This is not an a sequal of how eveyrone lived there life after Tatsuha-kun died. No, this is more of a reason why he's dead.

For one thing, I did not kill him on behave of flames for my spelling. Though that did agigtate me to be slightly cruel. The worse thing I did was say if I got flames, I wouldn't write at all. You people need to control the fact of conclusion jumping. It's highly un-proffessional of you.

Yes yes, I have bad spelling. Only for the fact I don't write it in Microsoft Word, or have spell check, plus I am much to lazy to go over the chapter and make the proper spelling functional. The reason the words do come out wrong, is I either can never remember the rules of English grammer (I'm in seventh grade, and was at the beggining of Sixth grade/end of Fifth then, if you didn't know), and probably was proabably the most annoying word I had to know. So I simply put it as 'prolly' becasue people would know what it meant instead of 'probobboaly' which is honestly that it was spelt as.

I had always intended to have Tatsuha-kun die. I find an odd amusment when my favourite characters die. Even if I wish a thousand times over they'll come back to life. I was supposed to add in some more detailed chapters of what Tohma told Ryuichi, and why Tatsuha-kun felt betrayed, and such and such, but the hassle of school homework, getting a life, flames and everything, I just cut it down to fourteen, killing him off too easily. It was sort of blunt, I rather didn't like the story myself, but oh well.

Also, I don't plan to write as a decent living. I wish to be a phychiatrist(sp?), more than anything. So, I was writing the story for fun. Not for a pleasing tool that everyone would love and favor, and have links to on their websites saying 'ZOMGZ! Look here! Wicked story of Tat-kun and Ryu-chan! LOLZ!!!1!1!!!!' K?

So please, for future refrences, no more complaining at me because you think I killed him off because you've been telling on oh-so horrible my spelling and grammer is.

Well, as you've seen, I am much more mature than I was a year ago, and prefer rational, calm flames if anything.

Some tid-bits:

I love angst stories. Don't expect happy endings alot when it's me writing.

I have indeed extended my vocabulary, and now know how to spell probably. It's safe to read my fictions.

Don't yell at me. It can be quite a pain thinking up sarcastic remarks to say back.

Love you all,