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Shinji Muyo! - No need for Shinji - Prolog

2005, EST (Earth Standard Time)

It was dark in the large room, where a single person sat in front of a large computer terminal. At a closer look there was a large amount of information running down the screen, faster than the human eye could register.

The monitor's light barely illuminated the person sitting in front of it but was enough to identify the person as an adult female. Her most eye-catching attributes were her strange hairdo and its crab-red color, followed by the green eyes, which shone with wisdom beyond their years. These eyes followed the process on the monitor, but they only followed one sentence, of the text. 'No Match'.

"It has to be somewhere on earth, Clay himself admitted that to me, before he died" mumbled the woman and one second to the other, the whole process on the monitor came to a sudden stop. Full of hope, the woman looked at the monitor, where the words, that she yearned for to read, stood.

'Shinji Ikari, Match positive'

The woman lost no time and immediately called upon all the information she could find about this 'Shinji Ikari'. A few moments later a small dossier was displayed on the monitor, it had only a picture of a 4year-old boy and a few lines of text.

Name: Shinji Ikari

Age: 4yrs.

Date of Birth: June, 14th 2001

Mother: Yui Ikari (deceased 2004)

Father: Gendo Ikari

Current Guardian: -clearance error-

Current Address: -clearance error-

- Further Information only with clearance level beta or higher, Magi/Tokyo3 -

What? I expected that someone had grown a person from the ovum, but why would his file be on the recently activated MAGI-System? the woman asked herself. That is...unless they know about his origins... the woman realized as she began to hack into the MAGI-System at a pace, that a normal computer and/or human wouldn't be able to achieve.

After a few minutes the firewalls and other security measures surrounding the recently activated MAGI-Supercomputers were cracked or bypassed, and every bit of information on the subject of 'Shinji Ikari' and the linked files were downloaded.

After a few minutes of skimming through the information and reading the interesting bits the hacker came to a simple conclusion.

How dare they do this to him... . Then she saw one comment on the bottom line of Shinji's file. Good, at least they don't know a bit about his real abilities and think he is useless...well, that's a pity...for them. Hold up Shinji, your mother is coming for you the woman thought with a soft look in her normally piercing green eyes.

But before that she had to inform her family about their new member.

Swiftly Washu Masaki-Jurai, wife of Tenchi Masaki-Jurai and co-wife to Ayeka, Ryoko, Sasami/Tsunami, Kiyone and Mihoshi Masaki-Jurai left her subspace-lab to tell her family the (good?) news.

--- Dinner at the Masaki-shrine ---

Things certainly mellowed out 5 years after second impact and the events inside the Masaki family after it. A few years before Washu couldn't have imagined the peace and quiet at the table during a meal, because Ayeka and Ryoko would always pick a fight with each other over Tenchi and the rest had to play 'duck and cover' to avoid various energy projectiles, lest they sat protected behind some kind of energy-shield or a plate of battleship armor.

Washu could only remember all too well, how everything had changed. The beginning of this story was also nearly the end of the world, namely the 'Second Impact'.

--- Begin Obligatory Flashback ---

It had been a normal day for everyone. That was until Washu's little eyes and ears (read spy-satellites) registered a huge buildup of an unknown energy-type in the Antarctic region. Only a few moments later the energy discharged in a large explosion that was since then known as Second Impact.

There was nothing Washu could do on such short notice, as she watched the shockwave of the explosion begin its journey. If she had the time she would have called forth Tsunami to contain the explosion in Antarctica, but it was already too late for that...now the only thing she could do was to protect her makeshift-family.

Luckily everyone was at home and ever since Dr. Clay's first attack there were shield generators placed around the Masaki-shrine and its surroundings, including Ryo-ohki's large carrot patch. After she activated the shield grid Washu rushed out of her lab to inform the rest of the approaching apocalypse.

As the shockwave from second impact washed over the globe, devastated and flooded whole cities, the Masaki family rode out the storm and waited for the danger to be over.

