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"Meeting you"

By: Nyago & Fullmetal Ai AKA Cherry Studios

It was a typical sunny summer day in Resembool. The wind's breeze blew, dancing inside each open window. The curtains flowed slowly, as the people remained inside for shade. One particular house stood silently on a hill; no noise was heard expect maybe the clicking of water dripping from the sink as it hit the surface. On the sofa there lay a young woman around her early 20's. She was calmly asleep in her position, until she made a quick twist and ended up landing on the nearby floor.

"Ouch!" She whined as she rubbed her swollen head. "I keep forgetting that the sofa is too small to sleep in…." She sighed, "Well Ed could sleep on it…" almost at the sound of the name, she began to flow back into nothingness, staring at the ceiling as if it was the most interesting thing at that moment. Laying her head down, she sighed again.

"…Stupid short midget…" she cursed under her breath. "Always making me worry about him."

The woman sat up at the sound of the phone ringing nearby. She made a face, not entirely happy about having to get up and answer the phone... However, work always called for it. She sighed, standing up and walking to the phone that continued to ring off the hook.

"Hello, Rockbell Automail! This is Winry, how may I help you?" She said, faking cheerfulness as she answered the phone.

"Hello, Ms. Rockbell ..." The voice on the other end said. Winry smiled.

"Hello, Colonel Mustang. How are things in Central?"

"Can't complain. Listen, do you think you can make an emergency trip to Central? There's a customer waiting here for you."

"In Central? He couldn't find anyone else?"

"He's having trouble getting by. His sister is hoping you could come help. Apparently, she's heard of you." Winry grinned at the comment.

"In that case, I'll be there as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Ms. Rockbell. While you're here, why don't you stay for a bit?" Roy asked.

"That would be just lovely, but I have customers here too!"

"I understand. Well, I'll see you soon."

Hanging up the phone Winry sighed for the third time that very hour. How was she supposed to get to central? Oh, right! The train! Dragging herself upstairs, she decided to make a quick visit to the bathroom before heading to her room. Once she had relieved herself, she took out her suitcase and began to pack her most essential things, clothes, her toothbrush, as well as a few other things. Her tools had been packed many months ago; she always left on business trips like these so she always left her tool box ready to take.

Walking down the stairs again, she passed down the hallway and towards her front door. Waving good bye to Den, she hurried to the train station to catch the earliest train to central. It would take her more than a day to get there…but she will get there none the less. After all what else could be expecting her?

Racing through the snow, Trisha made her way to her Uncle's arms. "Uncle!" She yelled in excitement, flying the rest of the way to his arms while he swung her around. "I missed you" she whispered in his ear.

Al laughed as he grabbed the small child in his arms, "I missed you too! How was school?" he asked in his usual sweet tone.

"It was ok, we learned how to make paintings in class without using a brush and we also named a few things…" she replied back.

"Oh!" Came a voice from the doorway of the school; it was Miss Aiyia watching as the kids went home.

"Thanks for taking care of Trisha…" Al mentioned, letting the small child go say goodbye to her friends.

"No problem!" She smiled, "Although I can tell she is hurting…"

"I know…so is her father."

"She's trying to hide it. I'm worried ..." Miss Aiyia said quietly.

"She's a miniature version of my brother, as far as personality goes. I was expecting that she would do that," Al said, watching as Trisha played one last round of hopscotch with her friends.

"I'll try to help in any way I can," Miss Aiyia said with a tiny smile, which made Al smile as well.

"Thank you. She's going need it." There was an awkward silence before Al spoke again.

"So ... um... This Saturday... There's a festival going on in the market ..." Al began, a small blush rising to his cheeks.

"Uncle Aru! I'm ready to go!" Trisha said, running to Al and holding her arms out, indicating that she wanted to be held. Al chuckled and bent down to pick the small girl up. He smiled at Miss Aiyia, the blush lingering.

"So ... uhh ... Saturday?" He asked again. Trisha looked confusedly from her Uncle to her Teacher, wanting to ask, but feeling that she should keep quiet. Miss Aiyia blushed a bit as well, and then nodded.

"Saturday. At Five?" Al nodded.

