Title: Come what may

Author: Loz

E-Mail: PG

Category: Mac/Hollister

Series: Nup

Spoilers: As long as you realise Bill and Mac were together you're safe.

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Summary: What was Mac thinking when she lay in the semi darkness with Bill Hollister in the bed next to her.

Author's Notes:

Disclaimers: No association with anyone relating to Stingers, it should be obvious, I'm sure your writers don't write at 4am in the morning.

Ellen Mackenzie stared at the ceiling as she lay on her back in the bed. The bedside lamp cast a homely glow across the room that had been encased in darkness not moments previously. But even the heavy blanket of night could encourage slumber.

Thoughts entered and exited her mind like trains at the busy Flinders Street Station. They gelled, joined and parted not unlike the people who took trams, taxis and buses for the final leg of their journey home.

She became faintly aware of the light breathing of the man beside her, Bill Hollister.

They'd been working with one another for about 3 years now. She rationalised it to 'with' not 'together' because they were from different departments while concurrently relying on each other for the success of individual operations. It hadn't always been that way. In the beginning the mutual respect that characterised their relationship had not been there. He had invited her for a rendezvous on his desk after one case, she'd replied by inviting his wife to watch. None the less he was married no longer, just to the job. Another opportunity to further rationalise her decision and actions, at least they were both single and could not be accused of being home wreckers.

She had earned respect and that day demanded it. Countless nights had been spent agonising about her job. She was secure now, she knew she could run the unit and had proved it. She had formed a good relationship with Bill, they looked out for each other, covered each others back, but she wasn't sure this was the next progressional step.

It occurred to her she was searching for a meaning to her action and decision in a minefield of feelings, emotions and complications with the equivalent of a torch without batteries and a compass without directional arms for aid.

She looked over at the clock, it was 2:30 and a train was pulling into Ellen Mackenzie station at the front of her brain. It was carrying large cargo, but it was only one unit, one big word.


Oh no she told herself, come on rebound from whom?


That was ridiculous, that was almost a whole other lifetime ago. It was a credit to the both of them that they had split and could continue to work with one another.


What for, it had been a mutual thing, well almost, it was a decision made forcefully for them both, an option given to them both which they had taken sounded better.

There was another train making its way into the station, it was bigger, greener. Like the other it was carrying cargo, one big word, bigger this time.


She discounted it immediately, if anything she was longed for that which Church had found himself. Besides why after all this, time so long, Church had dated others.

What did it matter, she could analyse, rationalise, consider, brood, ponder and deliberate all night. It was better to just let come, what may. She flicked off the light and moved down under the sheets.