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Planet Earth Recuperates! What Lies Ahead Down the Road!


Earth/Shinjuku District, Tokyo, Japan/Outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Building/11:50 PM

Sailor Moon gasped in surprise. "She looks... just like Rei-chan."

Suzakato blinked repeatedly. "More like... assumed her form! At least she looks friendly! Then again, looks are always deceiving, right?"

Atem focused as he probed the mystic flames coming directly from the Houou. "Incredible... This power... It's more calmer in spirit than Yami Houou's darkness flames. I sense no malice or hatred."

Joey raised an eyebrow. "Well, that's better than dealing with some powerful psychopath if you ask me!"

"But, how did this happen? I thought Suzakato severed the connection between the Houou and Sailor Mars. Shouldn't she be dead?!" Gallantmon SM recalled.

Houou calmly chuckled as she lowered to the ground. "We are two separate beings," she answered, slowly floating over Sailor Mars' body and raising her hand to lift the girl's body off the ground. "I am the true form of Houou. Yami Houou was nothing but a corruption. Sailor Mars and myself are separate, unique and yet bound together. I am a symbiote. Neither can exist without the other. I am the Houou. The true pure entity."

"So, tell us! What exactly are you?!" Imperialdramon demanded.

"I, the Houou, am a cosmic power born since the beginning of time. I am a child of the universe, the nexus of all psionic & spiritual energy and a mutable manifestation of the universal force of life."

"Wow, so you're a primordial being," Loweemon said.

Blitzmon blinked. "A what?"

"She's a being that has long existed long before we or even the Digital Worlds came into existence," the Warrior of Darkness replied.

Chakkoumon nodded. "So, that means she's older than all of us!"

Fairymon smiled. "Wow, that's so cool. She's pretty much seen it all throughout time and history!"

"Not to mention all of the worlds she's visited throughout the galaxies," Wolfmon said. "Of course, that doesn't change the fact that you destroyed a star system! You took over five billion lives! How can you live with that?!"

Houou's smile faded as she expressed sorrow for the actions perpetrated by her darker side. "Civilizations and worlds perish but the universe will always continue to exist. What happened was unfortunate."

"Yeah, real unfortunate! Why did you take over Mars' body against her will?!" Suzakato stood up as he directed his anger toward the entity. "Why couldn't you just stop after you destroyed Kaiser Ghidorah?!"

"My mind was already corrupted. I admit my actions were completely out of hand," Houou cast eyes of sorrow over Sailor Mars.

"Mars has completely lost her trust in you!"

"Again, Takato Matsuda, that was Yami Houou. In fact, I allowed Sailor Mars to borrow my flames to exorcise Yami Houou."

Sailor Moon gasped as she called the inner struggle. "You mean... that was you who gave Rei-chan the strength to overcome Yami Houou?!"

"That is correct, Princess Serenity," Houou confirmed as she gently smiled to the Moon Princess. "As powerful and threatening Yami Houou maybe, she was a completely unstable entity. No control over her own power or her appetite. She thrived on nothing but senseless violence and destruction. Despite all of that power, she couldn't crush the strong will of one Sailor Mars. What separates myself and Yami Houou is inhibition."

"Why should we believe you?" Sailor Venus stepped forward as she refused to listen anymore. "What if you're just feeding these lies to make us feel any sympathy for what you did? You used our friend like a puppet!"

"Venus... that's enough," Sailor Moon responded. "I understand you're upset and I don't blame you. However, I was there to witness the struggle between Mars and Yami Houou. Whatever new strength Mars found... it had to be come from some source, right? Somehow, I believe it was Houou who gave Mars power to stop that evil entity. I want to believe it!"

"But, how can we be sure?!" Sailor Star Fighter said.

Galaxia simply answered. "You either believe or you don't. Your choice but I think Houou explained why she or Sailor Mars are not to blame." Shifting her eyes toward Houou, the Golden Queen nodded. "If you would allow me to speak..."

"Lady Galaxia. You were once the self-proclaimed most powerful Sailor Senshi in the universe. You have certainly lived up to your reputation, Golden Queen," Houou remarked as she focused on everyone. "If you do not trust me, perhaps I shall repair the damage I've done with Sailor Moon's assistance."

"You want me to help you?" Sailor Moon pointed to herself.

"You are the possessor of the Silver Crystal and Moon Heart Crystal, are you not?"

Nodding her head, Moon smiled. "That's right."

"Ok, then. If you wish to restore the planets and the star destroyed by Yami Houou, then let us put our powers together to produce a miracle."

"As long as we don't restore Planet Rajita," Galaxia suggested. "Let us take precautions. Just in case there is another invasion."

Houou noted. "Understood."

"Excuse me... Um..." Suzakato stood up as he approached Sailor Moon and looked over to Houou. "Houou, what are you going to do about Mars and her sister? Since you claim you can restore the worlds your darker half destroyed, can't you bring those two back?"

As she stared into Suzakato's eyes, Houou nodded. "Yes, I can." The benevolent entity closed her eyes as she focused her thoughts into Suzaku. Suzaku, I know you're there, old friend.

Houou. It's been a while. You look beautiful as I've last seen you.

So, you've finally found a partner? This boy possesses a big heart.

Unfortunately, he is still distraught over what he's done. He feels responsible for murdering the woman whom you have chosen as your host.

I understand. Have you even tried explaining the reasoning behind this action?

Yes but he refuses to listen to me. He has flat out ignored me since then.

I'm sorry to hear this, my friend. I hope you two can somehow resolve your issues. You two make a wonderful combination.

I owe my existence to Lady Morrigana. The origins of the four Great Beasts can be traced to that powerful sorceress. I take it you remember her quite well?

Yes and she based you on me.

Indeed. How I miss that woman. Her spirit lives in all four of us.

I wish she were still here. Well, I'm sorry I have to cut our conversation short, Suzaku.

I understand. Do what you must.

We will see each other again, Suzaku. Never forget about our reunion and thank you... Thank for helping me exorcise Yami Houou's evil power.

Anything for you, my love.

Goodbye, Suzaku. I love you.

As she finished her brief conversation with Suzaku, Houou opened her eyes as she smiled to Suzakato.

"What's going on?" Sailor Jupiter whispered to Sailor Pluto.

"They are preparing to restore the planets and star Yami Houou destroyed. In addition, they will revive those killed by Kaiser Ghidorah and the Rajita."

Yusuke listened to their conversation and jumped up. "What?! Are you serious?! That means..."

Youko Kurama nodded. "Kuwabara will be brought back to the living."

Even Yui was excited over the idea of her loved ones being revived. "Not just Kuwabara but Aoshi's dad, Cammy-chan and Mars!"

Hiei stared directly toward Houou as he sensed a pure spiritual presence. He probed no evil presence but even he wondered about her mysterious presence.

"Sailor Moon, shall we?" Houou asked the Moon Princess.

With that, Valkyrie Sailor Moon stepped forward with the two crystals. Houou nodded as her flaming phoenix faded and she floated over behind Sailor Moon.

"Sailor Moon!" Aoshi shouted to get the girl's attention. "Please, bring my father back. And everyone else we've lost."

"Sure thing," Moon smiled as she stood beside Houou. "I'm ready."

"Close your eyes and focus, Princess Serenity."

"Just one more question... why are you helping me?"

"Because I owe it to Sailor Mars, her friends, you and the universe. I am not only a destroyer but a preserver. Princess Serenity, this is the only way I can gain your trust."

"I see. Well, I can assure you that I fully trust you," Sailor Moon said as she focused on the mystical energy of her two crystals. First, the Moon Heart Crystal - given to her by Aoshi - started glowing. Followed by the red artifact, the Silver Crystal released a brilliant aura of light. In an instant, Sailor Moon's Valkyrie armor was replaced by her white princess gown. In place of the Soldier of Justice was Princess Serenity.

"I can feel the power flowing through your delicate body, Princess Serenity. Such pure and invigorating power. Your mother chose the right young woman to carry on her legacy."

"Let us start with Earth..." Princess Serenity muttered as her voice felt comforting and tranquil.

Everyone watched as both Princess Serenity and Houou released an array of beautiful aurora beams. These beams shot out all over the city and washed over every section of Tokyo. Every non-Rajita deceased body were restored and given another chance at life. The city of Tokyo was being repaired by this miraculous display of mystic power.

"Look! Our home! it's being restored!" Henbu pointed toward Shinjuku being repaired.


As the beautiful aurora continued blanketing over the entire Tokyo city, every warrior - Digimon, Duel Monster and ally - stood in awe as the city was being repaired by the white light. Buildings, train stations, bridges and even homes were being fixed. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Domino City district, Juuban and even Kaiba Corp were restored.

The nightlights flashed all across the streets as people were starting to awaken. Princess Serenity's power - in addition to Houou's - was a gorgeous sight to behold. It was a miracle for everything to be repaired so quickly after being damaged by the Rajita.


The Digi-Destined stood on top of the roof as they smiled in awe at the glorious white light that covered the city.

Kari lifted her head and raised her hands to touch the light. "It's so beautiful. This light... It's so pure. I don't feel a trace of darkness anywhere."

"Indeed, all the damage is being repaired," Ken stated.

Davis smiled with glee. "Then, that means... WE'VE WON! WOO-HOO!"

"I second that, Davis," TK nodded with a smile. "Our digimon helped make this possible."

"So, this light is coming from Princess Serenity," Tai whispered. "Man, if Izzy were here, he'd say that this is prodigious!"

"What did you say, Tai?" Matt inquired as she approached his friend. "Princess Serenity? That name sounds familiar."

"That's Sailor Moon's regal title. This light is definitely coming from her."

"I believe you, Tai," Kari said. "I can feel her power. Her light is even stronger than mine. I wish we could use a power like hers to conquer the forces of darkness in the Digital World."

