By Jasmine Starlight

Full Summary: It started out as a prank, but it ended as so much more. Hyuuga Neji's never really known a parent's love, his mother died and his father hates him. Sabaku Gaara's never really been happy; it's lonely at the top. Neji/Gaara. Naruto/Sasuke.

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The section in POV is indicated by the italics…it's Neji's POV.



"—which forced Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles--"

Neji zoned in and out during Kurenai-sensei's history lesson about the WWI era, just wasn't interesting anymore, he was picking at a scab on his arm when a balled up piece of paper hit him.

This is so boring.

Going out later, coming?


Neji turned to look at Kankurou who was feigning rapt attention to the diagram of a WWI JU-88 war-plane. Neji sighed and began to pen his reply.


Who else is going?


Haven't really considered that yet…

I think my sperm donor wants me to get my brother out of house.




Yesh…how do you know him? He's a year younger than us.


Seen him around.

Where are we going?


Pizza? Chinese? Thai? Tex Mex?

Is there anyone you'd particularly like to come?

I'm running out of ideas…T-T


You must be, if you're asking me to bring friends.

I haven't seen Lee in awhile.

Or Tenten.


That makes five.

Do you really have to invite Lee? He's blinding to look at.

anyone else? I think we could bring Kimimaro and Sasori.

Maybe Temari, if I feel particularly masochistic.


Wow! You learned a new word.

That word of the day calendar I gave you is really working.


Shut up.




Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck you.

Neji was swimming in a pool of clear silver water. His dream-self smiled, he'd had this dream many times before. He climbed out of the water to sit on a large rock that lay by the bank.

The rock was cold and slippery, Neji turned to stare at the dark blue sky; dappled with diamond like stars.

Suddenly the scene shifted as the water disappeared and the sky turned black, Neji was suddenly falling, his vision was obscured with a crimson haze.

Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck you.

"—the lunch specials are mystery meat, cream corn, tuna fish sandwiches—"

"You do the Biology homework?"



"Oi, sit over here stupid!"

Neji sighed and backtracked to where Naruto and Sasuke were sitting, which was under a tree in the courtyard.

"Neji, did you do the Biology homework!"



"Like last year."

"You always get me with that one." Naruto said darkly as he opened his cup ramen.

"Only because you make it so easy." Sasuke responded as he flipped through the pages in his binder.

Naruto threw his ramen thermos at Sasuke who, used to Naruto's antics by now, reflexively batted it away.

Neji picked up the thermos and stared at the noodles inside, "Dude, what's wrong with your ramen?"

"Whaddya mean?" Naruto demanded around the chaos that was his binder.

"It's blue."

"Didn't you know? Dobe's become a ramen test subject." Sasuke remarked drolly.

"Blue raspberry stupid!" Naruto said loudly.

Neji raised his eyebrows and poked experimentally at his mystery meat.

Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck you.

"You're not going to tell are you?" Gaara asked in his usual monotone as he stood next to Neji as he unpacked his locker.

"You sure know how to give someone a heart attack." Neji said quietly as he punched his lock to close it.

"Don't tell or--"

"Or what? You and your popular friends will beat me up in a very cliched way that has been done a thousand times before in movies, books, TV, etc?" Neji said cynically as he walked through the deserted hallways.


"You don't have to follow me."

Gaara glared, Neji glared back, Gaara glared some more.

This continued until Neji rolled his eyes, "Fine, I won't tell."

Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck you.

WhiteEyes16 has Instant Messaged you

WhiteEyes16: Neji?


WhiteEyes16: Are you alright?

DESTINYMUSTDIE: Like you care.

WhiteEyes16: I DO care, you know that.

DESTINYMUSTDIE: No you don't. You're just talking to me because you feel GUILTY that my dad hates me and you think it's your fault because you have make everything about yourself.

WhiteEyes16:…stop it.

DESTINYMUSTDIE: You messaged me!

WhiteEyes16: Neji, I want to help you! Why don't you—

DESTINYMUSTDIE: You want to help ME? That's rich.

WhiteEyes16: Why do you always have to be like this?

DESTINYMUSTDIE: Why? Why you ask? Hmmm…let me think Hinata-chan, perhaps it could be because my father likes to take out his frustrations about his dead end job on me.

