Finally, I can officially declare the dawning of a new era! With the success of The Wrath of Pharaohmon series, I can now begin on my long-awaited sequel. You guys don't know how long I've wanted to end my Pharaohmon series. Now with series one out of the way, we can move on with bigger and much better things in the sequel. I promise this one will host more unpredictable moments and twists. With only 28 chapters planned, don't be surprised if some of these chapters each the 30,000 word mark. Yeah, it's going to be a big read for some of you. :D

For those of you new to the series and are starting with this story, I will provide a recap of the important events of The Wrath of Pharaohmon, but I would recommend if you read that story before this one. So, that way you can get a better understanding of the characters involved in this sequel. ;)

I've officially entitled the sequel as The Invasion of the Rajita Invasion. An alien armada will be the next main arc villains instead of digimon. Technically, these guys are Sailor Moon-based villains I've created. Bear with me, the leader himself will not reveal himself so soon but his men will show up. In celebration to the start of the sequel, I have declared the title name 'YuGiOhDigimon' to be changed to 'YuYuGiDigiMoon' for my Wrath of Pharaohmon series and will do the same for this series. Thanks to LazerWulf for a weird yet creative new title.

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The Beginning of a New Chapter! The Reintroduction of Earth's Heroes!


"My name is Takato Matsuda, the Goggle Head and somewhat leader of the Digimon Tamers. It's been about seven and a half months since the Shadow Tournament. Boy, let me tell you, we went through such pain, torment and misery when a lunatic named Pharaohmon emerged into our world in hopes of conquering it. During that one month trail leading up to the Shadow Tournament, we've encountered many new enemies and friends. This wasn't the first time we Tamers have had to prevent a 'great evil' from destroying everything we love and cherish. Before Pharaohmon, there were the Wild Ones, the Devas, the Sovereign, Beelzebumon and the D-Reaper; however, one of them wasn't really evil,just corrupted with darkness. None of them compared to the insanity and sheer ruthlessness Pharaohmon had presented, though. He was on a campaign to regain his demonic body and rule both of our worlds.

It all started on one spring day as Pharaohmon's dark spirit possessed a teen named Lance Canebrook, the son of a rich mogul who helping negotiate a deal between Kaiba Corp and the once-secret government agency known as Hypnos. He used Lance's body to get closer to us and study our every move. He targeted me, Rika, Henry, Kazu, Kenta, Jeri and every one of our allies by sending his subordinates to destroy us. We managed to fight back, but even then the new enemy proved to be difficult. Fortunately, that led to us finding new allies in the process. Enter Himura and Yui Tsubasa... It appeared we weren't the only Tamers in Tokyo. Himura had a digimon partner even before we did. That digimon was a loyal, yet lecherous, demon canine named Inumon. Boy, did he have a thing for Renamon! Himura's younger sister Yui, on the other hand, has a special trait. She has strong spirit awareness. Her digimon partner was actually once a hired assassin of Pharaohmon. This digimon is Dark Gabumon, the rookie form of Shadow Metalgarurumon. While Yui and Himura deeply care for one another, Dark Gabumon and Inumon don't really get along and constantly bicker to no end.

The life of the siblings has been tragic. They had lost their parents when they were just young children in a car accident. Himura fell into a coma for a short time and entered another realm: the Underworld. This was a dark world within the Digital World and ruled by the great Anubimon. This was the same place where he met Inumon and a human girl named Kotori. While the two did not get along at first, they eventually grew closer as their journey across the Underworld progressed. Kotori befriended Seadramon, her digimon partner, along the journey. However, the journey ended on a rather tragic note. An evil serpent named Basilikmon took away Kotori's life, who had thrown herself in Himura's direction and shielded him from the serpent's deadly spears. As Kotori said her final words, Seadramon became Metalseadramon and defeated Basilikmon. It was then that Inumon vowed to become Himura's partner when they would return to the real world.

However, just as they wanted to start out fresh in their new life with their godparents, Himura realized that a new evil had emerged in the real world. That's when he met us. To make matters worse, Yui was captured by Pharaohmon and converted to evil. Poisoning her mind with false images, Pharaohmon turned Yui into Nemesis, a wicked and blood-thirsty mistress. During her stint as Nemesis, she caused pain and anguish to Himura and forced Yui to witness the torture of her own brother. In the end, Himura defeated Nemesis in a duel within the Underworld to set Yui free. The Tsubasa siblings managed to overcome Pharaohmon's mistress and together vowed to stand by us until the very end of the Shadow Tournament.

It's a good thing they did. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have survived through the event. The siblings and their partners played important roles in the tournament. They've proven that they were worthy of being responsible Digimon Tamers and our friends. I'm happy to have met these two and wish that our friendship can last.

Dark Gabumon wasn't the only enemy to turn over to our side. Felinismon was another to turn away from Pharaohmon's influence and join our cause. She was revived by Pharaohmon to do his evil biddings. After many failed missions, she was given one last chance to redeem herself. She was told to duel against Yugi Muto... Yes, you heard me right. THE Yugi Muto! But I'll get to him in a minute... Felinismon had failed to defeat Yugi and was revealed to have a dark, yet heart-breaking past. Pharaohmon had killed her people and Felinismon was duped into doing his evil biddings! Yeah, that's the kind of guy Pharaohmon is! In time, she joined our group and protected Jeri from an attack! This brought the two even closer as Jeri's D-Ark was restored. Looks like Jeri has found herself a new partner and friend. I'm so happy for those two.

Another cool moment I have to say would be when our digimon learned to digivolve to their mega forms with out bio-merging. You heard right. Guilmon and I don't need to share bodies anymore to become Gallantmon. This was all thanks in part to Anubimon's training. Gallantmon, Sakuyamon and Mega Gargomon are now free to reach their mega forms anytime their hearts desire.

Along our mission, we came across many new allies and heroes of Tokyo. This included Yugi Muto and his friends, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi and the Spirit Detectives. We each came from different backgrounds but we all one goal in common: to defeat Pharaohmon.

I'd have to say that meeting Yugi Muto and Takuya Kanbara was definitely an honor. Those two had great insights in leadership and gave me quite a few tips in believing myself. Frankly, I don't know either the Senshi or Detectives personally. On the other hand, I can say that we were glad to have them aiding us. We do know that a girl named Cammy Hino was the Digital Priestess, a legendary figure in the Digital World. It was through her that she and Gallantmon performed the ultimate bio-mergence: Gallantmon Shining Mode! That was the trump card we needed to destroy Pharaohmon!

With the five teams united, we stood our ground and ensured the two worlds would never have to deal with that demonic monster ever again. I'm relieved since it has been seven and a half months since that very event. I'm hoping that we won't deal with such a disastrous threat as the one Pharaohmon had presented. However, something tells me that this may only the beginning of a brand new adventure. This is Takato Matsuda logging out."


"Yo! Takuya Kanbara here! It's already been seven and a half months? Wow, time sure does fly! Anyway, I came here to tell you guys about what had happened. The Shadow Tournament is a thing of the past, but I will never forget the trouble Pharaohmon had put us through! It all started that very week when Pharaohmon's Scrabmon attacked our town. I had thought my days as Agunimon were through. Boy, was I ever wrong! In the heat of a battle, Ophanimon gave me my spirits back! It was great to kick butt as the Legendary Warrior of the Flames! Eventually, Kouji, Kouichi, Tomoki, Junpei and Izumi regained their spirits one by one. Kouichi, Tomoki, Junpei and Izumi even managed to get brand-new A-Hybrid forms: Reichmon, Daipenmon, Rhino Kabuterimon, and Jet Silphymon.

Now, you guys were wondering: What about the lost spirits of Water, Earth, Metal and Wood? As it turns out, four teens were chosen to wield the spirits. Incidentally, Jaarin Wong, the older sister of Henry and Suzie, gained the Spirit of Water to become Ranamon. Sam Joseph became the new wielder of the Spirit of Wood, Grottomon. Dimitro was given the power of Mercuremon, the Warrior of Metal. Finally, Vega James Hunter was given the power of Arbormon, the Warrior of Wood!

The gang was back together! It was a good thing those four spirits were on our side. Otherwise, Pharaohmon would have gained new allies and we would have fought those four spirits all over again!

Another important thing to note is that Kouji and I no longer need the sacrifices of the other spirits to reach our Z-Hybrid forms. That's right, Omegamon taught us to become Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon just by slide evolving from Ardhamon and Beowulfmon! However, these Z-Hybrids aren't as strong as the ones that use all the spirits, so sometimes we still need our friends to lend us their spirits if the going gets too tough, like when Kouji and I fought Piedmon and Marine Devimon.

We carried the honor of facing Pharaohmon in the finals by combining all of our spirits to become Susanoomon. While it was our intention to defeat the demon, we faked death to throw Pharaohmon off guard and make him believe that he had actually won. Thanks to some careful timing by Yugi and, to an extent, that Yusuke guy, Pharaohmon's body was weakened by the spirit energy. This gave each and every one of us a chance to attack! You bet that we didn't hesitate to kick that punk's ass! Everyone, we Legendary Warriors, the Tamers, the Duelists' monsters, the Sailor Warriors and the Spirit dudes let him have it! But what really stole the show was the fusion between the Digital Priestess and Gallantmon! That was just wicked! Thanks to their combined efforts, they sealed Pharaohmon's fate for good!

While we did deal with new enemies, we made many new friends. Yugi Muto, Takato Matsuda, Omegamon, Anubimon, the other Tamers and we even aligned ourselves with the Sailor Senshi on some occasions. We all came from very different backgrounds, but we all shared one common goal: to defeat Pharaohmon! Isn't it already obvious?

As for now, the school season is still in session and you guys can understand how boring that can be! At least we're not fighting against Pharaohmon anymore. It's time we move on and look forward to what the future may bring us. Well, that's what Yugi would always tell us. I have a feeling that Pharaohmon just may have been the start of even bigger enemies to rear their ugly heads! We'll just have to see where everything plays out from here!"


"Good day, everyone, this is Rei Hino, also known as Sailor Mars. Seven and a half months have passed since the event. It's been a quick seven months and I remember the torment Pharaohmon put us Senshi through as if it were yesterday. Pharaohmon became my first official enemy without Sailor Moon around. I needed to prove to myself and the other Senshi that I can be independent in combat when I have to be. Though, I'll admit it was great knowing my friends were there to help me. The reason Pharaohmon even set his sights on me in the first place was my family connection to a being dubbed 'the Digital Priestess'. I had no idea who this was and I had denied having any siblings. It was then that Pharaohmon revealed to me that I have a younger sister residing with my 'dearest' father. My sister, Cammy Sakura Hino, was indeed the Digital Priestess! That was proven to me as soon as we journeyed into the Digital World! Oh, Cammy, she's so full of surprises!

During the first few weeks, Mako-chan, Mina-chan, and I gained new battle forms... the power of Eternal, which Sailor Moon herself achieved during the conflict with Galaxia. These new forms were great and allowed us to harness new powers! We came to realize that Sailor Mercury gained her Eternal form long before we did during her stay in America when a youma tried to kill her. Then, with the Digital Priestess' powers, the Outer Senshi gained their Eternal forms.

Perhaps, the most startling new power we achieved was the new Ninja Senshi powers. These were only specifically meant for me, Mako-chan and Mina-chan. They were given to us by skilled digimon fighters known as the Dra-Warriors. Since our powers were taken away by Pharaohmon to feed his demonic body, we needed a substitute to allow us to fight. These new Ninja powers were quite beneficial and allowed us to sense our surroundings with our new keen Ninja senses. Once the Digital Priestess retrieved the sword, we regained our Sailor forms. However, I think we managed to successfully combine our new Ninja strength with our Sailor powers. That should allow us to become more efficient fighters.

My sister certainly stole the show at the tournament as she and Gallantmon fused together to become Gallantmon Shining Mode. I must say that I was glad to see that demon finally get what he deserved! Unfortunately, that was not even the end of him. As it so happened, he had a living brain that tried to absorb me and make me his new puppet vessel! Thanks to an unexpected rescue by the one named Hiei, I summoned the last of my strength and delivered my mightiest Mars Flame Sniper to destroy the demon's brain. I said I would be the one to deliver the final blow to Pharaohmon and I lived up to my promise! I ended the nightmare of Pharaohmon and I can say that I'm pleased. I've won a battle on my own without the need of Sailor Moon. In fact, I told her about our adventure and she told me she was so proud of my heroic efforts. I also told her about Cammy and she looks forward to actually meeting her one day.

After the tournament, I discovered welt marks on Cammy's back and there was no doubt that my father had inflicted them on her. He abused me and now he's doing the same to Cammy. Well, I sure showed that asshole that history will NOT be repeated on my watch! I gained custody of Cammy and became her guardian. From that point on, we grew closer and I became more of a mother than a sister to Cammy. Raising a child is hard work, but I know I can do this. I'm not going to let my sister down.

Recently, I've been receiving strange messages from my fire readings, including very cryptic messages. Also I look back to that nightmare Belial Myotismon bestowed to me, the dark, winged woman who had my voice, the apocalyptic dreams, my eyes suddenly glowing and me acting more aggressively than I should be. What is happening to me? Are these signs of things to come? What does my future hold? What about my fellow Senshi and allies? Well, I'm about to find out soon enough. I just hope I'm wrong about a new enemy set to emerge."


"And so begins the adventure of yet another story in our lives..."


Digital World/Ruins of Phoenix Arena/Digital World Time: 10:09 P.M.

The familiar grounds of the fallen Phoenix Arena lay across the desert landscape. Dark clouds shrouded the skies and thunder rumbled across the skies. The arena no longer resembled the mighty coliseum it once resembled. It was nothing more than a pile of debris and concrete. Reportedly nobody died within the exploding arena during the tournament's aftermath. Nobody, except for Pharaohmon. With his body destroyed by Gallantmon Shining Mode, his brain was vaporized through the combination of Sailor Mars' final attack and the explosion itself, there was no possible way for anybody, even Pharaohmon, to survive the blast.

However, there was a trio who wanted to be convinced otherwise. Three figures walked across the ruins and used their nocturnal visions to search their surroundings. These three were General Scorpionus, BlackGuilmon and Atolmdramon. They concealed themselves with thick, black robes. Only their heads were visible. They had already confirmed that Pharaohmon was gone but they had to be sure. Atolmdramon searched his surroundings and used a device to pick up on any body heat activity. He was picking on nothing. Even BlackGuilmon couldn't sniff out a scent from Pharaohmon.

"So, what do you think, boys? You think Pharaohmon has been done in?" Atolmdramon asked his colleagues.

"Of course, you fool! We've confirmed that months ago!" General Scorpionus retorted directly at the dragon man. "I don't even see why we should be back here!"

