Man's World
by Asphalt Love

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Setting: AU, similar to the original Naruto world except no one is a ninja. The story will still parallel a good amount of what happens in the original story, but hardly to a tee. In this story, Hinata is roughly 15 years old and because I started this story before Shippuden came out, there will be no appearances by characters from the post-timeskip era. It's definitely a more "traditional" setting, but with many modern conveniences.

POVs: This story will mainly be from Hinata's POV in the beginning, but as the story moves along we'll start to get to see the POVs of other characters.

Rating: T for language, disturbing images and mature content/topics.

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Chapter 1 The Distinction between Men and Women

Hinata sat solemnly on the wooden swing that hung from the great cherry tree in her garden, bored and listless within the great Hyuuga estate. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, she simply stared blankly at the quiet stillness of her surroundings. The sounds of birds chirping could be heard from afar, and Hinata strained her neck to catch a glimpse of wings, but nothing could be seen past the great white walls that seemed to confine her life.

At only fifteen years old, Hinata knew nothing of the world that was hidden behind the oppressive barricade that guarded her home. A melancholy princess locked in her castle; no one would have expected an intense desire burning behind her fragile exterior. Behind the complacent serenity of her lavender-tinted white eyes was a chaotic web of thoughts and emotions waging war against one another; desire clashed with duty, and dreams laid scattered and broken under fate's might.

But in a world where time crawled and one day could hardly be distinguished from the next, Hinata found her escape from her world by imagining herself in another. Hinata spent most of her free time reading. When she wasn't being tutored or doing menial tasks around the house, she absorbed the rest of her time by diving into the different realities books could offer.

Quiet and unobtrusive, the heiress of the mighty Hyuuga clan could always be found tucked away in a small corner of the Hyuuga library reading or daydreaming in the garden. Her mind often wandered to distant lands filled with magic and adventure. She imagined herself the heroine in the novels she'd read; sometimes she would be fighting off diabolical monsters or unraveling evil plots, and at others, she would be falling in love with a dashing prince.

She loved romance novels and fairy tales (those being the only stories that centered on a heroine instead of a hero). Unfortunately, in a household as strict and serious as the Hyuuga, not many of these stories could be found. Although Hinata did not discriminate against reading any sort of book, reading a thick volume on the history of the country was not quite as entertaining as one on epic journeys filled with deadly traps and treasures galore.

Hinata longed to be a heroine in an exciting story, but she was not completely insensible. She was well acquainted with her predestined role as the heiress. When she was to come of age, her father was going to arrange for her to marry a suitable man and she would spend the rest of her life waiting upon him. Hinata hated the thought of it, but there was no point in arguing with her father; his word was law. She tried not to think about her future too often and when she did, she tried to be as optimistic as possible.

Hinata respected her father and any decision he made had to be the right one. After all, it wasn't her place to disobey or question him who exceeded her by many years and was the leader of the clan. She loved him, regardless of the minimal affection and attention he showed her.

But oftentimes, her curiosity got the better of her. However, she learned the hard way that her desires often led to punishment. Once and only once, Hinata, angry at her father for scolding her, had run away from home, but as a result, her kind uncle Hizashi's life was taken.

Since that day the guilt remained with her, pinching her conscience whenever she wanted to object to her father's commands. Because of that incident, Hinata shackled and chained away her own selfish desires, but at times, in the droughts of loneliness that accompanied particularly long days, it growled hungrily. And no matter how loud the tantrums she threw were within the safety of her own head, Hinata fully understood that there were some things in the world that just couldn't be changed.

"Hinata-sama," a voice interrupted her quiet musings.

Hinata blinked a few times, her vision unfocused, as she gazed at the pondering face of her cousin Neji, the son of the precious uncle whose death lay heavy upon her head. Neji stood at the door way, one hand resting on the side of the opened screen.

"Neji-niisan," she said, her cheeks flushing lightly from being caught off guard.

"You shouldn't sit outside in the sun all afternoon, it's not good for you," he said with a sigh.

Neji was about a year older than her and the pride of the Hyuuga clan. He was a prodigy, a genius far advanced for his age, and the one who was the most suited to lead the clan. But progeny dictated who inherited what, and because Hinata's father was the first born and Hinata, his first born child, Neji was robbed of the position his talent deserved.

