Beloved Misery

Sorry for the wait. I guess I was wrong in saying. THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER.

Warning: Sexual Content; Extreme Violence; Offensive Language

Rating: M for Mature

Couple: Inuyasha and Kagome (Based)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with the series.

Recap: As the couple walked towards the village, their hands came together. Smiles appealed on both of their faces and things seemed to be healing. Slowly, but surely things would get better. End Recap

Chapter 7: Unreal

Something felt strange. Something didn't feel right. The color of the bluest of skies changed suddenly, swiftly. It turned into a dreadful and lonesome gray. The breeze that had been so gentle a moment ago, became a fierce hurricane's wind.

Kagome braced herself under the pressure, grabbing a hold of her belly. This wasn't right. Something wasn't right. This was not how things were supposed to be. She looked at the scars on her body. Grabbing her head, she fell to her knees. Hadn't Inuyasha caused them? Why did she suddenly see another demon causing them?

"Inuyasha!" Kagome called out, more desperate than she'd ever been before. "Inuyasha!" She cried; tears stung her eyes. Where was her Inuyasha? He wasn't there. He wasn't anywhere around her.

She looked from left to right, but the more she moved the more her head throbbed, the more her heart pounded and her chest burned. What was going on? Something was terribly wrong.

Her mind flashed and suddenly she saw the oncoming claw of a demon. Her eyes widened, but she could not dodge it. She closed her lids over her orbs. The pain she expected never came. She opened her chocolate eyes again. There was no demon? It had been her imagination?

Kagome let out a fierce scream as she clung to her head, pressing down on her temples. This all seemed unlikely. This had never happened? Had it?

"Inuyasha!" Kagome's head flew up. She inhaled deeply. What was going on? (Don't stop reading now! Trust me.)

Kagome looked down at her arm. She was wired up! What was this? Beads of sweat rolled down Kagome's forehead. Her heart pounded in her head.

"Oh no..." She felt tears burning her optics. "No! No! No!" She began to scream. She ripped the wires from her. She was so unbelievable dizzy, fatigued, and starved. Where was she? She couldn't stop asking herself questions.

Beside the bed was a monitor. A lime green line jig jagged on a forest green screen. With each jig jag there was a beep. This was all familiar. 'Where?... where?' She felt as if she knew nothing for that short time. In a mind boggling flash everything seemed to come at her.

"A hospital!" Why was she in a modern day hospital? Hadn't she been in a field? Hadn't she been four months pregnant? "What's going on?" She grasped her head. Tears poured from her eyes like never before. She was so confused, so impatient to know what was going on. "What is this all?" She went to stand, but immediately fell to the floor.

Her legs were completely numb! She glanced down. Her belly - it was huge! She placed a hand over it and began to rub. She felt a kick. It was strong and hard. She winced in pain. She was pregnant?

Kagome looked around the hospital room. She sat on a white, ceramic tiled floor. The walls were all white. It was very non-homey. She didn't understand any of this. 'Why am I here?' She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down.

She recalled being raped, getting pregnant, but all of that was fuzzy. Why?

"Was it a dream?" As soon as the words finished, a sharp pain consumed Kagome. She was taken into a whole other world. She collapsed.

Kagome saw herself as she wrapped protective arms around her belly. She wouldn't let any harm come to this child, this child in which her and Inuyasha had sired in their own love.

She saw Inuyasha. His smile. His frown. His confusion. His rage.

She saw Inuyasha protect her. She saw him safeguard her until he had almost completely lost his life.

The large demon the couple faced together was after blood and nothing more. It was Naraku's truest of forms.

A battle that had lasted four days and four nights didn't seem to be coming to an end.

Kagome knelt down. She wanted to fight. She didn't want Inuyasha to sacrifice himself for her, but every time she tried battling, she only put her child at greater risk. Her child, which had been growing in her belly for four months now.

Suddenly a large claw came flying towards her. There was no stopping it.

Kagome's eyes widened. She pulled herself up, kneeling. Naraku had knocked her out. That was the only explanation. That was the last thing she could remember. She bit back more tears.

How had her dream been so vivid? How had days and nights passed? She didn't understand that part. How long had she been unconscious for? Her stomach had grown twice the size! She had to be at least eight months pregnant now.

