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The winner is B. The 'sweet' scene. I have to warn you guys about it, it won't be a full lemon but it will have some stuff in it. I won't put any lemons on this site, but I will put them on Just don't tell anyone, my account got kicked off that site because I am under aged. I think lemons are not allowed on this site but scenes like the one in this chapter are. Tell me if they aren't so I don't get in trouble.


Warning: This chapter has sexual (very little for now) stuff in it, so beware!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling, a very lucky woman.

Chapter 6: The sweet dream

Voldemort sat up gasping for breath, fully aware of the throbbing between his thighs. But any man would be hard after the dream the Dark Lord just woke up from.

'But I am the greatest dark wizard in history, I should not be getting hard from a dream no matter how… pleasant it was' the red eyed man thought angrily and climbed out of his queen sized bed.

'A cold shower will help me with this' he glanced down at the painful bulge in his boxers; it was a very bad start to the day.

And it only got worse as the images from the dream came back to Voldemort making the cold shower seem hot.

(The Dream, from normal POV)

'It is a very strange room' at least that's what the Dark Lord thought as he looked around the round room covered from floor to ceiling with mirrors that did not show his reflection only the room he was in.

The room had emerald green carpet that was soft and matched perfectly with the king sized bed, actually if the Dark Lord didn't know any better he would say the bed was even bigger that a king sized mattress, much taller than a normal one to.

But it wasn't the mirrors, soft carpet, or the giant green bed that caught Voldemort's eye. It was the black haired teenager lying naked on top of the bed with his eyes closed and steady breaths coming from him.

Red eyes watched the teen, taking in every detail of his small frame. Pale skin, unruly black hair, beautiful shaped legs chest and arms, yes Harry had the most perfect body.

"Harry?" The Dark Lord said with confusion, what was Harry Potter doing in the mirrored room naked and lying on top of the bed like a virgin waiting to be taken? Voldemort gulped, yes he actually gulped, at that last thought. Suddenly the room seemed hotter, much hotter.

"Who…" Harry's peaceful face scrunched up and his eyes slowly fluttered open. The teen sat up a groaned softly. He wanted more sleep, but who ever called his name woke him up.

Harry's eyes widened slightly at the sight of Tom Riddle standing at the edge of the bed with nothing but a pair of black boxers with green snakes on.

"Cute" Harry commented on the boxers not thinking before he spoke, his face heated up and the teen found he couldn't look at Tom anymore without feeling himself getting hotter. So Harry looked around the round room covered in mirrors that didn't show his or Tom's reflection.

"Yes very cute" The Dark Lord purred and smirked at the sight of Harry's body hardening from hearing his voice. Once again Voldemort wanted to laugh at the situation he was in, he found himself wanting to do that a lot lately.

But here he was making the golden boy himself blush and get hard. It was very laughable, but the urge to laugh was not stronger than the other urge Voldemort got from looking at the teens body.

"Where are we Tom?" Harry asked softly trying to get the attention off anything but him. 'Wait who was Tom again?' Harry glanced back at the familier red eyed man. The teen knew his name, but could not remember how he knew him.

'Neighbor? No… Wizard? Maybe… Hmm, enemy?' Green eyes locked on with red ones, while Harry was trying to remember Tom had climbed up on the bed and was slowly crawling closer.

"You should stay like this forever" Voldemort whispered making the teen blush and attempt to cover himself up. But the Dark Lord was too quick for him, soon Harry found his arms pinned above him and the Dark Lord straddling him.

Harry had to bite his tongue to keep in the moan that wanted to escape, of course Tom HAD to sit on his quickly forming erection.

A black eye brow arched "Did you like that?" Tom asked innocently and grinded against the teen, forcing Harry to moan loudly.

"Oh Tom" the teen moaned and tried to push up so he could grind, but Voldemort didn't want his little lover to find release so soon. He decided to hold both Harry's hands with one instead of two and use his free hand to keep the turned on teen down.

As for Harry saying his muggle name, Voldemort could care less. As long as Harry kept making those whimpers and moans the Dark Lord would let the Harry call him a snake faced bastard if he wanted to. It never crossed his mind that Harry was supposed to be calling him Jason.

"I want you Harry" Shivers went down the young wizards spine, he wanted Tom to, but not just for sex or release, Harry wanted someone he could lean on when times got hard and the red eyed man on top of him could give him that.

'No, he is no enemy. A boyfriend? Yes he is my boyfriend, or at least I hope he is' Harry thought.

"I want you to Tom" Now it was the dark lords turn to shiver at the sound of Harry's lust filled voice.

Oh how he wanted to do unspeakable things to Harry right now, but decided to take it slow so he could savoir every moment.

Tom lowered his head and slowly began kissing the boy under him, Harry was slightly shocked with how much gentleness and care was put into the kiss. Yet the shocked feeling turned into a warm one that made him feel special and warm.

The two kissed until they both needed air and only then did they tear their lips apart.

"Tom" Harry said breathlessly "make love to me"

Voldemort staired wide eyed at the boy below him, he saw no fear or nervousness only desire

"Anything for you" Tom whispered and released Harry's wrist so that he may move his arms.

The dark lord lowered his head and kissed Harry once more again, only this time the kiss did not last long. Tom began kissing down Harry's neck biting his skin lightly here and there leaving small trail of red marks.

Harry's breathing was ragged, every time Tom touched him his skin burned in a good way that tingled after words.

A small hiss escaped the teenager when Tom bit down on his nipple, the green eyed boy didn't even know Tom had moved to his chest.

"Did that hurt?" Voldemort asked with concern in his voice

"In a good way" Harry told him and placed his hands on Tom's shoulders, he could feel his body begging for release but loved the sweet kisses Tom was giving his body to much to say anything.

