'Over Seas Love'

This is my first submitted story! YAY!

I hope you love it as much as I do.

I don't own the main characters. I do own rights to Paulina and Carisa. They will be coming up later in the story so don't say what the heck are you talking about.


1995 15 years ago Japan

"Kani! I have great news. I got promoted!" Said, Mrs. Sanban "That's great Genki I am so proud of you!" Said, Mr. Sanban "That's not it ! We are moving to America in a year!" Said, Mrs. Sanban "Oh My Gosh that's Wonderful! Wait what are we going to do about Kuki she only knows a little bit of English. She just started kindergarden too. What about my job and 2 year old Mushi?" "Well Kani, we will just have too deal with that as it comes. There is nothing we can do."

Kuki comes running in the room from outside. Her pigtails flopping, and her green sweater flowing.

"Hi mommy, hi daddy!" said, Kuki in Japanese "Hi Kuki-Chan. Kuki, me and your father have something to tell you. Kuki we are going to move to America, because I got a job promotion." Said, Mrs. Sanban "Mommy where is America?" Said, Kuki "America is a country love. You will have too learn English better that you do now, because you must go to school there." Said, Mrs. Sanban

Tears started streaming down Kuki's cheeks.

"I don't wanna learn English !I don't wanna leave here! I don't wanna leave my new friends!" Said, Kuki "Kuki, I am sorry."

Still 15 years ago Australia

In the corner of the kitchen sits a very angry and sad Australian boy. His arms folded. Tears are steaming down his reddened cheeks. He was just told the same story Kuki was told. That he would leave his friends and move to another country.

"DAD I DON'T WANNA GO!" Said, Wally "I am sorry sport, but I need to keep my job."

Well that is the beginning introductory. Hope you like it so far. I am typing in my school library so I don't have much time till the bell so ….peace out!