Hinata's mother had died a long time ago. She vaguely remembered the funeral and her own heavy sobs, but time had a way of making even the most important moments in one's life fragmented and blurry. She remembered holding her father's rough hand and the smell of incense burning, but not much remained of her memory of it other than those small pieces.

Even though many years had passed since her mother's passing, her father remained faithful to her memory, refusing to take a new wife or even a mistress which was rather common in other prominent households of high rank. Hinata knew her father cared for her, but she also knew he was disappointed by her lack of talent. In fact, her younger sister was much more suited to inherit the Hyuuga clan than she was, but as with such traditional families, inheritance was only for the eldest.

Seeing that Neji was frowning impatiently, she quickly jumped to her feet, her legs wobbling from sitting for so long and followed him back inside the ancient Japanese castle that was her home. Neji, satisfied that she had taken his advice, walked off without waiting for her.

She planned to follow him back to the main hall, but after hearing two familiar voices arguing as she passed her father's study, she stopped to listen. Although she knew she would be in trouble if she was caught eavesdropping, she was drawn in by the anger prominent in her father's voice. Her father rarely ever raised his voice, so Hinata was curious as to what could be causing the outburst.

"I won't allow it!" Hiashi, her father, boomed.

"I'm afraid there is no way around it Hiashi-sama," was the calm reply of a voice she recognized as Hiroki, a distant relative and her father's loyal subject. "Hinata-sama will be in danger –the whole clan will be in danger if she stays here," he added in a hushed whisper, but Hinata could still make out the words. Although spoken quietly, Hinata's heart rattled in shock at the meaning.

"There is no way I'm sending my eldest daughter away!"

"It's inevitable, I'm afraid. However, I have a plan. If I'm not mistaken, your nephew Neji is returning to his boarding school since the break is almost over right?" Hiroki asked.

"That is correct," her father answered, sounding quite displeased with where the conversation was headed.

"Perhaps she could go with him," he suggested, as if it was a simple solution to their problem.

"Ridiculous!" she could hear her father bellow. "How is that supposed to keep her from danger? She's practically walking right into it!"

"Hear me out," Hiroki said trying to calm the angry Hyuuga head down. "I understand that Hinata-sama will be easily recognized if she goes as she is. Not to mention, there are all sorts of dangers out there in the world for a young and timid girl such as herself. But, perhaps…" Hiroki said, hesitating for a moment.

"Perhaps what?"

"Perhaps she was to go under a disguise of some sort? I believe Hinata-sama, as well as the clan's, safety can be assured if we plan this carefully. After all, the best place to hide a tree is in a forest."

"Hmph, I don't understand. Elaborate," Hiashi ordered.

"The best hiding place for a person would be in a crowd would it not? Of course, as a Hyuuga, it is not so easily accomplished because of our distinctive eyes, but what if she was to completely change her identity? I propose that Hinata-sama go to this school under a male disguise. If she changes her name as well as her appearance, no one would believe she was the heiress they sought."

"That plan sounds rather farfetched, how could you guarantee they won't find out? It's too risky," Hiashi replied, not quite swayed by this proposal.

"It's riskier to leave her here. Of course, if she goes, Neji as well as the school will be able to protect her. The school is completely safe and tends to be closed to outsiders."

Hinata listened with her ear practically pressed against the crack in the door. Her heart trembled in part from fear of being caught eavesdropping on such a serious conversation, but also from excitement. She didn't completely understand the situation, but she could feel that something big was going to happen.

Would her father really let her disguise as a boy at Neji's boarding school? The idea seemed as outrageous to her father as it did to her. The danger they both spoke of had no effect on her. Ever since she was a child, her father had warned her of all the bad people out there who wanted to hurt her and those words plagued her with shadowy nightmares when she was younger, but as the years wore on and nothing happened, she ceased to be afraid.

Instead, she was much more interested in attending Neji's school. She had often begged Neji to tell her about his school and it had never occurred to her in a million years that she would one day get the chance to attend with him. Hinata was barely paying attention as her mind began to wander, recollecting the countless fantasies she had about attending school and how wonderful it would all be.

"Hinata-sama," Neji called from behind her. Hinata gave a startled yelp of surprise and jumped out of his way automatically. Realizing that the two men had heard her voice she quickly covered her mouth, but it was too late.