"Relax, General, there's nothing left of him. Our sensors and my sense of smell are not picking up anything. I've already confirmed that Pharaohmon has finally bit the dust, but I had to see for myself. Now, with him gone, we can proceed with our quest to find the seven pieces of Valmarmon! Isn't that what we want? Eh? Isn't it?"

"Yes, you're correct, BlackGuilmon. We must begin our search, but with what resources? Our tracking devices are obsolete! It's going to take us decades or even centuries to find all seven pieces! We would have given up by then!"

"Patience, Atolmdramon," replied General Scorpionus. "We will find the seven pieces by finding new sources of technology. How will we find these resources? Who knows, but we will find something my friends."

"General Scorpionus is correct on his assumption. We share the same views and we want you to remain patient with us," the dark reptile genius stated promptly. "Now, these ruins are of no use to us anymore. There's nothing worth looking at here. Now, how about we relocate back to the farthest regions of the Digital World? There we will arrange another meeting with Demon and his associates. Come now, gentlemen. Our quest begins and in the end everything will pay off!"

"Anything to revive the true dark lord himself, Valmarmon!" the cybernetic general called out. "Atolmdramon, are you with us?"

"Yes! Anything to achieve our goal!"

"Now, let us depart from this hell hole and venture out to begin our quest!" BlackGuilmon declared as he ran out and hopped on his hover bike.

The other two colleagues followed out in pursuit and hopped onto their hover bikes. They started up their bikes and sped off across the desert landscape. Their next stop was going beyond the Digital World and into the Continent of Darkness to meet with Demon. The ruin of the Phoenix Arena was no longer of any use to them. With Pharaohmon gone, they are free to do what they please, including find the seven pieces to revive the Dark God himself.

And so their mission conquest begins...


Earth/West Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan/November 10, 2003/7:30 A.M.

The district of West Shinjuku was busy as usual. Streets were beginning to become flooded by cars leaving their homes for work and to drop their children off to their schools. It was a beautiful, gorgeous Monday morning, though it is not the best day to start off the week. It's back to work or school for many. In the case for others, they are left to stay home and tend to the house chores.

However, for the courageous Digimon Tamers, it was the beginning of yet another boring school week. Yes, even the heroic Tamers who helped save the planet TWICE were still forced to pick up those pencils, write down their assignments and study hard for those head aching tests. Even Takato Matsuda had to wake up at this hour to even make it to school on time.

Opening the back door of his home, Takato grabbed his schoolbag and picked up his lunch. Before he had a chance to walk out, a hand tapped him on the shoulder.

"What is it, Guilmon?" Takato asked while gathering his books.

"I just wanted to say good luck on that test of yours, Takato," Guilmon responded as he ate a piece of leftover bread.

"Thanks buddy. I'm definitely going to need it and there's just no telling what Ms. Asaji is going to put on today's Algebra exam. Man, I don't even plan on being a mathematician when I grow up!" Takato scoffed and gathered all of his school belongings. "Well, I'll see you later, Guilmon. Don't give mom and dad a hard time, you hear me?"

"I won't! I promise to stay up in the room and sleep!"

"That's what you'd do anyway. Well, I'm running late and I don't want to go standing out in the hall again," Takato said as he waved out to his digimon partner and walked out the door.

"Bye, bye, Takato! Good luck!" Guilmon called out to his friend. "Yipee! I get to sleep all day!"

As Takato walked out the back door, he walked across and placed his lunch bag in his satchel. He made his way across towards the street and turned around to find two familiar faces. He saw Kazu and Kenta standing in front of the bakery. Obviously, they were waiting for Takato to arrive through the front and hadn't realized that he had come out of the back. Takato approached the two boys stealthily, but not stealthily enough. Kazu and Kenta turned around and Takato was greeted with a double knuckle noogie from the duo. The goggle head was forced down on his knees and struggled under their weight.

"Ouch! Ok, uncle! I say 'uncle'!" Takato submitted to the boys.

"So, Chumley, are you ready for that Algebra test?" Kazu reminded the goggle head.

"What do you think? Heck, no!" Takato shouted. "I did study a little more than I had to, but that doesn't mean I want to take it! I'd rather be dealing with Pharaohmon again than this!"

"Can't blame you for that buddy," Kenta replied with a depressing sigh. "I think this test is going to kill us."

"Please, you two need to lighten up! I think I'm going to ace this one! I've studied like a workaholic!" Kazu grinned proudly.

"Feh, yeah right," the two boys muttered in unison.

"Hey, you don't believe me? Well, just watch when I pass the test and rub in your faces!" Kazu spat out. "Oh? Hey, you get back here, guys!"

As Kenta and Takato raced off across the street laughing, Kazu gave chase to the two boys. He hollered out and spouted out playful insults at them. However, all three of them will be in trouble if they don't get there on time. There's only fifteen minutes left to spare if they want to make it on time. Then, they would all have to stand outside the hallway and take in more of Ms. Asaji's nagging. However, nothing can be worse than taking an Algebra test in the morning, right?

For another individual, there was something much worse than an Algebra exam.


Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/7:35 A.M.

Inside the beautiful shrine home of Rei Hino and her grandfather, the raven-haired beauty was seen sleeping in her bed. However, she wasn't getting any peaceful rest. Her eyes were closed yet her body was quivering. She tossed and turned in her bed with her forehead drenched with sweat. It looked as if she were having a nightmare. It was evident from her mumbling and gasping.

"No... No... Please, don't! Where am I? What is this?" Rei whispered to herself as she violently thrashed about. "No! Stay back!"


Rei's Nightmare

The girl, garbed in her Miko Priestess outfit, found herself standing at the ruins of Tokyo. It appeared to be the same dream she visualized through Belial Myotismon's illusions, only this time it appeared far more realistic than before. The skies were once again red with the black clouds shrouding and a purple full moon looming over the horizon. The radiation of the moonlight scanned across the devastated, apocalyptic landscape.

There was no sound or movement. Just complete silence. Every trace of living thing was wiped off the map but there appeared to be statues of people cropped all around the city. These were formerly the people that once flourished the city. Their souls had been ripped from their bodies and their body shells became lifeless sculptures. Who could have done this horrible act of genocide?

Rei was the only soul left in the city and for the first time since Belial Myotismon's nightmare illusion, the Senshi of Mars felt fear. She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared. Not even she can assure herself that hope will come and restore these innocent souls. She felt helpless and alone with no friends to help her. Even if she was independent, she couldn't handle the thought of being abandoned by her loved ones. This deeply disheartened her and forced her to search for a living soul to help her.

Then, she felt a presence. However, it wasn't just any ordinary presence. She sensed great evil Ki emerging from the background behind her. As soon as she turned around...


The tall Tokyo buildings exploded and scattered debris across the landscape. Fire showered out of the collapsing towers. Rei ran off as far as she could to avoid the flames. As she fell over and tripped, she watched as an enormous black shadow emerged out of the ground. Her eyes widened out in fear as the shadow expanded itself. It materialized into the shape of the legendary Phoenix. However, the body of this Phoenix was engulfed in pitch black flames filled with indescribable evil power. This was the largest gathering of evil aura that Rei had ever sensed. She couldn't move or speak. Her body was completely frozen in place as her eyes meet directly with the black Phoenix. Then, a pair of crimson eyes emitted through the Phoenix. Soon, Rei's eyes were emitting the same crimson flare. The girl immediately shook her head and her eyes returned to normal.

"What was that...? Who are you! Tell me! What do you want from me!"

The fiery-hearted girl demanded to know the identity of this super cosmic force of darkness. However, the black Phoenix merely responded with a loud shriek that echoed across the landscape. For some reason, Rei actually could understand to what it had just said and communicated with it fluently.

"So, you want me...? But you never gave me a reason why! Tell me!"

The black firebird levitated up and flew across the city in circles while leaving trails of dark flames. The heavens were becoming scorched by its evil flames and the landscape was being ignited. Rei found herself surrounded by the dark ring of fire. She felt the intense heat drawing nearer towards her and she screamed out once the flames came closer. She looked ahead to catch glimpse of a feminine, winged figure shadow with crimson, devilish eyes. Her hair flowed behind her and it was pitch black. Rei was looking directly into the eyes of the personification of evil manifested in a female form. This was the same woman who appeared in her nightmare cast by Belial Myotismon's illusion.

"It's you! Are you the one who created that black Phoenix? Tell me who are you! I demand to know!"

However, the woman took humor to her demands and chuckled in a voice similar to Rei's. The girl did not take kindly to her taunts and attempted to pull out her Henshi Rod. To her shock, she couldn't find her Henshi Rod and backed away from the ensuing flames. Screams from the raven-haired beauty continued on as her suffering would be prolonged, much to the devilish woman's delight. Then, Rei looked up to find two more odd occurrences above the heavens. A neon green circle came shining down upon her as if a spotlight had caught her. The circle condensed down at the center and sent a green beam down directly onto her. Rei found herself trapped inside the green beam and noticed the shape of a strange, ancient symbol under her feet. Yet another dark figure was looking down upon her. This time it was the shadow of an unknown being with a pair of bull's horns protruding from the sides of it head. A pair of yellow eyes emitted and dimmed over his captured 'prey' with great light.

"Now, what this is! Who are you!"

"You shall be just another soul to be delivered to my collection, Princess Mars! You and the Moon Princess cannot hope to win! In the end, my kingdom will precede over yours! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

The voice of this figure bellowed out in a cruel yet victorious laughter. Just what could this mean? Somehow this being knows Rei of her Mars origins and that of the Moon Princess herself. But, what does this have anything to do with the symbol, the demonic black firebird and the devilish woman? Are these the signs Rei has seen in her visions and fire readings? These were truly more than Rei herself could handle.

The girl screamed out as the black flames engulfed her completely and swallowed up all of post-apocalyptic Tokyo along. Screams echoed out from Rei and a scene of the Mother Earth itself was displayed. In a matter of moments, a bright star shone on the Earth itself and expanded across. The Earth's surface was shattered and resulted in the planet itself detonating. Then, following the Earth in a domino effect, every other planet was destroyed. The entire Solar System imploded into a super nova with nothing left to behold.


Quickly awakening, Rei sat up from her bed and shot up. Her eyes widened, her breathing was heavy and her forehead was deeply drenched in heavy sweat. Once she had realized where she was, Rei let out a calm sigh of relief and lay back on her bed. It was only a nightmare, wasn't it? The Senshi of Mars did not believe so, no matter how much she wanted to deny it.

"These nightmares are getting worse. They're becoming more real and I can't even bring myself to sleep anymore. I'm getting these same visions from my fire readings," Rei whispered to herself. "The green symbol, the horned monster, the mysterious dark woman with my voice, the black Phoenix and the Earth left in ruins. It all doesn't add up... Are these events to come?"

Rei placed her hands on her chin and wiped her sweaty face. What made these dreams scarier was that they felt real. The flames even hurt her yet she found no burnt marks anywhere on her body.

"I need to look more into this... When I have the time, I can go back and look through my fire readings. What Belial Myotismon said... How can I forget? But, then again, why should I believe him? Should I take his word for it? How am I involved in the upcoming threat? Will there be any threat now? Even I'm scared to find out..."


Suddenly, the door to her room opened up and standing out was eight-year-old Cammy Sakura Hino. The little girl was dressed in a cute, schoolgirl uniform. The outfit is white trimmed with blue edges, her skirt was light blue, a red tie was tied around her neck, her socks were long and white, and her shoes were brown. A bright, radiant smile crossed her face and she was prepared for her first day in school. She held her backpack on her back and a lunch bag in her right hand.

"I'm ready," Cammy smiled radiantly. "Have you forgotten? I start school today."

"Wha- Oh my gosh! You do!" Rei quickly jumped out of bed and fell flat on her face.

Cammy giggled out at her sister's antics and nodded her head, "That's right. Though, today it's only my first day. It shouldn't matter if I'm late, right?"

"Well... I'd rather get you there on time so you can meet with the other kids there. I'm sure you'll make wonderful friends on your first day."

"You think so?"

"I know so. You are very easy to get along with," Rei lifted herself off the ground and smiled. "Ok, if you can let me get dressed, I can walk with you."

"Ok, I'll be waiting," Cammy nodded excitedly and closed the door behind her.

Rei smiled warmly and turned towards her wardrobe closet. She picked up a nice accessory of conservative clothes for the day. Her clothing consisted of a white dress with red long sleeves, a heart-pendant necklace and a pair of brown high-heel boots. She quickly fixed her hair, cleaned her teeth and put on her clothing. To top it off, she checked herself in the mirror and checked her eyes. Everything was clear. She walked out the door and grabbed her purse.

With Cammy waiting outside, Rei smiled and walked with her sister out of the shrine. The two sisters walked down and looked up to find the two resident crows, Deimos and Phobos, squawking down at them. They came flying down onto Rei and perched on her sides.

"Well, good morning to you two," Rei smiled. "Sorry, but I don't have any food now. I have to go drop my sister off. I'll be back to feed you two."

"Morning, Phobos and Deimos!" Cammy smiled and reached up to the touch the crows.

They came down onto Cammy and perched on her shoulders. The little girl giggled as she pet the crows and raised her arms up gracefully to allow them to fly back to the trees.

"They've grown to like you, Cammy-chan. That's because they trust in you," Rei stated. "I was the same way when I was your age. They grew to like me shortly after I moved in here. Ah, by the way, did you already say goodbye to grandfather?"

"Uh-huh, that I did," Cammy said in reply.

"Are you ready?"

"You bet! I'm so excited to meet some new friends!"

"I hope you'll meet some wonderful friends, Cammy. I didn't have very many friends your age. This will be good for you," the raven-haired pre-adult walked down with her sister out of the shrine.

"So, are you going to be seeing Mina-san and Mako-san?" Cammy asked her sister.

"Yes, I'll be meeting with them later this morning. Since I've returned back to the shrine to take care of you, I need to catch up on what they're doing. Then, I'll go home for a while and wait until you get out of school. Do you need me to pick you up?"

"Well, maybe, but the school is pretty close to where we live, right?"

"Yeah, but I just want to take precautions," Rei reminded her younger sister. "You know because I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I know and I appreciate you being there for me. But, I'd like to see if I can depend on the new friends I make. I mean you eventually became close friends with the other Senshi, right?"

"Yeah..." Rei had remembered those fond memories of when she was introduced to Usagi and the other Senshi.

Then, she immediately saw the images of the black Phoenix and the devilish woman in her mind. She stopped and gasped out. Cammy looked up and noticed her sister breathing heavily. The young woman's was panting and drips of sweat came down her forehead.

"Sister? Are you okay...?"

The elder Hino sister did not give any reply to her worried sister and held her head. Cammy tugged on Rei's right arm in attempt to get her attention.

"Sister, you're starting to scare me..."