"See you then!" He said cheerfully, and then began walking away with Trisha in his arms, silently cheering.

"Uncle Aru, where are you going with Miss Aiyia on Saturday?" Trisha asked Al.

"We're just going to ... get to know each other better, that's all," Al replied as best and as honestly as he could. Trisha smiled. As far as she knew, her uncle meant more than just "getting to know each other." It also meant they could end up together. Trisha giggled at the thought.


The train ride to central was long, but comfortable. Probably because the entire train was almost empty the entire way, so Winry could enjoy and relax while she had her alone time in her seat. As soon as she stepped one foot outside, General Armstrong had come to greet her. He was informed by Roy that she would arrive to central sometime soon and he was glad to be around to see her. "It's good to see you Miss Rockbell!" He said as he hugged her.

"Ah…ack!" She tried to free herself from his grasp, no luck and she was running out of air. Thankfully, he let go of her as soon as he noticed.

"I heard from Colonel Mustang that you would be arriving soon!" He smiled, bringing forth his sparkles.

"Ah yes. Well, he told me there was someone I should see..." She tried to recall her conversation with him over the phone. "Actually he never did give me a name…" She wondered.

"Well if that person must see you, then by all means it must be fate!" Another set of sparkles was released.

"Ah…" She sweat dropped.

"We must get you to headquarters, Miss Rockbell! Your destiny waits!" Armstrong turned, taking Winry's toolbox and suitcase from her and beginning to walk, sparkles following like so. Winry made a face. Why, why must it be Armstrong? He was nice, but he took his nobility too far sometimes. She sighed.

"Do you know the name of this boy or his sister, General Armstrong?" Winry asked as they walked.

"Not at all, Miss Rockbell. However, it seems very suspicious. I would advise you to be careful." Winry frowned. Suspicious? Why hadn't Colonel Mustang noticed? The girl must have been pretty, else Mustang probably would have. Winry smiled a little, holding back a laugh. Same old Colonel; even after so many years he hasn't changed, but she guessed sometimes change isn't always good.

"Miss Rockbell, we have arrived." Winry looked up to see that they were standing in front of headquarters. Armstrong saluted, and at the nod of the guards' heads, the two went in. Winry nodded her hellos, following the General inside.

Inside the building, Winry made her way to the office; still wondering...who was this person that needed to see her so badly that they wanted her to come to Central immediately? Could they been such a hurry that they wanted her then and there? It almost reminded her of a certain short blonde alchemist….

With a sigh, Winry made a stop in front of a small door. Well here goes nothing… She thought to herself as she turned the doorknob and walked inside, where a small boy awaited her. He looked like no more than 12 years old, and he had been crying, without a doubt. "Oh," Winry spoke, breaking the silence as she walked in, "Why are you here…?" She asked.

The small boy looked up at her, "Oh, you are the mechanic lady?" he said, pointing out the obvious. Winry nodded her head in agreement.

"My sister sent for you ... my hand ..." The boy started crying again. Winry stood in shock for a moment, then walked over to the young boy and knelt beside him.

"Automail surgery is very painful ... are you sure you want to go through with it?" The boy looked like he was going to answer, but another voice answered for him.

"Of course he does." Winry looked up to see a girl with shoulder-length light brown hair, sky blue eyes, and a thin figure towering above her and the boy. Winry guessed that this girl was his sister. Winry narrowed her eyes slightly at the girl.

"This is for him to decide, you know." A smile came across the girl's face.

"I've advised him not to talk much. He needs to save his energy for recovery. But be assured, he does want the surgery." There seemed to be something different about this girl, and Winry could see it. She couldn't tell whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, though. Before she could answer back, the girl spoke again.

"My name is Nora. You must be Winry, the mechanic." Winry stood and nodded, holding out her hand to be shaken.

"That's right. And your brother's name is ...?"

"Andrew," Nora said simply.

"And he needs Automail for his hand?"


Winry look at the boy's hand again as tears kept streaming down his face. He was in pain and it was very noticeable; His bone was broken but still…why give him such a painful treatment as Automail surgery? Not even grown adults can go through that….

...Only Ed did. And he was a year younger than the boy who sat here.

