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Summery: The war is getting tougher for both sides; Voldemort realizes he won't win unless he his magic gets a big power-up. And after doing some research he finds out the only way to get the power he needs he has to bond with his soul-mate. Good news his soul-mate is alive, bad news is its Harry Potter. Now this puts a dent in our favorite dark Lords plans, until he figures out a way. (Hints look at title) PS Serious is alive

Voldemort x Harry. Takes place during sixth year summer

Warning: Swearing, abuse, and Yaoi. Rated for later chapters.

Chapter 1: New neighbor

A tall handsome man with jet black hair and glowing red eyes paced back and forth in his private rooms, waiting… Oh Merlin he hated that word, waiting should be a sin.

Voldemort chuckled; he had done just about every sin there was. Except adultery, that was one thing he prided himself about. He never let his body take control of him; he was the master of his body in every way.

The sound of foots steps and robes being dragged across the stone floor outside his room brought him back to reality, and reminded him why he was waiting in the first place.

After his last battle with Dumbledore, Voldemort realized he needed to get stronger fast. The youth potion Snape had provided him gave him some of the raw magic power he had when he was younger, 23 to be exact, but it was still not enough to defeat Dumbledore.

Voldemort had spent an entire week searching for the fastest way to get a power boost, and came up with only one solution. He needed to bond with his soul mate…

"My lord" Snapes silky voice said as the potion master entered the room, Voldemort watched with little satisfaction as Snape bowed and stood straight once more.

"Well, hurry up and tell me who she is" Voldemort snapped impatiently, the dark lord was never known for his patients. Snape shifted uncomfortable under his master's stare and looked down at his feet.

"It is a him my lord" Snape said barley above a whisper and continued to stare down.

"I really don't care if it is a man or woman, I just need a name" The dark lord snapped, his patients was wearing thin. If the potion master did not tell him soon the greasy bastard was about to find himself in a lot of pain.

"The potion that I brewed was flawless and showed the image of your soul mate…His name is Harry Potter" Voldemort stared at Snape dumbstruck. There was no way in hell his soul mate was Harry fucking Potter.

"W-What about the prophecies, one cannot live while the other is alive. Isn't that how is went?" Voldemort asked trying to steady his voice, his mind was racing. How was he every going to get Harry Potter to bond with him? The dark lord could not force him, because he would feel every strong emotion Harry, no Potter, felt. Misery, hatred, fear, everything.

"Apparently the prophecy was wrong" Snape said matter-of-factly to his master earning him a glare from the glowing red eyes.

Harry sat in his bed, well if you could call it that, it was more of a pile of rags then a bed. The bedroom he had when he left the Dursley's was turned into a personal gym for Dudley since he needed to lose weight, and Harry was stuck in the cupboard.

Two weeks into the summer and Harry had a three broken fingers, several bruised ribs, a black eye, and his favorite was the whip marks on his back made by his uncle's belt.

The warning from Moody did not go well with Uncle Vernon; the oversized man locked everything of Harry's in the attic that included Hedwig. The poor owl most likely starved to death by now.

That's how Harry ended up with broken fingers, he had tried to sneak up in the attic and free his owl but Uncle Vernon had caught him somehow and punished him by breaking one finger at a time then saying Harry could not eat for almost a week!

The 15 year old boy wondered when the order members or his friends would come and rescue him from his private hell, but no one had come or sent letters. If they didn't soon Uncle Vernon might end up beating the starving boy to death.

"BOY!" Vernon roared making Harry jump and hit his head on the roof of his tiny room. Harry sighed then slowly opened his cupboard door only to be pushed back roughly.

"Your aunt tells me that you did not do the yard work today" Vernon's face was red with rage, red was a better color then purple, Purple meant Harry was going to get something broken instead of just being beat.

"I am sorry I forgot" Harry said in a low voice and looked down at his tattered torn up shoes. All his clothes were oversized and used; the clothes plus Harry's appearance made him look like a homeless child that got in fights for food.