WhiteEyes16: …

DESTINYMUSTDIE: in the form of a belt.

WhiteEyes16: Neji what do you want me to do? TELL ME? I want to help you!

DESTINYMUSTDIE: I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP! Leave me the hell alone.

WhiteEyes16: But you need it! Why can't you admit that you need help! Stop pushing me away like this, you can't keep everyone in your life at arm's length because you're afraid of getting hurt. One day you'll be all alone because you've pushed everyone who's ever loved you away and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.


(DESTINYMUSTDIE has signed off)

I glared angrily at the computer before shutting it down, it was useless. I winced as a welt on my back began to twinge in pain.

I moved to look in the mirror, my back was a smorgasbord of bruises, most of which usually healed and left no trace, which is something I hate, when my bruises heal and leave nothing behind on my skin. Nothing.

Not even a single fucking mark.

You'd think by now that I'd have scars, but no they have to heal like they were never there. Returning my skin to its normal freakishly pale tone.

Maybe they're a metaphor for me, an outsider. Always there but always hidden? Maybe not. I stared at the marks that my balled fists have caused during my conversation with Hinata. Not for nothing, but even if she tries to understand, it's not enough.

She doesn't know what it's like, her being from the Main family and me being from a lowly Branch one. She doesn't get it. Clan hypocrisy is the entire reason my father is such a fucked up dick.

It's all archaic social politics, just because you were born five seconds after your twin brother does not make you a lesser person. Like it's been drummed into my head since childhood. And it does not give people the right to treat you in a inferior way. Because of course, being so RICH and so POWERFUL gives you the right to judge people.

It's fucking retarded and my life sucks because of it, not to say that my life wouldn't suck if my father was head of the Main family because being a Hyuuga might still drive someone to severely abuse their only son.

Hinata pities me because of my so called situation, which is annoying because I don't need anyone's pity. What's rich is when her father, Hiashi, comes calling. He's always staring at me like I'm some lost puppy that he wants to save. If he really wanted to save me he would have changed policy on some things. He's the one all the other families are supposed to listen to, he has the power, but he sits back as and twiddles his thumbs and does nothing.

Aren't we supposed to take care of our own? If they care so much why don't they report my dad? Or send him to counseling? Or DO ANYTHING?

It's because it would tarnish their stupid reputation, which is the most important. Always. If that got out, it would equal bad publicity, which equals tarnished image, which equals ultimate shame.

those without sin cast the first stone.

Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck you.

"Are you doing anything later?" Gaara found himself asking, as he spoke with Naruto on the phone.

"Nope, Iruka's going to be at a faculty meeting until late. So I was just gonna play some video games and try out my new ramen flavors."

"As exciting as that sounds, would you like to come to dinner with me and my brother?" Gaara requested awkwardly.

"Sure!" Gaara could almost see Naruto's fist pumping in the air.

"Right, going to bring anyone?"

"Huh, well, maybe Kiba and Shino, or maybe even Sakura-chan--" Gaara rolled his eyes, "—hey I'll call Temee and see if he'll come."


"Because I want to make him see that Sakura will love me!"

Gaara rolled his eyes again, "You realize that Sakura is never going to give you the time of day, right?"

"YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!" Gaara held the phone away from his ear as Naruto bellowed at him.

"You have a better chance with Sasuke." Gaara remarked sourly.

Naruto was strangely silent for a moment, "Naruto? Are you still there?"

"Yeah, so where is it? Am I getting a ride? What are we eating? Do I have to pay? How much money should I bring?"

"Naruto, Naruto, I wouldn't have invited you if my brother wasn't going to pay."


Gaara dropped the phone in the sink.

Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck you.

Neji was still lying on his bed when Kankurou called. "Yeah? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Nuh-uh. Yeah. Peace."

Neji clicked his phone shut and assessed himself in the mirror, the shadows under his eyes were becoming more apparent. The Hyuuga boy went to his bathroom and opened his medicine kit to reveal several eyeliner pencils and concealer sticks. Selecting a pale shade, Neji began to color over his "evidence", his embarrassment, and his imperfection.



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