"Huh?" the elder sister returned back to reality. "Oh... I'm so sorry, Cammy-chan. I didn't mean to scare you like that."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing really... I just felt lightheaded. There's nothing to worry about. Now, let's take you to school, ok?"

"Well, all right," Cammy smiled yet felt worried for her sister.

"I'm sorry, Cammy-chan, but I can't bring myself to tell you the visions I've had. They're too graphic for you and I don't want you to be having nightmares, too. But, should I bring myself to tell the other Senshi? I can't go on like this. Well, at least Pharaohmon is gone... That's all that matters and my sister can go on living without anymore worries of another enemy threat. However, with these recent visions, I just don't know..."

"C'mon, sister, I want you to come and see my school on my first day!" Cammy called out to her elder sibling.

"Of course," Rei said. "I'll stick around here for a bit, but I really have to go meet with my friends."

"You don't have to come in with me, but you could get familiarized with the school. All the other kids' parents have to get to know their teachers."

"Yes, I understand."

"Well, let's go sister! Come on!" Cammy excitedly ran across.

"Hold on, Cammy-chan! You're running way too fast! Geez, little kids sure can haul major butt," Rei ran to catch up with her sister.

With the Hino siblings running across, Takato and Kenta came running by with Kazu hot on their trail.

"Can't catch us, Kazu!" the boys exclaimed.

"I'll be laughing so hard when I ace that Algebra test!" Kazu called out. "You hear me? I'll be the one laughing!"


Tajiri Junior High/Room A-106/8:05 A.M.

The classroom of this specific first year Junior High class had thirty seats inside available for that approximate number of students. Four windows were on the left side of the wall with the curtains down. Despite the fact that class was supposed to start 5 minutes ago, the teacher was not there, and the class was only half-full.

Amongst the students was one familiar face. Sitting in a desk away from the large gathering of people is a blue-haired boy with an eye patch on his right eye and wearing a dark blue school uniform. He tapped his finger on his desk and yawned to himself. He wasn't exactly the morning type and did not want to be in school. He'd rather spend time with Inumon back home. This boy was the lone wolf himself, Himura Tsubasa. Seven and a half months past the Shadow Tournament, he and his sister have been at ease with their lives ahead of them. Though, the end of their adventures in the Digital World led to being held prisoner inside the classroom.

"Great... Another boring school day... I mean what good could actually come out of this?" the boy muttered. "Yui's lucky that her classes don't start until forty minutes after mine."

Just then, the boy looked ahead and found what appeared to be a familiar face. A boy came walking in and Himura thought he had just seen Kotori.


Then, he realized that this boy has dark blonde hair rather than dark blue hair and he appeared to be more feminine than the tomboy. Then, it had just suddenly struck Himura's mind. Kotori's spirit had asked Himura to befriend her cousin as her final wish. This was his opportunity to introduce himself.

Himura sat up form his seat and lightly cleared his throat. It was now or never.

"Well, here goes nothing. I'm doing this for you Kotori," Himura said as he slowly walked over to where the boy was sitting.

Sitting at near his desk, Phillipe was reading a book and did not notice Himura approaching him. The 'lone wolf' cleared his throat once again and caught the new kid's attention. Phillipe turned around and noticed Himura looming over him with a rare smile on his face. Quirking an eyebrow in question, Phillipe placed his book down and looked up to observe Himura.

"Hello there. You don't happen to be Phillipe Sangara? Am I right?" Himura sat down on a chair next to Phillipe and extended his hand out.

"Um, yes, that would be me and you are?" Phillipe nodded his head in reply and shook Himura's hand nervously.

"Oh, how rude for me not to introduce myself. I was a good friend of your cousin, Kotori. You can call me Himura. Himura Tsubasa to be precise."

Upon hearing this, Phillipe's eyes slightly widened in shock and he was very surprised that his deceased cousin even had a friend. Let alone a male friend.

"Wait... What? You knew my cousin, Kotori?"

"Yes, I... I meet her before she died... I'm sorry about your loss, but she was a good person."

"Yeah, that she was," Phillipe nodded. "She was really close to me besides my sister. I'm surprised she even had any friends in school. Normally, they would be more afraid of her."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Himura chuckled. "She told me all about her reputation as a bully beater and a complete tomboy."

"Yeah, she protected me against the bullies but it wasn't long before she got kicked out of my school. Since then, I've never had anyone to stick up for me."

"Oh, did you just enroll in this school?"

"Yeah, I have enrolled here," Phillipe said in reply. "We transferred here from another school. The kids here don't seem to be that bad."

"Nah, you should get used to them. I'd like to be your friend since I knew your cousin."

"Yeah... That I can agree with. You knew my cousin and we talk of many fond memories of her. I'd be happy to be your friend, Himura," Phillipe shook the boy's hand and smiled.

"Nice to finally meet you," said Himura. "Kotori would be very happy to see you befriending me. That would be something she wants from you."


"So, anyway, you have a sister, don't you?" Himura asked the pre-teen boy.

"Um, well, yeah... I do have a sister sadly," Phillipe snickered as an anime sweat drop appeared over his forehead. "I just hope she doesn't go causing a scene in any of her classes."

"What's the matter? Is your sister a troublemaker? What's up? You don't get along?"

"It's not that. I mean, we DO get along..."

"Then what? Is she that bad of a troublemaker? Is she even worse than Kotori?" Himura curiously asked.

"No, she's nothing like Kotori-chan," the boy sighed. "She's not a major troublemaker but she's a little..."

Before he had a chance to explain, the doors pushed open quickly and everyone turned around to see a high school age girl standing out. A radiant smile crossed her soft face. She was as tall as most of the boys in class. Her attire consisted of a pink shirt with golden buttons, a dark blue skirt and brown shoes. She called out in a loud, disruptive cry.

"HI PHILLIPE FEROT! YOUR SOEUR MERVEILLEUSE CAME HERE TO DROP OFF YOUR LUNCH!" the girl called out with a French accent in her voice.

"Oh... no... She managed to find me," Phillipe sighed. "I can't believe I forgot my lunch..."

"Now, you can't forget little things like that, Phillipe-chan," the girl who appeared to be Phillipe's sister handed him his lunch bag.

"Well, I guess this is her, huh, Phillipe?" Himura whispered to the boy.

"Oh? You must be a new friend of Phillipe's!" the girl approached Himura.

"Um, yeah, hi there," Himura sat up and shook her hand. "M-My name is Himura Tsubasa!"

"Ah, nice to meet you. I am Saya, Phillipe's soeur."

"Soeur? That's the French meaning for sister. You don't happen to be French, do you?"

"Yes, we are, Himura. We're actually half-French," Saya replied. "Right, Phillipe-chan?"

Before he had a chance to reply to his sister, Phillipe had gripped the book his hand tightly and accidentally ripped it in half. The boy gasped out in shock as the halved book was in his hands. Both Himura and Saya looked at him with bewilderment.

"Um, what just happened there?" Saya asked. "Oh no, your book!"

"Phillipe...? What was that for?" Himura approached the boy in confusion. "Dang, you tore that book a good one!"

Looking down at his torn book, several anime drops dripped over his head as he felt humiliated on his first day in class. If his sister arriving with his lunch was bad enough, then tearing up his book in front of everyone was even more embarrassing.

"Damn it and that was my favorite book, too! Look what you made me do, Saya. I feel embarrassed on my first day... On the bright side, I at least made a new friend. I feel everything will be good from here on with me hanging with Himura. Until then, I just better keep myself in check and don't humiliate myself. Oh dear... Why me?"


Keimei Gakuen Elementary School/Room B 204/8:15 A.M.

There was yet another individual who was just getting adjusted to a new schooling life. Sitting at the back row of the class was Cammy Sakura Hino. She was just dropped off by her sister but yet she felt nervous being exposed to a foreign school environment. It was a good thing she was fluent in Japanese since it was her father's primary language, even though she had lived in America all her life. Class hasn't even started yet and Cammy felt butterflies in her stomach.

She observed the classroom and did not take her eyes off the chalkboard. The teacher would be arriving in fifteen minutes to start class. She remembered what her sister had told her about making hew friends.

"Sister, I know I should be making friends, but it's difficult knowing that I'm in a foreign school. I may be Japanese but this is still all new to me. Well, at least I can speak fluent Japanese. Let's see here... How should I go on and introduce myself?"

The poor girl didn't have a clue on what to do and this could spell trouble if she didn't start making friends. Just then, she turned around to find a rather familiar face entering the class. Her eyes brightened as she caught glimpse of Himura's younger sister, Yui Tsubasa. She, too, was dressed in the same traditional school uniform as Cammy.

"Yui...? Can it be...?" Cammy sat up from her chair and gasped out in happy relief.

Accompanying Yui was a boy. He had light, blue hair, tiny freckles around his face and gorgeous, green eyes. He wore a male black school uniform. They both conversed as they approached their seats. Before Yui sat down, she caught a glimpse of Cammy running up towards her.

"Yui-chan! It's you!" Cammy ran up to Yui and threw her arms around her.

"Cammy-chan! My gosh! It's you!" Yui called back as she caught Cammy and embraced her. "Oh, Cammy-chan! It's good to see you again!"

"Wait, you two know each other?" the boy asked the girls.

"It's been a while, Yui-chan. Like, seven and a half months, right?"

"Yeah, that's about right. Did you just enroll?"

"I enrolled a long time ago but I had to take some tests before they let me start. I moved here from America and I'm staying with my sister. She's my legal guardian."

"Wow, that's so cool, Cammy-chan. So, how well did you do?"

"Aced all of my tests," Cammy smiled proudly. "I was the highest ranked amongst the transfer students."

"Wow, maybe you can help me with my homework," Yui giggled. "I'm not doing well in some of my classes."

"Sure, I can help you some. Though, you're going to have to introduce me around..."

"Ahem, I know you two are having some kind of reunion, but why not introduce me to your friend there, Yui-chan?" the boy spoke out.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Aoshi!" Yui chuckled and pointed to Cammy. "Aoshi, this is Cammy. Cammy, this is Aoshi."

"Sorry for hogging your friend there, Aoshi," Cammy approached the boy and shook his hand. "My full name is Cammy Sakura Hino."

"It's good to meet you, Cammy-chan. Though, I'll admit, Sakura is a cute name. You came just in time since we're starting a new lesson today."

"Oh really? What are you guys doing now?"

"We're about to take our Pre-Algebra. I hope you know your math, Cammy-chan. Because it's a pain in the butt," Yui sighed.

"Oh, yeah, I know plenty when I schooled over in America. I'm sure I can be a big help to you two," the raven-haired girl offered to tutor the duo. "The only subject I'd say I might not do well with is modern history. I actually prefer ancient tradition like my sister."

"Hum, I see," Yui nodded. "Say, Aoshi, why don't we show Cammy around during lunch time?"

"Yeah, that's a great idea," the boy said in reply.

"You're going to love hanging around with us, Cammy-chan, because I can protect you and Aoshi from the mean bullies."

"Wait, um, bullies? Yui-chan, you don't mean to tell me that you beat up on bullies do you?" Cammy asked with a slightly worried look.

"Sure, they never want to mess with me," Yui smiled proudly. "So, whenever you are in trouble, don't hesitate to call on me!"

"Ummm, okay, I won't forget, Yui-chan," Cammy lightly giggled. "So, anything else I should know?"

"Nothing, except that a few classes are pretty boring," Aoshi opened up his Algebra textbook. "So, you say you live with your sister? Is she anything important?"

"She co-owns Hikawa Shrine with our grandfather," Cammy stated.

"Wait, you mean your sister is Rei Hino, that famous Priestess who's been interviewed by reporters and displayed on several magazines?" Aoshi had remembered hearing about the great Rei Hino. "You're her sister?"

"Yeah and she's the best sister in the world," Cammy smiled. "She's actually teaching me to become a shrine maiden."

"Is it hard?" Yui asked curiously.

"Eh, it's hard work, but I'm a quick learner. I need to keep at it though. It's not something I can learn overnight. It takes time and my sister has been very observant of me."

"Wow, that means you're going to do those fire readings and read people's futures right?"

"Well... Maybe...And I wouldn't say my sister can look into the future but she does rely on visions. She has a strong sense of the supernatural like I do."

"That is so cool. To think your sister even knows the Sailor Senshi, too," Yui smiled.

Upon hearing this, Aoshi jumped out of his seat and cried out in front of everyone, "WHAT!"

The whole classroom of children turned around and laughed out. The boy stood out with a red blush covering his face. Cammy and Yui shared a giggle together.

"You mean to tell me you and your sister knows the legendary Sailor Senshi?" Aoshi whispered to Cammy.

"Yeah, they come by and see us every now and then. They protect us from all of the bad monsters," Cammy explained. "Though, there haven't been any monsters, lately, so, they hardly show up these days."

"It's too bad. I actually wanted to meet them," Yui said. "But, its cool you're associated with famous people, Cammy-chan."

"Well, gee, thanks," Cammy blushed happily. "I'm NOT that famous..."

"Well, you're certainly more famous than all us kids in this school," Aoshi stated. "Don't you worry, Cammy-chan. As your new friends, we'll be there whenever you need us."

"Really, you two would consider being my friends?" Cammy asked.

"Sure, we do, Cammy-chan. We already said we'd be friends back several months ago. Now that we're in school together, you, me and Aoshi can hang out more often."

"Oh, you guys... Thanks... And to think I wouldn't have anyone to talk to," Cammy hugged Yui warmly.

"It's ok, Cammy-chan," Yui embraced the young Hino and pat her back.

"Aww, that's so sweet," Aoshi watched the two reunited friends embrace. "It's good to see Cammy meeting us on her first day. We'll be here whenever you need us."

While embracing Yui, Cammy looked back to what her sister had told her and now she was making her sibling proud.

"Sister, I'm happy to say that I've finally found some friends that I can really depend on. I've made you proud and I wish you do approve of them. Though, I'm confident you will. We'll just have to see, won't we?"


Outskirts of Shibuya/Streetside/12:05 PM

With nearly ninety-nine percent of students in school, there were a few that decided to simply skip out. The two most notable of these students were two of Tokyo's toughest street fighters: the 'Great' Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara. Today, they simply decided to skip out during lunch break and explore into the city. Fortunately, they managed to get away without getting caught. Though, in all seriousness, neither one really gave a crap.

Yusuke walked down wearing his traditional green school uniform and carrying his school case with one hand on his back. Kuwabara followed beside him and yawned. Since they left, they wondered where they would go at this hour. Apparently, there was nothing much to do during the school hours.

"So, um, Urameshi? Have you thought about where we are going?" Kuwabara asked curiously.


"What? You mean we skipped for nothing?"

"If you want to believe that..."


