Beloved Misery

I'M WARNING you now that this contains something that may be offensive to some readers. If upi are all against rape then don't flame me, just don't read it. I wrote this fan fiction soley for the purpose of angst and romance together in a fantastic fan fiction. Give it a shot.

Well this is another one of my Inuyasha and Kagome romance fan fictions. I know the summary might seem like a downer, but you have to go through a lot of it to see the joy to come. So please don't give up on me now my faithful reviewers and friends.

Summary: Inuyasha turns demon and in his rage comes lust. He lusts for the one girl who is purer than any other. Kagome. In a mindless desire Inuyasha unwillingly takes Kagome as his own possession.

Kagome can find it in her to forgive the hanyou since he had no control.

When Inuyasha realizes what he has done...

Well you'll just have to wait and see.

Couples: Inuyasha And Kagome (Based)

Miroku And Sango

Warnings: Sexual Content; Extreme Violence; Offensive Language

Rating: M for Mature

Good to know: LEMON means sex.

LIME means just the basic kissing and hugging

Also: If you find rape offensive you might not want to read on.

Disclaimer: I DON'T own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with the series. I do own this storyline.

Chapter 1: Bitter Heart Ache

Inuyasha and the others all walked down the path. They were in search of more sacred jewel shards. All of the members of the small group had grown tired and bored. All this walking made their legs hurt.

Kagome sighed. She really just wanted some food and shelter, but Inuyasha persisted that they keep on going until at least sunset. Kagome knew he would go on longer if they were not with him. He would probably search day and night if he could, but since his companions were human he had no choice.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome moaned out, trying to grab his attention. Inuyasha's ears tweaked and he looked over to his left - where Kagome stood.

"What?" He snapped. Kagome gave him a pleading look.

"We're all tired. Can't we just stop for the night. We'll leave bright and early in the morning. We've been walking all day and there's not a jewel shard to be sensed." Kagome finished. Inuyasha gave her an annoyed glance.

"We're not stopping until sunset... remember?"

"Can't we just..."


"But Inuyasha.."

"I said no."


"Will you shut up!"

"Come on!"


"Sit boy!"


Inuyasha growled with his face in the dirt. He hated when she did that. Kagome placed her fisted hands on her waste as she glowered down at the stubborn hanyou.

"We're stopping, eating, and resting. You can go on ahead, but you'll be alone." Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara all shivered a little at Kagome's fury. She turned to them and all of them made small squeaks. She smiled at the. "Lets set up camp." Kagome placed her bag on the ground and pulled out some matches. "Miroku would you mind collecting some firewood?"

"Not at all Lady Kagome." Miroku replied as he walked off into the woods. It was at this time Inuyasha found that the spell of rosary was no longer there. He stood up and held up his fist. He gave the miko and audacious, yet rage-filled gander.

"You.. you..." Inuyasha growled again. "What the hell did I do? Why...?" Kagome gave him a bored glance.

"What do you mean 'why'! You wouldn't let us stop! We needed a break. We're only human. We're not hanyou or demon and you should keep that in mind sometimes!" Inuyasha went to retort, but instead made a 'Feh' sound and turned his back to her. Kagome stared at his back for a few seconds before shaking her head and pulling out some packages of ramen and a thing to boil water in.

Kagome looked around for where the fire would be placed when Miroku brought the wood back. She noticed the perfect place in the middle of them all. She beamed as she walked over to it and placed the water boiler down. The priestess reincarnation pulled out some water bottles and poured the fresh water into the boiler. As soon as Miroku returned she would start the fire and make them all ramen.

For now Kagome would set up her spot for bed. Kagome walked over to her backpack again and pulled out her sleeping bag. She could feel eyes on her as she rolled it out. She looked at Inuyasha and did not miss the quick turn of his head in the other direction. She gave him a suspicious eyeball.

A few seconds later Miroku approached the site with the necessary firewood.

"Got it!" His informed gleefully as he came into site.

"Great!" Kagome ran over to him and was about to grab the firewood, but stopped. "Hmm?" Kagome looked off to her left.

"What is it?" Miroku asked quizzically. Kagome bit the inside of her lip.

