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Chapter 1: Introduction

This is the world of Lily Evans and James Potter. Their school is divided between those in Band, those in Orchestra, and the middle few who decided to join choir. (Everyone must take a musical class.) Band and Orchestra are arch-rivals and it is considered completely normal for fights to break out between the magical students of opposite groups.

Lily is first chair of the fist violin section. Her two best friends, Chloe Sanchez and Terry Boulevard, are also in the Orchestra with Chloe as first chair in the cello section and Terry as first chair in the viola section. The three are well mannered and usually kind. Lily has curly, fiery, dark red hair with sparkling emerald green eyes. Freckles dance across her face, giving her the look of innocence.

Her number one friend, Chloe, has wavy light brown hair with wide sapphire blue eyes. Shy and quiet, she is known through out the Orchestra as one you could go to for any problem and she would do the best she could to help.

Terry matched Lily's fierce personality with her on and was seriously protective of her friends. If someone upset them Terry would make sure the person would die a very painful death. Don't let her long, curly black hair and almond colored eyes fool you, Terry is a force to be reckoned with, as a certain group of friends found out.

James Potter. Leader of the Marauders. Prank master. School hottie along with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Messy black hair with amber colored framed by black wire rims. First chair in the trumpet section followed by one of his best friends, Sirius Black, in second. He is also in love with a certain red headed first violinist in the orchestra.

Sirius Black. A complete lady's man. A member of the Marauders and a prank master second only to James. His messy black hair (although not as messy as James') falls gracefully into his silvery gray eyes. He and Potter could be brothers. James, Remus, and Sirius have been best friends since childhood.

Remus Lupin. Planner. Prankster. His light blue eyes and shaggy sandy brown hair give him the look of calmness. Very rarely does he lose his temper but when he does, watch out! He is first chair alto saxophone.

Peter Pettigrew. Well, let's just say Peter had an unfortunate accident involving a ginger cat, named Chrookshanks, and won't be taking place in this story.

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