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Chapter 3 -"Funeral"
By: Nyago & Fullmetal Ai (Cherry Studios)

The rain poured down as Edward and Alphonse stood side by side, Alphonse holding a crying Trisha in his arms, Edward holding an umbrella over the heads of the three of them. There were others who died in the wreck, but Edward's eyes were fixed on the one that held his once lively wife .. the mother of his child .. the one he had fought with just hours before her death. Edward's gaze didn't leave the casket that held the body of Winry during the entire ceremony. He could hear Trisha crying .. he could hear Al comforting the young girl as best as he could, while trying to keep his composure in the process. But he couldn't see them. All he could see was that casket .. and he didn't look away. Not until it was buried. When that happened, it took everything he had just to look at his younger brother, and it almost broke his heart to look at Trisha. However, Ed took his daughter into his arms when she reached out to him, wanting to be comforted by her father. He tried to be the best father he could possibly be in a situation like this .. and he was going to have to be strong. Trisha was depending on him now - her mother was gone forever.

"Trisha ..?" Ed asked the girl quietly, to see if she was still awake. He sighed when he realized that she had cried herself to sleep.

"She's worn out, huh?" Al commented from Ed's side. Ed nodded. "Good thing we're going home, then." He finished, looking ahead sadly. Ed nodded again, holding his little girl close to his chest as she slept, clutching to his shirt.

It was a long and quiet ride home, one that Ed and Al hadn't experienced since Alfons death that fateful day 6 years ago. During which time, Ed and Al decided to leave Germany to look for a better life. They couldn't return home now, even if they wanted to. Besides, it was not like they were unhappy; just seemly out of place sometimes. One year after his death, Edward encountered Winry, who reminded him of his own Winry he left back home. They became fast friends, and even shared a lot more than Ed and Al did. But there were times Ed would anger Winry, and sometimes she would leave without talking to him for days. That was probably the only difference between his Winry back his world and this one...

No matter how angry Winry from his world got, she always forgave him soon afterwards, unlike the Winry here, who stayed angry for days. But that's probably what got him attached to her. So attached, that one night they made love, a passionate night, something that still burns deep within Ed's soul. She was sweet, gentle and completely understanding...even with his automail arm, she never dared to touch it. Not unless he allowed her.

So different from the Winry back at home...

"Brother, we are home" Al announced, stepping out of the car and opening the doors to Edward's side as he carried sleeping Trisha in his arms.

"I'll go put her in bed," Ed whispered to Al as he walked through the door. At seeing Al nod his head in response, he walked torwards Trisha's room, opening the door and walking in, setting the sleeping girl down on her bed, gently prying her small fingers away from his shirt. As soon as her fingers let go of his shirt, her thumb went to her mouth. Ed smiled, brushing Trisha's bangs out of her eyes and covering the small girl with her blanket. Ed stayed by his daughter's side for a little longer, watching as the girl slept peacefully through the night. He had a small, lopsided smile on his face as he watched her, thinking about everything that had happened during the day.

"Trisha, I hope you can forgive me .." Ed whispered, a pang of guilt striking him. "Your mother loved you very much, Trisha .. and I do too." He leaned down, kissing the girl's forehead, then saying a quick goodnight, heading out of the room and closing the door behind him. He sighed, heading torwards the living room to see if Al was still awake.

"Brother," came a soft whisper. Ed turned his head to see his younger brother standing down below the staircase. His eyes were tired from all the tears he shed today along with Trisha. How can this happen to them? Did they bring the people they love bad luck, or was it a curse? Whatever the case, it made Al sick to his stomach.

"You should go to sleep..." Ed spoke softly as he walked the last few steps down to the living room.

"Brother..." Al began.

"Save it. Right now, what we need is a good night's sleep, it's been a long day and I am too tired to even talk about it." Ed shook his head, bangs covering his swollen eyes. Thinking that Ed was right, Alphonse decided to head to bed. "You should sleep too brother..."

"I will in a minute" Ed replied, not turning around to face Al. Sighing, Al took the silence and began walking upstairs to his room. "Good night" he whispered as he climbed the last few steps up.

Completely out of sight, Ed decided to let himself sink into his sofa, taking a glass of whiskey with him. Ed never thought of drinking, not once in his life. But sometimes he found himself doing it because he said it made him feel better afterwards. He was able to sleep with less troubling thoughts...

Tonight was going to be the longest night of them all. Starting tomorrow, he was a widow, and he had only one thing in his mind. His only daughter Trisha.

The next morning, Ed was awoken by a small poking in his side. His eyes slowly opened, and he turned to his side, looking to the source of the poking, and seeing his daughter's face. Ed couldn't help but smile when Trisha's face broke into a relieved grin.

"Daddy!" She cried as she climbed up onto the bed and hugged her father, who in turn hugged her back.

"Hey .. Trisha, what are you doing up?" Ed muttered sleepily.

"Don't die on me, daddy!" Trisha cried into his chest. Ed's eyes widened as realization hit on what she said. His arms instinctively tightened around her small body, and he let her cry into his chest, rubbing her back comfortingly.

"I'm not going anywhere, Trisha," Ed said softly as she cried. In the midst of the moment, Al came into the room; he remained quiet, however, at seeing the solomn scene before him. Ed looked to Al and smiled sadly, which Al returned. He then walked out of the room, back torwards the kitchen, where he had breakfast already cooking.

Walking down the stairs with Trisha in his arms, Ed proceeded to sit down and wait for Al to finish cooking. "What's for breakfast?" Ed asked.

"Eggs, ham and some toast. Sorry if its not enough, I have to go shopping today," Al responded as he set one plate down the table and another in front of his brother. "Trisha, sweetie, you need to eat too." Al stated as he stared down at the young girl who was clinging to her father's chest.