"Yeah, it's me! The Great Urameshi speaking here to give you the recap of the past seven and a half months! Well, right after coming off the Shadow Tournament, I was forced to take part in yet another tournament and I was given an invitation by Big Muscles himself, Toguro. The event took place at Hanging Neck Island. My five-man team included myself, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama and the masked fighter, who turned out to be Genkai. We fought through hell against many tough ass demons. While we did go through some tough bastards, we also made new friends along the way.

Some of my greatest opponents at the tournament were the Drunken Fighter Chuu, the Wind Master Jin and Toguro himself. Chuu and Jin turned out to be cool. Other new friends we made at the tournament were the kid with the yo-yos, Rinku, and Touya the Ice Shinobi. Those guys turned out just good after battling some of my team mates in respective bouts. That's cool in my book.

Team Toguro. Well, let me just say... They were the definitely the strongest in the Dark Tournament. I prepared and trained with the old woman, Genkai, to eventually fight Toguro in the finals. Before the finals, he killed Genkai just as she passed her Spirit Orb to me. Much like Anubimon before her, she told me to fight for everyone that believed in me and don't give out on them. I kept my word and faced off with the mighty Toguro in the finals. It was the toughest fight I've ever been through. Once reaching one hundred percent of his power, I thought I was screwed. Though, once he had 'killed' Kuwabara, he pushed me over the edge and motivated me enough to bring out my full power. In the end, it was my Rei-Gun that finally did him in. In truth, Toguro only wanted to fight and die at the hands of a superior fighter.

Unlike that bastard Pharaohmon, Toguro was a noble and humble guy. Well, as it so happens, we won the Dark Tournament and became revered amongst the demons. Kuwabara didn't actually die, but faked his death to motivate me. That sneaky bastard... Genkai was restored to life after Toguro had asked her body to be taken safely in Spirit World. It was a pre-arrangement made by both him and Koenma. I never knew any of this but I was glad to see the 'Grandma' back.

Now, here we are, fresh off the Dark Tournament. As the Dark Tournament champion, I dare Pharaohmon to face me now! If that bastard were to fight me now, he'd be in serious trouble. Now, we begin a new and fresh life. Who knows what may be in store for us, but I do hope I meet that Yui girl again. Something tells me that we'll cross paths again..."


"So, what now, Urameshi?" Kuwabara asked his rival.

"You just asked me that question just a minute ago. I have no freaking idea," Yusuke shrugged. "We can always hit the Crown Arcade. I hear they have some new games installed. We can run by and check it out. Besides, all of those numbers and words are hurting my head. I could play some games to clear my head up."

"I hear ya," Kuwabara nodded. "I need to clear my head, too. The arcade is just the medicine I've needed."

"So, what do you waiting for?" Yusuke ran down across the street. "I'm kicking your ass at Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance!"

"Oh, bring it on, punk!" Kuwabara called out after the Dark Tournament champion. "Just because you've won the Dark Tournament, doesn't mean you can kick my butt!"

As the two teens headed down to Crown Arcade, the ever lovable Impmon came walking by with an ice cream cone in hand. He had watched the two punk kids run down to the local arcade to challenge one another to a series of combat games. Impmon shrugged his shoulders and threw the cone into his mouth.

"Eh, whatever," Impmon scoffed while munching on the cone. "I have better things to do than go to some stupid arcade. Time me for raid another café! BA-BOOM!"


Juuban District/Crown Fruit Parlor/12:30 PM

Meanwhile, inside the Crown Fruit Parlor, two of the Sailor Senshi were sitting together at a table and waited for the arrival of Rei Hino. One of the girls was the ever joyous blonde-haired bombshell with her hair tied up with a red ribbon. She was wearing a red-orange long sleeve shirt, an orange knee-length skirt and red boots. Minako Aino lay back on her cushioned seat and took a sip from her shake. Makoto Kino sat across from her on the other side. She was wearing rather conservative wardrobe. Her outfit consisted of a black long-sleeve shirt, a knee length green dress and green high heel shoes. A belt buckle wrapped around her waist and her hair was again tied up in its usual ponytail. She drank her milkshake and waited.

"So, what do you think is taking her so long?" Minako asked her comrade.

"Maybe she had some errands to run... I called her four times just now," Makoto sighed. "I don't know what could be holding her up. She did have to drop off Cammy at school."

"But that was hours ago," Minako replied. "You know I'm starting to think Rei is going to end up just like Usagi one day."

"Why's that? Well, Rei's been constantly late for our meetings."

"Though, Rei has also had a lack of rest lately. Have you ever taken consideration to that?"

"You're right, but still... If something's bothering her, she doesn't have to hide anything from us. She can tell us what is on her mind."

"Yeah, even at this point, I'm a little worried for her. The poor girl... She's been just fine following Pharaohmon's demise. I mean she gained custody of Cammy over that asshole father of hers. She's doing great as a guardian for Cammy-chan and I admire Rei-chan for handling a child. It has to be tough work, plus there's the fact that she works at the shrine with her grandfather and goes to school with us."

"And the fact that she's been rather distant lately," the blonde pointed out.

"That's another good point, Mina-chan," Makoto nodded in agreement. "I just hope Rei-chan will open up to us and let us know what's going on."

"Hey, guys!" the voice of Rei called out.

The two girls jumped out of their seat and turned to find the raven-haired girl approaching them with a smile on her face. The two friends ran up and embraced Rei while catching her off guard. It had been weeks since they had seen each other with the school semester out for them for the next few weeks. Rei chuckled as she struggled to hug back her two former house mates.

"WAI! OH, REI-CHAN! WE'RE SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!" Minako squealed out like a happy child.

"Mina-chan, it's only been a few weeks and besides I've always given guys a call every week," Rei replied. "Mako-chan, you're looking well. Has Mina-chan been behaving with you two just sharing the apartment now?"

"Like always, I still have to watch over her," Makoto sighed. "Artemis and I practically have to watch her everyday."

"You don't have to baby sit me," Minako gave an innocent look. "I'm a good girl!"

"Oh sure," Rei responded with sarcasm. "So, are we going to sit together and chat? I want to know how everything else has been."

"Sure, we order ourselves some of those new high caffeine shakes," Makoto recommended to Rei. "Mina and I just tried some."

"Did they just start making them today?" Rei asked.

"Yeah and they're really good! You should definitely try some out!" Minako smiled radiantly and held her empty shake glass. "More for me please!"

As Minako held her glass up high above her head, everyone stopped to turn and glance at the hyper-active blonde. Rei and Makoto sighed together in disbelief at her childish behavior. If one high caffeine drink was enough to make her radiant, then chugging down a few more would make her go on the biggest sugar rush she's ever experienced.

"I guess I'll try one out. Besides I've had to run a few errands and man, it's been rather hectic today. I'm just worried Cammy-chan might have trouble making friends," Rei rubbed her forehead.

"Rei-chan, this is Cammy-chan we're talking about. She will make some wonderful friends," Makoto placed a hand on Rei's clasped hands and soothed them. "It'll be all right. She'll make it through just fine. You just concentrate on getting some rest and not stressing yourself too hard. You've done a good job being Cammy-chan's guardian."

"I know, but I just didn't take into account that raising a child is difficult. I'm supposed to be her sister not her mother yet I act more like a mom," Rei sighed. "Then, there's work at the shrine and school with you guys. You know it's a good thing there aren't any more monsters in town with Pharaohmon gone."

"So, tell us about these dreams you've been having," Minako said with a serious tone in her voice and breaking out of her childish antics.

"You guys... Please, can we discuss something else? I'd rather not talk about it," Rei asked while brushing her hair aside.

"But, Rei-chan, we're very worried about you. You haven't been acting yourself lately and you've hardly had rest. You were like this before when the Death Busters showed up and you saw visions of the Messiah of Silence years ago. You recall that, don't you?" Makoto reminded her friend.

"Yes, I do, but these visions... Please, I don't want to remind myself of them. Besides, I'm simply shrugging them off as stupid visions. I doubt anything will happen now. We've just defeated Pharaohmon. Don't we deserve the chance to live out normal lives?" Rei twirled with a string of her own hair.

"Well, while you two can discuss things over, I'll be going over to order us some more drinks," Minako said as she sat up from her seat. "Rei-chan, please do cheer up. We're here for you..."

As Minako left to grab them some more of the caffeine drinks, Makoto looked over to Rei and felt sorry for the poor girl. She had never seen Rei this stressed out before and she wonders if this had anything to do with the nightmare vision that Belial Myotismon had presented to the Senshi of Flames. She hasn't even explained to any one of the Senshi about the illusion she received from the Demon Lord.

"Rei-chan, there's no point in keeping this a secret forever," Makoto whispered softly. "Just tell us what's bothering you..."

"No... Please, don't make me say anything about the visions. I'm asking you to just drop this already, please."

"But, Rei-chan, we're worried and we're not going to give up until you tell us. If you keep holding in for too long, the stress is going to kick you in the ass."

"I can handle myself just fine, Mako-chan, but I do appreciate the concern. But, can we just move on with another discussion. How's the restaurant coming along...?"

"It's going along just fine. Some of our employees have quit but we should be able to fill in those vacancy spots for others to come in."

"Oh I see. I'm sure you guys will be getting some new employees soon."

"Yeah, it'll take a little time, but that's how the business runs," the brunette shrugged. "So, how's your grandfather and Yuuchirou-san?"

"They're doing just fine. We're all working hard to keep the shrine in check and taking care of Cammy-chan," Rei responded. "Well, Minako's been taking a rather long time. I wonder what the hold up is."

"She probably ordered more drinks so you can get some caffeine into your system. You may just need it if you're going to be running anymore errands. But, then again, you're right. When it comes to Minako-chan, there's bond to be trouble!"

"Ugh, don't remind me of the incident back at Drago Village in the Digital World. That was one of the most perverted gestures Mina has ever perpetrated. I feel embarrassed to even remember it!"

"Oh, don't look now but Mina's at it again!" Makoto exclaimed and pointed out across.


As Rei sat up from her seat, she looked ahead and caught glimpse of a scene much scarier than any vision. It was Minako and she had just chugged down several of the high caffeine shakes. The blonde laughed out and jumped around like a happy child. Rei and Makoto raced over to stop Minako, but the blonde-haired girl pushed them aside and spun across the room as if she were an airplane.


"MINAKO!" Rei screamed out. "NOT THIS CRAP AGAIN!"

"Well, at least she isn't drunk," Makoto couldn't help but laugh at the scene.

"Now she's starting to think she's..."

"One of the characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?"

"Something like that," Rei sighed as she carefully approached Minako. "Now listen to me, Minako-chan. You're not some talking drink cup, a box of fries or even a meatball. You're just crazy old Minako-chan. Do you hear me?'


As soon as Minako said that, she turned around and bent over. Then, she pulled down her skirt and quickly flashed a 'moon' at everyone in the Parlor, including Rei. Needless to say, the raven-haired young woman did not take this kindly and let her temper flare. Makoto stopped between the two and calmed Rei down. Then, she covered up Minako and dragged her out of the Parlor.

"Excuse us, everyone! You didn't see anything here! Just continue going back to enjoying your drinks and finishing up on your wonderful conversations. We're leaving the building. Right, Minako-chan?" Makoto pulled the blonde-haired girl out of the Parlor while whispering in her ears. "You just had to do that, didn't you!"

"Oh, Minako-chan, not again," Rei muttered as she followed the girls out. "That's three strikes if you ask me. First, the karaoke incident after our high school graduation, then you stripping down to the nude in the Digital World and now this? Minako-chan, you're making a complete fool out of yourself!"

"Look, I'm so sorry this had to happen, Rei-chan," Makoto gave an apologetic bow. "I don't know what this girl was thinking. I really wanted to discuss on important matters and what not..."

"Its okay, Mako-chan," Rei nodded and bowed. "I know Minako is full of surprises."

"Listen, maybe we can get together later? You can even bring Cammy-chan along. Besides, there's that Cosplay event we were planning to go to, right?"

"Yeah, this coming weekend and Cammy-chan is so excited. I even made her a costume to wear for the event."

"What's the costume like?" Makoto asked.

"Oh you'll see. It's simply just adorable," Rei smiled. "I know Cammy-chan will love it!"

"That's great and I'll be looking forward to see it, too, Rei-chan. What you need to do is get some rest before you pick up Cammy-chan, ok?" Makoto suggested. "Can you at least do that for me and Mina?"

"I will... I was even planning to go home to feed Phobos and Deimos," Rei sighed. "A little nap shouldn't hurt."

"Well, we'll see you later then, Rei-Chan," Makoto waved and walked with Minako. "Now, let's take you home, troublemaker..."

"BYE! BYE! REI-CHAN!" Minako called out and waved to her friend.

Waving out to her two friends, an anime sweat drop dripped across Rei's forehead. She turned to another direction and looked around the city. It was filled with human activity unlike her visions. It was a landscape derived out of Hell itself and that black Phoenix had appeared. Those were perhaps the most cryptic images in her visions.

"The girls are right... I need some rest. If I can get at least a few hours of sleep, then I'll be better and ready to pick up Cammy-chan. Still, I'm curious to find out what those images are from my visions. Just who was that woman with my voice and the black Phoenix? There has to be more than to this than I can imagine. Oh, Rei, pull yourself together. You'll do just fine. You're a strong and independent young woman! You have a lot to prove to yourself, including being a role model for little Cammy-chan. I just wish raising a child was easy. Well, off to the shrine I go... Let's hope this week will turn out better than today."


Minamino Residence/Shuichi's Room/3:45 PM

Later that day, the crimson-haired Shuichi "Kurama" Minamino arrived home after a long and hard day at school. He came walking into his room wearing his pink-purple school uniform and carrying his suitcase bag. He laid his bag down and sat on his chair to get into his Internet on his computer. After checking a few e-mails, he would proceed to start working on his school assignments. Once logging in, he felt a presence entering his room. Without turning around, he whispered the name of his guest.

"Hiei... I had no idea you'd be showing up."

"I had nothing else better to do and I wasn't going to be sleeping in any trees all day," Hiei scoffed. "So, what are you doing?"

"I'm checking my e-mail and seeing if I received of anything of importance."

"Like what?"

"Maybe a scholarship or anything important for my future," Kurama replied while reading his e-mail listings until one name caught his attention. "So, Hiei, lately I've been seeing you near the Hikawa Shrine lately. Why take sudden interest in that place?"

"No reason. Besides, I had to expand my grounds."

"I'd advise caution, Hiei. There's a Miko Priestess that works there and I hear she, too, has a strong sense of the supernatural. If you're not careful, she'll use wards on you and I doubt you would want those placed on you."

"Humph, we've had no contact. Even so, she won't be getting those wards on me that easily."

"Careful, Hiei, never underestimate the power of a Priestess," Kurama replied. "The Digital Priestess was a perfect example of that."

