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"A long time have I watched this one. All his life has he looked away, to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing. And yet," the voice paused and the youngling listening at the door tensed in nervous silence. He shouldn't be here, yet here he was. Something inside him told him that his future was through that door. After a long pause, the voice continued, and the young one could hear the smile.

"And yet, always he is there. Always there is a connection between us. I ask that I be allowed to train him. Yes, he is old, I know" the kind voice continued as if forestalling arguments. "Older than I, but still there is much I can teach him, that he could teach me. He will be great."

"I cannot argue with you." The crèche mistress sounded relieved. "I was afraid no one would choose him. He has been with the young ones far too long. With my blessing, your Padawan, he is." There was another long pause before the door swung open on its own, dumping the small child into the conference room. Hurriedly he picked himself up and bowed to the petite woman and frighteningly huge man.

Crèche mistress smiled her crest rippling through a pleased rainbow. "I knew you'd be listening," she said to the little one standing, shuffling his feet in the doorway. "You always do. Youngling, this is Master Starstrider. You are to become his Padawan." She grinned at the joy lighting up the small face as the child made a painfully correct bow to the Jedi Master. Master Starstrider bowed back before heading toward the door.

"I'll leave you two to say goodbye," he offered. He was out of the room then, leaving only one directive behind. "Find me when you are finished, Yoda"

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