"Hinata!" her father whipped open the traditional panel doors. He glared at her meek form, shocked and angry to see his daughter eavesdropping.

"I'm sorry I di-didn't mean to!" she stammered. "I'm sorry," she said again, bowing deeply.

"It's alright Hiashi-sama, this will save a lot of explaining," Hiroki told him, also arriving to the doorway.

"Is something wrong?" Neji asked.

"Why don't you two kids take a seat," her father sighed, deepening the lines of worry and age etched onto his forehead. He invited them inside.

Neji exchanged a quick questioning glance with Hinata before taking a seat next to her.

"Hinata as you know you are very important to the clan because you are the heir, and as the heir, your safety is a top priority. Due to some recent suspicious activities as well as some information that we have come by, Hiroki believes you will not be safe if you remain here. I'm afraid I cannot reveal to you anymore than that, but it has to do with a dangerous enemy. Although I would prefer if you stayed under the clan's protection, it seems that at this rate, it is inevitable that you should leave. If you stay here you might jeopardize your own as well as the rest of the clan members' safety; therefore, we have decided that it would be best if you were to leave for awhile."

Hinata gaped at her father, stunned. She didn't expect him to be serious in sending her away. Perhaps she really was in danger for someone as conservative as her father to participate in such an extraordinary scheme.

"Where do you suggest Hinata-sama go?" Neji asked.

"Neji, I am going to have to place a heavy burden upon your shoulders," Hiashi said direly. "We plan to send Hinata to your school disguised as a male."

"I don't believe I understand," Neji said, glancing with confusion at Hinata, but she quickly averted her eyes.

"There is nothing to understand," Hiashi said impatiently.

"What Hiashi-sama is trying to say is that we believe that your school is the best place to hide Hinata-sama," Hiroki interjected. "No one would expect the Hyuuga heiress to be in disguised as a normal male student. Besides, the security towards outsiders is high at Konoha Academy, which adds another layer of protection."

Neji furrowed his brow; he did not look pleased at this information. Meanwhile Hinata was trying her best to keep her expression in check. Fear, embarrassment, anxiety and utter amazement were fighting to burst forth all at once and it was all she could do to stop herself from trembling with the overflow of emotion.

"And the disguise… I'm not quite sure I follow as far as that's concerned," Neji's frown deepened. He seemed to dislike the idea more than her father did.

"Since boys and girls are both separated on the school grounds it will be difficult for you to protect Hinata-sama if you do not have access to her at all times," Hiroki responded calmly.

"Besides, as the heiress, I will not have Hinata socializing with other girls her age; they will be a terrible influence for her," Hiashi retorted.

Hinata knew her father didn't like it when she made female friends, he always complained that having female friends would make her mentally soft. Of course, having no friends didn't help Hinata much either.

Hinata saw that Neji was about to argue back, but he knew better than to question the head of the clan, so he stopped himself.

"I will do my best to protect Hinata-sama with my life," Neji replied instead, his words were heavy with promise.

Hinata looked at her cousin in surprise. She could never understand why Neji would do so much for her when she knew that her existence meant his would be miserable.

"I will also do my best," Hinata said in her most formal tone as she bowed her head.

"So it is decided then. I'll send up some servants to help you pack, the two of you will be leaving for the road as soon as the arrangements are made," Hiashi told them both before dismissing them.

The two youths stood outside in the hallway, still dazed over what had occurred. As soon as they were left alone, Hinata had to take a deep breath. She was simply overjoyed and couldn't help smiling to herself while Neji looked deep in thought at the new change of plans.

"I can't believe I'm going to be dressing up as a boy," Hinata said with a childish grin. Usually she wasn't so friendly with Neji, but after what had just taken place, she had no room in her head to remember that she was intimidated by her own cousin.

"Actually, the more worrisome thing is that you will have to share a room with another boy. Hiashi-sama would be displeased when he finds out that it's two boys to a room, but hopefully they will let you stay with me," Neji, as always, looked at the situation logically and practically.

"Really?" Hinata asked breaking her usually quiet nature. She immediately caught herself and lowered her voice, "I-I have to share a room?" she blushed.

