Hi its me slyth I do not own any sonic characters so don't ask ghost the echidna is my creation

Disclaimer: I do not own any sonic characters so don't ask and you can cry me a dam river if you want my echidna in you're story.

On earth-ghost

Unnnh what happened where am I who am I my head hurts.

You hit you're head pretty hard can you remember anything said sonic.

Ouch all I can remember is someone saying ghost the echidna what is you're name.

My name is sonic I thought you looked like an echidna you must be related to knuckles.

Oh now I remember my name is ghost im 17 I am an echidna from the zygote tribe.

Huh you're not from knuckle's tribe are you well im heading back to our house want to come.

Yeah I guess I will come is the people you know umm nice.

Yes there the nicest people you'll ever know you should really meet tails.

I was sent here to find the chaos rubies their new kinds of emeralds.

No never heard of them you really should talk to knuckles.

Humph I always hated knuckles he thinks he is the only echidna left.

As we walked I had a smirk on my face knowing I was going to annihilate

Team sonic for the death of my brother miorthis the echidna it feels like it

Was yesterday when he died sonic was fighting egg man as usual he used his speed dash and hit my brother he died instantly I will get my revenge hunh what was that oh nothing mister sonic I said. Flashback-brother when are we going to the park said miorthis right now I said yay this is fun speed dash said sonic what all I heard was a blood gurgling Scream then I blacked out.