A Ranma ½ fan fiction…

Author – Chibi / Warlordess

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Notes – I have no idea how this idea came to me. I went from having no inspiration or confidence for R/A fan fiction to harboring this suddenly evolved plot that just popped out of nowhere. It was just, I could see this as something in the series, I guess. Those who've read the manga might not agree with me first off thanks to the summary I gave you, but it is a bit misleading, so you'll just have to find out why. Also, let it be known… I HATE THAT TITLE! DIE, TITLE!

Disclaimer – To my online sister, Silverflare07, who sent me the first through third seasons of the anime and who encouraged the creation and progress of this fic. She's the one who deserves it most of all.


Title – Herbal Remedies

Chapter One – "Falling In"

Summary – It started with Akane's losing her mind and telling Ranma that she loved him, and then it was his unwillingness to tell her he didn't feel the same way. . . But how did all of this madness start, and when? R x A romance.


The Nerima sunshine beyond his window didn't faze him in the least; after all, Ranma knew better. A perfect morning like this? Of course it would soon be ruined by Akane's temper, school, Akane's temper, a sudden rainstorm, and Akane's temper. And those were just a few examples of what stood before him as he lay there, sprawled out upon his futon in the morning hour before his classes started, willing the seven hours between that moment and a free afternoon later on to spin by.

Yes, he was aware that he'd mentioned his fiancés fury towards him three times. She was due to be angry at him after yesterday at school when she'd showed up with some chocolate cake she'd made in Home Economics and he, in panic, had made a mad dash in the opposite direction. Of course, afterwards, he'd offered a truce by taking her out for a snack, but, when she had mentioned at the table they were sitting at that she had packed away a single piece of said cake to keep it safe for him (apparently P-chan had showed up straight after he'd gone the first time and had offered to eat it all in hopes of making Akane feel better; Ranma had yet to find the rock that her pet had crawled under to die in from the terrifying pain), he had yet again taken off before she could throw the napkin holder, the stool, or her schoolbag at him and, in his rush, he hadn't had a chance to pay the bill. He'd then hidden himself in his room at the Tendo residence for the rest of the night, aware that stepping beyond the door would be risking lifelong scars.

So, you see, he was due.

And that's why he was laying there, willing away the seconds of time until his and Akane's father would trick her into coming to wake him up and she'd stomp up the stairs in her signature tomboy manner, throw open the sliding door, and reveal a bucket of freezing water to douse him with. She might then even take advantage of his weak moment of gender-switching and frigid change in body temperature so that she could whack him over the head a few times with her boken.

Like he said, he was due. . . But that didn't mean that he couldn't try and get out of the way of his punishment.

And so there was the familiar sound of her feet pattering up the stairs, though they were less of a stomp than a jumping skip on a week foundation, and he could hear her voice, low and grounding, against the bedroom door so that he couldn't distinguish what she was saying. And then, as the door slid swiftly open and her bulky yet somehow feminine silhouette appeared above him, Ranma's reflexes snapped to life and he leapt into the air, avoiding the wave of cold water that usually aimed for his still torso as he rested on the futon, because that was the area Akane usually aimed for.

But this time was different; this time, she wasn't holding anything that would normally contain liquid. In fact, she wasn't even carrying that venomous glare that she usually held when feeling angry with him. No, this time, it was truly something new, as she managed to grip him by the heels while was still in mid-air and, losing control of his trajectory, he fell and hit the ground hard on his bum (a very unflattering land, you know), and she removed her arms from their place, almost immediately replacing them around his middle.

And it only got weirder from there.

"Ranma. . ." She murmured affectionately as she leant in, their bodies now pressing lightly together (his eyes started widening in tune to her every exhale of breath against his lips), ". . .Aishiteru. . ." And, before he could even gulp in anxiety, she kissed him with a soft yet thorough force that sent him reeling backward.

Oh, yes, his eyes had actually fallen out at this point and his whole body went numb. After a few seconds, Akane let go of him and pulled away and, dazedly, Ranma had the chance to look around and wait for the multiple flashings of Nibiki's camera, or Happosai skipping into the room to turn him into a girl and feel up his breasts. Of course, that would be a new low for revenge on him, especially by Akane, but still. . . If she were really mad at him, what could've possibly stopped her from getting back at him?

