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By: Nyago & Fullmetal Ai (Cherry Studios)

"DAADDY!" The voice of a young girl broke into the thoughts of one Edward Elric. The young man looked up, greeting the girl with a smile as he watched her run towards him, her feet trotting slowly through the freshly fallen snow. Edward laughed; his daughter was just too cute for her own good.

"Hey, what's wrong, Trisha?" He asked gently, reaching down to pick the small girl up as she ran into his arms.

"Daddy, its snow! It's snow! Let's go play!" Trisha giggled, wriggling in her father's grasp to get out.

Edward smile at his little girl as she tugged his arm to come play with her. "Calm down" He laughed, "The snow isn't going anywhere for a while".

Trisha turns around and gave her father her irritated look, the one Edward did so much when he didn't get anything he wanted. Like father and Daughter, Trisha was almost a perfect copy of Edward, looks, personality all expect gender..."But it will melt sooner or later!" And she was just as smart mouth as he was.

Edward opened his mouth to scold his young offspring, but another soft, feminine voice interrupted before he could get even a sound out.

"Trisha, you know better than to talk back to your father!" A woman with long, blonde hair said from her seat on the porch. Edward looked to the woman and smiled, halfway between 'thanks,' and 'I could have done that!'. The woman smiled and nodded in return. Trisha frowned at her mother for a moment, looking as if she were going to burst out in complaints, but instead sighed and nodded her head.

"Yes ma'am ..." Trisha said quietly, then looked back to her father with a grin, jumping up and grabbing a hold of his arm once more.

"Come on, Daddy! The snow is going to melt! We've got to play in the snow while we can!" Edward chuckled a little, finally giving in to this little girl who could melt even his heart, even if she was a little copy of him.

Trisha smile as she drags her father along with her, "I know this great place we could have a snow fight!" She was excited to play in the snow, especially if it meant spending time with her father. He was always busy and usually never home, just like his mother.

They both work tirelessly to provide food for their family; Edward was a college professor and Winry was a pretty popular singer down at a small restaurant near where Al worked. Of course out of the two, Uncle Al was the only one who came to frequently visit and spend the most time with her. It was the only way to keep Trisha for not hating her parents, not that she could ever do but Edward was concern.

His childhood wasn't the best one…and he doesn't want his only daughter hating him now, just like he hated his old man until he die.

"Daddy?" Once again, Trisha's small voice broke Edward out of his thoughts. Edward looked down to the concerned face of his daughter, and then smiled to reassure her. Trisha's bright smile immediately came back, and she ran off further into the snow. The girl knelt down, collecting a handful of snow and curling it into a ball, then packing more snow on the ball that she already had. Edward smirked, realizing where she was going to throw first, and quietly snuck away before she could finish making her snowball.

Trisha looked up, confused as to the whereabouts of her father. A pout appeared on her face as she realized that he had snuck off again. Suddenly, there was movement in a nearby bush, and Trisha's grin returned.

"I've got you, Daddy!" She shrieked, throwing her snowball towards the bush; the snowball hit it's target, but the target was not who she thought it was...

"Trisha! What was that for?" Alphonse Elric, Trisha's uncle, groaned playfully as he came out from behind the bush. He grinned, glancing at the shocked little girl, who then grinned in return and ran to hug her favorite uncle.

"Uncle Aru!" She yelled in excitement, having her father here was great but having Uncle as well was wonderful. Giving him the tightest hug she could ever offer she grinned as she looks at him with curious eyes. "Why are you here Uncle Aru?" She questioned.

"Ah, well your mother told me you would be here with my brother so I though of sneaking around to see you, of course you found me before I could get a chance to surprise you." Al smile, he loved his niece with all his heart and soul, she was the only family next to his brother he ever had.

Trisha giggles as she finally let go, and embrace herself lightly in his arms. "I was trying to find daddy…" she spoke looking around for her missing father. "Wonder where he when…" she whispers, sucking her thumb.

Unlike aware of the two, Edward was close by and closing in, grabbing a hand full of snow, he threw one lightly towards his daughter head and another one to Al.

"Hey!" His brother protested, turning around to see who attacked them. "No fair brother!"

Edward laughed as Trisha yelled, "I DECLARE SNOW FIGHT!"

Alphonse grinned and lifted Trisha off of the ground, running with her in his arms while Edward threw snowball after snowball at the two. Suddenly, the snowballs stopped, and Alphonse turned around so that he and Trisha both saw that Edward had hidden himself again. Trisha looked up to her Uncle, confused.

"Where did Daddy go this time, Uncle Aru?" She asked. Al grinned, then began walking again, pretending to look for his brother.

"I don't know, Trisha ... your father is very good at hiding himself. I think it's because he's so small, he can fit into the spaces easily!"

.. That did it. A fuming Edward Elric came out from behind another snowy bush, fire in his eyes from the 'insult' that his younger brother had intentionally thrown at him.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL THAT HE COULD BE FRIENDS WITH AN ATOM MOLECULE?" Edward yelled furiously, running after his brother and daughter, throwing snowball after snowball at them once more as payback.

Trisha laughed as she tries to get away from the rage of her father, who was so sensitive about his height. Sometimes she wonders what he would do once she grew taller than he was. After all Winry was taller than he was, by at least good 4 inches. Building herself a defense castle with her uncle, they prepare to attack their current enemy; Edward.

"Bombs away!" Trisha yelled as she threw a huge amount of snow to her father face. No time to recover, Al send another snow ball to his brother, as both sunk Edward with snow. "I think we over did it…?" Al pointed out, getting up from where he stood and walking towards the now pile of snow that Edward lay in. "Brother?" Al questioned, trying to dig for his brother.

