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Tyson was in a room handcuffed to a pipe

"Great I'll probably die for this" Tyson said jokily

The door unlocks Tyson looks up and sees Kai

Moment ago

"Sir we found you wallet some young man had it. Claiming he found it we brought him in" says a crew member (opens door)

"Tyson?" asked a confused and surprised Kai

"Hey Kai ya want to help me out?" Tyson asked nicely smiling

"This man did nothing le…" is what Kai stared to say when

"Yes he did" screamed a Hilary that was stormed in

"Hilary?" Kai said shocked

"You tell him Hil" said Mao entering dragging something

"Mao?" Kai said falling over

"Yup and I brought Ray" Mao was holding Ray up smiling

"I was just minding my own business when something graded my leg" Ray explained while rubbing his head

"Where did you guys come from?" a even more confused and annoyed Kai

"I heard your wallet was stolen so I followed the crew member till he found him and then I told Mao who dragged Ray along" Hilary was happily explaining

"Sir well also brought the young mans room mate" a crew member states as he holds up Max hugging a pillow half awake

"Hey Ty what happen?" Max asked yawning

"Well I am being accused of stealing a wallet" Tyson say calmly

"WHAT, Ty would never steal your wrong, wrong wrong wrong" Max started to yell

"Are you calling my friend a liar?" Mao got into Max's face

"Yeah I am pinkie" Said Max defensibly

"Well she is not, you goof ball" Mao think quickly

"O great come back I am so offended you want a be Barbie" Max said quickly thinking

Mao had lost it

"I am going to kill you" Mao had blown up

She jumped at him but Ray jumped in front of Max and caught both her arms holding them up

"Moa clam down" Ray said as calmly as he could

"No let me kill him, let me kill him" Mao was screamed

Ray look into her eyes and saw anger and killing her had to stop her because she would not clam down so he held both her arms in one hand and pulled her close and poked her in her back of the neck which cause her to fall asleep. He gave her to a crew member told him the room number where she was staying.

Hilary was going to leave to make sure she was alright when Kai stopped her he looked at her neck and saw The Dragon Blue Heart of the Sea

"Where you get that?" Kai question

"O this I found it in your on the dresser next to your bed, I know it's mine because it's blue just like you said in the hint you gave me" she said so charming

Kai took it off her and putted it in his pocket

"Hey that's mine" Hilary protested

"Your not suppose to have" Kai said back

"But Kai" she said begging

Kai looked at Ray and Ray gave a nodded came up behind Hilary and did the same thing he did to Mao and soon she was out of the room the same way as Mao

-----------------Silence ----------------

"That's so cool where you learn to do that?" Max excitedly walking up Ray

"Huh? O that I learned I while practicing karate, hey you're that waiter from today "Ray said kindly smiling at the end

"Can someone please let me go!" Tyson was yelling still cuffed to the pipe

Kai went over to with the key and unlocked Tyson

"Thanks well I guess we will be going" Tyson said waving goodbye

"Hey Kai, why don't you thank him for finding your wallet?" Ray whispering to Kai

"And how would I do that?" Kai asked serious

"How about with a kiss" Ray happily replied

"What!" Kai screamed stopping the two boys from walking out the door

"I was just kidding can you take a joke, how's inviting him to dinner" Ray stated holding his hand in front for defense

"Ha-ha very funny but invite him to dinner dose sound good" Kai thinking it over in his mind

"Hey Tyson would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night? as thank you for finding my wallet." Kai said

"Um yeah thanks" Tyson said happily

"Hey Ty don't forget something for me ok" Max said sounding a little upset which Ray notice

"No wait as an apology for my friends rudeness come to dinner also won't you?" Ray said hoping it would make Max feel better

"Really thank you" Max hugged Ray then introduced himself

"My names Max Tate"

"Ray Kon, this is my friend Kai Hiwatari"

"And this is my friend Tyson Granger, I believe they have met"

"Yeah I think your right"

"RAY!" "KAI!" two people yelled form the hall

Two people came in, Tala and Bryan they where Kai's and Ray's, Tala and Kai have been best friends since they were young and they grew up doing everything together and being the best at everything they did (including trouble making ) So when Kai's grandfather let him choose a bodyguard, he picks Tala. After being on the boat and all, Ray hates Bryan and usually Ray will trick him and sneak away with ease. When Ray came home to China Lee's grandfather said he hired one of the best bodyguards he could find, the reason Ray hates him is when he first walked into the room he sensed something bad about him and he was right as soon as Lee's grandfather left he yelled at Ray and tried to hit him but since Ray has be trained he dodged and always KO's Bryan

"Great Mao and Hilary sent a rescue team" Ray whispered to Kai

"O Kai there you are, come on you got your stuff why are you still here?" asked Tala

"We where just inviting our friends to dinner" Kai replied

"What, why?" Bryan asked

"Because… Ray had responded

…Mr. Granger found Kai's wallet and Mr. Tate is come because Mao was being rude and not very lady like I might add"

"Find whatever come on Ray time to go back to you room" Bryan say crossed

"I'll go when I want, besides I want I get to know Max more"

"But he is poor what is there to know?"

"Bryan that's very rude maybe I should make you carry him back to his room for that remark"

"What no!"

"That settle it then, Max would you like to be carried backed to your room?"

"Um yeah sure" Max unsure at first

"Well you heard him Bryan pick him up and lets get going, I'll see you later Kai and it was nice to meet you Tyson" (Ray bows and leaves)

"C ya Ty I being carried backed to our room as a king" Max yelled before leave into the hallway

"So Tyson I'll see you tomorrow night right?" Kai asked

"Of course Kai I can never tuned down food"

"Alright then goodnight"

"Night kai"

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