But, well, that was one hell of a kiss (even he had to admit) and he didn't think that she'd risk their parents seeing something so. . . misinterpreable. . . between them, as she'd not even bothered to shut the door.

So now, basically, he'd ruled it out as being some trick for yesterday, and that left only one truly logical explanation. With that thought, Ranma leant forward and, ignoring Akane's mute and strangely calm reaction to his doing so, placed his palm to her forehead, checking for a fever. After all, if it wasn't a trick, it could have only been delirium, right?

But. . . no, she definitely didn't have a fever. . .

He hurriedly withdrew his hand from her face as she seemed to be enjoying its presence there far too confidently. Did that mean that her confession of love had been real. . . ?

Yea; sure. Real random, at least.

Well, he was going to have to do something about this before anyone found out. He could already imagine their fathers' blissful pleasure at Akane's admission to him. . . They'd be married by morning! And then there was Kuno, Ryouga, and every other freak or love-starved changling who had some weird fetish for uncute, built-like-a-brick, tomboyish chicks that. . . well, had this strange ability to smile, act, and dress sorta cute when they really tried.

He shook his head – this was not the time. He didn't love her! In fact, he knew that she probably didn't love him either! This had to be something else. . .

Sweet-girl Akane placed a light grip on his shoulder, smiling down at him with an attractive demeanor, "Ranma, you still have to bathe before school and we leave in half-an-hour. I got Kasumi to make all of your favorite foods for lunch so you have something to look forward to."

Ranma just stared. Okay; recap. Not only had Akane told him that she loved him, she'd decided to help him be on time for class and, knowing his opinion of her cooking, hadn't decided to prove that love by forcing one of her experiments down his throat. How frighteningly. . . kind of her.

"Ano. . . A-arigatou. . ." He stated in a strained voice as he shook her hard off of him and left the room, hoping to escape her sight. His brushing her off, however, didn't seem to deter her new persona in the slightest, as he soon found out. It seemed that, upon his entering the bath, she'd laid out his day clothes, and he found a plate of white rice, pickles, seaweed, and a glass of green tea waiting for him at the breakfast table. His schoolbag and shoes were sitting by the front door, along with an umbrella in case they had one of those sudden rains that he so dreaded.

But, as wonderful as this seemed to be, as Ranma walked along the fence above Akane, staring down at her curiously as she skipped along the way to school, he knew that he couldn't let it last. She didn't seem to mind the prospect of their many classmates and anonymous other suitors and fiancés who'd object to her non-argumentative relationship with him or the fact that when she had told him this morning that she loved him, he hadn't returned or declined the gesture.

Any why not? Besides the fact that it had obviously caught him off-guard, he couldn't think of one reason why he'd be so unable to let her down softly. Given, he'd never been very good at telling a girl anything she didn't want to hear, but. . . but this was Akane! She wasn't a girl! Shew as a maniacal, waistless macho-chick with no self-control! He knew he could handle this. . . !

So he jumped down from the fence as they neared the schoolyard, trailing after the Tendo daughter's back and swallowing the urge to want to just turn tail and run.

He was not a coward!

He could do this!

"Akane, I. . . I have to say. . ." She turned to him with an enchantingly feminine smile but he tried to press onward, ". . .something. . . pointless and stupid about the weather. . ." Yea, that was brilliant. "It's so. . . so. . . sunny." Oh, yes, even more brilliance.

"Isn't it? I was just thinking the same thing! Oh, isn't it great how we're so in tune with one another?" She asked gleefully and grabbed firmly onto his arm as they entered the grounds.

It sure as hell was not great. If he'd ever bothered to say something that dull and immature to the real Akane, she'd have drop-kicked him so hard he'd have scars for half a year. . . ! Or, she'd at least have scorned him. . . and ridiculed him. . . But sweet and star-struck Akane just didn't seem to be into it.

So the two of them walked into the grounds, which filled with a rumorous air as everyone caught sight of them arm-in-arm. Of course, Ranma attempted to ease Akane off of him but she wouldn't budge. It seemed that, with her new attitude, she also retained her gorilla-like strength. Suddenly, just as he'd been resigning himself to his face, someone called his name.