She sighed. There she went, thinking about him again. Why couldn't Ed leave her thoughts completely? He said he was happy where he was, she heard him! She gave him the best Automail she ever made, with the most expensive metal! Why was she so worried? Was it because Ed and Al left to who knows where, leaving her behind? Or was it that Al left without telling her anything? So many questions, so little time...

Snapping out of her gaze, she looked up to Nora again as she spoke, "Care to follow me first..?" She asked, smiling sweetly.

Winry stared some more. "Why?"

"I have something to show you. I do believe it's important, Miss. Winry," Nora said politely, heading toward the door. Winry sighed, and checked to see that Andrew would be all right before nodding to the military officer who was standing guard over the boy in the room for the moment and following Nora. Winry was led towards a room with a sign on the door that said 'Conference.' Winry became suspicious. Only military personnel had access to this room. Something was up.

"So ... What did you want to show me?" Winry asked after a moment of not speaking. Nora looked back at Winry, then opened the door and stepped inside.

"You'll see." Nora walked even further into the room, Winry following her. Suddenly, Nora stopped.

"Wait here. I'll go get it. We had to hide it, since if it was found, there would be a lot of trouble ..." And with that, Nora disappeared. Winry looked around the room, noticing little tidbits of it - the bookshelf over in the corner, the conference table over on the other side... There seemed to be nothing of much suspicion in the room. She began to wonder what this thing was, and why it would be stored in a place such as this...

Winry walked around some more, looking around the room to see if anything was out of the ordinary. Why did she have an uneasy feeling, like something was going to happen? Since there wasn't much light in the room, Winry tripped over a chair and fell to the ground. "Ouch…" she rubbed her head, "Damn, it's so dark here…and why hasn't that girl come back yet?" she whined then sneezed. "What..?" She touches her finger...white powder? Since when did a conference room have white chalk on the floor?

She stood up, dusting herself off and noticing... "Wait a minute….!" She began, looking around the room...there…were drawings on the floor! "What?" She spoke out loud, "This is….!" Putting her hands to her mouth, she became quiet until she heard a voice.

"That's right…a transmutation circle" It was Nora.

Winry looked in back of her, seeing that Nora was on her knees, smirking as if she were planning something wrong.

"Why!" Winry asked in surprised.

"Because it's time I had a new body," Nora said, slowly lowering her hands to the transmutation circle. Winry's eyes widened and she took the only course of action she could take; that was to run.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. Then, in front of her stood the gate; the entrance to the world of equal exchange. Before she had time to move her legs again, the gate opened its doors and within the darkness, dark hands grabbed her and took her in, Shutting the door behind her as fast as a blink of an eye.

Trisha and Al were currently on their way home, Al holding his niece's hand in one of his hands, and using the other to carry his work. They remained quiet for quite some time until Trisha spoke.

"Uncle…" She started. "If I die…would I meet mommy again?" Al's eyes widened as his grip on her hand became tighter.

"Trisha!" He almost yelled, "Don't ever say that! Do you know how sad your father would be?" He questioned her, seeing that she had her head down. Al sighed. There was no point to arguing...she was just missing her mother,that's whatit was. She would get over it! Al nodded his head.

Trisha turned around and grabbed Al's hand, tugging on it, signaling that she was ready to go again. Though she still cast her gaze downwards, Al could tell that secretly she was happy that she was cared for... and this made Al happy as well.

Suddenly, Trisha let out a short scream, letting go of Al's hand and running towards what looked like a body. Al's eyes widened as he ran after his niece.

"Trisha, wait!" Al yelled as he ran. Once he came upon Trisha, he held her back.

"Trisha! Don-"

"Uncle Aru! Uncle Aru!" Trisha squealed, pointing at the woman who lay in the snow, frozen. Al inhaled, and held it. This was... but it couldn't be... could it?


Al let go of Trisha and carefully gathered the unconscious girl into his arms. "Here" He handed her his suitcase, "Please carry this for me, Trisha." He asked the girl as he began to walk down the streets of Germany. "Do you think you can be a good girl and not leave my side?" Trisha nodded, and Al began towards home again, Trisha obediently rushing along by his side while carrying her Uncle's suitcase.

This was going to be a long night.

-To be Continued-
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