Because Hinata had spent most of her life shielded from the rest of the world, she had never known any sort of real relationship with anyone. Only a small portion of her fears rested in sharing a room with a boy while the majority of it was in sharing a room with a complete stranger. Hinata, who has rarely ever seen others that were not of the Hyuuga bloodline, was naturally frightened of strangers.

"Those are the rules," Neji told her with an amused smirk.

Hinata stared at him, stunned that her prudish cousin was actually making fun of her. Hinata could not even recall the last time she heard him laugh and she could count his smiles on one hand.

Not noticing her amazement, Neji left her behind to return to his own daily routine. She watched him go, remorseful of their past. Even with the sudden semblance of friendliness that appeared, she didn't believe anything could ever repair the vast breach between them.

Hinata, not wanting to brood on the past after such a miraculous future had been decided on, casted her dim thoughts away and followed one of the female servants to her room to pack.

"Hinata-sama, are you excited to be going?" the female servant, one of the lower members of the Hyuuga hierarchy, asked with a kind smile.

"Yes," she replied with a happy smile of her own.

There were a lot of preparations to be made before she would head out into the world with Neji. She was worried about the male disguise, but she figured it would be fun to practice acting male. After all, how hard could it be?

The next few days flew by quickly as Hinata struggled to cram all the knowledge about school life into her head, particularly the knowledge that concerned relocating to an all boys dormitory. What alarmed Hinata the most was the unsaid protocols and etiquette within the school culture she wasn't familiar with. For one, she was not aware that most of the male population was practically no better than animals in their manners. It took Hinata a few hours to recover from the shock of learning that some boys urinated outside in a bush or some unsuspecting corner. Neji warned her that such displays weren't altogether uncommon when boys were left to themselves.

She was also acquainted with the concept of the urinal, but upon seeing her horror, Neji quickly reassured her that she would have her own bathroom with her room and to never try her luck with a public bathroom.

He also warned her of the open displays of affection that people showed each other which was all but extinct to the Hyuuga. There were so many foreign concepts that Neji related to her that Hinata had to write them all down in order to keep from forgetting any.

And when the day finally came for her to depart, she couldn't sleep at all due to nervousness. It took the most severe glare from her father for her to find the will to stomach any of her breakfast.

"You will be leaving shortly, I hope you will not cause any trouble abroad," her father said sternly.


"Do not forget that your new name is Hikaru. It would be disastrous if you should reveal your real name," he added.

"I-I won't forget," Hinata was having trouble getting any words past what felt like a frog in her throat.

"And remember to always refer to Neji as your older brother," he said. "Once you leave, you're in the eyes of the public. Everything you say and do will reflect upon the Hyuuga name, do you understand?" he asked gravely.

"I u-understand."

"Also," her younger sister Hanabi who had been quietly observing her sister chimed in, "don't stutter so much, you're making me nervous and I'm not even going anywhere," she said.

Hinata said nothing, just nodded with a weak smile at her sister, knowing full well that if she tried to answer, she would end up tripping over her words. Hanabi shrugged, probably wondering how in the world the two possibly could be related, as she polished off the rest of her rice bowl.

After breakfast (Neji took his meals alone), the two quickly departed, riding in a carriage drawn by horses through the countryside. She glanced at Neji who had his arms folded and his eyes closed. She watched him, amazed that he could fall asleep.

But her nervous excitement soon dulled as an uneventful hour rolled by. Bored, she opened a slit in the window and peered out at the valley unfolding before her eyes. She gaped in awe for she had never seen anything so gorgeous in her life. There was so much life and mystery out there, more than she could have ever imagined. Wildflowers grew everywhere and a strong breeze blowing made the grassy meadow shimmer like flowing water. Hinata couldn't help but let out a small gasp of excitement as she saw a few cows grazing behind a fence.

"Put your head back in, someone might see you," Neji reproached her.

"Sorry," she replied taking her head out the window sheepishly.

"If you're going to be a man, act like one."

Hinata flushed as she always did when she was scolded. She looked down at the unfamiliar garments she was wearing. At home she often wore kimonos, only occasionally wearing pants when she knew her father was away. Her father had sent for her Neji's tailor to make her a several male outfits, all of which were in the neutral tones and colors that the Hyuuga favored. Although any comfort of the loose fitted clothing was lost by the suffocating bandages that hid her chest.