"Inuyasha, a jewel shard." Kagome told. Inuyasha looked at her, forgetting their little dispute from earlier.

"Which way?" Kagome pointed and they all headed off, prepared for a battle. They all ran at a quick pace, but Inuyasha stayed slower so they could keep up with him.

Kagome could feel the dark presence close and then she realized... it was changing places... rapidly! Kagome looked around as they all ran, her eyes wide. That's when he heart skipped a beat. The presence was there. Behind her.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed, but could do no more as the presence used vines to rip her from where she was. Inuyasha and the others turned just in time to see where the demon had dragged Kagome.

"Damn!" Inuyasha yelled. He unsheathed his sword and ran off in the direction of where Kagome was taken. 'That demon better not have touched her.'

When they arrived on the seen with Kagome the stopped their running. The demon was holding Kagome around the waste and the poor miko was gasping for air.

"Let her go!" Inuyasha yelled, charging forward ready to kill. The demon looked at the hanyou and grinned.

"A hanyou dares to challenge me?" The demon took Kagome and tossed her hard and fast to the ground. The girl winced in pain and held onto her sides. Inuyasha had been to late to catch her and so instead he stood beside her, checking to make sure she was not fatally injured.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt?"

"Inuyasha behind you!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and moved out of the way, luckily sensing the movie beforehand. Inuyasha landed gentle on the ground. "The jewel is in his neck." Kagome mumbled. Inuyasha nodded and placed her down on the ground. He turned and faced the demon, growling.

"A half dog and a miko, how sickening." The demon spat. He stared eye to eye with Inuyasha.

"Wind scar!" Inuyasha yelled slamming his sword into the ground. The demon's eyes widened, but he was able to move to the side in time.

"He dodged the Tetsusaiga's wind scar." Sango said. Miroku nodded.

"That sword looks mighty powerful." The demon's smile widened as he ran forward at a breakneck speed. Inuyasha was to slow to keep up with this attack. The demon pushed Inuyasha over as he swiped the sword.

When the demon grabbed the sword he hissed in pain to see it had a barrier around it. He threw the sword over into the distance.

"I'll get it." Miroku told Sango and Shippo. They needed to get it back to Inuyasha before it was to late.

The hanyou snarled. How dare this demon touch his sword? How dare he harm Kagome! He would not stand for this. He dug his claws into his hand and swung it towards the demon.

"Blades of blood!" He yelled. The demon had not expected the attack and howled as the aching came rushing. The demon knelt down and Inuyasha came hurtling over. "Iron reaper soul stealer!" Inuyasha slashed the demon again and was angered to see he was still alive.

The demon's green eyes, turned black as he stood up. The demons had a large bolder-like body with vines as limbs, now all of these parts got larger. Inuyasha backed off a little.

"You hurt me. So now I hurt her." The demon bit out as he ran forward.

"Her?" Inuyasha questioned and then noticed the direction the demon was going in. The demon was headed towards the kneeling Kagome! "Kagome!" Inuyasha called out. He ran and ran with all his might as the demon raised a thorn-covered vine and prepared to bring it down. Kagome's body was hurting to much to get away in time! Inuyasha's eyes widened. He would never make it in time.

The demon used a vine and wrapped it around Kagome's waste and now brought the other one down. Inuyasha's eyes flashed a blood red color. He could not allow this. Inuyasha transformed...

In his demon Inuyasha was easily able to slash the demon to pieces. Kagome fell into his arms weakly. Her vision was a bit blurry, but she could see enough to know this was Inuyasha's demon.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome mumbled. Inuyasha's blood red eyes stared straight into her own, as if he was trying to search her soul. Kagome gulped.

"Inuyasha!" Miroku called out. Personally him and Sango had no idea how to deal with Inuyasha's demon. They needed Kagome's help. "Kagome get him to take the sword!"

"Inuyasha... you need the Tetsusaiga." Kagome chocked out. The demon looked over at the sword in question. A man was holding it. He identified this man as a member of his pack, but when he looked at the sword he growled. He did not want that thing. All he wanted now was this girl in his arms.

Inuyasha gave Kagome a lustful stare. Kagome bit the inside of her cheek, not exactly knowing what he was thinking.