A low moan filled the room as the teen arched up to Tom's body, who new the older man could make him feel so good by just blowing on his nipple?

The Dark lord smiled and continued exploring Harry's body with kisses and every now and then he would flesh out his tongue to taste the sweet flesh below him.

Lower and lower he went until…

And that's were the dream ended, right when Voldemort was about to take Harry in his mouth. Though the dark lord was a little bit disgusted that he was going to blow Harry and not the other way around, but it still was a good dream.

"Good dream my arse, this stupid thing won't go down" Voldemort growled and looked down at the bulge under his jeans. Sure he was being stubborn by not taking care of the problem by touching himself, but the Dark Lord had too much pride to do that.

'Hmm maybe Harry can help me with this' He thought evilly as new images of Harry on his knees in front of the Dark Lord appeared in his mind.

The sound of the doorbell and someone knocking on it brought Voldemort back to reality. Quickly as he could he changed his eye color from red to hazel and made his way to his front door.

"Hello Petunia, hello…Harry" The smile Jason planted on his face disappeared at the sight of Harry who was standing next to his aunt.

The green eyed boy's eyes were bloodshot as if he had been crying; there was a hand shaped bruise around his neck, and what looked like a homemade sling for his broken arm.

The entire air around Harry screamed pain, how the muggle woman could take Harry out in public when it was obvious that he was in pain was a mystery for Voldemort.

"Oh don't mind him, he just got into a fight" Petunia smiled showing her horse teeth, the dark lord once again had to suppress a shudder as the horse woman's eyes raked over his body.

"Well I would love to invite you in but I am afraid my home is simply not clean enough for guest" Jason lied, actually his house was spotless but who would want the annoying horse faced woman in their house?

"I understand perfectly, I have to go clean my house now before Dudley and his friends come over" Jason nodded and smiled politely.

"I will send Harry home around dinner time if that is alright?" Petunia nodded and gave a small wave as she walked off. Harry slowly walked into the house and Jason didn't say a word until he closed the door.

"Are you alright Harry?"

The question itself seemed stupid to Harry, did he look alright? Normally he would have snapped at whoever asked it but when he saw the look of concern in Jason's eyes he couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Just a broken arm no big deal" Harry said trying to smile. Jason frowned and glanced at the wizards arm.

"How did it happen?" He asked. Harry's eyes widened, should he lie? No Jason would be able to tell, but Harry didn't exactly want to say his uncle did it when Harry was actually standing up for himself.


"BOY!" Uncle Vernon roared shortly after Jason left, Harry didn't even get to whisper a goodbye to Luca before his cupboard door was almost ripped open.

"Yes Uncle Vernon?" Harry said weakly, two days with out food tends to make someone weak.

Harry's uncle roughly grabbed his arm and began telling him that he would be working for Jason cleaning his house and gardening.

"And if you dare tell Jason about your punishments I will kick you out of my house, and that other freak will get you, got that" Vernon hissed, the teen nearly gagged at his uncles rancid breath. What could have the man eaten to get such bad breath?

"Are you listening boy!" Harry was brought back to reality by the sharp pain in his arm from his Uncles death grip getting tighter and tighter.

"Yes Uncle Vernon" Harry said wincing as his uncles grip on his arm got tighter.

"Then once your done there you will do ALL of your chores here." Harry could feel the blood drain from his face and couldn't suppress the cry of outrange.

"What, I can't do both!" And that is when our golden boy realized his mistake, for his uncle's face turned purple one of the most unlucky and hated colors for Harry. Because just in case anyone forgot when Vernon's face turned purple it meant something of Harry's was about to get broken.

And sure enough it did.

The oversized man snapped Harry's arm like a twig, not even Harry could suppress the scream. A horrible pain circulated through his body, not as bad as the cruciatus curse but still pretty bad.

The under aged wizard didn't even realize he was still screaming until it became hard to breath, only them did he notice his uncle and aunt yelling at him to shut up and his uncles fat fist around his small neck.

(End Flashback)

Yep that was how Harry got the bruise around his neck and broken arm. After the painful incident his aunt fed him some leftover food and made him take a bath. When he woke up this morning his aunt had a homemade sling made for him.

The teen really wished he hadn't woken up at all; he was having a really good dream about him and Jason, but for some reason Harry didn't call Jason by his name but called him something else. Whatever he called Jason he couldn't remember now…

"Harry?" Jason's concerned voice brought the teen out of his thoughts, a deep shape of crimson red covered Harry's face when he realized he must have looked like such an idiot for staring of into space.

"Uh, well my uncle did it when I talked back" Silence, nothing moved or made a sound. Harry stared at Jason becoming worried about the quiet man in front of him.

Voldemort had never felt such rage before, and was having a hard time controlling his emotions and keeping his magic in check.

That horrible fat man had broken Harry's arm just because he TALKED back! This was an outraged this was, was…

The dark lord was torn away from his thoughts as Harry's scream filled the house, the teenager feel to his knees and grabbed his scar with his good arm

'Oh shit' was the first thing to cross Voldemort's mind before he also dropped to his knees next to Harry. The dark lord forced himself to calm down so Harry's scar would stop hurting him, but even though the dark lord tried he couldn't get all his rage to disappear.

He got off very lucky when Harry passed out in pain so he didn't have to listen to his mates screams.

I know it wasn't the greatest sweet scene out there, sorry about that. And sorry about taking so long, but I have winter break now so I get plenty of writing time, more, LOTS more chapters are going to be coming out.

Oh and don't worry about Harry, 'Jason' has his ways to make Harry feel better (wink wink)