Author's Note: OK, I know exactly where this story is going, and let me tell you, it's going to be full of drama and romance so if that's what you're into, I would seriously put this story on your favorite stories list. Also, this is going to be a story with mostly pretty short chapters because 1) I like the suspense aspect and 2) I've got a limited attention span. But I will be pushing a chapter out (hopefully) every 3 days or so. So, have fun and PLEASE REVIEW, becuase that really is what keeps me writing!

Katey woke up with a stomachache. God, she missed Javier already. Today, she would have to leave Cuba for good. She remembered last night, and smiled. She had been crowned the Queen of La Rosa Negra. With Javier as King. Oh God, where was he? She got out of bed suddenly and started dressing. In her hurry, she bumped into her sister, Susie's bed. Susie awakened almost at once. Katey hated how her sister was the lightest sleeper she knew. "Where are you going?" Susie asked. "I have to find Javier," Katey said half way out the door. "But you have to pack!" Susie responded. But it was no use. Katey was already down the hall, out of earshot.