The silence was killing her, Fuu looked up at the pair of blue eyes, a fake smile on her lips. "So… what brings you here Akira-san." Fuu tried her hardest to smile, but it was hard not to let the disdain on her face take over.

The young man looked at her, his shoulder length brown hair falling into his youthful face. "Fuu-cha….Fuu-san, I have to ask you a very important question." He slowly brought his face up, his blue eyes burning into Fuu's.

She stared at him, it was true, he wasn't an ugly boy, in fact he was gorgeous, and tranquil. But, there was something about him, some thing that made her feel uncomfortable.

"Fuu-san, will you marry me?" His voice was almost silent, but a hidden hunger laced his words.

Fuu blinked her mind going blank, she wasn't quite sure what just happened, but all at once, like a surge, his words made sense, "What? What? WHHHAAAAATTTTTT!"

With Broken Wings

Chapter One: Forever Lasts for Ten Minutes

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So with out further a due. With Broken Wings

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One Year Earlier

Fuu stretched her arms into the air. It felt good to be free, free from everything. Free from the burden of the Sunflower Samurai, free from wondering place to place with no real income and of course free from those two.

Those two.

Fuu looked down at her sandals; her lips formed a small pout, she was going to miss those two, the three of them had become so close, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. She looked up at the dirt path ahead of her, she smiled and thrust her fist in the air, "If our fate is intertwined, then I know that I will meet them again." And with that, Fuu ran down the road, to her uncertain future.

Mugen ran down the dirt road, dodging and diving out of the way of tree branches. It has been months since he had felt this light, as if the wind might pick him up and take him to unknown places. As he ran he reached the top of a hill, he jumped in the air, hoping his feeling was real. "I'M FINALY FREE!" Mugen came back to earth, suddenly the feeling of being as light as air passed him. He felt like the weight of the world had come crashing down on his shoulders.

"Damn it, why do I suddenly feel like I miss," he stopped, that wasn't a word he liked using, "why do I miss those two."

He shook his head and continued to walk on, "Oh well, sayonara to garbage company."

Jin quietly walked down his path, his arms tucked into the sleeves of his kimono top. Where was he going? What would he do? Hell if he knew, all he knew now was that he had all the time in the world to do whatever he pleased. Perhaps he would just continue to wonder around Japan. Or maybe he would build a house and wait for Shino.

"Shino." The world played gingerly on his lips.

He looked up at the sky, it was still early, he still had lots of time to find a perfect town."

Fuu stood at the outskirts of the village, it was small and peaceful, the way her town was before, well before her life got complicated fast. She smiled and slowly walked in, a few children ran past her chasing a small dog. She slowly walked deeper into the village, the locals giving her strange looks, she was after all a young girl walking into a village, unaccompanied by anyone, she was, well, strange, a strange girl with nothing more then a brown sac on her back.

Fuu looked around, all eyes on her, she smiled nervously, it was hard this time, she was used to walking into towns, but for the last year of her life, she had always walked into towns with those two….

Those two.

She hated the feeling that racked her body at the thought of those two, she thought that after they found the sunflower samurai, that they would be on their ways and she would never have to think about them again.

She was wrong.

To him, this was more challenging than fighting any amount of ruffians, this was more difficult then babysitting Mugen and Fuu, this was the hardest thing he would ever have to do. He climbed the steps gingerly, his wooden sandals not making any more sound then the wind would. He looked up and saw the sliding door, a deep frown imbedding itself on his lips.

It's empty…

His former home, the dojo he grew up in, empty, not a living soul any where to be seen. With a light twitch of his eyes, he slid open the door and walked inside.

Mugen laid on the grass, a peaceful breeze blew by him, he sighed and rolled over. It was too quiet, way to quiet for him likes, he needed adventure and cash….fast. He slowly made his way up, stretching his tan limbs, he looked up and shrugged, "Well, time to go out and make a living." He sluggishly put his sword on his back and made his way down a path.
Fuu pushed back the thin curtain and walked in, trying her hardest not to make any noise.

"Can I help you young lady?"

"Eh! Hai! I was wondering if you had any jobs available, you see…"

The back door slid open, an old man slowly made his way out, he looked like he went through a lot in his lifetime, he back was bent in such a manner that he would never walk straight, he was bald with brown liver spots marking a trail on his head and of course there was the fact that he had one eye and no eye patch.

Fuu stared, she didn't want to, but she really couldn't do much else.

"Is there a problem young lady?"

Fuu swallow hard and shook her head.

"Good," he examined her and nodded to himself, "Well I guess we do have an open position for waitress."


Fuu hated that position more then she hated any thing else in the world, "I'll take it, arigato." Her voice was meek.

The old man nodded his approval and walked back into the kitchen, "You start tomorrow." He shut the door behind him, signifying the end of their conversation.

Fuu stood there, a mild twitch forming around her eye, she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach, she knew that this was going to be horrible.