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The Purest Light

Chapter 1: Dreams of Prophecy or Destiny

The small coffee shop was way to busy for its own good. Every single inch of the small shop was crammed with people waiting to order or receive their orders. It was the only coffee house on this side of campus and Idalynn was trying her best to keep up with the hustle going on around her. She had already been working in these conditions since classes ended almost 3 hours ago. Idalynn looked behind her glancing momentarily at Anna. A look of slight disgust flashed across Idalynn's well defined face. There were few people that Idalynn actually hated but Anna was one of them.

Anna just sat in the corner all the time while Idalynn did all the work. She had at all times a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of cheap beer in the other. She always smelt of such and often the smell was mixed with that of her $1.99 perfume. Even though she was only in her mid 30's Anna looked old and wrinkly, she tried to hide it by wearing far too many cosmetics. Anna was also lazy and conceded, caring very little if at all for other people.

"Anna could you please give me a hand here?" Idalynn asked already knowing her request fell on uncaring ears.

"Oh but your doing fine deary you don't need my help." Anna said between a puff from her cigarette and drink from her beer.

Idalynn instantly stopped what she was doing, closing her silvery, hazel eyes she exhaled some of her pent up angered frustration. Opening her eyes she dropped the cups she was holding and took of her apron while turning to face Anna.

"Now look at what you did, there's mess every where, you'd better get that cleaned up." Anna said to her as Idalynn walked towards her.

"No, Anna you'll have to get of your ass and do it yourself."

"Oh and why is that deary?" Anna asked with a 'how are you going to make me' expression on her wrinkled, over powdered face.

"Because I just quit." Idalynn answered.

She tossed her apron at Anna and picked up her bag before exiting through the side entrance.

Idalynn inhaled the sweet smells of fresh air and sighed in extreme relief that job had been nothing but stress and bad news since the minute she had started at the beginning of term when she had arrived at the university. Her current foster parents were very pleased with her when she had received two scholarships to Stanford University, one for the study of philosophy and the second was a medical scholarship.

Reaching a hand to her head as she walked through campus towards her dormitory she released the clip that held her long midnight hair away from her face while she worked. Her hair extended down to the base of her shoulder blades, her hair was such a deep midnight black you could swear it was blue. Some of her hair fell silky and strait while the rest fell in natural soft, lose ringlets framing her ivory toned face and accenting her silvery, hazel eyes.

As far as Idalynn could remember she had never had a real family. Her birth parents had just ditched her at the hospital after she was born after which she spent two years in an orphanage. At the age of two she was adopted by an old couple. Idalynn was a very calm, quiet and simple child while she was with that couple they taught her simple, old fashioned things like music and dancing. After about three years the medical conditions of her foster parents worsened to the point where they could no longer care for a child. Idalynn was placed back in an orphanage. A few months later a fairly young couple in their early thirties adopted her just two days after her fifth birthday. They lived very active lives; they lived out in the country Alec and Elisabeth. Alec had inherited the family vineyard and was quite the outdoorsmen. Just recently they had received news that Elisabeth might not be capable of having children of her own but they desperately wanted a child. When they visited the orphanage obedient, sweet, beautiful Idalynn caught their immediate attention and they fell instantly in love with her.

Alec taught her all about wines and the outdoors, survival skills, farming and horses. While Elisabeth instructed her in similar issues as the old couple, things like music, manners, modesty and medicines. Idalynn lived very happily with Alec and Elisabeth, but the saying 'all good things come to an end' was all to true for Idalynn.

When Idalynn was twelve Elisabeth became pregnant the whole family was overjoyed but after that, things went horribly wrong. During her seventh month Elisabeth and Idalynn went to visit Alec at his winery much like they always did but while they were there, there was an accident Alec was crushed by part of the collapsing building and Elisabeth was forced into a premature labor, they got her to the hospital but both her and the baby died. Idalynn had only a few major burns a slight concussion.

Doctor Matthew Anderson was attending to her burns when the social worked entered the room to talk to Idalynn. Coincidently Donna was Matthew's spouse, Donna had been working Idalynn's case since she was born and knew her very well.

"Hello Ida. How are you feeling?"

"Fine I guess."

There was a silence for a moment before Idalynn began specking in a soft voice.

"Do I have to go back to the orphanage?" she asked.

Donna gave Idalynn a comforting smile, "No sweetheart you don't. Once all the paper work is finished you get to come home with us."

And she had, she lived with them from age twelve to age eighteen. Now she was in her first year of university and living on her own.

She liked listening to classical and Celtic music the most some modern stuff was ok but not much. She loved books and learning, history fascinated her most out of all the subjects in school. Most of her clothing had long sleeves, some were one sleeved but the sleeve was still full length. She fashioned herself like this to hide the markings on her right shoulder that ran all the way down her arm. They had always been there though extremely faint until she was about ten. At that time she started having the same reoccurring dream and she still had the dream every once in while.

