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Chapter 15 'Last Chapter To A New Beginning'

Sitting at his desk facing an open window and faded certains. Letting the moonlight shine in and dance across his face. There sits a 16 year old writing in his journal.

"That's my life. I've loved her and she's loved me. Where did our love go? Yes, reader I've learned a lot since Austrailan and I've seen a lot since then too. I guess if this journal was cruddy love story I'd end this last page with I've had my own over seas love." Wally put his pen down. Just then he heard a knock at his door.

He frantically rushed to hide the journal. He said, "Come in!"

A girl with her head down long silky black hair infront of her bug green eyes and rosey cheeks.

"Wally…. Ummm remember that night… ummm that night….. you know what… just for get it…" She said, and got up with her long green hoodie now being weighed down by him. "What… c'mon you can tell me anything." Said, Wally "That's just it Wally! I can't tell you anything! I mean look at us! Were great FRIENDS! You c'mon! Wallabee were 16 now…. I mean…" She paused and blushed. "Kuki what's wrong with being friends?" Wally had a once again clueless look. She pulled him up as she lighted of his bed and pulled him to the open window.

"Wally do you ever feel like there's something there. Something that you can't have something that you can by with money?" She said, looking out at the pitch black ground surrounding there new Teens Next Door tree house.

"No, I can't think of anything right now." Said, Wally shrugging his shoulders.

"Wally… it's you…." Said, Kuki looking down "You want to buy me?" Siad, Wally laughing a little

"NO! BOOB! YOUR SUCH A MOMENT KILLER!" Said, Kuki furious "Wow I have no idea where this is going….." Said, Wally puzzled

"You know what I am not sure either…" Said, Kuki quickly pressing her lips against Wally's. She vishiously whipped her head around and spun toward the door… only to once again be caught by Wally.

This time Wally spun her back in leaned down and kissed her back.

"Kuki, remember when hehehe we were umm kids and haha I said that ermmm 'Will you marry me.'" Said, Wally "Yes, Wally" She said with eyes glowing.

"Well, we were pretty young then… and I am still too young to ask you that, but would you go out with me. Kuki, I wanna be in love with only you…. an I got no more words for you." Said, Wally flushed.

"YES!" She let out and kissed him longer and deeper…..

"You're my over seas love." Though, Wally


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