Harry let out a small gasp when his Uncles fist collided with his jaw, but besides the gasp he did not show how much it hurt.

"Get to it now!" His uncle barked and practically dragged Harry to the front door and threw him out onto the doorstep.

Voldemort laughed at his plan, it was perfect. If Harry and he were truly soul mates then it would not matter what name he went by or the fact that he was going to pretend to be a muggle so he could win the boys heart.

Once Harry was madly in love with him, Voldemort would reveal his true identity, and those pathetic Gryffindors always followed there heart.

Ok so maybe he was letting his arrogance convince him that Harry would stay with him, but it was too late to go back now. After getting Harry, wait when did he start calling Potter Harry? Oh well, anyways, after getting Harry's address from Snape Voldemort bought the house next-door and already had the furniture moved in.

From what the dark lord was told all the houses on that street looked the same inside and out, and to his displeasure he found out it was true. His house had a muggle type living room, nothing special a few paintings of forest here and there, normal kitchen, plain bedroom, study, and gust room. Everything was normal; it gave the dark lord the creeps.

"Well time to greet the neighbors" Voldemort said grimly as he changed his eye color from a glowing red to a plain hazel with flecks of black and dark green. Something about him had to be different.

Harry sat on his knees as he pulled growing weeds from the flower bed near the brand new white picket fence. The sun was right behind him only making him hotter then he already was, he was tempted to take off his shirt but the marks on his back would be noticed by the neighbors…

"Excuse me" a soft voice said from next to Harry. Harry flinched and moved away from the voice before he could register it wasn't his uncle.

"Are you okay?" the voice asked. Harry looked up at the very handsome man dressed a plain blue t-shirt and faded jeans that showed his slender figure. Harry felt his face heating up as he stared wide eyed into the hazel eyes with flecks of green and black in them.

"Y-yeah" Harry stuttered and stood up to greet the man properly "You just surprised me" The man nodded and seemed to accept the excuse.

"I just moved in next door and thought I should greet my new neighbors. My name is Jason Green, and you are?" Jason held out his hand that Harry eyed with suspicion before slowly reaching out to shake it.

"Harry Potter"

Voldemort shook Harry's hand and smiled pleasantly as he could, but inside he was furious about the boy's appearance. It was obvious he was not being fed enough, his left arms fingers looked like they were broken, his shabby oversized clothes did not help with his appearance, and the large bruise on his jaw and black eye look like they had just been made.

The dark lord could only wonder what else those filthy muggles had done to him…

"What are you doing boy!" a horrible voice asked. Voldemort's fury grew when he saw Harry flinch and pull his hand quickly away.

"I was just greeting our new neighbor Uncle Vernon" Harry said softly and flinched once more when his fat uncle stepped closer. Vernon or who ever he was had to one of the ugliest men Voldemort had ever seen, he had no neck, his face was purple, and he had a misshaped mustache under his nose.

"Ah, yes Harry just greeted me. I just moved into the neighborhood and thought I should get to know my neighbors. I am Jason Green by the way" The dark lord held out his hand to the muggle, he made a mental note to wash his hands till they sparkled or came off after he was done with his visit.

"Vernon Dursley" The man grunted and held out his hand and shook the dark lords quickly and let go. Vernon's face seemed to be going back to its normal color but his eyes were still filled with anger and he kept looking at Harry like he wanted nothing better then to snap his neck.

"I loved what you did with your lawn, are those tulips?" In order to make his plan the dark lord needed to earn there trust so he could be invited into there home. Unless he was invited inside the wards around the house would keep him out and alert Dumbledore.

"Yes my wife, Petunia loves them and you know how persistent women can be when they want something" Vernon smiled and the dark lord nodded and smiled also.

"Would you like to come in for tea? My wife would be delighted to meet you" Voldemort grinned and nodded.