"Oh, Ran-chan, oha. . . yo . . . !" He turned to see Ukyou, whose greeting tapered off into nothingness as she too saw the strangely coincidental hold that Ranma was currently a part of.

Of course, many things started going through her head as she tried to find a reasonable explanation for what was going on. After all, that's what the kawaii fiancé did. But it was Ranma and Akane! Her Ran-chan and her rival for his affection! And they were openly displaying their relationship. . . ?

By the time Ranma had gotten to Homeroom, he'd been hit repeatedly over the head with both a giant spatula and a boken at the hands of a crazed Uo-chan and Tatewaki Kuno.

And, again, the thought of a good day sure to go bad came to mind as he sat there in his seat and heard the dronings on of his teacher talking about something he hadn't cared enough about to pay attention to. While leaning back to think of some way to get Akane back to normal, said love-struck fiancé had the chance to send him four notes, reminding him not to slouch, to pay attention or he'd be put in the hall and made to await lunch while holding buckets of cold water, one just to say that she loved him more than life itself (at which time he'd heard the sharpening of the guillotine's blade at the thought of all of those apposed to his betrothal to her in the first place), and the last one was sent to be sure that they were still going to eat lunch together.

Oh, yes, he'd forgotten that part of the dutiful wife routine. . . The last thing he wanted everyone to see was her feeding him. And he had yet to tell her the truth about his feelings for her, the fact that he didn't feel the same way for her as she did for him. . . Or so he thought. Then again, if this was all as he expected, that meaning that it was all a strange, enforced spell-like likeness to love and not the real thing. . .

Because Akane wasn't like that. She was too busy ranting about how she hated boys and too busy going through her afternoon training and fending off Happosai and Kuno and all of those other hentai that chased after her. And how many times had she said that she hated him? Or, well, even if she didn't mean it when she said it. . . In comparison, how many times had she said she loved him? And how many of those times had turned out to be nothing but an influence from a spell or sickness of some sort?

Ranma spent his lunch hour on the roof trying to think of what had caused Akane's mental status to go so awry (he'd told her that he was going to see their History sensei about extra-credit and, so entranced, she'd believed him), and it did end up taking that long anyway as he had to take into account their where-abouts and actions for the day before, and the people they interacted with.

But he was often distracted by his fiancés pleased expression drifting up from the depths of his memories as she held onto him in the hallways (oblivious to the disgusted glares and embarrassed squeals of their peers that Ranma, in the meantime, was forced to endure) and. . . that estranged, vivid kiss from this morning (which, miraculously, their parents had yet to hear about). Maybe, just maybe, he was looking into this too much. Maybe she actually did love him and he. . .

--His eyes snapped open from his spot laying on the roof. That was it. He knew what had gone wrong now. . . ! It was so, so simple! How could he have not remembered it?

He got to his feet and dusted himself off with a broad grin on his face. Raving towards the door, he was so ecstatic that he didn't see it open until it was too late.

"My Ranma. . . !" Akane crooned, stepping hurriedly outside, "It's time to get back inside! Class is starting again soon!" She hadn't even noticed that he'd hit the ground after crashing head-first into the surface of the door or that she'd proceeded to step on his face multiple times until he let out a pained groan of unconsciousness, ". . .Oh, Ranma!" She cried dramatically and picked him up bridal style into her arms, carrying him back inside and down the halls.

If he'd been awake, Ranma would have felt the anger, mockery, and pleasure from his peers in waves, not to mention the countless items that they threw at him and Akane in revulsion and embarrassment of their ultra-super-fun-time mushy behavior.


Notes – Oi, my first ever Ranma fic! I never thought I'd get to write one; lol, I'm such a coward. Anyway, lesse, so far, I think this'll only be about five chapters long (only because I'm hoping that you guys will like the beginning enough to review and come back for the next part). Which leads me to my next topic! Reviews! Chibi loves 'em, peeps, more-so than life itself (some believe)! And since this is my first ever Ranma fic, I'd really appreciate some type of comment or criticism. . . but mostly comments that aren't criticism. Heh. And from as many of you readerse as possible! Thank you in advance to those who do it!