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The Tale of Romeo and Juliet

In the city of Verona

A man named Romeo lives.

Rosaline, did he love

And all his heart gives.

But Rosaline cared not for him

And Romeo had to move on.

One glance of Juliet

And his love for Rosaline was gone.

Juliet did return his love

Just as much as he.

True joy they felt was as abundant

As it could possibly be.

But from out of the depths of hate

A storm grew overhead.

Romeo was Mercutio's friend

And Tybalt slew Mercutio dead.

Romeo commited the ultimate sin,

Ruining the future he and Juliet were to fulfill,

And afterwards suffering banishment,

Out of rage Tybalt did Romeo kill.

Friar Laurence did form a plan

For Juliet and Romeo were both distraught.

In the end, part of it held true;

Together forever were Romeo and Juliet brought.

Back would Romeo come,

Juliet's death being fake,

And arriving to awaken her,

Away could Juliet he take.

Romeo did not receive word of the plan

For Fate's cruel touch took a stand.

Juliet's death Romeo thought was true

By the dealings dealt from Destiny's hand.

To be joined with his love

From Mantua did Romeo ride.

At the Capulet's tomb

There did he commit suicide.

Finding Romeo dead

Did Juliet take her last breath,

For they were united in marriage

And must be united in death.