"Oh speaking of the Digital Priestess, I saw the little runt at the shrine with that Priestess woman. I suppose that woman is her sister and... I'm getting the same scent from that Sailor Warrior I unfortunately had to save back at the Digital World."

"What? You smelled the same scent off that lady Priestess and it was similar to that Sailor Warrior?"

"That's right."

"So, you think it's possible that girl is that same Sailor Senshi?"

"I suppose. Though, it's not my business to get into that woman's business. Not like I care..."

"Well, speaking of ladies, you know who I just got an e-mail from?"

Upon hearing this, Hiei quirked an eyebrow and looked over at the computer monitor. His eyes widened in surprise once he caught glimpse of the name Mizuno. He deeply growled and remembered being humiliated twice by her.

"What does that woman want?" Hiei growled. "Is she coming back to torment me?"

"Actually, she just wanted to say hello to each and every one of us, Hiei. That includes you," Kurama chuckled. "She's even mentioned you."

"What's that!"

"Come and take a look," Kurama chuckled as he showed him the screen.

On the screen, Hiei read the e-mail and growled deeply to himself. He reached down to his sword sheath and gripped the handle tightly. Suddenly, a pop-up screen appeared with a message from Siren Ocean Goddess05. This was no doubt from none other than Mizuno herself. Kurama quickly clicked on the message and received an IM chat from Mizuno. For Kurama, his screen name was Crimson Rose Thorn.

"Well, look who decided to send me a message just now, Hiei? Would you like to speak to her?"

"Kurama, you had better not let her know that I am present! Tell her that I'm not here!"

"As you wish," Kurama chuckled as he immediately replied to Mizuno's message.

Turning his back on Kurama, Hiei walked over towards the other side of the room. Kurama typed in a message in reply to Mizuno. The message he typed was 'Hiei is in the room with me'. Once he sent that message through, Mizuno replied with 'Oh, he is? Well, let me please talk to him! It'll be good to hear from him, because there's somebody that would like to speak to him in a private chat!' Kurama replied back with, 'Oh? Then, let me go get him. By the way, who wants to talk to him?' Once sending this message through, Mizuno revealed, 'The person who wants to speak to him is named Mu-'

Even before the identity of this secret admirer was revealed, a lightning fast slash cut across the room and sliced the computer completely in half. The computer blew apart from the deadly slash and crumbled to the ground in debris. Kurama was, nonetheless, shocked and stood up with his mouth widened. That was his precious computer destroyed before his very own goods and paid for through his funds.

"HIEI!" Kurama reacted quickly as he awoken from the shock.

"What? You said you wouldn't tell that woman that I'm not here. Now, there's no way I know you can keep your word," Hiei grunted while sheathing his sword.

"But... You destroyed a computer that was paid through my funds! There was no reason for you to do that!"

"And...? It's a machine. Why should you care?"

"Hiei, it doesn't matter... I..." Kurama sighed while holding his head and shaking it in disbelief. "How would you like it if Koenma were to confine you only to this district and forbid you from leaving?"

"Well, what do you think? I'm sick of being confined to this human rat hole."

"Since you've just destroyed my property, I'm going to make you pay off for it and not tell Koenma about extending your punishment."

"And how are you going to make me pay up for it? I doubt I'll ever be doing any work for any petty humans. No way. It's not the way I operate."

"At the risk of being confined only to this city district with Koenma watching your every move? I'm sure he'll think of methods to extend your punishment."

"Argh, fine, whatever... Anything is better than being confined to his damned human confinement! You'll regret ever blackmailing me like this, Kurama."

"Think of this as a new learning experience to get to know the humans better, Hiei," Kurama smiled.

"Bah, humans... They make my skin crawl," Hiei shuddered.

"Now, shall we get going, Hiei? Today we'll look for ourselves an occupation to pay for a new computer."

"Whatever, you just lead the way..."

With that said. Kurama opened the door to his room and walked out with Hiei following behind him. They were going to go out to look for a place to find work to pay for Kurama's computer, much to Hiei's dismay. Little did they realize that Yusuke and Kuwabara were out on the town. The two re-meeting with the Sarayashiki junior high boys was a very good possibility and they could help Kurama find a place to work for the time being. Then, again, maybe not... In either case, Hiei would pay for Kurama's destroyed property.


West Shinjuku/Maya's Garden Shop/4:05 PM

Having left the Crown Arcade, the two Sarayashiki junior high boys walked by the florist shop and peered inside to find a beautiful array of flowers. Now, there seemed to be a problem with this picture. Why would two tough boys even bother looking at flowers? Well, for one, Yusuke had remembered that he needed to give Keiko flowers as a gift. Kuwabara was simply accompanying and walking to where Yusuke went. The boys walked inside the store and sneezed once they stepped inside.

"Oh, bless you, two boys," a woman called out to them.

"Um, thanks," Yusuke replied while sniffling and scratching his nose. "I just remembered I was allergic. Kind of crappy, don't you think?"

"Well, I'm surprised an allergic person decided to arrive in my store," the lady's voice said.

The two boys looked ahead to find a young dark-haired woman wearing a purple summer dress, a white long-sleeve coat and a pair of white slippers. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and in her arms were a handful of beautiful orchids, irises, lilies and roses. The woman's face had a gorgeous smile on her face with green, emerald eyes piercing through the boys' glances. The most notable feature of the woman was her enlarged stomach, which indicted that she was pregnant.

"Is there anything I can help you boys with?" the lady asked. "I'm Maya Katsuya, owner of this shop, as you can already tell from the name."

"Yeah, we've already figured that much out already," Kuwabara nodded in reply.

"Well, we came... As a matter of fact, I came here to buy some flowers for a friend of mine at school. She..."

"Oh, you're girlfriend?" Mrs. Katsuya smiled radiantly.

"Um, you could say that..." Yusuke chuckled.

"I'll bet she would love one of these bundles I have in my hands. I have orchids, irises, roses, lilies and even some rare exotic flowers grown from out of South America. They would look great for her room."

"I'm sure they would," Yusuke said.

"Well, I can have my goddaughter come down and give you a hand," Mrs. Katsuya replied and walked over to the steps leading to the second floor. "Yui! I'm going to need your help again, dear!"

As soon as she exclaimed the name of the goddaughter, both Yusuke and Kuwabara were caught completely off guard. They fell back in surprised disbelief. Mrs. Katsuya jumped back in fright and looked down at the fallen boys.

"Oh, heavens! What just happened to you two? Are you all right?" Mrs. Katsuya kneeled over to their sides.

"Uh, yeah... We're just fine, but did you just say Yui?" Yusuke asked.

"As in Yui, a girl with dark hair tied in a ponytail?" Kuwabara described the young Tsubasa sibling.

"Why, yes... Are you two friends of her? You're awfully older than her usual friends."

"Momma! I'm coming!" the near high-pitched call of Yui shouted back.

Yusuke lifted himself off the ground and turned to find Yui Tsubasa running down in her school uniform. The two exchanged glances as they immediately recognized one another. They both pointed out and reacted out in shock.

"It's you...! The same Yui I meet back seven and a half months ago!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"You! Yusuke! I'd thought we'd never see each other again!" Yui shouted. "My gosh! What a coincidence!"

"Yui-chan, I can't believe it's you!" Kuwabara approached the little girl.

"Oh, you must be Kuwabara? Hi, nice to meet you again," Yui shook the boy's hand. "Now, you two are looking for flowers?"

"Yeah, Urameshi here is looking for some for Keiko."

"Your girlfriend?" Yui asked Yusuke.

"You could say that..."

"Don't worry. You just leave it to me to find you the perfect flower gift for Keiko. Ok?" Yui smiled and turned around to face her mother. "Momma, how about we... Momma!"

Suddenly, the trio gasped as they found Mrs. Katsuya on the ground and groaning out. Her hands were rubbing her stomach and she could hardly stand up.

"Oh no! It's time already! Momma!" Yui cried out as she kneeled over to her mother. "Momma!"

"Please, can you get me to the couch in the back?"

"Yes!" Yui nodded in reply. "Hey, guys! We're going to have to put my Momma in the back on the couch!"

"What! You mean her water just broke!" Yusuke cried out.

"Urameshi, do you have any experience with handling pregnant women?" Kuwabara asked curiously.

"Hell no!"

"Guys, now!" Yui shouted out at the boys. "There's no time!"

"AHHHH! DAMN IT! IT HURTS!" Mrs. Katsuya screamed out at the top of her lungs.

"Hurry your ass up, Kuwabara!" Yusuke rushed over to Mrs. Katsuya's side and placed her right arm over his right shoulder. "C'mon, slow poke!"

"I'm coming!" Kuwabara ran over and placed the woman's left arm on his left shoulder. "It's going to be okay, lady."

"So, you two have never dealt with a pregnant woman before?" Yui asked the boys.

"Hell, I'm the only child and I don't know how to handle myself during a situation like this," Yusuke stated.

"I only have an elder sister," Kuwabara said. "So, nope, I've never dealt with any pregnant women before."

"Well, I don't know what to do because Momma here is going to have her first babies!"

"What, but I thought this was your..."

"No, Yusuke, this is my godmother!" Yui reminded him. "She even called me her goddaughter, remember?"

"So, what now?" Kuwabara asked.

Once the boys placed the woman on the couch, she screamed out louder and held her stomach.

"AHHH! I CAN FEEL THE LEGS KICKING INSIDE!" the woman screamed out.

The trio was currently in panic over the situation. Yui was running around in circles and quickly grabbed the telephone. However, there was no telling when the baby would actually come out. By the time the ambulance arrives, the baby would have probably been released from out of Mrs. Katsuya. Yusuke and Kuwabara stood over the couch with indifferent glares across their faces. They obviously had no clue on what to do.

"Yui, why don't you just call the hospital?" Yusuke asked.

"Yeah, my Poppa works there, but I doubt he can get a team over to pick her up. What if the baby comes out before they arrive?" Yui asked as she rambled on and picked up the office phone. "Oh, this is just crazy!"

"Ok, listen, Mrs. Katsuya, you just need to calm down and breathe," Kuwabara tried to calm the pregnant woman down.


"You guys! We have to do something quick!" Yusuke panicked. "Damn, I've never had to do this before!"

"Hold on, guys! It looks like Poppa's sending a team on their way here. He's also coming with them!" Yui called back to the boys while staying on the phone line.

"How long will that take?" Kuwabara asked.

"They should get here in about five to ten minutes," Yui stated as she hung up. "Man, what a rush. Oh, Momma. Hang in there! I know you can!"

"Damn, all of this is making me sweat already," Kuwabara wiped his forehead. "The poor lady..."

"I just hope she can make it through even on the trip to the hospital," Yusuke said.

"Poor Momma," Yui kneeled over to the couch and held her godmother's hand.

"Yui... Thank you..."

"But I thought the baby wasn't due for another month..."

"I guess he or she wants out now," Mrs. Katsuya chuckled while struggling to maintain her composure and fighting against the labor. "Don't worry, Yui. You and Himura will have yourselves a new welcome addition to the family. Though, I just hope I won't have to endure this much longer..."

"You won't momma. I promise," Yui smiled.

"For your godmother's sake, I just hope your godfather gets here soon with the ambulance team," Yusuke looked at the clock. "Damn, I never thought I'd be dealing with this. If I ever become a dad, I'm going to have to be there for my wife one day. But, it's all too freaking hard. Get here soon, pops."

Unbeknownst to Yusuke, he had forgotten his briefcase school bag. A tiny, blue creature emerged out of the bag and plopped on the ground. Its body was round and blue. There was a small beak and penguin-like feet. In fact, it looked exactly like a baby penguin. A tuft of black hair was on its head. This was Yusuke's spirit beast, Puu. He had previously hatched during the Shadow Tournament and was an asset to Yusuke's character growth during the Dark Tournament.

The tiny creature squeaked out and found himself in the middle of the florist shop. He found a window widely opened and flew out through the open window. He flapped his ear wings and landed on the street. As the people came walking by and failing to notice him, Puu was forced to leap away from getting kicked away and stepped on. Puu ran into an alleyway and hid away from the large crowd of people.


"Hi, did all of those mean people scare you, too? Culu!" a child-like voice called out.

This caused Puu to instantly spin around and he came face to face wit an adorable white, big-eared creature. Its eyes were large, anime-like and its cheeks were slightly pudgy. There was a red symbol embedded on its forehead. The creature's ears were already expanded out and it hopped around Puu happily.

"Hello! Hello, there! What's your name? My name is Calumon!"

"PUU!" the spirit beast responded.

"Puu? Like Puu-mon? Ah, swell!" Calumon smiled and hugged Puu. "Pleased to meet you, Puu! Say, how would you like to hang with me for a while?"


"Is that a yes? I guess so, right? You seem to be a nice digimon. It'll be fun! Come one, let's go and explore! Up, up and away!" Calumon expanded his ear wings and was set to take off.

Suddenly, Calumon fell back as a dark shape jumped out right in front of him. He squeaked out as he bumped his head and looked across to find out who he was facing.

"Who's there? Don't you know it's rude to go jumping out and scaring people like that!"

"Well, if it isn't cream puff!" the familiar Brooklyn accent of Impmon spoke out. "Whatcha been up to, pudgy?"

"Impmon? You shouldn't go sneaking up on me like that!" Calumon jumped up and stated.

"Yeah, yeah," Impmon replied and caught glimpse of Puu standing in the background behind Calumon. "Say, you made a new friend there? Who's the blue penguin?"

"Oh, allow me to introduce to you my new friend! This is Puu," Calumon pointed to the spirit beast. "Puu, this is Impmon."


"Puu? As in 'Poo'?" Impmon quirked an eyebrow and snickered to himself. "He just said 'Poo'! Ha! That's a good one!"

"And? What's so funny about Puu?" Calumon asked.

"Oh, you'll never get it, shorty," Impmon couldn't but help laugh.


"Ok, listen... I just found several places we can go and raid. I hear the taco stands calling my name. If you and 'Poo' want to come, then feel free or you're missing out on some good grub. And if you two don't come, more for me then!" Impmon walked off leaving the two behind. "Well, what are you two dopes waiting for?"

"Um, yeah! We're coming!" Calumon called out. "Puu, we can get some food now! C'mon, I know they're serving really good tacos."


"Then, let's go before Impmon eats them all!" Calumon happily pounced away to follow the impish rookie.

The tiny spirit beast followed Calumon in pursuit to join him in finding the nearest taco stand and eating a good meal with his new friend. Even at this point, Yusuke had not realized that his spirit beast had left the florist shop. By now, he and the others would have taken Mrs. Katsuya to the hospital to deliver her baby. Poor boys, their day just wasn't exactly going right for them.


