Hao awoke one morning and there was a letter at his doorstep. He picked it up and went inside. He put it on the table and made some tea. He read the envelope. It was a simple white envelope. It was from Yoh. What could his brother want? He opened it and read. He was shocked.

"Aniki, you don't know how much I love you, more than a brother, more than a friend. Everyday I would try to make you laugh. You simply smile at me. I would like to hug you but you would push me aside. I take a step closer you take a step back. Can't you see that I care so much?

When you're glum I ask how you are. You simply turn the other way and say nothing. I would give you some heartwarming affection but you never returned it.

Am I merely just some other being to your eyes? Am I just some tool? Do you even see me as your brother? It always seems you're trying to avoid me. You sit and laugh with other people but not with me. Can you not see me? Am I invisible? Do you not care?

Please talk to me and say how you feel. If I do not have any value to you I'll happily sink into the darkness and disappear so that I won't bother you ever agian."

Hao's teacup fell and smashed.

This is a two part fic about the two brother's feelings. Hope you enjoyed this one.