Every great movie has bloopers tagged onto the end so you don't hafta watch the credits! I love watching bloopers! To those of you that don't know, bloopers are funny things that weren't supposed to happen on set of a movie. Tripping, cursing, pranks… all that. I have a fun habit of tacking some bloopers onto the end of my fan fictions! They're good for a laugh or two, and some extra reviews! Hahahaa! Here we go!

Beast Boy's Game

PART : Bloopers

Beginning Wake-up Scene

Beast Boy mumbled incoherantly… then turned over in bed. There was a long silence. "Uh… Beast Boy? You need to get up now. You're qued to sit up and stretch." The director said from behind camera.

"Five more minutes, Mom…" Beast Boy mumbled. The girl behind the camera giggled.

Penny for Raven's Thoughts

"Penny for your thoughts?" Beast Boy asked softly, looking over at her.

"Never thought it would be you I'd end up with." Raven said bluntly. "If someone told me about this a year ago, I wouldn't have believed them." She looked over at him. "But, I've come to realize how damn hot you are." She waggled her eyebrows at him. Beast Boy started laughing, as did everyone on set.

Beast Boy's Gift

"I got you something." He said, reaching into his pocket. Raven watched him struggle for a moment. It was hard to get anything out of his pocket when he was sitting down. She observed with some amusement, shaking her head. He stood and pulled it out, and there was a flash of gold in the morning sun. It was a wedding ring! "Marry me, Raven m'love!" He declared dramatically, falling to one knee before her.

"Hey! That's not in the script!" The director shouted angrily. Raven was in a red-faced giggle.

Beast Boy Finds Raven's Clothes on the Roof

"Raven!" He burst out onto the roof, looking for his romantic interest. "…Raven?" he whispered. There was no one there. The roof was completely empty except – hey, what was that? Beast Boy went quickly and found Raven's cloak lying in a heap near the center of the roof. "What the –?" He picked it up and found her leotard, shoes, belt, and brooch under it. "Is she naked somewhere?" he wondered wildly.

"Oh yeah." Said a sensual voice from behind him. He felt naked curves press against his back as a pair of slender arms wrapped around him. Beast Boy let out a girlish shriek, and fainted.

Raven Looks Into the Well

Hovering in midair, she approached the well slowly. Thousands of symbols were carved all over it. Happy she'd only needed twelve, she touched the well with both hands…… leaned over…. "Eeeek!" the monster squealed, for it was currently bathing at the bottom of the well.

"Aaaagh!" Raven cried, slapping her hands over her eyes. "It burns! It buuuuuurns!"

"What burns?" Beast Boy wandered on set and took a look. "Aaaaah! My eyes! It burns! It scorches my retinas beyond usage!"

"What burns?" Cyborg wandered on set and looked down the well. "My God! It hurts! In fact it burns like a mother! Aaaaaa-huh-haaaaargh!" He staggered away, clutching his face in horror.

"What's going on?" Robin came on set, looking at everyone who was clutching at their eyes. He cautiously peered over the edge of the well, and frowned. "Oh c'mon. Mine's bigger than that!" The director and camera crew burst into laughter.

Beast Boy Wins the Game?

"I gotcha now! Lussa!" he threw out his arms. "Kars!" he rambled down the entire list of the twelve magic symbols, then stood dynamically! GAME OVER. Beast Boy was transported back to the real world. "Dude, that was retarded." He folded his arms, snorting in disappointment.

Starfire's "Physical Rendition of Affection"

"Perhaps a physical rendition of affection?" Starfire was standing behind her, and gripped her shoulders gently. As though a massage could make her feel better… Raven rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything as the redhead's hands ran across the muscles between her neck and shoulders. Then she reached down and cupped Raven's breasts, rubbing in circles!

The dark girl let out a shriek, and her tea mug exploded because of her powers. It sent hot tea into Starfire's eyes, and she screamed in agony. "It is burning! My eyes are burning in their sockets!" She squealed. She ran around in circles and then hit the wall, knocking herself out.

"Perv." Raven mumbled, red in the face.

Beast Boy Fights the Demon in the Heat Generator

A burnt arm shot out and grabbed him by the throat!

Beast Boy gave a short-lived scream as a burnt corpse made itself known amongst the flames. It hadn't been there a second ago, he was sure of it! It's course, hardened fingers gripped his throat with an iron grip so strong that he gasped, immiediatly using all his air. "Ack! Guh….!" He grunted as he was lifted off the ground. A burnt, almost skeletal head leaned out of the flames, staring at him with eye-less sockets. Beast Boy's eyes were starting to roll into his head as his legs kicked at air. Suddenly, he pulled a super-soaker water gun out of nowhere. "Eat this, sucka!" he shouted, squirting it.

The guy in the demon suite squealed like a little girl, disappearing into the generator again. He was soaked down, and the fire died too. The director sighed as Beast Boy put up a V for victory sign, laughing.