She recalled everything in that dream happening, everything except for the rape. Inuyasha had never raped her. Why did she dream that? All that had happened in that dream took place slightly different over the last four months, before she fought Naraku.

Kagome began to tremble. She was scared, so scared. Everything in that dream had felt so real, but wrong. Inuyasha would have never done something like that. She knew him better. She knew perfectly well that he had a little control over his demon side. He would have killed himself with that little control before forcing himself upon her.

She tried to stand. Her legs were much to weak. She looked down at her arms where her scars were supposed to be. They were very faint. They had not come from Inuyasha, like in the dream, they had all come from the battle with Naraku.

Kagome shuddered. How much of her life had she missed? Before she knew what was happening, more tears were springing from her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her body. She felt so unbelievably alone. It was all so unreal.

"Help! Someone!" Her voice seemed almost raw now. It had been so long since she had used it. Suddenly the door flew open, a clawed hand on the knob. Kagome looked up. The figure seemed blurry in her tears.

"Kagome!" The voice, however, was not. It was-

"-Inuyasha!" Kagome couldn't move. She wanted answers. She also wanted him. She wanted him to hold her. She didn't want him to ever let her go. He came rushing over to her. A hat on his head, his red haori on his body. He knelt down on the ground and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"Kagome..." His voice seemed so hurt. He almost sounded as though he was going to cry. "I thought... I thought I lost you!" He tightened his grip. "I'm glad. You're alive."

"Inuyasha..." Kagome returned his embrace. Things seemed to slowly clear up now. "How much..." She hesitated, afraid of what his reply would be. "How much time has passed?" He pulled back to look into her eyes. She wiped tears away to see him clearly.

She gasped. He seemed so handsome, but at the same time, so tired, he was slightly pale. She reached up a hand and touched his cheek. He leaned into her touch, missing it dearly.

"You've been in a coma for... four months..." Kagome pulled back, almost as if he had physically shocked her.

"F... four months!" More tears. She didn't want to miss time. She didn't want to let her life waste away. She reached down, touching her large belly. How had the baby survived? A part of her guessed it was because of the demon blood.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you." He was so guilty. "Naraku's dead. The jewel is complete. It's in your room." He waited for her to take in the information. "After you passed out, we were able to defeat Naraku. I didn't know what to do, so I took you to the modern time and your mom brought you here. I've been here every day. I promise!" Suddenly Kagome felt as if she didn't have a right to be sad. She looked up. Being sorrowful was only hurting Inuyasha. Why should he have to be in pain because she had missed four months of her life? He had missed fifty years!

"Don't apologize." She leaned forward, embracing him again. "Please. I'm just glad you're alright. I'm glad everything worked out. It's not your fault." She calmed down a great deal as she was held by Inuyasha.

"I wanted to protect you and the pup more than anything, but-"

"You did! We would have died if you had not protected us all along. I love you." She didn't let go. Finally she released a smile. She regretted the time she had missed, but she knew there was no going back. This was how things had to be. "What about Miroku and Sango? What about everyone in the past? Are they alright?"

"They all survived. Sango was even able to save Kohaku."

"That's great! I'm so happy for her."

"They've all been worried about you. I went back yesterday to tell them what was going on. It was the only time I left your side, other than to go to the bathroom and shower. I promise!" He sounded almost like a desperate child. He really wanted her to know he cared.

"I know." Kagome lifted her head up. She gathered all the strength she could to lean up and kiss his lips lightly.

"Kagome!" The door flung open again. Her mother, her grandfather, and her younger brother stood there.

Two Days Later

Kagome smiled, stepping with the crutches to help support her. She still hadn't fully regained her strength, but she knew it wouldn't be much longer now. Inuyasha sat on the chair, watching her as she paced the room for no reason except to move.

He didn't seem at all impatient as he just sat there. He actually had an unusual smile on his face. It was a smile Kagome had never seen play across his lips before. It was nice.

"What did the others say?" Kagome questioned. Inuyasha had taken an hour out of the day to visit the others and tell them the fantastic news.

"They want to see you."

"I want to see them." Kagome giggled, stopping with her crutches and staring out at Inuyasha. "I'll be able to in a weak." She was excited with that news.

"We'll see." The hanyou crossed his arms, eying his mate. Kagome stopping looking at him and began to circle the room, trying to use her crutches even less this time.

