Muse Unforseen

Chapter Two

The Spooky Mulder

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When Margie opened the door, the last thing either girl expected met their eyes. "Vega omega!" Nebula whispered. Proto Zoa was propped up against a pillow, stretched out on an air-up mattress. Zenon was on top of him, curled up on his lap. On top of him. That's all Nebula and Margie could grasp at the moment. They knew Zenon and Proto Zoa were friends, but that was kind of close. "I'm going to wake them up," Margie said, starting forward. Nebula grabbed her arm. "No! We should just pretend like we weren't here." Margie rolled her eyes. "Neb, think for a minute. It's either us, or Zenon's parents." Nebula's eyes widened. "Cetus-Lupeedus! I didn't think of that." Nebula let go of Margie and let her wake Zenon up. When Zee had rubbed the sleep out of her eyes she became fully aware of the situation. "Vega omega, thanks! Don't wake Zoa up yet. Let's go get something to eat."

Once the three girls were seated at a booth with their food trays, Margie and Nebula looked at Zenon expectantly. "Spill," Nebula said. Zenon took a deep breath. "Well, Proto Zoa was feeling inky again and had been at Nova Linda Cove for a month, when he figured that I was his inspiration. So, he came to the Spay-Stay to see me. We talked, got into a pillow fight, and then watched a movie. I guess we fell asleep." Zenon decided not to tell them about Proto Zoa's fears of the band losing their fame. "He came to see you?" Nebula repeated. "How stellar is that!"

Zenon grinned. "I know."

"You know what, darling?" Proto Zoa interjected, coming from behind Zenon and placing himself next to her in the booth. His hair was back to its perfect self (it had been very mussed up earlier) and he seemed wide-awake. Zenon glanced at her two friends and put a too-big smile on her face. "I know how lucky we are to be in your glorious extreme presence."

Margie and Nebula both rolled their eyes. "Of course you do, love. Who wouldn't?" They didn't fail to notice the smug look on his face. Always the same Zoa, Zenon thought, not without some happiness. After a few moments of silence, Margie plunged into an extremely long narration about this cute guy she liked.

Proto Zoa, being the deep thinker he was, couldn't be bothered with some stupid girl's crush so he tuned her out instead and amazingly enough began to think of a new song. When he noticed that Zenon wasn't fully interested in Margie's little tale either, he decided to tell her what happened to him after she left. "Zenon," he said, interrupting Margie. As soon as he spoke everyone's undivided attention was on him. Ah, the benefits of being a rock star…

"Your parents wanted me to tell you that they'll be working for another day, no breaks." Zenon nodded and turned her attention back to Margie, then snapped back to Proto Zoa. "Slow down and reverse! Did you say that mom and dad saw you?" Zoa shrugged. "Yeah. I told them that I wanted to visit my favorite space girl, and here I am," he said. "And they had no issue with that?" Zenon asked, her eyebrows rising. Proto Zoa once again adopted that oh-so-familiar smug look on his face and put his arms behind his head. "I just worked a little bit of my infamous charm, darling." He winked at her. It was Zenon's turn to roll her eyes. "Well, as long as they aren't doing anything as inky as making you leave, I don't care."

"Well, love, I'm off to shower. Can't have a dirty me, now, can we?" He stood up and turned to head back to Zenon's quarters, only to find a group of teenagers all seemingly not looking at him. If it wouldn't have bashed his image, Proto Zoa would have rolled his eyes at them. "Well, since no one wants an autograph I guess I'll just head back to-" His tactics worked. All of them immediately rushed up with various items for Zoa to sign. He grinned his dazzling grin and whipped out a marker. "Can't ever be too prepared, darling," he said to a random girl in the crowd. Her response was to giggle and present a large poster with his face on it. If possible, Zoa's grin widened.

Zenon seemed to be rolling her eyes a lot lately as well. She knew that Proto Zoa was soaking up all the attention he could get. After all, news was somewhat delayed in getting to the Spay-Stay, so the fans on the station didn't know that Microbe hadn't produced a new song in months.

Margie seemed to have forgotten that Zoa had interrupted her as she was staring dreamily at his backside. Zenon rolled her eyes again. I should keep count, she thought sarcastically. "Margie!" she said, pulling the drooling teen's attention away from Proto Zoa.

"Huh? What?" she asked, reluctantly looking at Zenon. "I've got a plan." With that, Zee got up and headed toward her family's quarters. Nebula and Margie shared the same look of fear and excitement, then followed the local trouble-maker.

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