Lorraine nodded at Meg's scolding and the two of them walked back to her room where they prepared her for the performance of a lifetime…


Without You

Chapter 11

The Angel of the Stage

The orchestra began to play and the audience went silent. The scene was set and went smoothly. Soon Lorraine found that it was time for her to enter the stage. She sung the words that she had learned so well and the performance went by without fault.

The audience was captivated, as the young woman was like nothing they had ever seen or heard before. She reminded them of Mademoiselle Daae but with a flair all her own. As she sang she looked to Box 5 and could see a dark cape and a white mask staring at her. Knowing that he was watching made her sing even better and it didn't take long before the performance was done.

Soon Rain was being led back to her room. People congratulated her at every turn. At that moment she knew that her dreams had come true all thanks to one man. As soon as she reached the room she realized that the Phantom would come before her face to face. She had dreamed of this night since she first started taking lessons, and at last it would be finally happening.

Madame Giry walked in behind her and handed her a rose. "He is very pleased with you." Those words alone made almost giggle with delight. She followed every trace of the rose with her fingers. The gorgeous red rose and the beautiful black ribbon that was tied around the stem; she became so engrossed that she never saw Madame Giry leave.

She could hear voices outside her room but she went further back into the room. She sat down on the chair in front of the make-up mirror and waited. She knew that sooner or later the Phantom would come and fulfill his promise to her.

The voices outside the room were calling her the 'Angel of the Stage.' Never before in her life had Rain been called an angel and she had to admit that it felt pretty good but not as good as knowing that she would finally see the face of the man she was falling in love with. The mask alone intrigued her and before long the candle on the table blew out.

Suddenly there was a noise behind her and she jolted around to see….

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