"Me, too, Kari," Ken closed his eyes and nodded.

Willis looked out toward the city and was relieved when Tokyo was restored to its former glory. "We won. We've really won." Cherubimon. Golden Rapidmon. We did it, my friends.


Suddenly, the four Sovereigns awakened as the white aura passed over them. Azulongmon was the first to awaken and raise off the ground. Followed by him were Zhuqiaomon, Ebonwumon and Baihumon.

"We're... We're back?" Baihumon shook his head as he stared at his surroundings. "Where are we?"

Zhuqiaomon grunted as his crimson flames flared. "We're in the human world?"

"What was that light that had revived us?" Ebonwumon's left head wondered as it looked up toward the black skies.

The blue dragon Sovereign narrowed his eyes. "Whatever it was, we should be grateful. Whoever possessed the power to single-handedly restore the human world and revive us, truly deserves our gratitude. Perhaps, this power managed to eradicate the invaders."

Zhuqiaomon snorted. "This power couldn't have been produced my a human."

"We'll never known, Zhuqiaomon. However, it would be beneficial to find the individual that produced this miraculous feat," Azulongmon stated. "We may have just found the one source that can destroy our enemies in the Digital World."

Baihumon concurred. "Yes. Only two other beings we know could have pulled off a similar feat such as this: Huanglongmon and Lord Granasmon."

"Great Sovereigns! Finally, you've awakened!" Kyodaidramon's voice shouted from the distance.

The four Sovereigns turned as they spotted Kyodaidramon and Flamedramon accompanied by the Justimon, Galaxiadramon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Armed Dragon, Luster Dragon, Bokomon, Neemon, the Amazon Digimon and the Amazon Duel Monsters.

Justimon and Kyodaidramon were the first to step forward in front of the four Digi-Gods.

"We're grateful to see you back to normal, great Sovereigns," Kyodaidramon bowed his head.

Justimon nodded. "Yes. It seems we have won. A white light suddenly appeared and blanketed over this city. Everything the invaders destroyed has been repaired."

"Interesting. Now, I'm even more curious to know who had this astonishing power," Azulongmon wondered.

Sighing to himself, Bokomon looked up to the skies. "If we won, then Takuya and the others must be all right. Thank, goodness."

"I hope Takato and the others are fine," Justimon muttered as he wondered about the whereabouts of his colleagues - the Tamers.


The Victory Tamers, the remaining Duelists and the digimon stood together as they watched the white light fading. The buildings around them were repaired to their original forms and every Rajita corpse were erased from the spot.

Kotori put a hand on Phillipe shoulder. "We've won, Phillipe-kun."

The boy nodded with a smile. "We have. I hope Artemismon and Lady Athenamon are okay."

"Same goes for Takato and the others," Jeri murmured as she prayed for her friends.

Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, Suzie, Antiramon and Marine Angemon stared out into the stars as Takato and the others came to their minds. They had missed out on what was truly a galactic war against Yami Houou.

Meanwhile, Lyn sat down on the ground with a hand pressed against her chest. Mokuba rushed over to console her. Serenity quickly thought about Morpheous and shut her eyes. Tea, Tristan and Duke were thinking about Yugi/Atem, Joey and Kaiba.

"Are you going to be okay, Lyn?" Mokuba asked.

"Not until I see Max, Sam and your brother, Mokuba. I need to know if they're all right."

Serenity sighed. "Not to mention my brother. And Morpheous."


Suddenly, Mai felt a slight tug on her left shoulder as she turned around to see Morpheous pulling himself up. The blonde-haired young woman gasped as she fell back.

"What?! You... You're alive?!"

Morpheous took a deep breath and looked down at himself. He blinked with a perplexed look on his face. "I'm alive? But, how?"

"I could ask you the same question, pal!"

The humanoid alien stared down at Mai. "Oh, it's you."

Mai frowned as she stood up, dusted herself off and pointed a finger to Morpheous. "Don't scare me like that! Do you hear me?!"

"My apologies..."

The woman took a deep breath and sighed. "So, do you want to see Serenity?"

"Serenity...? You mean that girl?"

"Well, of course! Do you want to see her or not?"

"I..." Morpheous stopped as he remembered giving his own life to save Serenity from her transformed brother. I remember. I threw myself in place in Serenity and gave my life for her. Serenity, that means you're alive? So, you did save your brother?

Mai quickly grabbed Morpheous by his arm. "C'mon, we're going to see Serenity!"

"Hold it..."

"Sorry but I don't have the patience to wait any longer. That white light must have been a sign. I don't know what but I felt nothing but pure good from it. Now, c'mon, Serenity is waiting for us!"

Morpheous nodded. "Well, if you say so... I need to know if she's all right."

"Ok then. Now, you're talking my language, green guy. Let's go!" Mai pulled Morpheous along and ran down the street. She didn't know anything but Princess Serenity's light but she knew that this meant a good sign. And I can't forget about you, Joey!


The Makai demons - Chuu, Rinku, Jin, Touya, Shishiwakamaru and the Beautiful Suzuka - watched with awe as the white light faded. The streets across from where they stood were repaired and all the cars were set in their original place. All Rajita corpses were gone. The demons were fortunate to have been spared from being purified by Princess Serenity's light.

Jin's ears twitched as he smiled happily. "Now that was some pretty light!"

"That was some intense light. That would have surely killed any demons but we're lucky to be standing," Touya said.

Suzaka crossed his arms. "I would assume maybe we've been fighting on the humans' side more or less. Our enemies were those aliens."

Chuu scratched his chin. "That's a good guess there, mate. In any case, we've won."

"Thank goodness. Man, I feel so exhausted!" Rinku fell back and laid on the ground.

Sheathing his sword, Shishiwakamaru felt the air in the wind and took a deep breath. "Whatever that light was, it's repaired the damage left by those monsters. Guess the humans will have less work to rebuild the city."

As the demons continued to look around their surroundings, the white aura quickly spread out across the planet.


"Yamaki, sir! Look at this!" Riley pointed out the window. Her hands were pressed against the glass as she, Talley and the Monster Makers watched in astonishment over the light produced by the two cosmic powers.

Talley smiled with glee. "Our city is being repaired?!"

"Everything those aliens destroyed has been set back to their original form! It's almost as if the invasion never even occurred in the first place!" Shibumi stated as he watched the marvelous white light fading.

The first thing that came to Janyuu's mind were his three children - Henry, Suzie and Jaarin. "This means... That the kids could be safe. I hope I'm right."

Nate stood beside Rina as they watched the bright aura fading into the background.

"This means... it's finally over," Yamaki took a deep breath as he stared out into Tokyo. "I wonder if everyone across the world is seeing this miracle before us. This is exactly what Earth needed. After all the chaos we've endured."


An entire view of Earth was displayed. The same white light shrouded the entire planet in a matter of minutes. This healing light created by Princess Serenity and Houou healed the damage left by invading Rajita armies. Every human has had their souls restored since Leviathan's downfall. Sooner or later, the people of Earth would awaken to witness their planet repaired to its original form.


The heroes in Japan would not celebrate too soon.

There was no reason for celebrating yet.

There was one soul that had yet to be revived: the soul of Sailor Mars.

Yui looked down and gasped in shock. Before her own eyes, Cammy's eyes shot open.

"Cammy-chan! Oh my god!"

"Huh...? What... happened?" Cammy slowly lifted herself off the ground.

"Cammy-chan!" Yui cried happily as she embraced her friend. "You're back!"

"Um... Yui-chan?" Cammy blinked in confusion.

Suddenly, Okami had finally awakened. His body reverted back to human form as he opened his eyes. Aoshi and Suzuno hurried over to cry happily over their loved one.

"Okami! You're back!" Suzuno cried as she hugged her husband.

Aoshi wiped a tear from his eye. "Oh, father... welcome back!"

Okami winced as he slowly picked himself up. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Princess Serenity and Houou standing together producing a marvelous aurora.

Princess Serenity, my how you've grown. Dearest child... Your mother would be so proud. Thank you.

Kuwabara's eyes shot wide open as he grunted. "Uhh? Hey, can someone give me a hand here?" Strange, it felt like I had blacked out.

As Yusuke, Youko Kurama, Hiei and Mizuno turned to see Kuwabara moving about, they hurried over and gathered around their team mate.

"Hey, nice to see you aren't playing dead, Kuwabara," Yusuke smirked as he stood over his old rival. "Otherwise, I'd kill ya myself, doofus." He pointed a finger to Kuwabara. "Bang!" The teen offered to help Kuwabara back to his feet.

"Dumbass," Kuwabara chuckled as he grabbed Yusuke's hand while pulling himself up.

Youko Kurama was relieved. "Welcome back, Kuwabara."

"So, how does death feel?" Hiei took the time to tease Kuwabara.

"Very funny, shorty," snorted the orange-haired teen. "But, seriously... I saw myself floating over you guys."

Yusuke snickered. "Oh yeah. Now you know how it feels. Sucks not to have anyone listening to your big mouth."

Mizuno giggled. "Oh, you guys. Stop that. He's just returned from the dead!"

"In any case, it's good to have you back, Kuwabara," Brimstone approached the Spirit team.

Kuwabara never felt any better and smirked. "Thanks, guys."

"So, far, Cammy-chan, Kuwabara and Aoshi's dad are back to life. That's a good sign. Now, all we have to do is wait for Rei to wake up," Yusuke shifted his eyes toward Sailor Mars' body. "C'mon, Mars... we're all waiting for ya to come back to us."

Hiei shifted his eyes back on Sailor Mars and waited.

Opening their eyes, Sailor Moon and Houou stared at Sailor Mars' lifeless body. The dark-haired female did not move.

"Houou, why isn't Mars awake yet?"