Digital World/Toucanmon Beach Resort/Sector OCE-0528/4:12 PM

The Toucanmon Beach Resort. This was the very same resort where Takuya and his friends were taken in as guests by the Toucanmon trio. They had taken advantage of their generous offer to swim in the beautiful ocean and gorging down plates of the most delicious foods. However, it was merely all a ploy set up by them in order to win over Ranamon. Since the fall of Lucemon, the Toucanmon have expanded their Beach Resort with more additions, including numerous volleyball courts, more food stands and also have been in the process of constructing a beautiful hotel.

There were many guests taking advantage of the beach resorts while relaxing, tanning and playing rounds of volleyball matches. Amongst these guests were two notable figures. The recently married couple, as of the Shadow Tournament's conclusion, was at the resort as apart of their honeymoon.

Poor Omegamon. Already seven and half months later, he was already getting to understand the meaning of marriage. He stood outside of a changing room and waited for his beautiful Amazon wife. He let out a deep sigh and looked across the beach.

"Athenamon, how long are you going to take in there? It's already been seven minutes! Have you already picked out an outfit yet?"

"Yes, and would you be a little more patient? Most of these outfits are too scantily and I don't want peepers to gawk at me. All right, I'm ready!"

With that said the Amazon Queen walked out of her dressing closet and walked out wearing a light blue one-piece bathing suit. She had a towel wrapped around her waist to cover her lower body. She spun around gracefully and pushed her hair back with her arms. Omegamon witnessed his wife in the bathing outfit and felt himself frozen stiff. Standing right in front of him was THE Amazon Queen in a near scantily bathing suit. He felt his cheers blush.

"Oh dear... Athenamon, you're so..."

"Beautiful? I know I am," Athenamon smiled and walked over towards the Royal Knight. "Come now, let's go and take a walk across the beach."

As Athenamon pressed closer against Omegamon, the male Royal Knight gasped and saw blood immediately squirting right out of his nose. Athenamon saw this nosebleed and merely nodded her head. Normally, she'd kill any man who ever nosebleeds in front of her, but Omegamon was the only exception to that rule.

"Come on now, Omegamon. Don't be such a stiff," Athenamon took her husband by his hand and giggled excitedly like a school girl. "It'll be very romantic and then we can swim together. I know I sure could go for a tan. Do you think so, Omegamon?"

"You're simply beautiful no matter how you look, my lady..."

Upon hearing this, Athenamon simply blushed and smiled. Nobody has ever given her that much compliments besides her own Amazon sisters. She may not care for the opinions for any male, but Omegamon's comments really touched her.

Unbeknownst to them, a pair of Gazimon was video taping a close-up view of Athenamon. They giggled to themselves and caught the Amazon Queen completely on tape. One Gazimon wore an eye patch and the other was wearing a baseball cap.

"Oh, yeah, we're going to make huge bucks off this! We'll send this to every little magazine agency who are begging to have the legendary Athenamon pose nude! This chick is hot stuff!" the Gazimon with the eye patch snickered.

"By getting Athenamon on tape, we'll show them that she's worthy to being posted on the front cover!" the other Gazimon nodded. "Now, we've got more than enough footage! Hold on... I think she's about to bend over! OH MY..."

Before long, the Gazimon with the eye patch lost his balance while lowering his camera and fell right out of the bushes. This caught the couple completely off guard. They turned to find the two sneaky Gazimon rolling out of the bushes.

"What was... Gazimon!" Omegamon exclaimed. "What were you two doing? Spying on us!"

Athenamon looked down at the video camera and then lowered her head. Omegamon slightly backed away and watched as an angry look crossed the Amazon Queen's face. Oh yes, the two Gazimon were going to get it now. Athenamon's eyes darkened as she grabbed the video camera and CRUSHED it with one hand. The Gazimon were amazed by her legendary strength and quickly sped off across the beach.



Omegamon sat back on a beach chair and watched the Gazimon pair being chased across the beach by an ever so pissed off Amazon Queen. He took a wine glass from one of the waiters and sipped it while enjoying the entertainment.

"Oh yeah, now that's MY woman!" Omegamon laughed while leaning back on the seat.

Nevertheless, the wedded couple was enjoying their long yet deserving honeymoon. The Amazon Kingdom was now currently watched over by Jaguarmon. However, the couple would spend another few weeks or so on their vacation before they arrive back at the kingdom. Until then, they were going to enjoy every last minute of this special, romantic occasion. As for the Gazimon, they were going to be sent on a quick trip to the local Digimon hospital once a certain angry Amazon Queen has her way with them. Goddramon have mercy on their perverted souls.


East Shinjuku/Shinjuku Central Park/4:19 PM

After school, the Tamer boys all met at the park once school had ended nearly an hour ago. Needless to say, Takato, Kenta and Kazu were relieved and glad to have gone through that torture. They all arrived at Guilmon's old bunker and gathered to play of Digimon cards. Once again, Kazu had triumphed over Kenta in another duel.

"Awww, not again!" Kenta said. "How did I lose again?"

"Let's face it, Kenta. You just aren't up in my league, buddy. If you keep practicing, you just might beat me. But, I think that might not happen until the next ice age! Ha, sometimes I crack myself up!"

"Oh, you'll be cracking up once I've beaten you at your own game."

"Just keep dreaming, Kenta. Hey, Takato, ready for me to kick your butt again?"

"Yeah right, I've been dueling with Rika and she's been giving me pointers. You're going down, pal!" Takato pulled out his deck.

"Looks like you guys are having fun," Henry's voice called out.

The three boys spun around to find the blue-haired Tamer with his backpack. Henry set his bag down and kneeled over to watch the two boys duel.

"So, you are two getting started?"

"You came just in time, too," Takato smiled. "I think Kazu just said he doesn't want any piece of me since I've been dueling with Rika."

"Ha! Get all the training from Rika! It doesn't matter in the end, Chumley! You're not getting any lucky victories over me!"

"Oh, I'll remember that when I've beaten you, Kazu," the goggle head pulled out his first five cards and examined his hand.

"You boys are starting a game without me. Well, I'm insulted..."

Before the boys had a chance to start, they turned and saw the 'Digimon Queen' herself. Rika walked out of the corner with her arms crossed and observed the boys one by one.

"Well, hi there, Rika!" Takato said as he waved to the redhead.

"How's everything, goggle head? So, you're going to put those pointers I gave you to the test? All I can say is you're going to bite the dust, Kazu," Rika smirked coolly.

"Oh? Is that so? As it so happens, I just made an example out of Kenta here. Takato's going down at the hands of the master!"

"Master of what?" Takato snorted. "All right, bring everything you've got, Kazu!"

"My best would kill you, Chumley."

"Hey, guys!" another voice called out.

The two Duelists groaned as they were once again interrupted. Rika, Kenta and Henry turned to find Takuya running up towards the bunker with a folded poster in his hand. As Takuya entered, Takato quickly jumped to his feet and slapped his fellow goggle head a high five.

"Takuya! Good to see you again!" Takato laughed happily.

"Same to you, dude. Hey, guys! You won't believe this, but I found this poster when I went to buy some Duel Monster cards. They're going to be having a Cosplay event this weekend at Kaibaland Theme Park!" Takuya excitedly displayed the poster which featured Cosplayers and a bulletin. "It's going to be a three-day event starting Friday, but I just bought myself a ticket for this Saturday. Kouji, Kouichi, Izumi, Junpei and Tomoki will also be going with me. They bought tickets. I was wondering if any of you guys bought tickets yet."

"What! You mean there was a Cosplay event I wasn't even told about? All right, Kenta, that was your job to keep me up to date!" Kazu exclaimed.

"Why me?"

"A Cosplay event? Hmmm, maybe I can have my sister help me buy a ticket," Henry rubbed his chin and observed the poster.

"Well, I have nothing better to do. Besides, I'll bet there'll be some Duel Monsters competitions there. Why not?" Rika shrugged her shoulders.

"You know I'm there, Takuya! I know just what costume I'll be wearing, too," Takato said.

"That's great! But you guys will need to buy your tickets fast. They're selling like hot cakes and make sure to tell Himura about this, too. I'm sure he'd love to go," Takuya reminded them.

"Sure, I've got his number anyway," Takato replied. "Man, this is going to be so exciting!"

"Well, look on the bright side, once I've mopped the floor with you, Rika will be next at the event!" Kazu laughed proudly. "Everyone will hail me as the Great Kazu!"

"Feh, in your dreams," Rika rolled her eyes and coughed.

"Well, I better be off, guys. See you later in the week," Takuya waved out to the Tamers and ran off with the poster in hand. "Oh, I almost forgot!" he called back. "There's going to be a contest where they'll be giving away these four legendary Beast Cards."

"Beast Cards?" Takato asked. "What are those?"

"Not sure," the other goggle head replied. "They mentioned it on the poster but didn't go into too much detail."

Leaving the Tamers behind, Takuya ran down to catch the nearest bus. "I wonder what Yugi and his friends are doing," He thought to himself. "I haven't heard from them lately. I'll bet they probably would have known about the event by now. Heck, Kaiba himself runs the theme park. Oh, well. I'll bet we'll see them there."

Noticing everyone was already discussing their plans for the Cosplay event, Kazu realized that nobody sought any interest in card playing. He simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I guess since Takato put his cards down, I win my default."

"My foot!" Takato called back. "We still have a game to start, pal!"

"Nuts, I was really hoping he would have forgotten that," Kazu sighed. "Ha, I already know what I'm going to be! Cosplay event, you better make room for the Great Kazu! Those Beast Cards are mine for the taking!"

"Ha, sorry, but they're only reserved for real champions," Rika stated.

"Bring it on, sister!" Kazu challenged the feisty redhead.

"Well, all I can say is, somebody is going to end up winning those Beast Cards and I doubt Kazu will be one of them," Henry thought. "Though, I wonder... What are these four Beast Cards? I have not heard of them before. My dad doesn't seem to know anything about them. Something sounds very strange about this situation."


Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/6:25 PM

Later in the day, after taking a nap for a few hours, Rei left the shrine to pick Cammy up from school. The two sisters shared a long heart to heart conversation on their way home. What made the elder sister even happier was the fact that Cammy had made new friends, including Yui and Aoshi. Once they returned home, Cammy was quick to start on her homework and this gave her sister time to heat them up frozen dinners.

The little girl sat in the dining room on the table and sat in a kneeling position. She was already halfway through her Algebra homework and calculated the formulas as part of her assignment. This would have been difficult for any child her age, but she seemed to understand the problems. Surely, Ami would be very proud of Cammy. Rei came walking by with a tray with two plates filled with the frozen dinner she had heat up. Cammy's plate was curry rice mixed with shrimp. On the other hand, Rei's plate was curry rice mixed with vegetables. The elder sister kneeled down and placed the tray on the table.

"Hey, kiddo, break time," Rei smiled and placed Cammy's plate on the table.

"Oh, yum!" Cammy placed her book and paper aside. "That was rather quick."

"Well, it is just frozen TV dinners. That's nothing I can't handle."

"You mean you don't cook for yourself often?"

"Not often."

"Oh, I thought you could teach me sometime."

"Maybe, when you don't have homework and I don't have to work much," Rei placed her own plate down. "Mind if I join you?"

"No, I don't mind," Cammy nodded and placed a spoonful of curry rice in her mouth.

"It's wonderful that you've made friends already. So, that Yui girl you met in the Digital World is in your class?"

"Yeah, we have a lot of classes together, including gym," Cammy replied after swallowing her food.

"And this Aoshi boy. How is he like?"

"He's a bit shy but he's a good kid," Cammy stated. "Some mean boys were picking on him because of his bad sense of smell and Yui came to scare them off."

"Wow, this Yui girl sounds pretty tough if she can scare off bullies like that. Sounds like a mini Mako-chan."

"She is and now I have a friend to really depend on. Though, she's going to ask me to help her with her schoolwork more often."

"There's nothing wrong with that. Ami-chan used to always help me and the other girls all the time. I admit I'm not good at everything I do in my academics. That's where Ami comes in to save the day."

"How's Ami-san doing?"

"She's doing fine. As a matter of fact, she was supposed to call to tell me about something big coming up."

"Oh, I wonder what it is."

"Who knows? I guess we'll find out once she tells us."

"Yeah, oh and there's something you've wanted to tell me?"

"Yeah, and thanks for reminding me," Rei said. "It's about the Cosplay event. I've been really hard at work to make your costume while you were sleeping."

"Oh? I've been looking forward to this! You have no idea how excited I am about this event!"

Rei smiled and walked over to the other room. There was a black bag lying on the ground. She kneeled over to pick it up and brought it over to the dining room. Cammy's hands were clasped together and her eyes were widened with excitement. Rei opened up the bag and revealed the outfit that Cammy will wear for the Cosplay event. The costume was an adorable, miniature version of Sailor Mars' sailor outfit. It looked precisely just like Rei's Sailor suit, from bow to the right colorations. Rei even pulled out a tiny tiara and a pair of long-sleeve gloves. There was simply one word to describe Cammy's reaction: ecstatic.

"So, what do you think, Cammy? I worked hard to make this for you."

"Sister... Oh my gosh, that's great work!" Cammy ran up and embraced her sister around her waist. "That's such a cute outfit, sister! I love it! Now I can honor you by wearing this outfit! You even got the tiara and the right colors. The only thing missing are the shoes."

"I was thinking you can wear regular tennis shoes with it," Rei giggled. "I don't think you would want to walk in high heels all day."

"Nah, tennis shoes should be fine. Oh, Rei, you have no idea how much I love this outfit," Cammy smiled as she held the outfit in front of her. "So, what are you going to go as?"

"I'll just simply wear my priestess garb, tie my hair back and bring along a bow & arrow," Rei replied. "I'll be going as Kikyo from Inu-Yasha."

"Oh, that's a good choice. You do almost look like Kikyo anyway. Well, at least a younger version of her," Cammy nodded. "Oh, sister, you have no idea how much I appreciate this costume. Thank you."

"It's not a problem, Cammy-chan. You can even try it on after you finish your dinner and homework."

"Yeah, that's a good idea and you can show me your costume."

"Silly, I practically wear my costume nearly every day," Rei corrected her sister. "All right, now would be a good time we finish our dinner and you can get back on your homework."

"Yeah and we sure don't want our food to get cold, right?" Cammy said as she kneeled over next to the table and began to finish eating.

"That's right, Cammy-chan," Rei nodded with a smile and sat down to eat.

"One more thing, sister, is it okay if two of my friends can go with us? It's Aoshi and Yui."

"Sure, I don't see any problem with that. You can even introduce them to me."

"You'll like them. Well, you already saw Yui but that was as Sailor Mars. Aoshi is a good boy."

"I look forward to seeing them, Cammy-chan. I'm sure Aoshi is a wonderful kid."

