Tucker looked up from where he sat, eyeing the orange clad soldier that stood before him. Grif stood at the other end of the cave they occupied, leaning against a wall and watching Tucker carefully. Tucker still didn't know why he got stuck in the cave with Grif. Maybe it was because the only time he managed to get the sniper rifle, he got to investigate the meeting the reds were having in the cave...that he saw through sniper. Then he got caught...and there they were.

"Takes one to know one." Tucker finally responded. Grif scowled from under his helmet as he kept his watch on the teal soldier. They sat in silence, the only sound coming from the rain outside. Through the cave mouth, the rain could be seen splattering the dried grass of the Gulch. Grif stared into the rain and wondered when, or if, his team would come back for them.

"When are they coming back?" Tucker asked, speaking the question that was on Grif's mind. Grif shrugged in reply and shifted his weight to his left foot.

"I asked...when are they coming back?" Tucker asked again. Grif turned his attention to the only other occupant of the cave.

"I don't know. Shut It, Blue." He growled back.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." Tucker scoffed.

"I said SHUT IT." Grif yelled across the cave. The two stared at each other for a moment.

"What the fuck is your problem? I'm only trying to make conversation..." Tucker argued back.

"Bite Me." Came the response. Tucker removed his helmet and scratched his head, messing up his matted hair. He seemed barely older then 20; with dark brown hair that was just long enough to fall into his eyes. He raised an eyebrow and looked to Grif.

"You're into some kinky shit, man." He said, tossing his helmet to the side and letting his chocolate brown eyes scan the cave. Grif took all his might to restrain himself from attacking the cocky bastard. Grif followed Tucker's example and removed his helmet, revealing man in his early twenties, with brown hair that appeared to be black. His hazel eyes glared from across the room.

"Fuck off." He replied to Tucker, fire burning within his brown eyes. Tucker smirked and shook his head.

"Sorry, man. I'm kind of stuck here." He held up his empty hands. Grif tightened his grip on his own weapon.

"You are really starting to piss me off." Grif barked back. He gritted his teeth, still trying to bite back his rage. Tucker continued to smile and started to draw in the dirt.

"Really? I couldn't tell..." He trailed off, finishing his rather childish picture of an octopus...flipping off someone or something eight times.

"Look! I drew a picture for you!" Tucker teased the orange Spartan, which made Grif suddenly snap. Next thing Tucker knew he was pinned against the wall, looking into the eyes of a very ticked off Dexter Grif.

"I really fucking hate you."

"The feeling's mutual..." Tucker continued to taunt, a playful gleam in his eyes. Grif snarled and pushed him harder against the rock wall.

"Shut your mouth." He threatened, shoving his pistol into Tucker's gut. Tucker winced at the force, but continued to stare into Dexter's eyes.

"...Make Me." He whispered menacingly, leaning closer to Grif's face. The silence was deafening, the rain not even audible to preoccupied men. Tucker could feel Grif's hot, wet breath tickle his face as the seconds ticked by. Grif could feel Tucker's firm body shudder under the pressure of the situation...and to them, minutes seemed like hours.

"That's what I th-" Tucker started before he was cut off rather dramatically when Grif forced himself on the other. Tucker struggled helplessly under the strength of red, wishing desperately he had trained harder as he felt Grif's tongue dive deeper within his mouth. Grif dropped his pistol suddenly, his hand moving up the cold metal of Tucker's armor and tangling with the blue's soft brown locks. Tucker freed his hands finally and pushed forcefully against Grif, sending the unsuspecting red to the ground. The frightened teal Spartan slid down the wall, staring wide-eyed at Grif sprawled across the dusty cave ground.

"What the fuck!" Tucker cried out, feeling tears well up in his eyes. Grif scrambled to his feet, his eyes watching Tucker hungrily.

"Keep your voice down, cockbite. Do you really want your friends to find you like this?" Grif asked, his young face plastered with a dangerous smile. Tucker didn't listen, but instead fumbled for the pistol Grif had dropped earlier. He snatched it from the dirt and aimed it at Grif.

"LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" He yelled, getting to his feet and slowly moving towards the exit of the cave. Grif stood still, watching Tucker's every step. Tucker almost made it out of the red's reach until Grif dived at the skittish blue, pushing him against the opposite cave wall. Unable to react to Grif's sudden movement, Tucker released the weapon and found himself once again pinned between stone and man. The teal soldier gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, feeling as Grif's hands moved up his shivering body...unable to fight the pleasure he felt. Grif moved in again, shoving his tongue into the private's mouth and searching its dark caverns. Tucker braced himself against the wall as Grif's hand moved to the armor's first air seal.

The latch unlocked with a hiss and Tucker felt the air rushing against his skin underneath. Upon hearing the first release, Grif moved to the second...and the third. Tucker felt himself stop fighting against the moves Grif made and soon his hands felt their way to the orange armor's first air seal.


Tucker heard his armor's breastplate fall between the pair as they slid slowly to the floor, their tongue now intertwined with each other. A second dull thud announced the removal of the red's top plate, their hands now moving rapidly to remove the rest of their top armor plating.

"Remind me to kill you after this..." Tucker moaned as the orange private pulled back, letting his tongue travel along Tucker's now exposed collarbone. They finally reached the floor of the cavern, Tucker shifting under Grif as the red started nibbling at his neck.

Faint footsteps outside the cave reached the pair's ears, and they broke apart grudgingly. Grif glanced fearfully to the entrance, climbing quickly to his feet.

"I'm pretty sure they're in this one, sir." Came the unmistakable voice of Simmons. Grif grabbed his armor, latching it back on and grabbing for his helmet and pistol. He glanced back at the dazed private before exiting and leaving Tucker to fend for himself.

"Grif! I knew you were in there...wait, where's the prisoner?" Simmons voice drifted into the cavern, causing Tucker to jump to his feet and latch his breastplate back on.

"He got away. He whacked me over the head and ran." Tucker could hear Grif talking outside. He watched the entrance, dumbfounded, as Sarge started berating Grif for loosing their prisoner.

"You couldn't even handle one blue, so you have to walk back to base." Tucker heard the conversation continued as he grabbed his helmet. The teal soldier heard the warthog drive off as he placed his helmet back on his head and peered out the cave. Grif stood outside, helmet in hand, as he watched his team leave him. The rain had stopped and the sun shone brightly. Tucker stepped up to the Orange Spartan and turned to him.

"Why?" Tucker asked quietly, watching the warthog grow smaller in the distance.

"It gets lonely..." He trailed off, placing his helmet off and starting for the red base. Tucker stood there a while longer before heading back to his own base.

Away from the reds, away from the cave...away from Dexter Grif...