Title: Not an Apprentice.
Author: Yami no Kaiba
Fandom: Animated Teen Titans
Rating: R
Pairing: Slade/Robin

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Slade and Robin are owned by DC comics and the artists and the art studio that does the Animated Teen Titans show.
Notes: Neofox did an awesome picture (URL will be available on my Bio Page), that I just had to write about.


For Neofox.

There are very few memories Slade cherishes enough to reminisce about.

The day he finally captured his pretty bird is one of them. The day he swiped the Titans' precious leader out from under their nose, the boy struggling, kicking and screaming as he was brought low and dragged out of the last place of peace he'd ever have.

The matter at hand had no longer been about taking the boy as an apprentice. No, the small, lithe boy had refused point blank, and Slade would only ever give that offer to a person once. After the refusal, it had become a matter of dealing with his reputation.

No one refused Slade and got away with it. Not even that brightly fledged bird.

A whine from below him caused Slade to shake off the traces of memory. And there's his boy, that black mask of his Slade's condescending allowance. A small token for the boy, a permanent reminder of what the boy used to be. What the boy can never be again.

Robin's whining, hips pushing up in a needy expression. There's no space of skin not marked in some way. Artful bruises and cuts Slade has painted carefully and painstakingly--on Robin's part, at least--on the pale canvas the boy's skin had been and continues to be when the marks slowly heal.

Robin is his living masterpiece, and Slade takes great pleasure in filling in those spaces time and again.

Humming, he squeezed harder at Robin's wrist, using his other hand to push the boy farther into the red-sheeted mattress. The boy's--His boy's-- head turns into the sheets, muscles tensing, the chain at the boy's collared ankle clinking lightly in the relative silence of the bedroom as Robin draws his leg up, planting the flat of his bare foot on the sheets.

Robin is offering himself up as best he can while Slade holds him down.

Oh, yes. The boy can never be his apprentice now. But that doesn't mean Robin can't be something else.