"Just wait a moment, Princess Serenity," Houou assured the girl as she closed her eyes and probed Mars' body. "I get it. You recall that she and I cannot be separated?"


"That's exactly what I meant, Princess Serenity. Rei Hino's body was host I have chosen to seal my power."

"But, why though?"

Taking a moment to reflect upon the day she first made contact with Princess Mars as an infant, Houou smiled as she blushed. "Because she and I share a strong connection ever since that day."

"What do you mean?"

"Your mother, Queen Serenity, never told you this about your friend, Rei Hino or Princess Mars as she was referred as in her previous life, was on the verge of death on the day she was born."

Princess Serenity let out a shocked gasp. "Are you serious?"

"Yes. She could have died on that day. Her mother, the Queen of Mars, prayed for a miracle to save her newborn daughter. Such a sweet and innocent soul was about to lose her life. As I was set to visit Earth, I stopped as I heard a faint voice. It belonged to a child. A kind voice. It was Princess Mars. Somehow, she had linked her mind with my own. It was then that I discovered that I had found someone who could communicate with me. Ever since Morrigana passed on, I was left with no one to come into contact with. No one else would even dare call out to me... they feared me. But, Princess Mars drew me in. From there, I landed on Planet Mars only to be confronted by the queen and her army."

Suzakato listened as he quickly became interested in the back story. "What happened next?"

"I explained to the queen that I would save her daughter's life. She asked me what the cost was. The cost would be that I remain within Princess Mars. My power and flame would be sealed within the child. For this to process to be done, spiritual guides were gathered by the queen and asked to perform a special ritual."

"What kind of ritual?" Princess Serenity was anxious to know more.

"This ritual was referred to by the queen as the Deimos-Phobos Sealing Ritual. The spiritual guides summoned the power from the local deity, Ares - a being worshipped by the inhabitants of Mars."

"Ares... as in the God of War from Greek myth?" Suzakato inquired.

"Correct. Fortunately I was able to learn that fact from Rei herself. Anyway, back to the story, the ritual was complete after two days of preparation. With Princess Mars on the verge of death, my power was absorbed directly into the infant's body as my power mixed with the child's remaining life energy. As a result, the child was saved from death's doors."

"I can't believe I never knew anything about his. It's all so new to me," the Moon Princess gasped.

"So, now you know. And you wonder how Rei Hino was given heightened spirituality. I passed on my cosmic awareness to the young girl. She developed psychic talent, able to perform fire readings and dispel evil spirits. Most importantly, I gave her my ability to see premonitions. Do you recall her communicating with the flames, Princess Serenity?"


"Well, she is speaking to me. Though, she didn't know it was I."

Suzakato spoke up. "So, you've been occupying her body this whole time?"

"Why wasn't Rei-chan able to sense you?"

"I concealed my presence. Even her heightened senses could not trace me."

Princess Serenity nodded as she stared over to Sailor Mars' body. "So, this fusion is permanent?"

"Correct. I cannot leave Mars' body. If I do, she dies. If she is killed, I am released and will possibly part ways to return to the cosmos. I'm the only force that can sustain Mars' life. I do not wish to leave Rei Hino's body. I have grown fond of the girl."

"You've grown so fond of her that you've assumed her form," the blonde-haired princess said. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you."

"Then, tell us about Yami Houou. What led to her development?" Suzakato addressed.

"This is the part I really don't wish to discuss considering it brings me such pain but since you asked," Houou sighed as she no longer had any reason to keep that part a secret. "Since remaining inside Mars' body, I became corrupted. I became exposed to the iniquity of mankind... a race that I had believed to be pure. Every planet I've visited and passed by had their share of immoral beings but Earth was filled with wickedness. I was naive to believe all humans were a benevolent species. There were humans who demonstrated far worse atrocities than any race I had encountered throughout the cosmos. I was horrified to realize this truth and that experience alone corrupted me. Overtime, Rei and myself to an extent experienced the darker emotions of humanity - lust, power, anger, destruction and gluttony. These human emotions clouded my judgment. I did everything within my power to seize full control but my darker half was already manifesting. Eventually, I would have been fully consumed by this great darkness. Then, one day during a visit to the Digital World, a demon named BelialMyotismon probed Mars' mind in attempt to trap her within an illusion and forcing her to experience her greatest fears. That great fear Sailor Mars experienced was Yami Houou unleashed and Earth annihilated. This illusion merely planted the seeds for Yami Houou's impending awakening. That would only be several months down the line. It wouldn't be long. Finally, Kaiser Ghidorah murdered the young man named Kazuma Kuwabara and Rei's sister Cammy. Mars could not contain me any longer. The anger was too unbearable that she had no choice but to release me. However, she unleashed the dark entity known as Yami Houou."

There was a hushed silence amongst everyone as they listened to Houou's story.

"But, you at least were still within Mars, right?" Suzakato asked.

"There was barely anything left of my being. If Yami Houou had defeated you Princess Serenity, both Mars and myself would have been consumed by Yami Houou's darkness. She would have won and the universe would have been in great peril."

"And we witnessed the power of Yami Houou when she consumed the star, Sol. And those worlds she had obliterated."

Houou nodded in reply. "Affirmative, Golden Queen. As I reached out to Mars at the last moment, I transferred all the remaining cosmic power left in my being and boosted her strength to grant her the opportunity to stop Yami Houou while we still had a chance. Princess Serenity, all of this would not have been possible if it hadn't been for you. For that, I am in your gratitude." The benevolent entity bowed her head to Princess Serenity.

The princess managed to smile. "Nothing to it, Houou."

"Just one question remains!" Chronos voice boomed out. The Praetor of Imperium flew over and turned toward Houou with a menacing glare. "What about my ships? My slain soldiers? The G-Star, Sol... Not to mention Planet Dei and the other worlds destroyed by Yami Houou! Do you really think over five billion innocent lives will ever forgive you?!" Closing his right fist, the Praetor snarled and barked. "You better answer me!"

"Praetor! That is enough!" Galaxia retorted as she pointed her sword toward the warrior.

"Relax, my friend," Houou smiled as she formed a condensed orb of fire. A display image was shown of the galaxy Yami Houou had attacked. To Chronos' and everyone else's surprise, the worlds and the star were restored in place. "As you can see, Princess Serenity and I restored all that was lost in this galaxy. The two crystals Princess Serenity holds grants many miracles. This world in a matter of moments will be repaired from the damage inflicted by the Rajita."

"Well, Praetor? What do you have to say now?" Galaxia crossed her arms.

Chronos grunted and turned away. "Yes, I'm well aware of Princess Serenity's crystals. I knew her mother very well. I'm not surprised by this outcome."

Princess Serenity sweatdropped. "Yeah, sure..."

Houou giggled. "Oh, men, they are quite stubborn."

"Anyway, Houou... I'd really like to see Sailor Mars back and I'm sure her sister will be pleased as well," Suzakato said. "I don't mean to interrupt."

"No, you're right," the entity sighed as she stared over Mars. "Back in where I belong. Once again, we'll be one. But, before I do..." She turned toward Suzakato and waved to the young warrior. "Takato Matsuda, will you please come here?"

"Um... sure..." Suzakato replied as he approached the entity.

"Will Rika Nonaka, Henry Wong and Himura Tsubasa come up as well?" Houou asked as she faced the other Beast Tamers. "I sense the spirits of Seiryuu, Genbu and Byakko within each of you."

Himakko, Henbu and Seirika glanced at each other as they walked up to Houou cautiously. Suzakato stood in front of the entity and waited to see what she had in mind.

"We're all here, Houou," Suzakato stated as he lowered his head. "What now?"

"You four are the carriers of the Guardian Beast spirits. It is you four that carry along Morrigana's legacy."

"Who's this Morrigana?" Henbu asked the cosmic being.

"She was powerful sorceress who created the four spirits that you four children currently possess."

Seirika was shocked to hear this revelation. "Are you serious?"

"Yes. Morrigana was one of the most powerful psychic users in the cosmos. She was a great talented woman with extraordinary mystic power. Her ability to dispel demonic entities was unmatched by anyone during her lifetime. I came into contact with this woman myself and it was thanks to her that I was able to assume a phoenix bird form."

Himakko inquired. "Is this Morrigana still around somewhere in the universe?"

"No. I believe she maybe gone. Although, she has left a legacy behind."

"What do you mean?" asked Suzakato.

"Sailor Mars. Rei Hino. She is Morrigana's descendant."

"You can't be serious?!" the Beast Tamers cried out simultaneously.

"I'm serious, children. That is the main reason why I've selected Princess Mars to be my host. My bond with both Morrigana and Mars is equally as strong and there is no one else in the universe that I wish to share my knowledge with. Princess Mars is someone I wish to remain with and protect."

Princess Serenity put a hand on Houou's back. "I'm sure Rei-chan will accept you back, Houou."

"And what if Yami Houou ever returns?! You're taking a great risk letting this entity possess Princess Mars' body!" Demeter shouted toward Princess Serenity. "I do not feel this is a wise choice. You are endangering not only your friend but yourself and the entire universe."

As she frowned, Princess Serenity stood beside Houou. "Then, it will be my responsibility then. As the next heir to the Moon Royal Court and throne, I will keep a close eye on Princess Mars and the Houou. If Yami Houou is ever revived, I will stop her."

Galaxia stepped forward. "We will stop her."

Houou smiled as she realized that she had friends to protect her and her host. "Thank you all."

"Hey, don't forget about us!" Sailor Jupiter called out.

Sailor Kakyuu nodded. "We the Senshi of Kinmoku will do what we can to assist you at a certain crisis."

Placing a hand against her chest, Houou shifted her attention to Demeter, Chronos and the other Imperium soldiers. "I mean you no harm, warriors of Imperium. Your long galactic war with the Rajita has ended. At least Yami Houou did you one favor and that was end your war with that enemy."