"No." He said finally. Kagome looked at him in question. "No, sword... you... I need you."

"W.. what?" Kagome had no chance to say another word as Inuyasha jumped off like lightening.

"Kagome!" Sango called out. "Miroku we have to go and get them!"

"We'll never be able to keep up."

"We have to try." Sango mounted Kirara with Shippo and Miroku nodding, getting on the back. The flew off.


Inuyasha stopped at a cave entrance. He looked down at the frightened girl. Her fear was causing him to growl in approval. He would not allow her to fear any other, but fearing him was fine for now.

"What are you doing Inuyasha?" Kagome asked shakily as he placed her down on a cloth. He knelt down in front of her. His glowing red eyes were easy to see in the dim of the cavern.

"Mine.." Inuyasha leaned forward and licked some blood from Kagome's cheek. "Now you're all mine."

"What are you talking about?" Kagome tried crawling backwards, but found it difficult as Inuyasha jabbed a claw into her thigh. She hissed. "Owe!" Kagome could not go any farther when Inuyasha began to crawl on top of her. "Inuyasha! Please!" She watched Inuyasha's eyes flicked. Inuyasha's head was screaming. 'NO! Don't touch her! Stop! Don't taint her.' His demon retorted. 'Shut up you fool. She's mine now.' 'Kagome's not to be touched! Get off of her!' Inuyasha could not do anything to control his demon and it was killing him.

"Kagome run!" Inuyasha yelled as he fell back holding his head. "Damn you.." A darker voice said. "Kagome get out of here, hurry... I can't control him." "Get away and let me handle this!" The demon said. "No. Kagome you need to go, before... he tries..." "Shut up." "If he takes you as a mate you'll be forever mine... you have to go!" Inuyasha argued with himself. Kagome nodded. She understood now. The demon Inuyasha was taken a hold of her hanyou Inuyasha. Inuyasha had no control over what was happening here.

Kagome got up weekly, but determined. She headed for the exit of the cave, but was stopped when two clawed hands dug into her arm. She whimpered as the demon Inuyasha took her and threw her back on the cloth where she had started off at.

"Enough of that hanyou." The demon stalked forward like a predator after its prey.

"Inuyasha, stop this!"

"Shut up." Inuyasha crawled on top of her again. Her eyes begged him to not do this. He ignored it. Inuyasha pulled her arms over her head and placed a fierce kiss on Kagome's lips, bruising them slightly. She tried to move away, but could not. The demon slashed off her clothing. Leaving her bare and scared.

The demon grinned at her fearful face and then scanned her luscious body.

"You're beautiful." He purred. He kissed down on her collar bone and nipped at it a little. "And now you're mine." Inuyasha's demon wasted no time and removed his own covering. Kagome looked at him, knowing this had come to far and she could no longer stop what he was going to do to her. She cried. The demon leaned forward and licked all the salty liquid off her face, but more just continued to fall. "No crying." He mumbled as he prepared his entrance into her.

"Please.." Kagome cried. "Don't do this..." Her words had not meant a thing.


Kagome cried to herself. She hated this. She had been tainted. Her most pure point was now impure. She did not know if she hated herself more or Inuyasha's demon. She was lying down with only the haori as cover. She had been crying for an hour now. It had been an hour since Inuyasha had shattered her sacred barrier.

The demon had left the cave after that. He had not come back in since. Kagome has slashes over her body from fighting with Inuyasha and trying to get away more.

"How could you..?" She mumbled. Kagome was a very understanding person and though her body was no longer pure, her heart still was and she could find it in herself to forgive Inuyasha, but not his demon. She understood that Inuyasha had no control over what was doing. He told her to get away. If she had not been so weak maybe she could have, but she didn't. Inuyasha's hanyou did not disserve to suffer for it. Not at all. That would not be fair. She could only blame this on his demon blood.

I know, I know. Rape! In my fan fictions. The real thing. What a shocker. PLEASE do not flame me until you have read the rest. I undertstand how this is a subject many of you find offensive and that includes me, but this was for the soul purpose of drama. Before commenting anything about how angry you are just take the time and read on. The ending will come soon and I'm sure you won't be angry anymore.