A caravan killed
A young boy saved from slaughter
He will now learn swords

A strong argument
The people all must be helped
Student leaves teacher

A question is asked
He will kill for new era;
A scar arises

In the rain of blood
The scent of white plum perfume
Brings a light to life

Even a sad child can kill
Blame the war, not him

Lonely pair of hearts
Find solace in each other
Peace in time of war

The town is aflame
Rebels are attacked in droves
All must flee the place

Seeking quiet life
An apothecary now
Together they live

Visit from brother
A painful past comes to light
Problems are ahead

Tragic accident
A beloved wife is dead
The horrors go on

A cross to remind
As she wished, he will not kill
With the war now won

September 20, 2005 - by Peacebunnie. I make no claim to RK. And I remove bizarre reviews that clearly have no tie to reality.