1912 Beast Boy Finds the Drake Bag

It looked kind of like a mailman's bag. Thinking about how Raven had used Starfire's purse to keep things from the game in, he pulled it out and inspected it. It was made of worn, very scratched leather. The name 'Honey-Bunny' was stitched very carefully into the side, a namesake of its owner. Beast Boy sweat dropped, trying very hard not to laugh. But, he failed and burst out laughing, holding his stomach and doubling over.

1912 Kitchen Food

He was in the lighthouse itself now. The stairs spiraled away to the left, and one door greeted him. He tried the knob, and it opened. "Hey…" a really great smell met his nose, and his stomach growled. It was the kitchen. A kitchen with all sorts of food, a table for three, and food on the table! Having not had breakfast, Beast Boy lunged forward. He peered into the bowls that were on the table, and found them full of… Alphabet soup? "…the hell?" Beast Boy mumbled, staring. "Somebody call props! This is just stupid!"

"Somebody get the real soup out there!" the director shouted. Robin, who was nearby with an empty soup can, was hiding his laughing behind a hand.

1912 Beast Boy Jumps off of the Lighthouse's Balcony

Clutching the railing in desperation for just a moment –! Beast Boy jumped over the side, off of the highest balcony of the lighthouse. "Cut!" The director shouted.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" PHOOF! was heard, as though from way far away. Beast Boy lay in a heap on a mountain of pillows, and was sinking into them like they were quicksand. "The pillows are eating m –!" He was gone.

"Someone dig him out! Its time to do the next scene!" The director pointed to a random stage person.

2016 Cyborg's Copyright Infringement?

"Cyborg!" Beast Boy leapt to his feet, almost hugging the computer monitor. "Where are you! Why aren't you here at Titan's Tower!" he cried. "What happened to everyone?"

"Sorry man, my simulation's responses are limited. You gotta ask the right questions." He shrugged, trying to smile.

Beast Boy frowned and pointed at the director. "You got that from I, Robot you damn copycat!"

"Did not!"

"Did so!"

"Did not!"

"Did so!" One of the camera guys rolled his eyes. This could go on for a while.

Raven Talks to Timid in Nevermore

"Timid, is that you?" Raven said, coming closer. Timid shrank away, her dusty gray cloak fluttering. She looked at Raven with hurt, confused eyes. That was how she always looked, but still… "It's okay…" she came close and bent, since Timid was much shorter than the other emotions. Small in stature and in confidence, she was the easiest emotion to scare or hurt. Raven had to be careful not to startle her. "Where is Wisdom? Have you seen her?"

"Mmm…" she said, peeking out from behind the shelf again. "You won't like what you see…" she whispered. "She's been molesting Love and Sadness at the same time for almost three hours."

"Wha…?" Raven went pale, dumbfounded.

"Yeah. Her stamina's pretty impressive, though." Timid flushed, holding one of her cheeks to surpress it. "I think it's kind of kinky, actually."

There was a long silence, Raven's eyes in perfect circles. She thought for a long time… "Is… that in the script?" She pulled her script out. Everyone on set fell down anime style.

The Memory of Beast Boy Book in Nevermore

Wisdom, on the other hand, was sitting in the middle with the book in her lap. There was a little glow coming from it, and it was playing memories of Beast Boy on a little magic screen. Beast Boy grinning at her. Beast Boy making tofu. Beast Boy scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. Beast Boy being a striptease–! Raven flushed and made to grab the book. "That's private!" she shouted, pink in the cheeks.

"I give that a week before its out on the Internet." One of the camera guys said. The director slapped his own forehead, sighing in frustration.

Raven Talks to Rage

Rage's cage had all sorts of padlocks, chains, twisted wires, and other locking mechanisms on it. A magic circle was drawn around it, a wreath of fire up in the sky. It was ready to drop and act as a secondary barrier at a moment's notice.

"Come to tease me?" said the blood-red clad girl. She looked like Raven, but she had four glowing red eyes. She was in heavy chains, which allowed her little movement. It was one of Raven's most powerful emotions… Rage. "Get lost, before I cut your pretty little neck." She spat on Raven's shoes but she didn't get a reaction.

"Hello Rage. Feeling active lately?" Raven said softly, as not to make her more worthy of her namesake. She was chained up, locked up and kept in there for a reason, after all. She was one of Raven's rarely seen, but by far one of the most powerful, emotions. Rage hissed at her in an attempt to scare her off, but she gave no reaction to that either. "The others told me that you're especially restless lately."

"Well actually, I'm waiting for Wisdom to show up." She said. "Timid told me she's finally hitting her kinky phase." Rage giggled, blushing girlishly. She rattled her chains, calling like an Amazon girl. Raven fell down anime style.