"You know..." Kagome watched where she stepped. It was difficult without using any support. She would fall if she wasn't to careful. She picked herself up with the cruches and move forward. "We should get married." She said it in an unbelievable casual way.

Inuyasha nodded in an equally casual way.

"When you're ready to walk on your own, we'll talk about it." Inuyasha had learned about human marriage from Miroku and Sango. They were planning on getting married, but not until Kagome was able to come and watch them.

"I can't wait. I want to see Miroku and Sango get married too. I want to have a house too. I wonder if it's a boy or a girl. I want my family to be at the wedding too." She seemed so blissful, even after all of the pain she had been going through when she first awoke.

Inuyasha nodded to everything she said. He would get her whatever she wanted, as long as he was capable.

Kagome stopped suddenly. Her eyes widening.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha stood as she fell to her knees. She clutched her stomach. "What's wrong?" He rushed over to her, in concern.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome gripped her belly. "I'm... my water broke."

"What? What water? Where?" Inuyasha looked around quickly.

"No! My water! Inuyasha I'm in labor. I'm having the baby!" Inuyasha's eyes went large.

"A beautiful baby boy." The doctor beamed, wrapping the baby in a blue bundle to keep him warm. He ambled around the bed, to the mother.

Kagome breathed heavily. She had never been in so much physical pain. She had thought it would never end, but it finally had, after a long, terrible twelve hours. It had all been worth it in the end.

Kagome reached weak arms out and grabbed the bundle as gently as she could. She pulled in the child, with a smile. Inuyasha's ears had perked up at the news. Apparently he had wanted a son. He walked over to Kagome's side. She seemed so tired. He felt bad. He had never known it would hurt her so much.

He stared down at the baby. The infant's optics opened slowly, blinking, obviously it didn't approve of the bright light in the room. Inuyasha saw a light color, but he knew that this boy had amber eyes, just like him. On the top of the child's head was a small bush of brown hair.

Inuyasha looked closer. Folded down on the black hair was something silver. Two ears; two dog ears! Inuyasha looked at the doctor. His heart raced. He was relieved that the doctor hadn't being paying attention to that. If the baby's ears hadn't been sticking to the head, because of the goo that came out with it, than the doctor would have surely noticed.

"I'll leave you three alone now." The doctor began to leave the room. His nurse following close behind. Inuyasha had been to only other person in the room was Kagome. Her mother, grandfather, and Sota all waited impatiently in the waiting room.

"He's beautiful." Kagome felt her stomach turn with excitement. "What should we call him?" She looked at Inuyasha, waiting for a reply. She was glad to see him also smiling, but she also noticed confusion in his own amber eyes.

"He's so... tiny..." Inuyasha reached out a hand. A tiny, clawed hand came from the bundle of blue and grabbed a hold of Inuyasha's pointer finger. Inuyasha flinched. He felt something amazing within him. He was a father. He really was.

Kagome giggled. She reached a hand down, just noticing the ears.

"Just like his father." She rubbed the ear and it bounced up. She repeated the motion with the other ear.

"You choose the name." Inuyasha gazed at Kagome now. She bit down on her lip in concentration. There were a number of names that she had already thought up, but none of them seemed to fit this child correctly.

"I think I like..." She narrowed her eyes in concentration. It was on the tip of her tongue. "How about... Shinzou?" That was it! A name that meant 'god's gift', because to her that was exactly what this child was. He was god's gift to her and Inuyasha.

"I like it." Inuyasha pulled his pointer finger from the child's grip.

Kagome smiled even brighter. She looked from Inuyasha to the baby boy.

"Shinzou it is." She laughed. She was so excited.

When Kagome's mind roamed back to her long dream suddenly, her heart jumped. Should she tell Inuyasha about that dream? Kagome looked back at the child. She decided against it. She would keep it to herself. She would be the only one to ever know of the dream that was somehow beloved misery.


If you didn't understand: It was all a dream (Except for when she woke up). Everything that had happened up until this chapter was all a dream that she had when she was in a coma. Everything that happened in the dream, happened to her, only slightly differently. She was NEVER raped. She got pregnant from Inuyasha by making love to him using her own free will. If you have any more question just go to my profile page. You'll find my email there.

Also: I never broke my promise when I said Kagome when never actually be raped in my fan fictions.

I hope you don't mind that she wasn't actually raped. I'm sorry if you wanted her to be. I just think this ending is so much happier.