1Title: Full Circle

Author: Dayrunner

Rating: R

Summary: VanHelsing's destiny has come full circle.

Disclaimer: I own nothing relating to VanHesling or it's entities.

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Full Circle

Dracula looked lovingly at VanHelsing, who was lying limp in his arms, and sighed. It was more than 400 years, he reckoned, since he last shared a night of passion with the hunter.

He ran his finger slowly down VanHelsing's jaw, his nail drawing a thin, red streak as he traced the sharp outline of the bone. He brushed the shaggy hair away from his lover's face before he kissed him gently on the lips. Raising a delicate hand to VanHelsing's throat, he tenderly touched the still red marks from his bite.

His claim marks.

Wrapping himself protectively around his consort's body, Dracula smiled contentedly before he closed his eyes to rest.

000 000 000

VanHelsing couldn't remember how he found his way back to Transylvania and Castle Dracula..

It didn't seem important now. He wandered the earth for more than 50 years after Carl died of old age, hopeless and alone. Somehow, he found himself back in familiar surroundings, being seduced by Dracula.

He did not stir at the demon's touch. He was too exhausted and drained to care. He only wanted to sleep. To forget.

000 000 000

When VanHelsing awoke, he found himself wrapped in Dracula's arms, his head resting on the vampire's chest. Slowly coming to his senses, he drew his hand up to his throat to touch the healing wound he knew would be there.

He thought he would be horrified at the realization he allowed Dracula to claim him, but he was surprisingly calm.

He sighed heavily in resignation of his fate. At least he wouldn't be alone anymore.

They would be together forever.