However, Hinata's main concern was her voice. She had practiced until her throat was sore to master a lower intonation, but it was impossible to reach a low enough range to meet the standards of even a young prepubescent boy. Neji, after seeing her desperate attempts, assured her that it wasn't at all necessary to exert herself in that domain since there were plenty of "feminine" men at their school to hide herself amongst. As long as she didn't try to draw attention to herself by acting too unnatural, she would be fine.

As for her hair, Hinata had grown out her old hairstyle as well as her bangs in order to appear more masculine, and also to closer resemble Neji. But still worried, she kept bothering him over and over again, asking him for advice on her hair; and once again, he assured her that as long as she didn't make a point in being self-conscious about it, no one would question her gender.

Hinata, after another hour or so, dozed off to the steady sound of the horses' footsteps. When she finally awoke again, with a gentle tap from Neji, her heart nearly jumped out of her chest to see the school right in front of her eyes.

She had always wondered what Neji's school looked like. She tried asking him, but usually he felt it was too burdensome a task to explain and now she knew why.

The school was humongous. She had always pictured it as one building but instead there were multiple buildings. In fact, Hinata thought, it looked more like a small town than a school. The buildings were also in a similar Japanese traditional style like that of her home, but with a more modern flair.

"Th-this… is your school?" Hinata asked, barely managing to get the words out. She continued to stare, wide-eyed in disbelief.

"The one and only. Now, when we arrive, make sure to not wander off. As you can see, it is very easy to get lost."

The two arrived at the gate of the school, where the guards checked for their identification before letting them pass. Hinata was disappointed that like her home, this school too also had white walls surrounding it. As they went in, she peeked curiously out the window. It was quite noisy with restaurants, shops and as well as young students walking about and chatting animatedly.

"Hinata-sama," Neji said reprimanding her for sticking her head out the window again.

"Hai!" Hinata squeaked, shutting the curtain quickly and turning to face forward in her seat.

After awhile, they finally arrived to the boys' dormitory. As Hinata stepped out, she took in a breath of fresh air. Her whole body was restless from the long ride and she was finally allowed to stretch out her stiff limbs. The two entered a rather large building and Hinata couldn't help but gape at the boys moving to and fro, carrying their own luggage with them. As they entered the building, a rather bored looking teenager of probably around 17, was sitting at a large desk.

"Hyuuga Neji and Hyuuga Hikaru," Neji told him, walking up to the desk. Hinata meekly followed, quite unsure of what to do with her eyes. She felt uncomfortable with meeting anyone's eyes, even though that was the first thing anyone noticed when looking at her.

"You are assigned to room number 102, and you are assigned to room 107," the boy at the desk told the two Hyuuga.

"There must be a mistake. Are you sure we are in different rooms?" Neji asked, his temper already flaring.

"No mistake," he droned mockingly.

"Are you sure there is no way to get us a room together?" Neji asked. Although he seemed calm, she could tell that underneath that façade, he was ready to resort to violence if need be to get his way.

"I'm very sorry but it is first-come-first-served, luckily there are two openings on the same floor so you two should be glad," he said. Underneath his breath, Hinata could hear him say, "Rich brats."

"How dare you-!"

"Neji nii-san!" Hinata hissed at him quietly making him stop in his tracks.

"Fine, I'll go check it out," Neji said through clenched teeth. He threw a menacing glare at the desk boy and grabbed his bags and left. Hinata heard him mutter something along the lines of, "Lucky, I'll show you lucky you disgusting…"

Hinata picked up her bags and carried them out the door following her cousin after meekly apologizing to the boy at the desk. Neji dropped off his bags since his roommate hadn't arrived yet to help Hinata unpack.

"It's okay Neji-niisan I can do it myself," she said but was happy that he offered. "Like you said I'm supposed to be a man," she told her trying her best "man" voice.

"I guess…" he said hesitantly. "Call me immediately if you need anything. I will just be down the hallway," he gave her one last assessing look before returning to his own room.

Hinata trudged into her room, it was a simple one. There was a bedroom, unfortunately only one with two beds on opposite sides of the wall. Connecting to the main bedroom were doors leading to a study as well as a bathroom, each on the respective side of the beds. Hinata was relieved, for a moment she thought she might've had to share a bathroom with her roommate. Finally, there was a door that was directly parallel to the one leading into the room that apparently led her outside.