Beast Boy Burgers

"They named the burger after the vegetarian?" Beast Boy demanded. "Are they stupid? Wait, what's that…" in small print, next to the name of the Beast Boy Burger were a few words… but they were written in black marker. He murmured them as he read them, "All customers please note that the Beast Boy burger is a hundred percent meat-errific meat. In fact its so meaty you should get two!!" Beast Boy sweat dropped, his mouth becoming a thin line. Offstage, Cyborg was laughing as quietly as he possibly could, holding a black magic marker.

Raven is Cooking

Her stomach growled loudly. "I know…" she mumbled. The teasing smell of spicy rice soon filled the kitchen. Cyborg wandered in, saw that Raven was cooking, and wandered straight back out rather quickly. "Get the hell back here!" She ran after him with a hot spatula. "It's my turn to fix lunch! You'll eat it and you'll like it!" Pulling a giant magnet out of nowhere, she stuck Cyborg to the ceiling with it!

"Oh no you did NOT JUST DO WHAT I THINK YOU DID!" Cyborg swore up and down. Apparently, Gizmo wasn't the only one with giant magnets just laying around…

2016 The Raven Posters

He saw a poster rack of Raven, and flipped through them. They were all paintings, he could tell. The last one made him cock an eyebrow. String bikini…? Raven would never pose like that… Red in the cheeks, Beast Boy picked it up. He looked around as though someone might be watching him… and then stuffed it in the Drake bag, giggling. "Blackmail's a bitch, huh Raven?" He grinned from under his eyebrows.

1912 Drake's Journal

Minding the fact that he didn't have all day to read the whole thing, he skipped ahead to see if anything recent would help him. Even if 'recent' meant 1912…

Beast Boy is, like, the coolest super hero every! I'm like his biggest fan and some junk! Yay! I wish he were here so I could get his autograph! That would be, like, so righteous and stuff! Then, I could tell him I'm his number one fan!

Beast Boy sweatdropped, trying not to laugh at the prank.

1912 Beast Boy Races to Get the Pocketwatch Back

It was probably still in the kitchen… it must've shaken loose when he'd landed so hard…

Beast Boy ran down the stairs two at a time, rushing as quickly as he could. What if the Dark Fall realized he was vulnerable right then? It could come for him! Out of breath and stomping down the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him, he kicked the door open. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST BOY!" The entire cast was crammed into the tiny room, yelling and cheering just for him. Beast Boy laughed, holding his forehead in surprise as cake and ice cream was passed around.

Raven's Copyright Violation?

"Just like I told you!" Raven shouted.

"In dire need–!" Robin cried.

"We call forth–!" Cyborg roared.

"The power–!" Starfire shouted.

"Of the ancients!" Raven was hovering into the air, her clothes flapping with no wind.

Beast Boy suddenly ran on set with a huge hammer. "You keep copying stuff! That was from Skies of Arcadia for Gamecube!" He whacked Cyborg over the head with a metallic CLANG.

"Medic!" Robin shouted, kneeling by the metal man's side. "Black man down! Black metal man down!"

((I doubt many people are gonna see the real joke in this one. XD You'd have to look at another set of my bloopers in a story called SHADE. XD))

Dark Fall vs. Demon Raven

There was a long silence, and Raven could hear her heart pounding in her ears. That thing would pay for taking Beast Boy, her Beast Boy… Hers.…B-bump. Hers.…B-bump. Hers.…B-bump. He belonged to HER! Raven let out a cry of battle, and –! Tripped over the hem of her cloak, falling flat on her face. "Oof!" Dark Fall sweat dropped.

Raven's Giant Magic Arrow

The twelve symbols were vanishing from her painted body, and reappearing on her weapon! Thousands of smaller arrows were keeping the Dark Fall busy as she mounted her final assault. "Malus, Larsus, Olkas, Mortym, Ixiam, Raka!" She made to throw it, and its weight shifted unexpectedly. Raven staggered, then fell flat on her face. The arrow, a prop made of wood, broke in half.

"Somebody call props!" The director shouted over the laughter. "It was supposed to be stirofoam from strings!" Raven twitched a few times, her eyes in swirls.

Raven sees Beast Boy's Scars

"My God…" Raven whispered, covering her mouth with both hands in shock. She backed away slowly, until she hit the desk with her butt. "What did it do to you?" she whispered, tears shining in her eyes. Beast Boy's chest and arms were covered with 'I heart Starfire' tattoos.

The green teen flushed embarassedly as Starfire cocked an eyebrow from behind the camera. "Uhm… I can explain!"

The Third Side-effect to the Virus Treatment

He paused for a long time before telling her the third one. Was it okay for her to know? Would it change her opinion of him? Only one way to find out. "The last side effect was… well…" he smiled a little awkwardly. "That very same day, I realized I was gay."

Raven went pale, and fainted. Beast Boy sweat dropped as every jaw on the set hit the floor. "I knew it!" Cyborg proclaimed, rushing forward and hugging him. Little hearts flew everywhere in the air."He's all mine! HAH!" He pointed to the camera. "In yo' face, fan girls!" Beast Boy flushed, though he was still smiling.


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