KiraraCuite: Hey there I'm back with a new story for all you TyXKa fans out there now sill working on DNCinderella if anyone is reading that my problem was

Well one my laptop with all my stories crashed (lucky it was all saved)

And two had some last minute entries for a contest on it

So I had some free time and this idea just poped into my head and TKE told me write so i did(or else she hunt me down)

Kai: wow you talk a lot

KiraraCuite: Shut Up Kai, Kai? What are you doing here?

Kai: TKE told me you have a story up, so I wanted to see it.

KiraraCuite: well I do and since you're here what to the Disclaimer?

Kai: No that's way I brought Ray to do bye

Ray: um I guess I'll do the disclaimer then

KiraraCuite: ok thanks Ray

Ray: KiraraCutie dose not own Beyblade only the girl with Red hair called K.C.

Chapter 1: Prologue
Black screen then so flashing till there is a clear picture and sound of someone. "Hey Boss we found something…" Said a young boy named Spencer


"Look right there a small chest!"

"Ok bring it up this could be it!"

"The person just talking was Kevin he and me are here at the wreck of the S.S. Dizarra and inside that chest could be the resting ground for 'The Dragon's Blue Heart of the Sea' (shows picture of a dragon on top of a blue crystal), if this is where it is then we just got our pay day!"

(Cuts tape)

(Tape is running)

"Come on Kevin open it up!"

"Come down I opening it right now!"

(The chest opens and inside there is paintings, drawings, papers that can't be read, and art supplies)

"WTF is that shit?"

"Nothing Spence that's what, turn the tape off." A sigh and moan.

(Tape is off)

"Hey boss its ok maybe it's in another room like…"

"No, no it's gone."

( Gary another team member was looking though the chest at a painting)

"Wow what a great drawing and the paintings aren't as bad either, and look at that around their neck it looks really expensive!"

" Gary what did you say?" Kevin runs over and looks wide eye at it.

The painting was of two boys sitting next to each other smiling one boy with midnight blue hair had his arm around a boy with duel color hair

But what they saw was around the boy with blue hair had a necklace, The Dragon Blue Heart of the Sea, and the boy with duel color had a necklace also 'The Crystal Phoenix".

Kevin and Spencer began to smile, the two necklaces where worth billions.

Gary began to look at a drawing while Spencer graved it.

"Hey Kevin look at this!"

There where two boys again, but they where different one was a boy with short messy hair being hugged from behind by a boy with long hair that was wrapping around both of them. But once again Kevin was looking at necklaces around there neck. This time it was, 'The Tortoise Shell' and 'Tiger's Eye'. The Tortoise Shell was a pendent of a turtle with its shell made of a purple crystal. And the Tiger's Eye was a tiger sitting on top of a green crystal.

At this point Kevin's eyes grew huge with money signs in them.

The artist where different for the painting and drawing Kevin could only figure out the person who did the drawing his name was Kai Hiwatari

"Get him on the phone now I want everything we can get on this guy."

>>>>Kai's House

On the patio there was a man drawing someone but it was incomplete so you could not tell who it was. A girl came in with red hair and was holding a phone.

"Sir, a Mr. Kevin is asking to speak with you about your drawings."

"Tell him I don't know what he is talking about." Kai snapped.

"Hey says it's one with two boys in it and was locked in a chest…"

Kai dropped his pencil.

&Flash Back&

"I got you Maxie."

"Wait stand still!"

"Huh? Why Kai?"

"I want to draw that really quick oh and if you mind I am putting your hair out whether you like it or not."

"Hey Kai that's cute wish we had one like that."


" K.C. give me the phone."

>>>>On Ship

"So your really think this Kai dude can tell us something?"

"Yeah I do Spencer now be nice they're here."

(Plane lands)

"Hello Mr. Hiwatari my name is Kevin thank you for coming out so sudden can I do anything for you?"

Kevin looked at Kai and was shocked to see he had some features as the boy in the painting; he had duel color hair and crimson red eyes. He was dress in black with a scarf around hi neck and was in a wheel chair.

"Yeah, let me see my drawings." He slightly pleaded.

(In a room with paintings and drawings)

"Wow how I miss these guys…"

KiraraCutie: ok that's where I am ending it the next chapter is where Kai say a little more it's short and then Chp.3 will start

Kai: that was stupid

KiraraCutie: Kai leave it alone or I'll get TKE in here

Kai: not like she scares me

TKE: Are you sure Kai?

Kai: yeah I am sureI have nothing to hide

TKE: o really not even the getting sick in a shed? Tsk, tsk, and you're forgetting Tyson's mood after that?

Kai: (Runs off)