Chronos sighed as he admittedly agreed. "Yes... the enemy world is no more. Ghidorah and his men will no longer attempt to capture the Romulus Source."

"And I can assure you that I have Yami Houou in check," Houou stated. "As powerful as I am, Princess Serenity and Galaxia are amongst the few in the universe that have the resources to restrain and seal me. For that, I am grateful. Even I cannot be certain when I'll go berserk and let the Yami Houou consume my consciousness."

Suzakato sighed as he turned away. "Even so... I still can't forgive myself."

"Takato Matsuda. It's okay," Houou smiled gently as she put a hand on the boy's forehead. "The flames of passion burn within you, too. Please, do not lose your faith in Suzaku."

"I know but this is going to be hard for me. Please, just give me some time to recover from this..." The Warrior of Suzaku closed his eyes.

"Very well but remember that Suzaku only did what was necessary to save the universe. Sailor Mars will be revived, Takato. Once I repossess her body. Just remember that the flames of passion never die," Houou smiled as she embraced Suzakato.

Suzakato put his arms around the entity and cried.

"Rika, Henry and Himura. You three and your friends stay close to Takato to comfort him through this difficult times."

"Sure thing," Seirika nodded.

"We promise," Henbu and Himakko replied together.

"Just one more thing..." Houou whispered and faced Hiei's direction. "Hiei. Can you come over here?"

The demon was taken back by this and blinked. "What do you need to see me for?"

"Go, Hiei, just go see what she wants to tell you," Mizuno lightly pushed him ahead.

"Yeah, she might have something for ya, shorty!" Kuwabara replied.

Youko Kurama nodded as he stepped aside from Hiei's path. "Go on, Hiei."

The fire demon snorted. "Hm." With that, he paced toward Houou and ignored the four Beast Tamers. He stopped as he looked over Mars' body and then pivoted his head to stare into Houou's piercing red eyes. "Why have you summoned for me?"

The entity smiled as she approached the demon and whispered into his left ear. "I need time to recover my strength as I reenter Rei's body. Hiei, I understand you're a prideful demon but I'm asking you for a favor."

Hiei paused and shut his eyes.

"I want you to look after both Rei and her sister. Be their guardian. You and your fellow Spirit Detectives have already become trusted allies for the Senshi. I've read Rei's thoughts and have come to realize that she has deep fond feelings for you... Though, the poor girl doesn't want to admit it."

Hiei scoffed. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Hiei, I don't expect you to develop any fond feelings for Rei. Just stay close to her shrine and watch over her. That's all I'm asking. Nothing more."

Shrugging, Hiei merely twitched his nose. "And if I refuse?"

"This is your choice. I am not forcing you to do something you don't feel comfortable with. However, I can sense you have shown great concern for her and her sister. Cammy reminds you of Yukina, doesn't she?"

The demon took the time to glance over his shoulder. He noticed Cammy slowly walking over to Mars' body and kneeling down to mourn the death of her sister. Hiei noticed a tear falling down Cammy's left cheek.


"She and the others already have their souls restored, Hiei. I can assure you Yukina is just fine. So, what will it be, Hiei? Choose wisely."

Taking a deep breath, Hiei looked back to Houou and slightly rolled his eyes. "Fine. But, I'm not doing this for her. I'm only doing it because the child reminds me of Yukina and only because you asked me."

"Hiei, I sense you wish to know more about me?"

"Yami Houou's flames were stronger than my own. Yet, I became attracted to these cosmic flames."

"And I will be apart of Rei. So, in case you wish to speak with me, you can reach me with your telepathy."

Hiei shut his eyes and turned away. "Whatever."

As Houou watched Hiei walk away, she smiled. "Thank you." After that, she floated over Sailor Mars' body and put a comforting hand on Cammy's back. "Cammy-chan, if you would step aside, I am ready to bring your sister back."

The girl lifted her head and looked up at the entity. "Ca... Can you bring you bring her back?"

"Yes, for I am the driving force that sustains her life. I can assure you that your sister will be revived."

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Cammy stepped aside and nodded. "Thank you. I'll never forget you."

"I'll always be here to look after you and your sister," Houou stood over Mars' lifeless form and stretched her arms out. Closing her eyes, she focused and activated her flaming aura. "Sailor Senshi, for the sealing process to be complete, I will require your help."

Princess Serenity pivoted her head and faced the eight Sailor Senshi. "Senshi, come."

"Let's go. It's about time we bring Mars back to life!" Venus said.

Sailor Uranus scoffed. "I don't trust her... but this is only for Mars' sake."

"What are we waiting for?! C'mon!" Sailor Sedna rushed past the Outers.

As Pluto set Sailor Saturn down, she awakened the Senshi of Destruction. "It's time to wake up, Saturn."

"Pluto, what happened..? Is it over?"

"I'll explain everything later."

As the eight Senshi formed a circle around Sailor Mars' body, Princess Serenity stood over the Miko and held the two crystals overhead. Houou nodded and gave the signal. Everyone else - including the Beast Tamers - witnessed the Senshi grabbing each other's hands. Each Senshi lifted their heads up as the planetary symbols flashed on their foreheads.

"Will this work?" Seirika wondered.

"It has to," Suzakato said. "C'mon, Mars, come back to us."

Cammy clasped her hands together and prayed. "Rei... come back to me. Please."

Beams of multi-colored light started washing over Sailor Mars' body as Sailor Moon focused on the mystic power from her two crystals. Houou followed along and summoned her cosmic flames. The symbol of Mars appeared on her forehead.

Rei Hino, it's time we merge as one again. I will need to recover my power after being overwhelmed by Yami Houou. From this point on, we should start over with a clean slate. It would be wise if you never have to summon me unless there's necessary.

Shutting her eyes, Houou kneeled over and laid herself on top of the red-armored Valkyrie. Forming a hand sign, she chanted a phrase often used by Rei to complete the fusion process. Rin! Pyou! Tou! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Sai! Sen! With that, her body transformed back into the flaming orange phoenix as it let out one final cry before being absorbed into Mars' body.

The Senshi and their colleagues watched on with anticipation. Sailor Mars' body had a subtle red aura surrounding her as her body levitated back on the ground.

Cammy and Suzakato crowded over the dark-haired Miko's body. Their eyes did not blink for any given moment.

Suddenly, Mars' eyes opened and she let out a deep gasp.

"MARS!" The Senshi were happy to see the dark-haired Senshi quickly coming back to life.

Cammy cried with joy as she threw her arms around her sister. "REI! You're back!"

"She... She's back... I can't believe it," Suzakato pressed his hand against his chest. "I thought..."

"She would stay dead? You take us Senshi lightly, kid," Sailor Uranus scoffed as she glared at him with hatred.

Seirika frowned as she stood beside Suzakato. "Don't let her rattle you, Takato. At least, Mars is back."

"But... that doesn't excuse the fact that I... I killed her," Suzakato turned away.

"Look, goggle head!" Seirika grabbed Suzakato and screamed at his face. "Get out of this funk! Everything's been repaired and now you're just going to cry and cower somewhere..." She stopped as Suzakato slapped her hand away and turned his back on her. "Takato..."

Sailor Mars winced as she hugged her sister. "Cammy, I'm glad to see you and everyone else are all safe."

A shadow loomed over Sailor Mars as Sailor Moon kneeled down beside her friend. Putting a hand on the Miko's right shoulder, she cried with joy. Mars shared the same teary-eyed expression as she embraced her princess.

"Welcome back, Mars. I never thought you'd come back..."

Mars smiled as she cried over Moon's left shoulder. "I'm not going to die that easily, odango-atama. You know me better than that."

"It's great to have you back, Mars! Oh, my god... I don't know what we'd do if you didn't make it," Sailor Venus wiped a tear from her eye.

Omegamon BM watched from the other side and nodded. "It's good to see their team mate has managed to survive."

Athenamon VM smiled. "I agree. After all we've been through."

"So, Pharaoh, where do we go from here?" asked Joey.

Atem scratched his chin. "Your guess is as good as mine. However, I do know the war is finally over. Earth is safe and the Rajita have been defeated."

"I can't believe we won," Agunimon wiped his forehead and sighed with relief. "I need some sleep after all this."

Meanwhile, Hiei stopped as he turned his back to the Spirit Detectives. Kuwabara scratched his head while glancing over to Hiei as Yusuke wondered what Houou had to tell Hiei.

"So, what did she tell ya?" Kuwabara asked. "Hiei?"

The demon kept whatever Houou said to himself.

Youko Kurama knew what Houou said to Hiei but managed to keep the discussion they had confidential.

"With this war over, we can finally see your friends again, guys," Mizuno said. "They should be on their feet by now."

Yusuke was overjoyed with the thought of seeing Keiko and the others back.

As Suzakato started walking off, Gallantmon SM stopped by his partner and kneeled over to scoop up his Tamer. "Are you going to be okay, Takato?"

The Warrior of Suzaku did not answer as he sighed. Just then, he felt something grab his hand. He slowly turned his head to see Cammy. And to the boy's left side was Sailor Mars.

"Takato. Thank you," Cammy said as she embraced the boy.

Sailor Mars smiled as she kneeled over and kissed Suzakato's forehead. Pulling herself away, she smiled down to her student. "Just my way of thanking you, Takato. Please, don't think we hate you for what you've done. Rika's worried about you."

"Rika...?" Suzakato blinked as he looked over to see Seirika standing seven feet from where Mars stood. "But, I don't deserve to be praised. I took human life. I can never forgive myself for that!"

Mars nodded. "Please, don't beat yourself up over it, Takato. I want you to be happy. In fact..." Leaning closer toward Suzakato, she whispered in the boy's ear. "I want you and Rika to be happy. Together."