"Daddy!" Trisha yelled, hopping and hopping to where Al was located. Soon after she began to dig with him as they looked for missing father. "Daddy!" Trisha began to yell louder. No trace of Edward was found, that's until Al face landed in the snow with a proud Ed behind him. "Serves you right!" He said, holding onto another snow ball.

Trisha turn around ran towards her father, "Daddy!" She screams, tugging herself in his legs. "Hey sweetheart it was only a tease!" Edward bends and lifted his 4 year old daughter. Was…she crying?

"Daddy, I-I thought you were g-gone f-forever ..." Trisha stuttered, placing her arms around his neck and crying even more than she already was. Edward held his daughter in his arms, patting her back to comfort her as she cried into his shoulder. Al sat up and watched the two. There was no doubt in his mind that his older brother was a wonderful father, even though it was unexpected to most who knew him. Trisha seemed to care a lot about her father as well. Al kept on watching the father-daughter moment taking place in front of him, shifting his gaze to see Ed's expression; Ed's face was solemn, as if experiencing a memory of some sort. Al knew exactly what he was thinking about.

"Mother .." Al whispered, and then shook his head, standing and walking over to the two.

"I think we should get back to the house, Brother. Trisha's had enough fun for one day, and besides, if we stay out here any longer, we'll catch a cold."

Ed nods his head in agreement, as he carries his daughter in his arms. Too afraid to let go, Trisha held onto Edward even tighter, "Sweetheart, is ok, I am here and I promise not to scare you like that again…" He whisper, stroking his daughter head gently.

Winry, who was currently reading a book from the bench, saw in distance as Edward carried their daughter back to where she sat. "Snow fight ended so soon?" She replied, settling the book down on her legs.

"Ah…" Edward began to speak but was cut short by Al.

"Trisha just got a bit tired that's all" He smiles. He didn't want her mother knowing that his brother probably play the dirtiest trick on his daughter, they might argue again, not that, it was anything new.

Satisfied with the answer, Winry stood up from her chair and walked side by side of her husband and daughter.

Ed walked quickly into the house, Winry and Al following close behind. Once inside, they all went their separate ways; Al went to take a shower, Winry went to the kitchen to cook their dinner, and Ed went into the living room with his daughter. Ed set Trisha down onto her feet, watching as the girl's small hand rubbed at her eye, trying to wipe away all of the tears she was recently crying. Edward smiled and began unbuttoning his daughter's winter coat, laying it near a source of heat so that it would dry quicker. He looked to Trisha, noticing that she was looking at him with a sad expression. Edward patted the girl on her head.

"I'm not going anywhere, Trisha. I promise." Trisha gave a small smile, and then yawned. Ed chuckled.

"Are you ready to go to sleep, sweetie?"

"No, I can stay up ..." Trisha mumbled, obviously very tired from the day's events.

"It's almost bedtime for you anyway. Let's go get you cleaned up, dear ..." Winry said, peeking into the room from the kitchen door. Trisha looked to her mother and smiled sleepily.

"Awright, Mommy ..." And with that, Winry came over and scooped the young girl into her arms, taking her to her room to get her ready for her bath, and to possibly yell for Al to get out of the shower. She didn't have to, however; Al came out right after Winry had taken Trisha to her room, wearing only a T-Shirt and Boxers and quickly brushing his short hair with another towel. He looked to his brother, who was watching the fire in the fireplace thoughtfully.

"Miss her, don't you?" Al said, taking a seat next to his brother on the couch. Ed looked to his brother, his face twisted into an unfamiliar expression. He knew exactly who his brother was talking about; The Winry that was his wife right now was not the Winry they used to know.

" .. I don't know who you're talking about, Al."

Al gave him a funny look as he sat next to his brother, "I know you love Trisha but you don't love this Winry." He was so blunt.

Edward sighed and rubs his neck with his human arm, "I do love her…"

"No you don't, the reason you married her because of Trisha and because she looked so much like our Winry, don't try to deny it." He replied.

Edward remained silent, "I don't know what to think anymore, I love Trisha, and she is our daughter, but…"

"Your love between the two of you isn't pure is it?" Al could read him like a book. Edward nod in agreement. "God…" He cursed.

"Brother…" Al reaches up to touch his brother shoulders, sensing his tense and depression. "I am sure…it will work itself out."

Winry had just laid Trisha down for bed, and had made sure that she was fully asleep before walking back to tell her husband and brother-in-law that all was well with Trisha. She stopped as she heard the brothers talking, however; she didn't mean to eavesdrop, but she couldn't help it.

"Brother ... Did you love our Winry, I mean, the one back home?" Al asked curiously.

" .. I don't know, Al. When I saw the Winry here, though, I felt... I... It's hard to explain. And then this happens, Trisha is born... and you know that I love Trisha so much that I would die for her, but I'm not sure if I love this Winry the same way .. Or our Winry, either." Edward sighed. "I hate being torn like this." Al smiled.

"You're doing a good thing, being here for Trisha. She needs her father." Ed snorted.

"Yeah, well you don't expect me to be like those bastard fathers of ours now, do you?" he said coldly. Al sighed.

"Brother, our father wasn't that bad ..."

Winry couldn't take anymore of the conversation. She quietly left her spot where she was listening, walking quickly to the room she shared with Ed, all the while and thinking of what she had just heard.

" .. Do I really love him?" She asked herself as she lowered herself into her bed, closing her eyes in an attempt to get to sleep.

It was going to be a long night. Or at least, for Winry.

-end of chapter-

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