate trotting along at his heels of the man he had grown to finally consider his master. It was wierd how stubborn the dog could be when it did not involve Riza. He was use to Roy leaving at time and not always spending the night, but after a month of marriage, he finally caught on to the fact he was not going to be getting all of the blonde's attention and had to share her with the 'flame' man. Even though he was half asleep, a slight tired smirk crossed his face as Roy noticed Riza working on breakfast. It was quite possibly the most welcoming feeling a man could ever come by in the morning actually, knowing there was always going to be a woman there for you in the morning, helping keep you up and running.

"Hey there." he whispered seductively in her ear when he walked up behind her, embracing her from behind, glad she didn't stiffen up when he did like she use to. He grinned a little and kissed her right below her ear. A slight smile crossed her features and she turned, giving him a quick kiss and handing him his breakfast plate.

"You know we're going to be late if you don't start getting up on time, right?" she pointed out, but Roy couldn't help but notice she wasn't completely ready herself. He chose against commenting on that however and grinned mischeviously.

"What can I say. You gave me a run for my money last night. I think I'm still feeling some of the shocks from all that se-" He didn't even finish before she threw a dish towel at his face, a deep blush on her face.

"Shut up Roy." she muttered and let out a sigh, trying to regain her composure. "I've gotta get ready, so I want you to head on to work ahead of me and let Hayate out." she said as her husband sat down at the table, retrieving a cup of hot coffee.

"Course lovely. Anything for you." he said, his boyish grin crossing his face. Riza sighed and shook her head, going to finish getting ready for work. Roy watched her leave and grin. "She loves me." he laughed and went on to eating his breakfast, not noticing Hayate's intent stare. Hayate had heard the order, but it wasn't being carried out. And he REALLY had to go! He let out a bark.

'Gotta go!' Hayate thought frantically and tugged on Roy's pant leg. He did not feel like getting shot at this morning because of this man! Roy blinked in confusion and looked at the dog before sighing.

"Relax Hayate. We're about to go." he said and reached for his coffee. Unfortunately, Hayate did not feel like waiting any more and in an attempt to get all of Roy's attention, managed to get a hold of the man's shirt sleeve and tugged at it, causing the steaming hot coffee to fall right in the man's lap. That morning, the house was filled with the sound of yells and swears as Roy made an attempt to catch Hayate. Conviently enough, he and Riza ended up coming into work together, Roy still very upset and only grunting at the greetings from the military personnel. Riza just smiled and nodded at the confused few, Hayate walking along side her and avoiding being too close to Roy.

When they entered the office, Breda was debating something with Falman that both men seemed to have very strong opinions on, but shut up when their commander entered the office, clearly pissed. Even Fury looked away from the book he had been reading in curiosity. "Mustang? You alright there, chief?" Breda asked, but Roy just ignored him as he sat at his desk. Riza shook her head.

"Ignore him. He discovered what happens when you don't let the dog out quick enough." she said and went over to her desk, Hayate following and hiding under it just in case Roy tried something as pay back. There was a long silence before he looked up at the men with a raised eyebow.

"Lets not talk about this mornings issue. What're you two so serious about? Sounded a bit like a bet to me." he said, raising an eyebrow. Breda grinned and Falman gave him a warning look.

"It has to do with some rumors and opinions that are going around the building, sir." said the red haired man. "About you and the lieutenant colonel." he added. Roy made a face and glanced at Riza, who was now distracted from her work and was frowning.

"And what exactly would these rumors be about exactly?" Riza asked. The men couldn't help but notice she was ready to pull out her gun if she didn't get a good response, so Fury was the first to speak up.

"Its about when the two of you are going to have your first kid." he said and his face flushed a little at the outraged look that crossed Riza's face. "People decided it would be more interesting to place bets on when you'd first discover the lieutenant colonel was pregnant." he said quietly.

"That's insane!"

"Actually, it sounds a bit interesting." laughed Roy and Riza glared at him. "What? Its all just ignorance."

"Its all stupid. I'd rather not have everyone thinking they know everything about our private lives, Roy." she said and just as he opened his mouth to respond, the office door flew open and revealed Jean Havoc, victoriously waving around a few small slips of paper.

"I got five more people in on i...t... Oh! Morning Lieutenant General... Lieutenant colonel-" There was a very long silence and the next sounds heard were Havoc's screams and gun shots. Roy shook his head as he sat back in his seat. What could he do? The man... or more so, men, were asking for a body full of holes really. Messing with Riza was like suicide really, and if they hadn't caught on yet, they would soon.

Roy sighed to himself, thinking about how much he found he no longer wanted an office job. He wanted something interesting to happen so he could get out and put his alchemy to work and not have to listen to the annoying gossip of the people around the bulding. He swifted the grocceries he had been sent out to get in his arms and groaned. "I hate work." he muttered and glanced over at the companion Riza had sent along with him. A safe distance from him was Black Hayate, who had been avoicing contact with him all day. He stopped and looked at the dog, who also stopped, but a good distance away. 'He isn't honestly still afraid of me, is he?' Roy thought and frowned. "Come here, Hayate." he demanded. Hayate flinched.

'Oh no, he's gonna get back at me for spilling the hot smelly stuff on him!' Hayate thought, hesitantly standing and slowly making his way over to Roy. The man let out a sigh as he knelt down and lifted his hand to the dog's head, only to get a cring of fear. He shook his head.

"Relax you silly mutt. I'm not going to beat you... especially considering what you mommy would do to me." he said with a slight laugh as she scratched the dog behind his ears. "I know you're a good dog... Just no more jumping on me when I've got coffee alright." he said. Hayate wagged his tail and licked Roy's hand in understanding. Wow, he took things better in the end than expected. The rest of the walk home, Hayate pranced along side Roy, tail wagging. When they arrived, Riza was working on dinner, but did not acknowledge their arrival, which was a bad thing. Roy didn't seem to care and went up to her, smiling cheerfully, kissing her cheek as he put the grocceries down. "And what has you all upset?" he asked in a teasing manner.

"Shut up, Roy." she muttered and a confused look crossed his face.

"What did I do?" he asked and she let out a sigh, looking at him apologetically.

"I'm sorry... I'm still a little upset about today. Do you know how many women randomly came up to me to ask 'how we were doing'?" she said, annoyance clear in her voice. Roy couldn't help but smile at her. She was so cute when she began ranting.

"Don't worry about it. Its all stupid talk. I've got a way to take care of it all." he said and pulled her into a kiss. Riza pulled away and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You really think you know what to do?" she asked and he grinned at her.

"Riza, I'm two steps from being Furher. I think I can handle it." he said and glanced around her at their meal she was preparing. "So, why don't you finish this and maybe we can eat, relax a bit, and then, dessert." Riza looked a little confused.

"I didn't make a dessert." she said and Roy grinned.

"I know." he said and seeing the look in his eyes, Riza rolled her eyes, but smiled at him.

"You're a pig." she said and he laughed.

"That's why you love me." he said and called for Hayate as he began leaving the room to take the trash out. Riza shook her head and smiled. He was amazing really, and he was hers. She loved it. This was one of the beauties of marriage.