Chapter 17: Oracle Trenia Comes Clean

Written By Illuminet

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"..."-Indicate Speech

'...'-Indicate Thought


Salome's Netherworld, Massive Crater left behind from impact with Baal


"Son? What the hell are you talking about?"

Zetta asked, one eye perking up with disbelief.

"What? Did you not hear me from within your mind earlier? I stated that you were my creation. That you were created to serve my will as I saw fit. That I alone was the dictator of your own destiny."

Baal explained. Zetta tensed up.

"Yeah fucking right...stop spouting off about all that bull shit, Baal."

He said, though there was the faintest hint of uncertainty in his voice. He did feel a sort of familiarness with Baal, however. He tried to pass it off as himself being in the presence of his own original body. He knew deep down that wasn't the case. Somehow.

" you still refuse to acknowledge your true self? Then why not ask someone your immediately familiar with for the truth? Such as little Trenia over there. She was at the very place to witness your first coming into existence after all. Right...Trenia?"

Baal said as he turned his gaze back to the little girl who was partially hidden by Salome's frame. All eyes went on her, save for Babylon and Ophelia's. Zetta's eyes focused the hardest on Trenia's deep blue eyes. She could not meet his gaze for long.

"Zetta...what Baal says is true. Your existence is not a normal one of a typical Demon. Baal wished for a body who's potential surpassed that of his original one. That's why you were created. To him, it was the destiny he branded upon you to become his new body. One that was more fitting for the destruction of entire universes, yet still retained Baal's original physical appearance. And so you were given the name -Zetta-."

Trenia began to explain. Zetta looked uneasy, perhaps sick.

"I...was wished for?"

Zetta muttered softly to himself as he digested the information that was already partially known to the others save for Baal, Babylon, Ophelia, and Trenia as they had known everything all along.

"My family guarded the Sacred Tome, the relic that was powerful enough to predict the future and grant wishes in exchange for a sum of Mana energy. Baal came to our planet alone during the cover of night and slaughtered many of my family members while escaping with the Sacred Tome. It becomes obvious afterwards as to how you came to be, Zetta."

She kept explaining, wanting to conclude and leave the explanations at that, but Baal wanted otherwise.

"Does it, Trenia? Why so reluctant to keep speaking? Why not tell him more of the events that lead to this very moment in time? So that he knows that it's your fault he's the Sacred Tome now. Though mind you, things have turned out far better thanks to your mistakes as far as I'm concerned. Ha ha ha..."

The Legendary Overlord chuckled as he saw Trenia's little fists clench tightly together at her sides. He could feel the anger and hatred she showed towards him, and it only further amused him as he knew there was nothing she could do to him physically. Her malice meant nothing. It was Zetta who spoke again afterwards to snap Trenia's attention away from Baal and back to him.

"Trenia, what the hell is he talking about? had something to do with me becoming the Sacred Tome? I thought only Pram was involved...but you...!"

Zetta glared at the little girl, his teeth bared in a vicious snarl. Once again Trenia could not hold his gaze.

"I wasn't involved with Pram's scheme, but...I already knew about it and about how you would lose your body even before the event was going to occur. I've already told the others once before that I'm a psychic and could see the future, though I never asked to be that way, it was just what I was born with. Every female within my family line has the power to see into the future, and I was no exception."

She said to Zetta. The Overlord turned book started to develop a twitch in his left eye.

"You...already knew what was going to happen to me yet never spoke up about it even once? Do you realize how much trouble I could have been spared if you had met me and just told me that before I arrived on the moon that circles my Netherworld and went down to the Forbidden Library to look for the Sacred Tome? You little BITCH!"

Zetta growled out through clenched teeth. Baal smirked.

"She could have, but I suppose it would be hard for the former soul that was confined to the Sacred Tome to say that to someone she hardly trusted."

He said, baring his fangs when his smirk widened into a grin. There was a collection of surprised gasps from the younger generations of Overlords.

"Trenia is...the Sacred Tome? The soul that was confined to it before Zetta?"

Salome said.

"So that explains why she knew so much about it."

Pram murmured to herself. Baal's eyes flared up slightly.

"She was the one confined to it before Zetta, but it was someone else confined to it before when I made my wish. That woman...what a foolish waste of life she was."

Baal said softly as he glared at the night sky. Trenia's body stiffened.


Everyone was surprised by Trenia's rage. For many, it was the first time they saw her get angry, let alone curse at someone. Baal's attention was brought back to her.

"Heh...tell me something I don't already know. Besides...I will insult her as much as I please without fear of reprimand because there is not a single thing you can do to harm me, little Trenia. Know your place, annoying insect, for you have no power worthy of my time. I could kill you at my leisure. In fact, you must be pondering at this very moment why I haven't killed you yet because of your interferences long ago when I was creating Zetta. Care to take a guess, or should I just answer you?"

The Legendary Overlord asked. Trenia remained silent, so Baal continued to speak.