"I am not...hungry." She whispered softly. Although Al didn't hear it, Ed did.

"Sweetheart, you need to eat. Look, daddy is here and so is Uncle Al. We won't leave you sweetheart, we are right here," Edward pointed out as he tried to make his daughter look up at him. He could tell she was crying even while she slept, her eyes were soggy and very red from the lack of sleep. "Did you have a nightmare?" He asked.

"Yes..." She replied, looking up to her father.

"I won't ask you what you dreamt about, but at least try to get it off your mind. Here," Ed grabbed a hold of one of the pieces of toast, he brought it up to her mouth so she could take a bite out of it. Thankfully, she did as told, which made Ed less worried.

Al stared at the two as he sat down at the table. How could anyone think such a tragedy would happen to them...

"There, you see Trisha? That's not so bad .. " Ed smiled as he watched the young girl eat. Trisha finally decided that she was hungry and reached out to take some of the eggs off of the plate, but Ed grabbed her hand gently and shook his head.

"We don't eat it like that, Trisha, we use the fork .." Ed scooped up some of the eggs with the fork and held it out for Trisha to take a hold of. Trisha grabbed the handle of the fork with her small hand and ate the egg off of the end of it, smiling brightly for her father to see.

"Good job!" Ed laughed. Al knew that Ed was being cheerful for the sake of his daughter; while there was a lot of happiness at being with Trisha, there was still sadness coming from him. Al smiled at the scene between father and daughter, amazed that something as simple as eating breakfast could bring the two together like this.

"Uncle Aru!" Al blinked and looked at Trisha when he heard her calling for him.

"Yes, Trisha?" Al asked, smiling at the small girl.

"You need to eat your food! You can't have your strength for the day if you don't!" Trisha said in a chastising voice, causing Ed to laugh.

"Wow, she's better at that than I am!" Ed said, looking to his brother. "You'd better eat it before it gets cold, Uncle Aru!" Ed joked, poking fun once again at the name Trisha had been calling him since she could talk. Al couldn't help but chuckle at the joking tone his brother used.

"Okay, Okay!" Al said with a grin, as he started eating. He wondered how Ed could keep acting happy like this when he knew that it was unbearable; but then again, that was Edward for you. He was a sucker for little kids.

Breakfast ended and the time to work had begun. "Ah, do you want me take care of Trisha?" Al asked as Ed put his cloak and tie on before opening the door to the front gate.

"No its fine, I will drop her off at school this morning. Just pick her up after school, I might be running home late today." Al raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure...?"

Ed blinked. "Ah, don't worry, I just have a lot of things to catch up on with my students. Don't worry, I won't be too late. Just around the time for dinner." he smiled, assuring that he was fine, but Al knew better. Ed always worked to get his mind off of things or get away from emotions or reality. That worried Al even more... "Say Bye Bye to Uncle Al, Trisha," Ed smirked, looking down at the young girl clinging to his legs.

"Bye Bye!" Trisha smile as she waved off to her uncle as she began to walk away.

"Come on sweetie, lets take you to school," Ed replied, lifting his daughter up and carrying her to the car, where he began to drive off.

Al stared in the direction of the car for a moment, then went back inside. "Maybe I can get some more rest .." He said quietly to himself. One look at the dishes that needed to be done changed his mind on that matter, though .. he would get some rest later, however.

Ed had just dropped Trisha off at school, and was on the road torwards the school he taught at. His expression was blank, eyes focused on the road in front of him, only one thought running through his mind at the moment: Please, let this be an easy day .. He parked the car in his parking space, getting out of it and grabbing his bags and other such nessecary things. He took a deep breath, then walked into the school, some of his students that passed him by saying their quick hellos as they hurriedly rushed to their respective classes. Ed walked into his own class to find that they were chatting as normal. He smiled.

"All right, All right, quiet down, it's time to start already!" Ed said as he strided over to his desk, setting his belongings down and walking to the podium at the front of the class, taking a seat behind it. The class quieted down, wondering why their teacher was in class today, though nobody dared to ask. Ed smiled at the class.

"How are all of us today?" The class didn't answer. "Okay, that was rhetorical." The class laughed lightly.

"Shall we pick up where we left off, then?" It would seem that Ed was normal; he had underestimated the fact that a lot of his students were smarter than average, however. About half the class could see that he was hiding what he was really feeling.

As the children began to play outside, Trisha remained indoors. She was too tired to play, and she already missed her father greatly. "Papa..." She whisper as she began to cry. Wiping her tears from her face, she came in face contact with her school teacher Miss Aiyia. "Oh Miss..." Trisha began, wiping more tears.

"I heard what happened...I am sorry Trisha." her teacher began, taking a tissue from her pocket and handing it to the small child. "Here. Dry your tears," She said, helping her.

"Thank you..." Trisha whispered, getting her head up she began to see her teacher walk towards the front of the classroom. Miss Aiyia had long beautiful brown hair, green eyes and was very sweet to everyone she spoke with. Sometimes Trisha would see her getting shy around her Uncle Al from time to time. Although Trisha didn't know much about romance, she knew something was up.

Even Uncle Aru acted strange around her...

"Would you like me to call your dad or your uncle?" She asked, looking back at Trisha.

"No, it's fine, Daddy is busy with work and Uncle Aru probably left to work too..." she replied, wiping her eyes a little more.

"Well, if you need anything just ask me. Ok?" Miss Aiyia replied.

"Ok!" Trisha smiled. "I guess I can go outside a play for a bit..." She ran towards the classroom door, hurrying to catch up with her classmates. Maybe she could play a game or two; After all, if her father used work as a distraction, why couldn't she play around to take the pain as well?

-End of Chapter-

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