A whole day later it was quiet, the last storms from the shockwave died down and the wind of change blew over the world. Surprisingly Okinawa and the Masaki shrine got off with a black eye and only minor damage. And even with the tragic news there was a silver lining…as the shockwave traveled the world and killed millions of people, a new life was born in the Yamada family. They called the boy Seina, later on nicknamed Sainan, for disaster.

The next days were a worldwide mourning ceremony for those who had perished in the tragic comet strike on Antarctica and the resulting Tsunami. Early prognoses estimated that nearly half of the human race had been wiped out.

This information even managed to tone down the fights between the occupants of the house, at least for a while, because everyone was occupied with other things. Ayeka and Sasami had to appease the royal house of Jurai and send an official statement, Mihoshi and Kiyone had to report to the Galaxy Police headquarters, while Ryoko showed restraint and the males of the Masaki family had to offer spiritual counseling at the shrine while Washu researched the REAL cause of the disaster.

In the next month nothing really interesting happened, but after that, out of nowhere the calm of the Masaki shrine was shattered again. Apparently the ruckus caused by second impact was enough to let Dr. Clay escape from his prison and rush to his revenge on his captors that should have been weakened by the disaster. This time the battle was harder and ended in a crash landing of Dr. Clay's escape-shuttle somewhere in Europe.

No remains were ever found, even by Washu's spy satellite network, but this wasn't the worrying part, it was a part of his files that Washu was able to save from his ship before it crashed and the short talk they had before his escape. No one except Washu knew the full truth, but whatever it was, everyone felt it was very important to her.

Now she spent every free minute of her time searching for…something, and although no one knew what exactly she was searching for, everybody offered their help if possible. In the end it didn't really help Washu in her query, but it certainly helped bringing them closer together as well as starting a new adventure, later called 'The courtship hexagon'

--- End Obligatory Flashback ---

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Washu finished her dinner and helped Sasami clear the table, before she gathered the family for some tea and cookies and some very important information.

Washu cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. As soon as she had it, she began with her explanation. "As you all know I found some disturbing information after Dr. Clay's defeat in his computers, which at that time I wasn't willing to share with anyone, even my closest family" began Washu and saw the signs of recognition in everybody's eyes.

"Well, I found out that he managed to steal one of my ova and put it into stasis, while I was the prisoner of Kagato. My guess would be that he wanted to build a body with Ryoko's abilities. The only problem was that he couldn't find the second component, the Masu, because the only remaining specimens of this race were inside my subspace lab, that couldn't be accessed by him" explained Washu and took a sip of her tea.

"So he searched for another possibility and landed back on earth, where some secret agency or another found out about the beings called 'Angels'. From there on his notes were pretty inconclusive, but I found out that he apparently managed to fertilize the ovum with the DNA of the first angel, Adam, the one that caused Second Impact. After this discovery, I started a search for my DNA on all available earth databases, but only just now I got a result" with that Washu pulled out a few folders with a picture of a cute 4 year old boy on them and handed them out.

"This is Shinji Ikari…my son. I don't have the full details yet, but it seems that NERV wanted to use him as some sort of weapon should another angel attack. It seems that he hasn't shown any strange abilities yet and was considered useless by them." A general murmur started and pieces that sounded like "how could they", "the poor boy" and so on could be identified. "I know" answered Washu "and I for one don't plan on leaving my boy with his new 'guardians' his 'father' sent him to".

All of a sudden there was a sense of determination in the room that was only rivaled by that one time when Tenchi proposed to them and Washu knew she had their support. "When do we get him?" asked Ryoko, delighted by the information about her little brother and already thinking about what she could teach him, like how to tease stuck up princesses….

"That's the problem, right now he is on his way to Osaka2 to meet his new 'guardians', so we don't have much time to plan anything, I say we just grab Ryo-ohki and teleport him out of the train and into my lab, where I could calm him down a little bit. Often the simplest plan was the best, as everyone agreed to this plan and soon Washu and the others were aboard Ryo-ohki and on their way to intercept the train Shinji was riding towards his bleak future.


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