Suzakato blinked as his eyes nearly widened. "What...? No, you can't mean... No, I can't. Please, don't make this harder for me than it already is."

As Suzakato turned away, Mars and Cammy looked toward each other with defeated looks.

Suddenly, Houou's voice spoke out from within Mars' thoughts. It's okay, Rei. Give the boy some time. He and Suzaku have all the time to discuss this. All you can do for now is pray Takato will come into terms with his spirit guardian. Just as you and I have once again come into terms with each other.

The Miko bit her lip as she stared over to Suzakato. "Oh, Takato-kun..."

Suzakato closed his hands and shook his head. He denied to give Suzaku the time to explain the reasons for his actions. However, the boy could never forgive himself for taking a human life. No... Never. I can never depend on these powers ever again! I must separate myself from you, Suzaku!


Central Digital Realm/Huanglongmon's Golden Castle/December 1, 2003/12:45 AM

Anubimon stared at the orb as he let out a deep sigh of relief.

"You look much relieved, Anubimon," Canewomon said as she approached the Underworld ruler. "Your friends are all safe."

"I'm glad they are. Not just Himura, Kotori, Inumon and Seadramon but everyone else. I'm also relieved to know Sailor Mars and the Digital Priestess have both been revived. What I didn't expect was for the Houou to appear as she did. She and Sailor Moon repaired all the damage inflicted by those invaders."

Huanglongmon narrowed his eyes as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars came into the orb's view. "To think one human possesses two powerful artifacts and another has a cosmic entity contained inside her body. How could we have let this slip past our eyes, Lord Granasmon?"

"We should closely monitor the human world. There will always be a special group of humans amongst billions sharing the same world. However, I must admit. These two artifacts that Sailor Moon carries can never be placed into the wrong hands. If Valmarmon had managed to find a way to gain artifacts with powers of this magnitude, there would be no telling how much damage he can cause to our worlds."

"Thankfully, that demon has been separated. Piece by piece!"

"Let us hope it stays that way. Let's not forget about the Houou entity. The girl containing such a powerful primordial force must be observed at all times. Her emotions must be kept at check to prevent another relapse. We were only lucky to have survived Yami Houou. She could have easily destroyed our worlds."

"Not even you could have stopped her, Lord Granasmon?"

"I cannot speculate, Huanglongmon. There would be no telling what the outcome could have been."

Canewomon blinked as she shifted back toward the two Digi-Gods. "Lord Huanglongmon, it appears everyone is preparing to move. Our fellow digimon are gathering as we speak."

"The Sovereigns must be ready to open portals to lead them back to the Digital World. The Royal Knights can surely help to find every digimon and take them back to their homes."

"Ahem, do not forget my fellow Duel Monster brothers and sisters, my lords," Elemental Hero Neos kneeled down with his head bowed.

"Of course, my friend. Your fellow warriors have aided our beloved digimon in this war. The war is finally over and our sides have won."

"So, what does this mean, Lord Granasmon? Will the Digimon and Duel Monsters occupy and share the same world?" Anubimon asked the two Digi-Gods. "Considering what has happened these last two days."

"For now, Digimon and Duel Monsters share the same world as they see fit. There should be no dispute over territories."

"Indeed. In fact, it's now proven our kind and the Duel Monsters can develop powerful working relationships. Both sides managed to forge a strong alliance against an overwhelming alien threat."

"And to think we were about to go to war with your kind, Neos," Canewomon glanced over to Elemental Hero Neos. "It's fortunate our sides managed to put aside any differences."

"Yes and it all turned out well for both sides," Neos nodded.

"Yes, we have seen a demonstration of how well our sides have managed to co-exist. Of example, members of the Dra-Warriors managed to find three Dragon Duel Monsters on their way to fight the enemy."

Neos nodded. "Yes, those three were Armed Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon and Luster Dragon."

"Let us not forget that Athenamon's Amazon warriors have recently forged an alliance with the Amazons led by Amazoness Swordswoman. I see both sides occupying the same space and having an everlasting relationship."

"Considering both Lady Athenamon and Lady Swordswoman have both been able to fuse into Victory Mode, that is obvious."

"Indeed. Let's not forget Omegamon and Buster Blader merging into a single warrior! Omegamon Buster Mode is just the digimon we need!" Anubimon smiled happily.

"Finally, there's Imperialdramon's fusion with one of three Egyptian God monsters, the Winged Dragon of Ra."

"That's right! No way can we leave him out! Imperialdramon looks so much better in gold if you ask me," Canewomon winked.

"So, what now, my lords?" Neo inquired as he stood up straight. "Will there be a cleaning up process initiated?"

"I don't believe there will be any need for it in the human world. However, this is much work to be done in the Digital World. Many digimon must be returned to their homelands. Besides, the Duel Monsters need to find new homes. Neos, perhaps you should join your fellow Elemental Heroes to gather up all the lost Duel Monsters scattered across our world?"

"It would be my honor, sirs," Neos nodded. "They're in the real world, though. I suppose I'll wait until the Sovereigns lead everyone back into the Digital World?"

"Yes since the Sovereigns can open portals between worlds. My friend... I welcome you and all the Duel Monsters to our world."

Elemental Hero Neos sighed as he lowered his head. "Yes but I hear there maybe some conflict between some individuals from both sides."

"That's to be expected, Neos," Canewomon stated. "Things like this will take some time. Many will welcome the idea of entering a new world and sharing the same space. Others won't accept change all too well. If anything goes wrong, we'll be there to police the activities. It's almost like crime and conflict occurring in the real world unfortunately. Right, Lord Granasmon?"

"You're right as always, Canewomon. I think the word 'adaptation' also comes to mind. Species must always adapt to a changing environment overtime or it will simply fail to comply to the laws of evolution. Neos, your kind must realize that."


"My lords. I believe it is time. The Sovereigns are prepared to make their move," Anubimon observed the viewing orb. "Hopefully now, I'll see what Himura and the others are doing."


View of Planet Earth/12:50 AM

A full display of Earth was once again shown from a satellite's point of view. The every peaceful blue planet loomed as the Rajita activity had mostly diminished. Soon, Imperium space crafts would arrive to assist Praetor Chronos and his men to capture all remaining Rajita soldiers scattered across Earth.


Earth/Shinjuku District, Tokyo, Japan/Away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/12:55 AM

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode arrived on the scene with the Digi-Destined in tow. He lowered down to kneel over and place the teenagers down. Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, TK, Kari and Willis were relieved to see everyone in good health and the city repaired to its original form.

"It's great to see everything turned out all right in the end," Matt said as he observed his surroundings.

Tai nodded. "I'll say."

"No argument there. This is exactly the kind of peace I want to see," Kari smiled as she turned toward Ophanimon. "Right, Ophanimon?"

"And this war has finally been settled," the female angel responded.

"Tai. Matt," Omegamon flew down with Buster Blader accompanying him. "Good to see you two are looking well."

"You two, Omegamon. By the way, who's that guy?" Tai pointed to the purple-armored warrior. Suddenly, he realized that Buster Blader was a Duel Monster. "Wha...?! Buster Blader?!"

"How does he know my name, Omegamon?" inquired Buster Blader.

"I suppose you're a card monster in the world Tai comes from," Omegamon shrugged.

"Wow! That's so cool! Hey, Omegamon, didn't you have some rad purple armor earlier?!" Davis pointed out.

"Yes, we fused together to become Omegamon Buster Mode," Omegamon and Buster Blader responded to Davis' question.

TK blinked. "That's great! So, tell us how the battle was like."

"It was greater than any other battle we've been involved in, TK," Seraphimon said.

Willis looked up to Cherubimon and Golden Rapidmon. "C'mon, couldn't you just tell us?"

"It's too bad we missed out! Geez, I can't believe this!" Davis snapped his fingers.

Ken chuckled. "Maybe it was for the best, Davis. Our digimon just returned from a hard-fought war."

Imperialdramon spoke up. "Yes, well... I think I should tell them everything."

Cherubimon chuckled. "Yes, you're the best story teller out of all of us."

"We'll let you have the floor," Golden Rapidmon replied.

The Royal Knight nodded as he allowed the golden-armored giant to cover the highlights of the Yami Houou battle. "Go right ahead."


Meanwhile, Atem shifted his eyes forward as he, Joey and Seto Kaiba noticed Lyn leading their friends toward them. They were relieved to see all of them grouped together. Tea, Tristan, Mokuba and Serenity followed behind the blue-haired girl.

"Hey, look! It's Lyn and the others!" Atem pointed across as he sprinted across to greet his friends.

Joey smiled with delight as he saw his sister. "Serenity! Over here!"

Seto merely walked ahead as he locked eyes with Lyn and Mokuba. He stopped in front of Lyn as Mokuba embraced his older brother. Lyn smiled as she winked to Seto.

"Nice to see you back, Seto. Didn't think you and your two friends would make it."

"Don't be ridiculous," Seto responded with a smug look.

Lyn couldn't help but manage a chuckle. "Heh, right. At least, you came back to us alive, Seto. That's all that matters."

"Good to see you back, bro!" Mokuba said.


As she heard the pair of voices calling out to her from the distance, Lyn turned as she spotted Max and Same running toward her. She was quickly raced over and dropped down to her knees as both of her brothers embraced her at once. Max leaned his face against Lyn's right shoulder as Sam hugged the girl's left side.

"Lyn! Oh, man. You never would have guessed what happened with us!" Max exclaimed.

Sam nodded. "We were right there to see it all happen! The Senshi defeated that alien warlord! And..."

"You can tell me everything about what you saw later, you two knuckleheads," Lyn smiled as she held her two brothers close to her. "Thank god you two are all right!"