As Rei was prepared to eat, she looked across the table and towards Cammy. Her eyes widened once again as she caught glimpse of the 'dark angel woman' standing behind the little girl. Rei jumped back in utter disbelief and pushed her food aside. The little girl took notice of her sister's sudden reaction and rushed over to her side. To Rei's surprise, the dark woman was gone just like any illusion or ghost would disappear a split second later.

"Sister, what's wrong?" Cammy kneeled over next to Rei. "Sister...? You're already sweating and breathing heavily."

"Was... Was there any one behind you?"

"Of course not, I would have sensed a dark presence just like you can. My spiritual powers are even stronger since I have the Digital Priestess' spirit within me. What did you see?"

Rei placed her hands onto Cammy's shoulders and let out a deep sigh.

"Cammy-chan, you have to promise me that you don't tell anyone about what I saw, okay? Not even to Mako-san or Mina-san. This is between us."

"Of course, it's a promise between sisters. I understand," Cammy nodded in reply.

"That's good. I know I can trust in you," Rei smiled. "What I saw..."

"Yeah? What was it?"

"In my dreams lately, I've been seeing images of Tokyo destroyed..."


"I started having these images ever since Belial Myotismon planted those illusions in our heads. To this very day, I'm the only one to ever be truly affected from it. I haven't recovered since then."

"What? Wait, I did sense some doubt from you back in the Digital World. You appeared so unsure and the look in your eye was in confusion. Like a wandering soul."

"Yes... That's not the half of what I saw. Along with our destroyed home city, I saw an angel woman, but she appeared dark and her devilish smile gives me the chills when I look at them. In those eyes of hers, all I can see are hatred, malice, a lust for destruction and no remorse. She was a dark angel, a true personification of evil."

"Oh my gosh... Sister, this is serious."

"What's even scarier was that she has my voice or at least one similar to mine."

"That doesn't add up. How can she have your voice? Is she some lost family member from your past? I know you still haven't recovered all of your memories as Princess Mars, right?"

"I don't know. I wish I had all of my memories back. I don't remember anything about this woman."

"But how can she be evil when you're good?"

"You've got me there, Cammy-chan. I wish I knew but I only have images."

"You once told me that there's a perspective between good and evil. However, there's one question I need to know. Can we have darker halves within us?"

"I believe so. When there is light, there will always be darkness. They can never be separated."

"Even Sailor Senshi have a dark side to them?"

"Unfortunately, yes..." Rei nodded in reply. "Hotaru-chan was once Mistress Nine and Chibi-Usa nearly tried to kill Usagi as Black Lady. I will never forget those horrible creatures that had overtaken those poor souls."

"You even told me about Galaxia. She was controlled by the entity known as Chaos."

"That's right. She was greatly corrupted by darkness and was our greatest enemy. She even killed me easily along with the other Senshi," Rei looked back to those painful memories.

"Rei-san, tell me more about what you saw..."

"Cammy-chan, I can't go any further. Besides, if I tell you any further, you might up getting nightmares. I don't want to bring myself to causing you to become restless as I've become."

"No, sister, I'll be just fine. Besides, it's the Digital Priestess side of me that's curious. She wants to know, Rei-san."

Observing Cammy's curious gesture, Rei finally gave in and nodded. She would continue to tell about the images she saw in her visions.

"Very well then... Along with that woman, I saw a black Phoenix bird. Its presence was the greatest evil I've felt since... Well ever. Its power greatly surpassed anything I can imagine and made Pharaohmon appear weak in comparison."

"That's insane..."

"Yes, and there's more. A monster with horns cast some green symbol over me and said that he would destroy everything the Moon Princess represents."

"Wait, a monster? Would he be an old enemy of the Moon Kingdom?"

"That's just it. I don't know. All of our memories have not been fully restored. Well, except Setsuna-san of course. But, I'd rather keep this between us. Can you keep all of this a secret just between us sisters?"

"You have my word, Rei-san," Cammy nodded and pointed her left pinky finger. "Let's make it a pinky promise."

"Yes," Rei smiled and wrapped her left pinky finger around Cammy's finger. "Pinky promise..."

The two sisters shared a giggle and set apart from the table. Cammy had finished her dinner and walked to the kitchen.

"You think you can rest some more, sister? I can throw away our plates," Cammy suggested.

"Sure, but you don't need any help with your homework?"

"No, I should handle it just fine. It's easy work."

"Ok, then. If you need anything, just knock on my door, ok?" Rei sat up and walked towards the door. "Goodnight, Cammy-chan..."

"Goodnight, Rei-san," Cammy said.

Closing the door behind her, Rei let out a deep sigh and walked over to her bed. These visions are getting worse and taking a toll on her. She couldn't bring herself to tell anyone of her fellow Senshi yet she told little Cammy everything. Even for an eight year old, Cammy seemingly understand everything Rei had told her.

"I just hope you don't get nightmares from everything I've told you, Cammy-chan. You shouldn't have to go through that at your age. Oh, how can I not bring myself to tell the others? Setsuna-san would probably be best but I'm not so sure. She's probably even aware of my situation."

Lying back on her bed, the raven-haired beauty sighed and slowly closed her eyes. The sunset flare shone down through the window and radiated over her majestic form.

"A little more rest should probably help... Oh, Usagi, I know you're faring much better than I am now. I really do hope we see each other again..."

With that said Rei closed her eyes and succumbed to a deep, peaceful sleep. She would need as much rest as she can above all else. There was no telling what the rest of the week will bring for her and Cammy.


Shinjuku Memorial Hospital/Outside the Emergency Room/6:15 PM

Hours have passed since Mrs. Katsuya was taken in by the ambulance to be sent to the local hospital. Fortunately, her husband worked there and was willing to send an ambulance team for her. Yui, Yusuke and Kuwabara had accompanied Mrs. Katsuya on the trip to the hospital. They were still in panic over how to calm the cursing, pregnant woman. The trip inside the hospital was even more hectic. Mrs. Katsuya continued cursing out like a sailor inside the emergency room and during labor.

Closing up her cell phone, Yui had called up Himura to rush over to the hospital quickly. She sat down next to Yusuke and sighed.

"What's wrong, Yui-chan?" Yusuke asked the little girl.

"I don't get why my godmother has to say all of those profanities like that."

"Well, she was in pain during labor and I don't blame her," Kuwabara stated. "I'm just glad she doesn't have to go through that."

"I guess the baby has already been delivered?"

"Correction, boy," Mr. Katsuya said as he walked out of the emergency room. "My wife just had TWINS!"

"WHAT! TWINS!" the trio exclaimed in unison.

"That's right! I've never been this happy in ALL of my life!" Mr. Katsuya cried happily and let his eyes glisten.

"Oh, don't be so overdramatic, dear," Mrs. Katsuya called out.

Turning around, the trio and Mr. Katsuya caught a glimpse of a redhead nurse strolling Mrs. Katsuya down on a wheelchair. There were two bundled up blankets with the twins in each of them. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Yui walked over to Mrs. Katsuya's side. Yui looked down at the baby twins and cooed them playfully.

"Oh, Momma, they're so adorable!" Yui giggled. "So, they're both boys?"

"That's right, dear. I've even given them names just a moment ago," Mrs. Katsuya smiled warmly. "The baby on the left... I've named him Yusuke."

"Whoa, now that I like. You have a good taste in names, lady," Yusuke smiled. "Heh, yeah, in dedication of yours truly!"

"And what did you name the other twin, Mrs. Katsuya?" Kuwabara asked the lady.


"WOW! She named the other one after my first name!" Kuwabara grinned sheepishly. "So, what made you decide to name them after us?"

"That's because you two boys were generous enough to tend to me. Even though you were clueless on how to care for a pregnant woman," Mrs. Katsuya said. "Besides, I found you two quite nice boys when you walked in. Your names were just perfect for the twins."

"Momma, why didn't tell us you would have twins?"

"Yui-chan, I wanted it to be a surprise to all of you. Only your father knew. So, what do you think? Now you have two baby brothers to play with."

"I know and they're so adorable," Yui pointed the twins' noses. "Yes, you two are so cute!"

"Well, we're happy for you, Mrs. Katsuya," Yusuke said. "But, damn, all of that pain you had to go through."

"It was painful, but worth it for these two bundles of joy."

"Momma, also, it's a good thing I came. I needed to ask how you're going to run the shop. You need time to recuperate."

"Oh, yeah, that's going to be a problem and business will need to continue," Mr. Katsuya nodded and then looked at the two boys. "That's it. You, two... Yusuke and Kazuma, right?"

"Yes, sir?" Kuwabara asked.

"Since my wife will be recuperating and watching over the babies, maybe you two can help run the shop for her."

"Well, um, there's a problem since I'm allergic to some kinds of flowers," Yusuke said. "Believe me. Some flowers are just a pain in the ass for me to handle."

"That's okay. Yui-chan can be there to help you two."

"But we aren't even allowed to have part-time jobs right now, right?" Kuwabara wondered.

"Even so, we'll be doing this for Mrs. Katsuya. We owe her," Yusuke said. "All right, pops. You got yourself a deal. Yui-chan, you can help us with everything there is to know about running the shop?"

"Sure, as long as it's after school," Yui said. "We can't open the store until we all get out of school."

"Sounds like a plan then," Mr. Katsuya smiled. "Thank you for your help, boys, we're so ever grateful for your help."

"It's not a problem. Besides, school is pretty boring anyway," Yusuke said.

"Oh, there's another reason why I came, too," Yui said. "Since Momma is going to be recuperating, I won't be able to go to the Cosplay event this weekend. You think I can go with Yusuke and Kuwabara to the event?"

"What? You want us to take you?" Yusuke asked.

"Yeah, and I already have my ticket. I just need an older person to take me. I also won't be going alone. I'm inviting two friends of mine, Aoshi and Cammy."

"Oh really? Well, I guess minds do think alike," Yusuke snickered. "I was planning on going to the event, too."

"You mean you just bought yourself a ticket, Urameshi?" Kuwabara asked.

"So, are you going, Kuwabara?"

"Sorry, but I've got to take Eikichi to the vet and do some stuff for my sister. Damn, I wish I could have gone with you guys."

"It's no big deal. It'll be just me, Yui-chan and her two friends."

"All I need to do is talk this over with my friends and we'll be all set. Cammy's sister will be going. So there's a chance we'll be in a group. My brother will be going to the event with some other kids."

"All right, just make sure to talk this over with them," Yusuke said.

"This is great for Yui-chan to have so many friends," Mrs. Katsuya smiled. "Oh, you said Himura was leaving with other kids?"

"Yeah, he's going with Takato and the others. He told me that earlier day."

"Ok, then. So, Himura will be one group with Takato's friends. Yui-chan will be going with her two friends, Yusuke-kun and that friend's sister. That's good," said Mrs. Katsuya. "Just make sure everything is in check, Yusuke."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Katsuya. We'll be just fine."

"Humph and I wish I could have gone," Kuwabara scoffed.

"It's settled then. We're going to have lots of fun this weekend, Yusuke-kun," Yui giggled excitedly.

"You know it," Yusuke nodded in reply. "Well, I better go grab Puu and..."

Then, it suddenly dawned upon him. Yes, the Great Urameshi had just remembered that he had remembered leaving his bag at the shop and left Puu in there.



West Shinjuku/Maya's Garden Shop/6:40 PM

It wasn't long before a chef came running down to chase off Impmon, Calumon and Puu. The three had raided a cafeteria near Takato's school.

"HEY, YOU GET BACK! YOU FILTHY VARMINTS!" the red-mustached chef came chasing the three thieves.

"Can't catch me, Yosemite Sam!" Impmon insulted the chef while on the run. "BA-BOOM!"

"Wait for me, Impmon! Hurry it up, Puu! He's ganging on us!" Calumon called out to the tiny spirit beast.

With Puu flying along, he caught up with Calumon and Impmon. The florist shop was very close by. This gave Puu an opportunity to fly through the open window. He seized the moment and made a u-turn through the open window door. While he was safe from the chef's wrath, Impmon and Calumon were still on the run. Puu turned another corner of the shop and spotted the briefcase. He quickly slipped inside and hid.

Before long, Yusuke, Kuwabara and Yui returned back in time. They arrived through the backdoor and walked inside the shop. The detective found the briefcase lying on the ground and picked it up.

"Hey, Puu? Are you in there?" Yusuke peeked inside.

"Puu?" the tiny spirit beast poked its head out.

"Oh my gosh! That thing is so cute! Is he your digimon?" Yui rushed over and pat Puu's head.

"Digimon? This thing? Nah, he's my spirit beast, but he does follow me nearly everywhere I go. Wanna hold him? Be my guest," Yusuke opened up his bag and released Puu.

"Hey, Urameshi? Shouldn't we get going? You still need to get some flowers for Keiko," Kuwabara reminded him while picking up his suitcase he had left behind.

"Oh yeah! Damn, what's wrong with me today? I'm always forgetting the tiniest of things!"

Just then, the door of the shop opened up. The trio turned around and saw two familiar faces. Or rather, at least Yusuke and Kuwabara were familiar with the two individuals that made their entrance. Kurama and Hiei had arrived just in time.

"Kurama? Hiei? Well, I didn't think you two would be here of all places," Yusuke stated while approaching the duo. "Well, I stand corrected. This place would definitely suite you, Kurama. I doubt Hiei had any liking for flowers."

"Wow, hey, it's you two! This is like a reunion from the Shadow Tournament!" Yui exclaimed. "Yusuke, Kuwabara, are those guys friends of yours?"

"The red-haired pretty boy is Kurama and he's a pretty good guy," Kuwabara introduced her to the duo. "Hiei... Let me just say to be careful around him. He'll bite your head off if you look at him the wrong way."

"Ahem, you aren't exactly the best whisperer," Hiei quirked an eyebrow.

"So, what brings you two along?" Yusuke asked the duo.

"We've been looking around town to find a new occupation," Kurama said. "You see, Hiei here destroyed my computer after catching me talking to Mizuno online."

"Oh, is that right? Oh man! Hiei, does Mizuno still get on your nerves?" Yusuke teased the fire demon.

"That is of no concern to you, Detective," Hiei snorted.

"Well, I told Hiei that he would be willing to have my computer fixed."

"That's a lie and you know it, Kurama!" Hiei shot back.

"You'd agree to help me work to pay off for a new computer. If you aren't willing to cooperate, I'm sure Koenma will be more than happy to confine into an even smaller district in the city."

"Oh, man, Hiei. You're getting blackmailed!" Kuwabara snickered. "So, don't like it when you have to work. Hey, Kurama, why don't you and Hiei work with us?"

"Ha, me work with the likes of this fool," Hiei pointed to Kuwabara. "I'd rather have Toguro stomp me into the ground than work with him."

"Good and you'd make a good smear mark on anyone's shoe!" Kuwabara retorted.

"Cut it out you two," Kurama tried to break the two apart.

