Shades of Orange

Here's the beginning of my first FanFiction. I really have no clue what I'm doing, but my friend Lex got me started so if I suck don't blame her. Wait that didn't make any sense... Enjoy.

Chapter one- Goof

"Kyo!" Tohru yelled from the porch. "Kyo?" she yelled a little louder. 'Maybe he's on the roof' she thought. She began to climb up the side of the house. About half way she called out again. "Kyo!" again she received no reply. "Well, maybe he's out for a walk." She began to climb down but her foot slipped and she yelped in fear.

But, before her foot touched the ground she felt a strong hand wrap around her wrist. Shocked she looked up and saw Kyo holding on. Tohru knew the rings around his eyes meant he had been sleeping. He began to pull, and she quickly was sitting on the roof next to him.

"What were you doing?" he demanded.

"Well…um…I…." Tohru began but lost her words before she found them.

"Tohru, you got to be careful. What if I wasn't up here? Or what if I didn't hear you scream? You could've fallen, could've hurt yourself." He lectured and began to pace. "You could've even killed yourself." He said with concern in his voice. He stopped pacing and looked at her. "And that damn rat would've blamed me." he continued ranting.

Suddenly, Tohru wrapped her arms around his neck, careful not to let their chests touch, and breathed Thank You in his ear.

"You're right, I shouldn't have come up here. I just wanted to know what rice ball flavor you wanted for dinner." She sobbed, her eyes beginning to get misty. Kyo relaxed and placed a hand on her back. "Thank you so much, Kyo." He felt a small shiver go up his back and he slightly smiled because of it. He felt it every time she said his name.

"It's okay, you just got to be more careful." Kyo said, trying to keep he breathing normal.

"Will you help me down?" Tohru asked not letting go of his neck.

"Of course." He answered.

They walked over to the side of the roof. He jumped down easily and waited for Tohru to start coming down. He saw a thin leg swig over the edge and start to move down. When the other leg swung over Tohru's mini skirt barely covered the lacey panties she wore.

'I should look up… make sure she doesn't slip.' He mentally decided.

She slowly figured her way down farther, poking her bum out and making Kyo's view even better. Kyo adjusted his weight while his eyes were glued on the pink panties teasing him.

But, before he knew it, he heard the cry of Tohru falling and he caught her in reflex. He looked down at her face, flushed in panic.

"Wow Kyo, looks like I need you more than I need my own legs." Tohru said smiling happily.

"What did I just tell you about being careful!" he yelled at Tohru. He placed her down and began to walk away but Tohru had another idea.

She grasped his wrist and pulled him to her. She stood high on her tiptoes and placed a small kiss on Kyo's cheek.

"Thank you again," she sang, skipping off to the door.

Kyo smiled after her. 'What a goof' he told himself. He walked in the house to find Tohru in the kitchen, Shigure in the living room reading the newspaper and Yuki at the dinning room table responding to his fan mail. He washed his hands and picked up and handful and rice and began to form it into a prefect triangle for Tohru to stuff with flavor.

End of chapter one.

Wow, it's hard getting into the pre-made charter heads. But I don't know if what I got is any good and I don't know if I should keep writing to R&R pretty please.