One too many Sess/Kag stories and not enough sleep...

Sesshomaru awoke slowly, sunlight dappling his face with shadow and a feeling of confusion filling his mind. Where was he? What had happened? Had someone poisoned the sake?

He couldn't remember how he'd gotten to this strange place. The walls were painted with a garish shade of pink and the room smelled unpleasantly of both human secretions and some sickly sweet scent that he couldn't quite place. The furnishings were strange, the bed beneath him was intolerably soft. He felt stiff and sore and his head ached.

Was this hell? Had he been so careless as to let himself get killed, bested by some unknowable foe? Just as he was beginning to contemplate such thoughts, a soft snore drew his attention. His eyebrows rose in a graceful arch as he realized that he was not alone. There was a woman sleeping beside him.

Actually, she was half on top of him, weighing down his shoulder and arm. Discreetly, he tried to free himself without waking her, but it was no use. Her hair was a dark tumble that hid her features and she sighed contentedly in her sleep. Again, he tried to free the trapped arm, but the girl only curled tighter around it, both of her small hands locking around his wrist. He paused, hoping that she would remain asleep even as the first vestiges of panic started to thunder in his heart.

That he had bedded a human was intolerable, the shame of it would make him the laughing stock of youkai society. Like father, like son, they would say.

His best bet was to get out of here before he had to face her, before he had to acknowledge this kind of lapse. Silently, he cursed Jaken for providing a beverage potent enough to overwhelm even his constitution. Miserable, slimy green bastard...was this his idea of revenge for all the imperious demands and abuse? He swore he was going to skin that toad, just as soon as he got himself out of this predicament.

"Mmmm...Sesshomaru..." the girl sighed, stretching languorously in her sleep.

He froze. Oh no, not this. It was too cruel! It was too humiliating! Not only was she a mere mortal, she was worse than that. She was quite possibly the worst thing that he could have imagined. Sake, the hell! He must have been drugged. The wench in his bed was none other than...

His half brother's bitch.

His mind turned frantically. His options were limited. Stay here with her and have to face the dreadful creature when she woke or make a run for it. Neither option was dignified and if he tried to free himself, she might just wake anyway and there would be no way to spare himself from such humiliation.

What could a demon lord do?

There was only one answer for his problem and Sesshomaru closed his eyes in silent resignation. To be reduced to this...

He bared his teeth, sharp fangs glinting in the morning sunlight. He was youkai, a greater demon of iron will and fortitude. His honor was his life and he was will to pay whatever price in order to preserve it. No matter how high that price would be.

Slowly, wincing in anticipation of the pain, he leaned over her sleeping form and began to gnaw at his own trapped arm...