Chapter 29 – Short Sweet Simple Ending

When Tohru and Kyo heard about the news about Yuki and Uo over a late lunch, they both dropped their jaws.

"That's one match I never expected." Kyo said still in disbelief.

"Yeah apparently they have had a thing for each other for a long while now. And made a huge confessional seen in the middle of the hall. Afterward neither of them went to any of their classes for the rest of the day." Shigure said not looking up from his newspaper. "I just got off the phone with the principle at your school. He is every unhappy about it."

"Lecture him not us." Kyo said grunting and went ups stairs.

"He also said Kyo and yourself missed the last part of the day too." Shigure snickered looking up at Tohru. "And I never heard you two come home last night. I even ordered out for dinner. I really was worried but I figured young love. Even better young lust."

"Did Yuki come home? Is he ok?" Tohru asked hoping to change the subject.

"I heard him come in around 5 this morning, with a giggling girl." Shigure answered trying to hide his grin. Tohru found it hard to picture Uo giggling; then again she never thought she would ever do what Kyo and she did.

"Oh sorry." She said bowing, mostly trying to hide her blushing. Shigure nodded and continued reading and Tohru sneaked out of his view and up the stairs.

Kyo stood at the top waiting for her.

"There you are." He said pulling her into a hug when she reached the top. They kissed and hugged again.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes," Tohru lied. She was sore between her knees and bellybutton but she didn't want to worry Kyo. 'Am I still limping?' She wondered. "Why do you ask?" Tohru asked.

"I was just wondering." they started to walk to their rooms, Tohru trying hard not to limp. "Tohru can I ask you something?"

"Of course Kyo."

"Why did you cry? I saw blood, so I must've hurt, right?" Kyo blurted. "I'm so, so sorry if I hurt you I really didn't mean to."

"Well at first it hurt. It hurt a lot. But after awhile it didn't." Tohru said.

"Then why did you cry?" Kyo asked.

"I was just so happy." Tohru answered the red building in her cheeks. "It was so beautiful and just like a pictured."

"oh." Kyo said. 'Girls are weird,' he thought. He kissed her again. She kissed him back so he knew everything was still great between them.

"Um… I'm going to change and go start dinner." Tohru told Kyo. He nodded.

"Um… I'm going to change too." Their clothes still smelling of earlier their actions. "Do you want help with dinner? Kyo offered.

"Oh I would like that every much." Tohru smiled and entered her room. She looked at the picture of her mom.

"Oh mom, it was incredible." she tried and picked up the picture and danced about her room. He was so sweet and gentle. He loves me mom he really does."

'I hope she's not ashamed of me.' Tohru thought. She changed into her normal top and skirt and headed down stairs.

Kyo was already in the kitchen drinking some milk.

"What shall we have for dinner tonight? Tohru asked blushing at only seeing him.

Ok that's it. Short and sweet and simple ending. I really hoped you enjoy my FanFiction. Sorry if the ending feels rushed. I'm just so excited to finally finish my very first FanFiction. :D :D :D :D

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