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Without You


The Show Must Go On

Monsieur Richard Firmin looked upon what was left of the charred Opera Populaire. He knew that there were two options awaiting him and his dear friend, Andre. They could either board up what was left of the Opera House or they could start from scratch and rebuild it. The only fear that he had was that the Phantom would return but he knew that if this time he did return; he would obey all wishes that the Phantom would place upon him.

Monsieur Gilles Andre stared at his friend and then at the Opera House he was once so proud of. He knew that between the two options that stood before them, there was only one that made sense. They had to rebuild the Opera House, for it was all they had. They would start from scratch with new singers and new dancers. The only people they would ask to return would be Madame Giry, her daughter, Meg Giry and the Monsieur Reyer.

"Andre, we know what we must do, no matter how much it costs. It is the only option we have." Firmin heaved in a large sigh and took a step toward the Opera House. "We shall first have to hire workers to clean up the interior of the Opera House so that we will know what we have to work with."

"Yes, I know that and after we know what the damage is we will decide where to go from there." Andre looked down at the stairs that led to what was once the beautiful Opera Populaire. "It shall soon be just like it was, in all its splendor. After all…" He looks at his dear, old, friend and together almost singing they finish the thought.

"The Show Must Go On!"

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