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PAIRINGS: Tatsuha/Ryuichi Yuki/Shuichi


Tatsuha's P.O.V

I walked along the streets, crowds breaking apart as people walked on home. Here I was in Tokyo to visit that 'all powerful' Yuki. My brother. Blonde haired Yuki. The dark sky shadowed over me in a threatening gloom and yet, I couldn't be happier. Thanks to a certain pink-haired boyfriend of my brother, I was holding a ticket and a backstage pass to Nittle Grasper's next concert…


"Thank you thank you thank you! Shuichi! You're the best! How could I ever re-pay you! Oh thank you thank you!" I bowed over and over in my thanks.

Yuki sneered at me. "Be quiet. How am I ever going to finish my novel with you squawking like that." I ignored him. "Oh Shuichi! You're the best!" I already said that…didn't I? Oh well, I was to happy.

Shuichi sweat dropped. "Heh…It wasn't a big deal Tatsuha! You don't have to do anything to re pay me!"

Yuki seemed to think other wise. "Just don't molest my brat and get out of my apartment." the blonde said flatly. I whined, "Oh come on! I must be able to do something better!" Shuichi thought. "Well, if you really want to pay me back-" "I do!" "Then you could...erm…uh...stay here for a while! It'll be fun!"

The blonde romance novelist dropped the cigarette he was holding and glared at Shuichi and I. "No." The pink-haired singer whined like I did. "Why not Yuki! Please!" I had to hand it to Shuichi, he sure knew how to get Yuki to snap.

Yuki still glared. "No."

"Please Yuki!"



"I said no."

Still pouting.

"Fine. But one foot out of line and I'm kicking him back to Kyoto."

Shuichi and I tackled Yuki to the ground in a hug. "Thank you!"


I pulled the ticket from my jacket pocket. Yes. Ah, Ryuichi Sakuma…

That reminds me…I bought a new Nittle Grasper video!

I raced to Yuki's apartment. I listened. Snore. That must be Shuichi. To bad. He would've liked to watch it…but then again, he might already have it. Yuki must be sleeping or in his study, working on that new novel of his, staying up on a late night so he could reach the dead line. I never liked dead lines…

I popped the Nittle Grasper video in…and there he was. Russet hair falling into those serious sapphire eyes. His black shirt looking about two sizes to small and those leather black pants, skin tight…Ryuichi Sakuma. My god. My idol. And I was going to see him. On Friday. Two days away.

You could say I have an obsession, what with the posters of him covering the walls of my room, having about all of the CD's and music videos, not to mention I've never missed a concert. You could go as far as saying I love him. That trained, perfect voice is one of the things I love about him. His innocent cobalt eyes, that silky auburn hair, and of course the little pink rabbit Kumagoro.

Just then, the television shut off. "NO!" I cried out as I pressed myself against the T.V. I turned around and there stood the tall romance novelist. My bad ass big brother. And he was holding a remote. "Yuuuukkkkiiii!" I howled. "Turn it on!"

The blonde shook his head, a smirk upon his features. "Not when that horrid music is interrupting me." I whimpered. "Turn it on!"

"It's too loud."

"Then give me picture, no sound!" I could live off of Ryuichi's appearance alone.

"Not when I know I'll hear you drooling."

"C'mon! Please!" I gave him the Shuichi face. Pouty red lips, cute, wide puppy-dog eyes…

"Fine." The screen turned on and Nittle Grasper filled my ears once again. I nodded a thanks at my brother as he sauntered into his study.

Ryuichi…my god. My idol. I will see you Friday.


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