Seto and Mokuba looked on to watch the three siblings share a heartfelt embrace.

"Seto. Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it, Mokuba?"

"You think we can let Lyn and her two brothers stay with us for tonight?"

The Kaiba Corp CEO eyed Lyn and her two brothers from the distance. He recalled the Ka training she had given to Mokuba and the story Lyn shared with him about her past. Her tragic childhood and how she first summoned her Ka. Of course, he recalled the memories of seeing a blue-haired girl. That same pale skin. The light-blue/white hair. The blue eyes. The same girl who was the carrier of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Images of Kisara and Lyn clouded his mind. Kisara. Lyn. The appearances. Could she actually...

"Seto? Um, hello? Earth to Seto!"

Coming out of his bewildered state, Seto looked down to his brother. "Mokuba?"

"I asked if you could let Lyn and her two brothers stay with us for a while. Please?"

Seto gritted his teeth as he glanced back to Lyn, Max and Sam. He couldn't simply let the three on their own and crossed his arms firmly. "Fine. They can stay."

"Thanks, bro!" Mokuba smiled as he ran toward Lyn and her brothers. "Hey, guess what?! You three are invited to stay with us for a while!"

"All right! That's great, Mokuba!" Max and Sam shouted in unison.

Picking herself off the ground, Lyn looked back to Seto and nodded. "Thanks, Seto."

The CEO simply nodded in response. "Mokuba asked..."

"I know but still very thoughtful."

"Yeah, I suppose."

Lyn tilted her head to one side and placed her hands against her hips. "Heh, you always seem to surprise me, Mr. CEO." She quickly looked over her shoulder to notice Joey and Serenity hugging one another.

"Oh, Joey. I'm glad everything is back to normal and this whole war is over," Serenity cried happily over her brother's left shoulder. "But, Morpheous... he isn't coming back, is he?"

The blonde closed his eyes as he nodded. "I don't think so, Serenity. I'm sorry. He gave his life to save you and stop me. I feel responsible for what happened. I don't think you're willing to forgive me, are ya?"

"No, it's not your fault, Joey!" Serenity replied as she tightly hugged her brother. "Don't you even think about blaming yourself. What Morpheous did was unselfish and showed that there was one alien amongst those monsters that had a heart of gold. If he were alive now, what would you say to him, Joey?"

"Simple. I'd thank him."

Atem, Tea and Tristan watched the siblings embrace one another with warm smiles. Nothing looked any better than seeing loved ones reunited after a long separation.

"Pharaoh," Tea whispered as she looked over to Atem. "So, is it true?"

"About what, Tea?"

The teenage brunette rubbed two fingers together and stared at the ground. "Well, you know. The duel. You and Yugi..."

"We'll worry about that as soon as we get ourselves situated here, Tea. Besides..." Atem approached Tea as he took her hand. "I need to find my Egyptian God cards."

Tea sweat dropped and gasped. "Oh! That's right! Yugi's God Cards!"

"Who in the heck would want to take them?!" Tristan exclaimed.

Duke simply answered. "Any desperate duelist trying to one-up the King of Games."

Suddenly, Tea stopped as she gasped and pointed ahead. She quickly tapped Atem's back and turned him around. Tristan and Duke looked ahead as they were shocked with bewilderment.

"No... No way! But, how?!" Duke exclaimed.

"It's... you!" Atem said.

"Mai?! And she has that Morpheous guy!" Tea shouted as she called out to Serenity. "Serenity! Look over here!"

As Tea quickly got their attention, the Wheeler siblings faced the opposite direction to notice Mai carrying Morpheous along. The blonde-haired woman dropped to one knee out of exhaustion as Morpheous tried standing up. His eyes immediately stared toward Serenity's.

"Mor... Morpheous? Is that you?" Serenity felt tears swelling up in her eyes. Her voice barely managed to squeak out happily. "Morpheous!"

"Seren...ity," the former Rajita general coughed as he reached out for her.

"Go on, sis," Joey whispered into Serenity's left ear. "Go help your knight in shining armor."

Without hesitation, Serenity jumped to her feet and raced over to throw her arms around Morpheous. The two shared a warm embrace as Serenity cried over the general's back.

"Morpheous, I thought you were gone."

"I don't know how this happened but I believe the Moon Princess may have been responsible for this."

"Moon Princess?"

"Yes, she shares your name. Her name is Princess Serenity."


Morpheous merely nodded and pat the girl's back. "Yes. Thanks to her, this world has been healed by my former colleagues' attacks. I can assure you that I am no longer affiliated with Kaiser Ghidorah and the Rajita Empire. My days as a general are long done. From this day forth, I am a Rajita Earthling. And I want to share the rest of my life with you, Serenity. You can be my Princess Serenity."

"Yes, sure. Just as long as you're with me... I'll always love you," the girl wept as she tightened her hug around the former general. "Thank you, Morpheous for helping me gather the strength and courage to save my brother."

Watching the two embrace, Joey stopped beside Atem and smiled. The blonde-haired teen noticed Mai trying to stand up. Joey hurried over and put a hand out for Mai.

"Need a hand, Mai?"

The big-busted blonde merely scoffed. "Thanks but no thanks, Joseph."

"Eh? C'mon! I'm trying to be a gentleman here!"

"Being a gentleman is too 'overrated' if you ask me. A lot of assholes try using that little move on me. Well, not this time," Mai frowned as she grabbed Joey by his armor. "No, you're better than that, Joey. I like my men to be badass."

"And you don't think I qualify as one, huh? Am I just a dork to you?!"

Mai smirked as she leaned over and whispered into Joey's ear. "Just shut up and kiss me, dork."

Joey blinked as a sweat drop poured over his face. "Um, what...?"

"You've got three seconds. Miss this and you never get another chance again. Three. Two..."

Without hesitation, Joey leaned close and planted a kiss onto Mai's lips. Everyone looked on with surprise as Mai placed a hand over Joey's back and leaned back with the boy holding her with his left arm.

"All right! Way to go, man!" Tristan cheered his old friend on.

Tea sighed as she put a hand over her head. "Well, there's something you don't see everyday."

Atem smiled as he watched Joey and Mai share their moment together. Are you watching this, Yugi? I didn't think this would ever happen. I suppose this is a sign to remind me that my last days here are near. First, we need to find those three Egyptian God Cards.

"Excuse me," a voice called out from above.

Everyone glanced upward to find Kyodaidramon levitating from above. The Dra-Warrior immediately located Atem garbed in his Dragon Knight armor and recognized the pharaoh's face.

"Ah, there you are!" Kyodaidramon pointed to Atem. "I'm so glad to see you're here!"

"I recall you from the Shadow Tournament event and the wedding after it," Atem recognized the digimon. He remained still as Kyodaidramon landed in front of him. "What can I help you with? Have you gathered all of your digimon colleagues?"

Kyodaidramon nodded. "Yes, in fact, we will be returning to the Digital World shortly. However, I wanted to come by to give you these." With that, he reached down and pulled out the three Egyptian God Cards in full display. He had the Winged Dragon of Ra, Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer the Sky Dragon in hand.

Atem nearly freaked out as his mouth and eyes widened in disbelief. "You... You brought the Egyptian God Cards?! How did you...?!"

"I found the Obelisk and Slifer cards laying on the floor inside a building after I saved several digimon," Kyodaidramon explained. "Oh, the Winged Dragon of Ra was given to me by Imperialdramon-sama. He asked me to tell you 'thank you' and to send his gratitude. He couldn't have reached his new God Mode without Ra's help."

"Yes, I understand. It was an honor to fight alongside him and try to stop Yami Houou," Atem replied as he took the three God Cards. He pressed them against his chest and sighed with relief. "Thank you."

"Next time, make sure never to lose them," Kyodaidramon reminded the King of Games. "Your deck would not be complete without those three cards. They contain tremendous power."

"Well said, my friend," the King of Games held his three cards. "I'm just glad this war is finally over and the last source of the Orichalcos has been wiped out. Most importantly, all of our lives are still intact - including that of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars." Now, that leaves one more thing. Yugi, you know what this means.

Of course, Atem. The Ceremonial Battle. We have all Seven Millennium Items, the three Egyptian God Cards, conquered Zorc Necrophades and learned all about your past.

In addition to finding out my true name. Everything from my past is clear to me. With our final enemy, the Rajita, defeated, we can assume our duel. Yugi, are you ready?

Yeah and this will be one-on-one as I said it would. I'm ready.

Good. For now, we rest until we're both mentally prepared.

Glancing up toward the skies, Atem shut his eyes as he realized that his final days in the living world were nearly up. The Ceremonial Battle would commence in a few days. This final duel between himself and Yugi would determine the fate of the pharaoh. By entering the afterlife, Atem would rejoin his faithful priests. However, for that to happen, Atem must be defeated by Yugi.

For Yugi, this would be this toughest challenge as a duelist.

He would be dueling with the same spirit who had guided him through many difficult situations - including overcoming the likes of Seto Kaiba, Pegasus, Marik, Noah Kaiba, Dartz, Zorc Necrophades and the Rajita. Atem was there to stand against Yami Houou even when the pharaoh knew he was completely outmatched by the cosmic entity.

Both Atem and Yugi had managed to survive all of that. Now, they await for the fated duel. Would Atem finally be able to enter the afterlife and rest in peace?


Forming a circle around the Sovereigns were the Royal Knights - excluding Omegamon. Alongside them were members of the Dra-Warriors, the Dragon Duel Monsters, the Amazon digimon and Duel Monsters and others.

"Lord Azulongmon, we're grateful you and the other three Sovereigns have regained your senses. We're very sorry for having to stand our ground against you," Alphamon said as he lowered his head.