Idalynn opened the side door to the dormitory she lived in; she was almost to her room when three of the people she disliked the most surrounded her.

"Hey there Ida, how 'bout you come out with us, we're going to have some fun right guys." The dark haired young man said to her a smug smile on his face as he ran his black eyes over her perfect figure.

"Uhm thanks for the offer but I'll have to pass." She replied brushing his hand off her exposed shoulder and continued walking.

"Oh come on Ida", he said pushing her up against her own door the other two guys closing in on her sides, he was now looking strait into her eyes, "It will be fun we know how to show a girl a good time." He ran his hand over her shoulder, up her neck and rested it on her cheek for a moment before moving it back down, tracing a line down her neck and chest as he bent forward to kiss her dark cherry lips. Before he could get to her breast or her lips her felt her knee in his groin.

"Sorry but I have to once again decline your offer." She said as he fell over, hate laced into her words as they dripped from her mouth.

While he was groaning in pain and his flunkies where doubling over in laughter she opened the door to her room, entered and quickly locked it. Danton had been bugging her and trying to get her to sleep with him since he'd seen her step off the bus on her first day at Stanford Campus.

Her dorm room was like a small apartment it had a small kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a small living room and an extra closet for storage. Entering her kitchen she grabbed a frozen dinner and popped it in the microwave, flipped on her TV and started striping as she walked into her bathroom. She took a flash fast shower finishing just as her dinner beeped and a new program started on the TV. It was five o'clock she had two hours before her current parents expected her to be at the party she had some time to rest before she was to meet the very important people that would be her future. Idalynn soon found herself drifting into a light sleep. She closed her eyes and shook her head slightly to wash away the doziness but when she opened her eyes she was met with the image that opened her reoccurring dream, a great eye of fire; the eerie, dark, harsh voices soon followed speaking the strange language they always did. She felt the pain of them trying to enter her mind. They had started this only recently but the pain soon resided as the soft, calming voice of the golden lady that Idalynn could always see far in the distance, the light from her blinded the eye of fire and her voice drowned the other voices to barely auditable whispers. This mystery woman always spoke the same words, a riddle Idalynn knew had meaning but what that meaning was she never under stood:

Three rings for Elven – Kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf – Lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his throne,

In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them,

One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,

In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

A marked child from a world not ours,

Born from the darkness but of the purest heart ever seen,

Marked by the darkness but true as the Elven Queen.

From out of the Shadow a strong light she will be,

An unmatched beauty, for all eyes to see.

Marked on her person a ten pointed star, attached to which is the prophecy written,

Shadow shall seek her from the day she'll appear,

Never to leave her till the day one is gone,

And the Dark lord that sired her is no longer on his evil throne.

When the woman finished her prophecy Idalynn was jolted awake by the reminder alarm of her watch going off. Shaking her head Idalynn rubbed the sleep from her eyes and turned off her TV. Walking into her bedroom she opened her closet she had a dress all prepared; it was a full length, black, one sleeved, dress with a tight fitting bodes. Over top of the dress she wore a delicately and elaborately embroidered black corset that tied up in the back with a long silk ribbon. She put on a few gold bracelets on her uncovered left arm and some light make up around her eyes. Sitting down Idalynn pulled on a pair of black boots that went up to just below her knees; the boots had a slight heel on them, she normally used them for horse back riding but they went well with the dress. She didn't want to put on high heels because she was a ready 5'9 and she didn't want to be any taller. Grabbing her purse from her dresser she pulled a full length, thick, wool cloak from her closet. Wrapping it around her shoulders she shut off the lights before leaving her dorm.

It was early winter Idalynn shivered as chilly wind blew passed her. Idalynn started moving faster as the feeling someone was following her washed over her. She started running as she heard footsteps quicken to match her pace. Danton caught up to her quickly over powering her as he grabbed hold of her arm.

"Hey Ida where are you going so fast?" he asked. The expression on his shadowed face struck an unwanted fear into her.

Danton's eyes scanned over her as he looked down he grinned at the heaving and the light exposure of her left breast.

Idalynn noticed the grin appear on his face and the dangerous glint in his eyes. Not wanting to find the reason for the look she wriggled out of his grasp.

"To a party at my parents." She said turning away from him. He went to grab her again but his face met her readied fist. He cried out as he felt his nose smash. Idalynn turned and ran trying to get as far away from Danton as she could. She turned her head back to see if he was following her but was met with a blinding bright light, startled by the light she backed up and tripped over her own feet, Idalynn felt the pain of her head hitting the cement than blacked out.

Another light met her eyes as she regained consciousness, squinting slightly she sat up surprised that there was no pain in her head from the fall she was sure she took. Blinking a few times she took a look around her, she scrunched her nose in confusion, 'Am I in a corn field' she asked herself, looking down at herself she noticed she was still wearing her outfit from the night before. The sound of running and shouts; she stood up and brushed herself off only to be knocked over by four very small people.