Birthday Surprise
Takes place after "Contagious". What if Olivia stayed for Elliot's little party to give him a little gift of her own?

I wasn't going to stay, I just wanted to set the whole thing up and be on my way; head back to my place for a nice long bath and a good sleep. But when I saw Elliot and his kids together my heart melted, and he saw that. He asked me to stay and I am incapable of saying no to him, and he knows it.

It was nice, a small birthday party for a man that really deserved it. The kids literally inhaled the cake, and even Munch, Fin and Cragen had a piece. Eventually the kids had all packed up and headed home, and everyone else decided to call it a night. So there we were, Elliot and I left to clean up the mess.

"Thanks Liv," Elliot spoke as we cleaned.

"Well someone's got to clean this place up," I answer while tossing a stack of Styrofoam plates into the nearest trash can. "I don't really feel like coming in here tomorrow and finding my desk full of ants."

Elliot laughed; God that sound made me go weak at the knees. "That's not what I mean," he says softly. "Thank you for everything."

I turn to look at him. The last few weeks have really gotten to him, he's a mess. First the divorce and now this case, it's been hell for a while. He looks tired, I can see the bags under his eyes from his apparent lack of sleep.

"What do you mean then?" I ask with a smile.

"I mean everything," he says. Before I can say anything he elaborates, "Thank you for being my partner, my best friend. Next to my kids you've been the greatest thing in my life Liv, and I don't know where I would be without you."

"All in the line of duty," I laugh. It's all I can do from jumping into his arms and devouring him right now. I try to busy myself with cleaning the mess but I can't miss his presence behind me. The smell of his aftershave mixed with a scent that is purely Elliot drifts to my nostrils and lulls me into a dream-state.

"No Liv," he says just above a whisper. I can feel him standing behind me but I can't bring myself to turn around so I just stand there. "Liv," he says as he takes hold of my arm and turns me to face him, "you are the most wonderful person I know. You care so much, and I know it kills you sometimes, but you hide it so well. You're my rock. I owe you my life."

I hear his words, but my brain can't process their meaning; not right now, not when he's standing so close to me. I can still feel his hand on my arm, he hasn't moved it, and the simple contact is making my skin burn. My heart screams for me to kiss him, to wrap my arms around his neck and never let go, but there's always that voice of reason nagging in the back of my mind. Sometimes I wish it would just shut up and let me do what I want to.

"Don't worry about it," I manage to whisper. Without warning he leans in and kisses me softly on the cheek. I can feel his gentle lips against my skin, bringing every cell to life with renewed energy. As he pulls away, I'm not really sure what happened. I guess it was purely the adrenaline acting in my system because before I knew what I was doing I had grabbed his face in my hands and pulled it towards me, crushing my lips to his own.

That kiss was like nothing I have ever experienced, and I've had my share of previous examples. As his lips touched mine I swear I felt an actual spark, but maybe it was just my imagination. It was gentle yet passionate, filled with an internal hunger for more. I wrap my arms around his neck and I can feel his hands resting gently on my hips. God, I never want this feeling to end, but that pesky thing called oxygen becomes an issue and reluctantly I tear my lips away. Elliot rests his forehead against my own, gasping for breath.

"What was that?" he asks after a moment. He lifts his eyes and looks deep into my own. I really love his eyes, like vast oceans within the tiny spheres.

Not knowing what to say I merely press my lips into his quickly and back away. I start to walk out of the bullpen before stopping and looking back at him over my shoulder. "Hey Elliot."

"Yeah?" he asks looking just the least bit confused.

"Happy Birthday."

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