She didn't quite understand why the bedroom was the first room upon entering or why they didn't have separate bedrooms instead of separate studies, but decided it pointless to question the room's layout.

Picking out one of the beds at random, she dropped down onto it with a deep sigh. Her arrival had happened so quickly that she barely had time to absorb the situation. Everything still felt incredibly surreal, as if someone had plucked her from one storyline and dropped her into another.

"That's my bed," an annoyed voice called out sharply.

Hinata immediately sat up, startled to see a strange boy standing at the door way. He looked back at her with just as much surprise.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll get up," she said upon realizing that he was probably her new roommate.

The last thing she wanted to do was upset the person she would have to share her room with. She stood up immediately, making sure to smooth any wrinkles that she had made on his bed.

"…What are you doing?"

"Oh did you–um–sorry," she said fumbling over what to do.

She stopped touching his bed and retreated to the opposite bed while the boy just watched her with a confused expression. His hair was jet black and in a style that Hinata could only call "purposely messy"; his eyes as well, were as black as coal and were fixed upon her intently. Hinata was unnerved by the way he stared at her; as if he could see right through her disguise. She also found the blatant staring quite rude, but she was used to it since she was a Hyuuga.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I should introduce myself. My name is Hikaru, what's yours?" she

said with a friendly smile.

He didn't smile back.

"Uchiha Sasuke," he said slowly, looking at her warily.

Hinata knew without a second look that this Uchiha Sasuke was someone who people would consider "handsome". In many ways, he reminded her of Neji; he was tall; he had that slender yet muscular build; his face was a perfect synthesis of sharp and masculine features and a certain vulnerable softness that one could almost call him "beautiful".

However, Hinata, having absolutely no one to compare Sasuke to except for the other Hyuuga held no particular interest in his looks. What worried her was not her interest in him, but his interest in her. Ever since he came into the room, he had been staring holes through her.

She could feel his eyes fixated on her back as she unpacked her clothes. Her heart pounded nervously in her chest as she tried to not be bothered by the invisible pressure emitted from his relentless gaze. But, she wondered in despair, did he already figure out that she was a girl? Was she really that obvious?

"I have a question."

Her heart sank in dread.

"Uh… y-yes?" she asked, trying to sound as manly as she could.

"You're a Hyuuga right?" he asked.

"That's right," she replied in feigned calmness. Her clan was renowned and maybe he recognized her? Though that seemed unlikely seeing as to how she rarely ever left her house.

"Your eyes are weird," he pointed out without censor.

She winced. Hinata was used to people thinking her eyes were peculiar, but she was never prepared for the comments people made about them. She was proud of her eyes yet on the flip side of the same coin, she was embarrassed that they made her the center of attention.

"Are you done packing?" she asked him, changing the subject quickly.

"Yeah, I arrived yesterday. Someone else was supposed to be my roommate but he switched out at the last minute."

"Oh, that's too bad," Hinata said, giving her trunk one good shove into her closet.

"Not really."

"Well I'm sure I'm probably not any better..."

"Don't worry, he wasn't as pretty," she heard him say.

Her heart plummeted and she froze in mid-action, her face turning crimson red. At first, she wasn't sure she had heard him right. Pretty? She would've blushed twice as hard if she wasn't in a male disguise. Thankfully he couldn't see her face since she had gone to the bathroom to set down her towels. Maybe he was joking, she thought, because she certainly didn't think that she was pretty.

"Do you like pretty men or something?" Hinata asked in an attempt to crack a joke, but regretted the words as soon as they came out of her mouth.

"No," she heard him snap coldly. She could practically see him glaring at her through the walls and she grimaced.

Hinata slowly edged out of the bathroom, trying her best to avoid Sasuke's undeterred gaze. She fought the blush from rising back to her cheeks. What was with this guy? Did he enjoy making fun of her or were all guys as strange as he was? She wondered if being called "pretty" was a compliment for guys. It didn't seem like it would be, but she also didn't know much about what went through a man's head. Neji did his best to explain how boys acted towards one another, but he never lectured her on compliments.

It was only the first ten minutes of her life in her new disguise and she was certain that she had already been figured out. She silently berated herself of being idiotic enough to make an enemy out of her own roommate. If there was someone at the school she needed to fool, it would be the person she would end up living with.

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