Azulongmon chuckled humbly. "It is all right, my friends. The invaders' leader had broken into our territory and planted those evil stones inside our bodies. We were used and controlled as puppets against our will. We were fortunate to have been stopped by you. The Celestial Angels were brilliant in their tactic on relying on her holy power to extract the evil stones and eradicate them."

"Next time, we will double our security numbers in our territory. So, an even like this never happens again!" Baihumon declared as he snarled angrily.

"That's right. If Demon ever decided to pull this same tactic, we'll be more then ready to deal with him! No one has the right to control the will of a Sovereign! I will set anyone ABLAZE who ever tries to control Zhuqiaomon!" The angry phoenix roared as he lifted his head high up.

Ebonwumon joked. "Did a kettle pot just steam up? Or was that Zhuqiaomon?"

"Very funny, Ebonwumon."

"So, this mean we'll be returning to the Digital World, my lords?" Dynasmon inquired.

"Correct, Dynasmon," Azulongmon confirmed as he shifted his head backward. "You all have fought valiantly and in the end we have won."

Galaxiamon spoke up. "Hold it. Lord Azulongmon, you're forgetting about our new comrades." He pointed over toward the three Duel Monster Dragons. "We have new company amongst us. They, too, have fought alongside us."

"Correct, my lord," Athenamon announced as she stepped forward alongside Amazoness Swordswoman. "My sisters have now forged an alliance with Lady Swordswoman's warriors. We have agreed to reconstruct and expand our kingdom to allow Swordswoman's tribe to move in with us."

Swordswoman nodded. "Yes. We have proven that a digimon and Duel Monster alliance makes for a stronger army. Otherwise, we wouldn't have defeated the invaders."

"See? If it works out for them, it should work out for the rest of us!" Magnamon stated. "Galaxiadramon told us these three Dragons here would make fine additions to bolster up our Dra-Warriors forces."

Azulongmon eyed the Duel Monsters one by one. "Yes, I see what you mean. An alliance between two sides. Two very distinct yet similar backgrounds. Digimon and Duel Monsters. So, that is how you managed to arrive in our world. Yes, those wormholes were the result of someone attempting to merge the two worlds."

"A human no less," Zhuqiaomon scoffed. "Who would dare tamper with the dimensions of the two worlds? Now, we're more overcrowded than ever before."

"No, we will figure something out, Zhuqiaomon," Azulongmon assured his fellow Sovereign. "Lord Huanglongmon most likely knows about this. We will get receive official word from him alone. So, for now, Duel Monsters... welcome to the Digital World but don't get too comfortable yet until we speak with Huanglongmon. In the meantime, though, I would like to thank you for laying down your lives to free our worlds from the invaders."

"Wow, he's actually letting us into your world?" Luster Dragon was befuddled.

Flamedramon smiled. "Feel honored, my friend. You're being welcome with open arms but you're not yet a citizen until the higher powers decide what to do with your kind."

Galaxiadramon turned and faced the three Duel Monster dragons. "Don't worry. I'll make sure to find free spots for you three to join! The Dra-Warriors are open to any dragon monster. Doesn't matter if they must be a Digimon or Duel Monster."

"Thank you. We're truly honored," Armed Dragon said with a bow.

Chainmaster smiled as she looked over to Paladin and crossed her muscular arms. "Hear that, Paladin? What do you think?"

"We're moving in with Lady Athenamon's people. Isn't that right, my queen?"

Swordswoman turned and smiled. "Yes and we agree to help expand Lady Athenamon's territory to allow us more room. Oh and don't you worry, Lady Athenamon. My sisters are also strong lifters. Our physical strength is ten times stronger than an average man. We can move any heavy object such as your columns in case you need to move them around."

"That would be very grateful. Thank you, Lady Swordswoman," Athenamon smiled.

Unfriendly Amazon walked over to Swordswoman and pat her friend's back. "So, how does it feel being the queen?"

"Well, it's going to be a lot of work but I commit myself to being the best queen this tribe has ever had. Paladin, I will not let you down."

Paladin was happy to hear this as she saluted Swordswoman. "And now our tribe has merged with yet another. May this start a new era amongst the Amazon tribes."

Blowpiper smiled. "I like the sound to that."

"Me, too!" Mermaimon jumped up excitedly.

D'Arcmon crossed her arms. "Indeed. Our army is even stronger with Lady Athenamon and Lady Swordswoman working together."

"I'd like to see what army would ever dare to oppose us now," Amazon Archer said.

Fighter flexed her muscular arms. "We'll smash any and all opposition that tries to invade our territory!"

"Let's hope so. There are many dark digimon out there who pose a threat even to us," Demetermon replied.

Athenamon spoke out amongst her sisters. "Then, we will be ready for them, my sisters. With Lady Swordswoman and myself as active co-leaders, we declare that all Amazon sisters return to begin the rebuilding process. Our kingdom will be expanded for us to occupy the same space! And after that we will begin training. With our enemies growing stronger, we cannot afford to slack off or allow ourselves to be overtaken. Medusamon and those invaders are more than enough proof that we should not let our guards down!"

Swordswoman nodded. "Agreed. With the enemies becoming a bigger threat, we must better prepare ourselves. Which is why I declare Unfriendly Amazon and Amazoness Chainmaster as my active generals. You two were strong out on the battlefield and helped lead our sisters to victory."

Unfriendly Amazon was shocked upon hearing this. "Oh, my gosh. Swordswoman, are you sure about this?"

"Yes I am. You two deserve these positions."

Chainmaster blinked and glanced over to Paladin. "Paladin, shouldn't you be in my place?"

Paladin merely nodded. "No, this is your chance to prove yourself to our new leader. I've already retired after many years of dedication in leading you, my sisters. Chainmaster, you are young and have many years ahead of you. Please, accept your new position."

Nodding her head, Chainmaster stepped forward and bowed in front of Swordswoman. "I will not let you down, my queen."

"Same here, old friend," Unfriendly Amazon did the same. "Thank you."

"Wonderful, Lady Swordswoman," Athenamon smiled as she shifted her eyes to her own tribe. "And now... Hmmm." The Amazon digimon noticed the absence of one of her own sisters. "Where is Artemismon?"

"Everyone, it is time. I will create a portal leading back to the Digital World. If you will, follow us Sovereign is you don't wish to be lost and left behind," Azulongmon announced as he turned and watched as a massive blue portal appeared in front of him. "Large enough to allow us Sovereigns to pass through. I suppose Lord Huanglongmon is already aware of the situation and has granted us access himself."

"Wait, Sovereigns!" Athenamon called out as she flew out beside Azulongmon. "Please, grant us a little more time to gather all remaining digimon and Duel Monsters left here."

"Very well. This portal should remain open for another hour. Please, use this time well and hurry, Lady Athenamon."

"Thank you, Lord Azulongmon."

Zhuqiaomon snorted as he gazed at Athenamon. "My, my, how you've grown, Lady Athenamon. Not too long ago you were an arrogant little brat when you were Andromedamon. I didn't think you would become the leader of such a strong tribe."

"Life is full of surprises, Zhuqiaomon, but I think you know that," she frowned as she turned away and flew down to gather her sisters.

"She hasn't changed one bit."

"Yes but she is the undisputed queen alongside her new partner," Baihumon stated as he stared over to the digimon and Duel Monster gathering. "It will be interesting to see where this new alliance leads."

Alphamon stared ahead at the portal and turned to face his colleagues. "Well, my friends, it appears we must get going back to the Digital World. First, we will wait for Omegamon to come."

"I suggest letting all the other digimon and Duel Monsters pass through," said Crusadermon.

Magnamon nodded. "Not a bad idea. In the meantime, we'll go and search the city for others left behind."

Athenamon looked over toward Swordswoman. "Shall we go look for Artemismon?"

"Sure thing, Lady Athenamon."

"Oh and there's another thing I also want to do before we leave."

"What's that?"

As Athenamon flew by and scooped Swordswoman in her arms, the winged Amazon glided off into the distance. "General Chainmaster! General Unfriendly Amazon! Please, follow us!"

"Yes, Lady Athenamon!" The two generals responded as they sprinted ahead to follow the airborne Amazon.

"What's the meaning of this, Lady Athenamon?"

"You'll see."


Elsewhere, the Legendary Warriors - minus Jaarin, Sam, Vega and Dimitro - relocated themselves in Shinjuku Central Park to meet with two old friends. They all were back in their normal human forms while being reunited with Bokomon and Neemon. Junpei was tossing both digimon into mid-air as he hugged them both.

"Man, it's great to see you two again!" Junpei said.

Takuya laughed as he rubbed Neemon's head. "So, you came all this way just to see us? You two must have had one heck of an adventure!"

"To travel all this way from out of the Digital World, that is saying a lot. You must have seen a lot of crazy things happen," Kouji smirked.

Izumi walked over to scoop both Neemon and Bokomon in her arms. "But the important thing is that you two came to see us! So, will you be joining us for the holidays?"

"Holidays? What's that?" Neemon asked with his head tilted to his left side.

Bokomon groaned as he pulled Neemon's pants. "It's a festive, you fool! I believe you humans call it... Christmas?"

"Yep! Though, that won't be until later in the month. Wow, is it already December?" Tomoki asked while removing his cap and scratching his head. "Time sure flies!"

"Especially when you're having fun or in this case saving the world," Kouichi replied.

Neemon grinned. "I hope we can eat a lot on this holiday!"

"Of course! There'll be a lot to eat! Candy and cookies, too!" Takuya threw his arms out and began describing the details of a candy cane. "You see there's one candy you should definitely try out. It also has a minty taste!"

As she stood listening to Takuya explaining, Izumi glanced up toward the darkened skies and sighed. We've just been through hell. Who would think we'd still be here. That does make all of us true survivors. Otherwise, our planet would be conquered by now. But, where do we go from here? I can't wait to see our families again. Hopefully, all of this will settle over for the next few days but I know our lives will never be the same again.