"So you don't know...then I assume you didn't see far enough into the future to be able to realize it. I'll bet you were too concerned about what would happen to Zetta's soul rather than his body that you didn't use your powers to monitor it as it went towards my direction at the edge of the other universe that existed adjacent to this one. I'll bet you thought his body would simply hit the barrier and just remain there. The female side of your family line had the ability to peer into the future of any universe they desired until it met it's end, or so the rumors go. Yet no one ever did such a thing out of fear of knowing that far ahead. It makes me conclude that you were at fault for letting the body and soul you so badly wanted to protect from me actually get as close as it did in the first place. Had it been anyone else's body, the barrier would have blocked them out, but it was Zetta's...the exception. No matter how much Babylon may have altered this body, it still contained enough of my genetic code so that the Mana used to seal me away became confused and ultimately decide to do as it was programmed to do: take in anything that is remotely of some sort of relation to me. Zetta's body was brought into the adjacent universe where I lay in wait. I had been curious as to what it was that could pass into the barrier that sealed me, so I decided to investigate. When I came to his body and confined my soul into it, I then realized to whom this body really belonged to by sifting through the memories that lay upon the surface as well as the deep and dormant ones underneath. This body had the power I needed to surpass my original limits and break free from the barrier and leave with the Yoshitsuna. For that I thank you Trenia...for it was you who allowed me to reunite with my son after so long of having to remain idle in that sealed universe."

Baal explained, relishing in the look of shock that appeared on Trenia's face.


The little girl could barely keep her balance. Salome put her arm around Trenia, supporting her.


The female Overlord rested Trenia gently on the ground.

"She's going into shock."

Ophelia observed. Babylon stepped forward towards Baal.

"So that's how you escaped the barrier."

The Dragon Overlord said. Baal's shoulders shook as he began to laugh.

"That's right! It was doomed to happen, even for someone such as herself. Even those who can peer into the future cannot be freed from making mistakes. If she let Zetta's soul be sacrificed, I'd have access to the Yoshitsuna's ultimate weapon and would have been able to destroy the barrier that way, but things turned out this way. How interesting."

Baal said after he was finished laughing at the unconscious Trenia. Babylon was beginning to get angry.

"Go ahead and laugh at Trenia's expense, but don't forget that you are prone to mistakes as well Baal. I'd even wager Zetta being awake at this moment was a result of one of your mistakes. Trenia said to me that you had put Zetta in a deep sleep."

Babylon mentioned. Baal sobered up.

"Yes...a strange side effect occurred when confining to this body: Whenever He was awake, I would be put to sleep, and whenever I was the one awake, he would be put to sleep. It was not a favorable trait, so I forced him to sleep using the very link that bound us as one. Yet he ran off and found the link and then severed it. With his soul completely severed from his body, there was nothing I could do. The ability to control Zetta was no longer an option. But why should I care so much about that? Zetta cannot hope to defeat me as he is now, Sacred Tome or not. You know this to be true, Babylon. Even if he rebels against me, I could simply end his life and have access to the complete power of the Yoshitsuna, or he could join me and allowing to wish every universe out of existence for all eternity. The scales are all tipped in my favor."

Baal said. Babylon narrowed his eyes. Zetta finally butted into the conversation.

"Stop talking about me like I'm not even here."

All attention went to him.

"Come on Baal...I'm tired of waiting around like this. Let's fight and get it over with."

Zetta said as he floated over towards the Legendary Overlord.

"Wait, Zetta..."

Salome called out to him, but he remained adamant, continuing towards Baal.

"Shut up! I don't need you holding me back anymore. Not you or any of the others! I'll become the most powerful Overlord by my own I was suppose to. All this damn time being used by others, even as far back to my own damned birth...I'm sick of it. And what sickens me must be altered or eliminated. I'll take on Baal myself and kill him, and then I'll be the only one. The Strongest..."

Zetta boosted, even at such a perilous time as this day. Salome knew convincing him off the war path was not going to happen so easily, and she had no reason to make him think rationally about the situation he was in. In one day he had learned that his origins lay with a Demon only spoken about in myth, and that the whole life he currently knew and understood was nothing more than a lie. Baal had all the answers and could only fuel Zetta's anger that much more easily. It was Babylon who then blocked Zetta off.

"You'll be going to your own death by challenging Baal to combat, Zetta. Get out of here with the other Overlords and wake Trenia and have her take you all to a safe place while I hold him off."

The Dragon Overlord said. Zetta growled.

"Get out of my way, old man. Why don't you take them someplace safe? Oh wait...there is NO place that is safe, right? Stop wasting my time then and piss off."

He spoke with disdain towards Babylon. The Dragon Overlord sighed.

"Zetta...your still far too young to throw your life away, and for such a pointless cause."

The words did not sink in. Baal took advantage and struck Babylon in the back with the blunt of his sword, sending the Dragon Overlord into the crater.

"I have no control over your actions any longer, my son. It matters not, but I'll allow you to consider your options carefully. Join me and allow me to make my wish for all universes and life in them vanish forever, and you will live for a time. If you refuse me, then you must die here and now as I have dictated upon your life since you first came into being."

Baal offered. Zetta scowled.

"I'm not going to help you destroy anything. Universes aren't meant to be destroyed, they are meant to be conquered and exploited. I'll be the one ending your life and taking my body back. There's no way I'm losing to an imposter that easily!"

Zetta stated both angrily and arrogantly.

"So you wish to fight me and reclaim your body, eh? Very well, come me the power within that book body of your's."

Baal said calmly. Babylon stood back up.

"Wait, Baal!"

The Dragon Overlord flew out of the crater, but was halted by a barrier. Baal's voice filtered into his head.

'Wait there like a good old Dragon, Babylon. Zetta has made his decision, so I won't allow even someone like you to break this protective spell of mine. Watch and enjoy...for I will be the one victorious!'

He told the Dragon Overlord through telepathy. Babylon growled furiously at himself for having lowered his guard which lead to his current predicament. He struck the barrier with the Last Impact, but the barrier held. Zetta was oblivious to the sound of impact, for the inside was sound proof. He confined his army to the battlefield while Baal did the same, confining a bunch of Prinnies on the scene. They were the only ones Baal would allow through the invisible shield. The war was beginning.


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