"Wow, you two argue more than my brother I," Yui smiled with an anime sweat drop.

"For once, I'll have to stick with Kuwabara's hair brain ideas. I actually like it. By working together, Kuwabara and I can help Yui's mother keep her store in check and you two can pay off for that new computer."

"Yui? You mean this little girl?" Kurama pointed to Yui. "Um, pleased to meet you, Yui-chan."

"I've already seen you and that Hiei guy at the Shadow Tournament, but it's good to meet you two," Yui gave a respectful bow to the duo.

"I don't need a bow from a brat," Hiei sat down on a chair and leaned back.

"Well, hello to you, too..."

"Don't mind Hiei, Yui-chan. He's always indifferent to humans," Yusuke responded.

"Wait, he's a demon?"

"So is Kurama, well he's a half breed," Kuwabara said.

"Wow, they don't even look remotely demon. They can sure blend in with the crowds," Yui stated. "Though I am sensing the Youki from those two. They're both very strong. Yusuke has strong Reiki, though I'm not sensing anything from Kuwabara. Weird, since he had strong spirit power at the Shadow Tournament. I sure have some interesting group of new friends. Plus, there's Cammy and her holy priestess magic. Aoshi doesn't seem abnormal, though I do wonder about this poor sense of smell."

"So, do we all meet back here tomorrow?" Kuwabara asked Yui.

"You can. I'll tell you what. You can meet here after school. If I'm not here, you guys can wait over at the coffee shop over on the other side of the street. Kurama, I take it you go to school judging by your uniform."

"Well, yes..."

"Hiei, you don't seem to be the type."

"Of course not, child... You wouldn't see me going to a retched place like a school."

"He sure has a nasty way to socialize," Yui shrugged. "We're indebted to you guys. Thank you so very much. Yusuke-kun, don't forget about the Cosplay event."

"Yeah, I'll keep that mind," Yusuke nodded. "Boy, this is going to be one hell of a week. Yui-chan's cool and at least we're doing this for her mother."

Meanwhile, both Kurama and Hiei looked to one another before setting their sights to observe Yui. They, too, were sensing the dormant spirit energy coursing through the girl's body.

It's a possibility that Yui will eventually become a huge asset to the Spirit Detective team. Could Yusuke be looking at a future Spirit Detective that could replace him one day? Anything was surely possible. As Sailor Pluto stated before, the future has so many endless possibilities.


Shinjuku/Outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/8:05 PM

Standing outside of the famous twin-tower building in Tokyo, there was a familiar blonde-haired man wearing a dark blue suit, black tie, black dress shoes and a pair of MIB-like shades. He had just finished speaking with one of Japan's ambassadors about an upcoming project not related to Hypnos business. Even Yamaki himself puts his secret work aside to make room for meetings with politicians and the like. Poor Yamaki never gets a break.

"Sir! There's something you should see on the television," the voice of Riley called out.

"What is it, Riley?" Yamaki turned to find a young, red-haired woman.

"There's been reports from NASA about some unidentified object and it's something we should be looking into."

"Sorry, but I don't deal with that UFO non-sense, Riley."

"Yet, you'll believe in the existence of Digimon and the Digital World...?"

"That's because they have been proven to exist."

"But, there's footage that just might change your mind, sir. And no, they are not fake either."

After a giving moments of thinking this through, Yamaki responded in typical fashion, "All right, Riley, let me see this for myself."

"You will not believe this, sir. That's all I have to say."

Once Riley had led Yamaki into their secret Hypnos facility, they and their large group of associates viewed the big screen. What they saw was beyond their imagination. Displayed on the screen was satellite footage around Earth's orbit. Yamaki was completely speechless at what he and the others were viewing. If one was tell them that UFOs did exist, they would have laughed it off. Well, it appears the believers were getting the last laugh. The spaceship on the screen appeared to be a large, moon-sized mother ship. Attached on its side appeared to be a massive dragon shaped structure. The surface of this mother ship was covered with metal, glass and lights.

"In all of my years, I've seen the existence of the Digimon. But, never have I bare witnessed this extraordinary event: the arrival of other worldly beings that have traveled from far off galaxies."

"It truly is remarkable, but I wonder if they will be granting us peace," Talley observed the big screen.

"Sir, I've got word that all the leaders across the world are going to be directing this news to the people of the world," Riley said to Yamaki. "Even the United States president will be giving a speech soon about this new phenomenon."

"All right," Yamaki gave the nod to Riley. "Riley, one more thing..."

"Yes, sir?"

"I shouldn't have doubted you."

"It's a good thing you didn't, Mr. Yamaki," Riley smiled and stood beside her 'boss man'. "So, what do you think? Talley's been pretty anxious about this. Will they come to us in peace?"

"There's no telling. Hollywood really does bring different perspectives of how we should see in beings from other planets. However, this is a real phenomenon. My hope is that they will be able to aid us in advancing our civilizations and improving our ways of life. They could be the guides that we've been searching for thousands of years since mankind's first civilization."

"And if they don't come in peace."

"God forbid us all..." Yamaki whispered. "Let us hope nothing bad comes of this."

Riley looked directly through Yamaki's shades and noticed the man's eyes slightly in doubt. She wondered what could be in the man's mind. This was his first glimpse of other worldly space crafts. It truly was remarkable as if it were right out of a science fiction movie. However, Riley wasn't so sure to believe these beings were here to make amends in peace. She had a bad suspicion about this visit from these 'other worldly beings'.


Outside the Katsuya Residence/8:30 PM

Looking up into the night skies above, Inumon and Dark Gabumon caught a glimpse of a massive shadow looming across the moon. That object specifically was the shadow of the alien mother ship. This was the digimon's first time to ever encounter non-earth objects. They've never even encountered any alien of the sort. So this could be a rare opportunity to witness life forms from other planets making their presence felt.

Suddenly, they felt another presence and turned to find Renamon appearing behind them.

"Renamon, I'm so glad you came," Inumon smiled. "So you saw the object flying across the moon?"

"Yes, and I have to wonder if what those reporters are saying is true. Are there other life forms outside the human world? This is quite an extraordinary event since we digimon have never encountered non-human beings. To think there are other life forms in the vast regions of space," Renamon stated.

"Both of our universes have many vast and uncharted avenues, Renamon," Dark Gabumon replied. "I believe this is simply the tip of the iceberg."

"You think so?" Inumon asked.

"I know so, mutt. I just know there's more to this than we actually know."


Matsuda Residence/Takato's Room/8:35 PM

Takato was listening to the reports through his radio and was in utter disbelief. To think that he would get a chance to see a real alien spaceship make its way onto earth. If there was one thing Takato learned, if digimon can exist then aliens ought to as well. The goggle head and his dinosaur digimon partner listened to the voice of a woman news broadcaster reporting the news on this strange and powerful phenomenon.

"We are getting live coverage of this new phenomenon. It truly is a remarkable sight, but are these visitors friendly? Leaders worldwide are still deciding how mankind should approach these new arrivals. Now to answer to those wondering if they are other living beings from other planets, well you have your answer..."

"Takato, so these are people from other planets? Like the ones from TV? We just saw Independence Day last night," Guilmon said.

"Yeah, well, this once again comes to show that anything can happen. You and all other digimon have proved how real you can be, but this is going to be a real treat to be greeted by these new arrivals."

"I hope they're friendly, Takato. I know I'm excited to see the aliens!"

"Me, too, Guilmon. I just hope humans and aliens can co-exist," Takato nodded in reply while petting Guilmon. "I hope so for our sake and the sake of our planet. If what the movies say is true, there could be some really nasty aliens. I pray we have ourselves some friendly galactic neighbors."


Ueno District/Tenoh-Kaiouh Residence/8:45 PM

However, there were others that did not share the same sentiments as Takato did. This especially did not please the four Outer Senshi. They watched the breaking news from the television. Setsuna's eyes narrowed while listening to the reports.

"So, intruders from outside the Sol System have decided to arrive here above Earth. These visitors are not to be trusted," Haruka stated as she observed the television reports.

"I can feel the darkness from the cold breeze. It's nerve wrecking," Michiru whispered. "There's a great yet disturbing presence coming from these visitors."

Hotaru turned around and noticed Setsuna seemingly feeling uneasy at the moment. She tilted her head to one side and wondered what was bothering the older woman.

"Setsuna-san?" Hotaru spoke up. "I'm sensing a great darkness but why are you so silent? You haven't even spoken since they displayed the images of the mother ship. Could these visitors eventually become our next enemy?"

However, the Guardian of Time remained silent and continued listening to the report. Hotaru wondered why the older woman was quiet. Was there a secret Setsuna was hiding from the Senshi? Nevertheless, she seemed greatly disturbed by the arrival of this mother ship. It looked as if she knew more about the aliens than anyone could ever hope to discover.

"Setsuna? What's wrong?" Haruka approached the Guardian of Time. "You haven't spoken since the reporters started talking about this."

"You think there's something Setsuna is not telling us?" Michiru approached Haruka and whispered in her ear.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out eventually."

Setsuna leaned back on the chair and stared up into the ceiling. Her eyes examined the ceiling as thoughts ran across her mind. Somehow, only she knew about this unidentified mother ship displayed on the television. Why hasn't she told anything to her fellow Senshi about this? She wanted to save the time to explain when the time was right.

"So, they've finally come. It all begins..." the Guardian of Time thought. "But they came much sooner than I expected. This isn't good."


Earth's Orbit/Inside the Mother Ship/9:15 PM

The moon-sized mother ship levitated above Earth's orbit and cast an ominous shadow over the majestic, blue planet. People from across the world gathered in a mixture of excitement and fear of the possibility of contact with these other worldly people. Many believe that they would come in peace, but others claim that an invasion could be on the horizon. Nobody was sure about this, except Sailor Pluto herself. She somehow is the only person familiar with this ship.

Another close-up view of the mother ship: It appeared dark, out of this world and mysterious. It was difficult to tell how long these beings have managed to maintain advanced technology but it's obvious they've been roaming the outskirts of the Sol System for many years, perhaps as long as a thousand or millions of years. Modern humans would be considered a newer species to this race, though Setsuna somehow has some knowledge on these beings. It's possible they could have been around the time of the great Sailor Wars and before the first Silver Millennium.

Inside the ship, there sat a dark and tall monstrous figure sitting on what appeared to be a throne. It was silver decorated with gargoyle dragon heads on each side and a three-headed dragon statue sitting on top of the throne. The figure stood up wearing what appeared to be a long, black cloak. On his shoulders were large shoulder armor pads. His head was rather large with massive bull horns protruding from the sides of his head. His eyes glistened with a green flare. However, his appearance was completely concealed within the darkness of his throne room.

Curling his lips into a smile, the being was thrilled to have finally made it across outside the Solar System. He had arrived at his destination above Earth's orbit. Just then, a tall reptilian creature garbed in black armor walked in and bowed before his 'lordship'.

"My lord, we have confirmed that we have arrived at our destination. We are above Earth's orbit. It's also confirmed that the inhabitants have spotted our ship using satellites."

"Oh? So the humans have become a far advanced race from what I remember thousands of years ago. The monkeys have managed to evolve in such a short time. I'm rather impressed, but yet they still have nothing over us," the lordship spoke in a cold, dark threatening tone which can be described as authoritative.

"They see us as great messengers and to provide them peace. That's a good one. Us bringing peace?"

"Let those arrogant fools believe what they choose to believe. In the end, reality will come back to bite them," the leader walked over to view Mother Earth. "Earth, the backwater planet of the Sol System yet it contains the most valuable resources. The humans have what we're looking for."

"And this is the planet where all the Sailor Senshi currently reside. This is the same planet where they have conquered Queen Beryl, the Dark Moon Family and even Sailor Galaxia. Yet, they have been unprepared for our eventual return."

"So, the legendary Galaxia was defeated...? I presume it was the Moon Princess of the same wretched Queen who defeated us and forced us to flee beyond the Sol System?"

"I would think so. The Sailor Senshi and the people of the Moon were said to have disappeared after the Great War against Beryl."

"I assume most of the Senshi don't have their complete memories."

"I would think so, my lord."

"No matter. Whether they have their full memories or not, it will not matter. For they stand no chance against me. The Moon Princess has the two items I am looking for: the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou."

"That would be the Imperium Silver Crystal..."

"Yes, but there is another powerful item I need before I hold the greatest power in the universe."

"Which is that?"

"You will find out eventually. Only I know what this item is. Solder, may the hunt begin. Starting gathering your resources and men together, soldier. Alert the generals. I want my four generals to get our elites together. We will start by scouting parts of the planet and then implement a full scale attack when I give the final word."

"Yes, my lord! I will alert every unit available! Over and out!"

With that said the commander gave another bow and walked out of the throne room. The lord observed the Earth and had many thoughts running through his mind. He had at last found the Sailor Senshi. This was his opportunity to find the daughter of Queen Serenity and steal away two of her most important artifacts. It was obviously one of them was the Silver Crystal but what could the other item be that was very essential to the Moon Kingdom?

"Moon Princess, I may not have had the chance to kill your mother but you will just nicely. In fact, I plan on adding you to my collection of souls I have gathered during my long venture across the vast reaches of space. This is the same planet where one of our stones fell to Earth and gave a human named Dartz the power of the Orichalcos. That fool did not realize the full capabilities of the stones. Once again, that proves the arrogance of humanity's lust for power. They have no respect for the power given to them. Oh, well, that is not my problem. This planet has a nice collection of souls I can gather before I destroy it. Warriors of the Sol System, adieu to everything you cherish. For the Rajita Empire will be the ultimate force in the universe!"

With that said the Rajita lord picked up a wine glass and sipped it casually. He drank to the possibility to finally ending the Moon Princess' life, taking her Silver Crystal and the second unnamed item, gather the Earth's resources, taking the souls of every human off the planet, convert many into the Rajita religion, destroy the earth and claim the ultimate power in the universe.

"May our Lord and God, Leviathan, bring us victory. Moon Princess, your last remnants of your deluded Silver Millennium will be nothing more than history. The Rajita Era will finally see the day of light in this universe."

Just when the Earth had a time to relief over Pharaohmon's awakening, a new threat looms ominously with a dark shadow over the majestic blue planet. There are mixed reactions amongst the people of Earth. Many are excited over the arrival of these galactic visitors while others are doubtful. Even the heroes of the Shadow Tournament are wondering whether to believe these new visitors are friend or foe. Out of everyone, Setsuna and the Outer Senshi sense a great darkness from the approaching aliens.

The aliens themselves have identified themselves representing the Rajita Empire. The leader has already set his goals and seeks to find the Moon Princess to steal two items: the Silver Crystal and an unnamed artifact. Ultimate power within the universe is his primary goal.

Can the heroes of the Shadow Tournament rise up and meet this threat once an attack has been implemented? Only time will tell.



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