"BOOM! We took them out like that!" Kazu went on to explain the battle he and the others endured in front of Henbu, Seirika and Himakko. "It was a tough fight but we managed to come through!"

Kenta clapped his hands. "And here we are... survivors of a grueling war. Isn't that cool or what?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Henbu sighed as he scratched his head. "All that matters is that we all survived."

Himakko nodded as he glanced over his shoulder to see Yui, Inumon and Dark Gabumon behind him. "Yeah and our families, too."

Smiling over to her brother, Yui waved to him. "Let's go find our god parents soon, Himura."

"Sure thing. I'm worried about them, too."

"Hey, Himura," Kotori walked over as she confronted her old friend.

"Um, Kotori... I just wanted to say about your outfit..."

Putting a hand out to stop Himakko speaking, Kotori cleared her throat. "Eh, eh, don't even comment about my outfit. Yeah, I look too feminine, don't I? Well, when I get back, I'm going to have a LONG talk with Anubimon! Ugh, Kotori Ayami should NEVER have to wear a skirt!"

"Heh, I'm sure Anubimon will listen to you."

"He better."

"Kotori. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to crossover to the living world again to help us," Himakko smiled as he took the Valkyrie's hands. "You, Seadramon and that new partner of yours... What's his name?"

Suddenly, Grani - in his tiny pony form - appeared on top of Kotori's left shoulder. "My name is Grani and don't you forget it, boy!"

"I swear his voice sounds like it's on helium!" Himakko busted out laughing at the tiny pony.

Seadramon snickered. "Doesn't he?!"

"Ooooh, those no good. Valkyrie Brunhilde! Let me at these two jokers!" Grani snorted angrily as smoke blew out of his nostrils.

"Down, boy," Kotori sighed as she grabbed Grani by his little tail. "Anyway, Himura, I wanted to tell you that my time here is short. I'll have to go back to Anubimon soon."

"I understand. You told me about your limit in the living world," Himakko nodded.

"Phillipe-kun. You come over here, too," Kotori looked behind her to find Phillipe standing next to Artemismon. As she waited for the two boys to stand together, she placed two hands on their chests. "I'm glad you two have gotten to know each other. Himura, thank you for staying true to your word and staying close to my cousin."

"Anything for you, Kotori. Your cousin is a really good guy."

Phillipe smiled with tears in his eyes. "Kotori, I'm sorry about what happened. You can't ever come back, can you?"

"I can but my time is limited. I basically used up nearly half of my time here. I'll need to go back to the Underworld to continue my work with Anubimon but you two can probably come down and see me. Then again, I'll have to ask Anubimon about making arrangements."

Himakko sighed. "Don't worry about it, Kotori. We'll manage. Besides, we all have to move on."

"That girl, Himura," Kotori stared over toward Jeri. "Himura, stay close to Jeri. She's very kind and will help you through any slump you might have. I had a small chat with her on our way to Huanglongmon's palace. Trust me on this, Himura. She will take good care of you."

"I know."

"Don't worry, Himura. I'll also be here whenever you need someone to talk to," Phillipe pat his friend on the back.

"Thanks, you guys."

Kotori smiled. "Now, that's more like it. Smile more, Himura. Enjoy life while it lasts. That's a lesson I should have learned before I died."

Janyuu confronted Jaarin and Suzie as the family discussed everything that had taken place within the city. The father listened to his two daughters describe the Rajita aliens in detail as he nodded his head accordingly.

"...And there was that HUGE dragon with the snake's body!" Jaarin spread her arms out to describe the length of the Leviathan. "The Legendary Warriors and I were inside Susanoomon to fight that thing!"

Suzie hugged Lopmon as she told her father about her new healing power. "And I can make boo-boos go away!"

"ACK! You're choking me, Suzie!" Lopmon gagged out.

"You two sure had a lot more fun than I did," Janyuu sighed while scratching the back of his head. First, Jaarin has the ability to become a digimon. Then, Henry tells me about his new power. And now Suzie? What is this whole world coming to? Half of my family is now out fighting monsters behind my back?!

"Hello, sir," Sam approached Janyuu. "I'm Sam Joseph. I'm a friend of your daughter, Jaarin."

"Let me guess. You have special powers, too?"

Jaarin intervened and answered for Sam. "Yeah, he's one like me, dad. Not to mention he's... my um... partner."

Janyuu eyed Sam for a moment and rubbed his chin. "Jaarin... You should have just said he was your boyfriend."

With that, both Jaarin and Sam face faulted on the ground. Janyuu looked down at the two and blinked in confusion.

The man wondered as he lowered his head. "Was it something I said?"

Watching everyone from an isolated corner, Ryo and Cyberdramon enjoyed every minute of seeing their friends being reunited. The Tamers were brought together after being separated during the course of the Rajita war.

"Ryo. Isn't it good to see that we've won?" Cyberdramon asked.

The Legendary Tamer smirked. "Anything is better than seeing anymore senseless chaos and destruction. This is exactly the peace we need with the holiday season coming."

"Artemismon!" Athenamon's voice shouted from above.

As Phillipe turned, he watched Artemismon flying upward to meet Athenamon and Swordswoman. The other Tamers stopped to watch the Amazons preparing to discuss an important matter.

"You called for me, my lady?" Artemismon inquired.

"I have, my sister," Athenamon smiled as she carried Swordswoman in her arms. "Artemismon, I'm proud of you. Now you have gained your mega form."

"But, no thanks to Phillipe. He is my partner, my queen."

"Yes and you understand that you two are to remain partners until one of you decides to part ways."

"That also means I can no longer be within the tribe? Since I'm Phillipe's partner, I cannot leave his side and therefore I cannot be the next heir to the throne. I'm sorry for disappointing you my queen. I know how you hoped I would one day take your place to lead our sisters."

Athenamon nodded as she approached Artemismon. "Don't feel that way, Artemismon. At least, we fought together to stop the invasion. We even dealt with Yami Houou together. I even raised you, dear Artemismon. You were such an adorable little electric cat. Now, you've grown into a beautiful Amazon. How could I be disappointed in you? I'm NOT even close."

"But, I can't become the next queen."

"That maybe the case but you will always be my favorite sister of the bunch. Never forget your place in the tribe. You will always be an Amazon in heart. Now, of course, your new mission is to protect the one who released the Lights of Victory. Phillipe Sangara is the one you will protect with your life."

"I will guard him with MY life," Artemismon vowed. "So, who will you choose to be the next heir?"

"I have not yet made a decision. D'Arcmon and Demetermon are amongst the most likely candidates but we will see."

Artemismon nodded in reply. "Very well then."

"So, are you happy to be Phillipe's partner?"

Looking down toward the boy, Artemismon pressed her hands against her chest and smiled. Her body slowly became engulfed by a white light as she hovered down toward Phillipe and de-digivolved back to Jaguarmon. The tiny feline sat on top of the boy's right shoulder.

"Never more happier, my queen," Jaguarmon purred as she licked the side of Phillipe's face.

Athenamon smiled as she shed tears. "Good for you, my sister. Enjoy remaining in Phillipe's company. Come by and see us at anytime."

"She looks so happy, Lady Athenamon," Swordswoman whispered.

"Yes, she is."

"So, where to now?"

"Time to go see Omegamon and Buster Blader. Your two generals should be over there in a few moments."

Swordswoman held tightly onto Athenamon's hands and hung on as the winged Amazon glided across into the distance.

"Wow! Look at her go!" Guardromon watched the Amazon queens depart. "She knows when to get going in a hurry."

Felinismon chuckled. "Heh, she must be dying to see Sir Omegamon."

Jeri blinked. "Well, they are a married couple."

"Hard to believe that he managed to bag an Amazon queen!" Terriermon snickered as he watched from sitting on top of Henbu's head. "I sure could use a vacation after this."

"Well, there's Christmas coming up," Inumon said.

Renamon shifted her eyes toward Inumon. "By the way, thank you, Inumon."

"For what?"

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to defeat Kuzuhamon. She deliberately allowed herself to be controlled by the Rajita simply to best me and take you, Inumon. I've never had to fight such a strong opponent as her. It took all I had and yet... she asked me to end her life."

Inumon closed his eyes as he walked over to Renamon. Putting his arms around her, he comforted the yellow-furred vulpine. "It's okay. Kuzuhamon being dead is not your fault. You only did what she asked you to do. I guess she realized the power had corrupted her frame of mind and had turned her into a monster."

"You think so, Inumon?"

"I don't know. These are just things I take a guess at. You know?"

Renamon closed her eyes and sighed. "Yes. I somewhat understand the logic behind Kuzuhamon's reason. I just wish it didn't have to come down to one of us being dead. Now, look where she is now."

"I think right now she's realized the mistake she made. Renamon, promise me you'll never let the darkness corrupt you."

"Never. Rika, would never forgive me if I did so and I vow to be a digimon of my word."

Inumon smiled. "That's good to hear, Renamon." He leaned against Renamon and hugged her.

Seirika watched from the corner of her eye and blinked. "Renamon and Inumon?" That's good to see him comforting her. And for once he's not acting like some perverted idiot. Suddenly, she had realized something was missing. Or rather, someone. She looked around her surroundings. "Hey, where's Takato?"

"I thought he was with you?" Kazu asked.

Jeri noticed this as well. "And Guilmon's not here either."

"Where could they be?" Kenta wondered as he held Marine Angemon in his hands.

Then, Seirika quickly realized where Suzakato might be currently at. She scoffed and levitated up. "He must be with the Senshi! I better go and bring him back!"

"Hold it, Rika! How about giving him some space for a while?!" Henbu exclaimed.

"Sorry but I'm not going to let goggle head mope and groan for the rest of his life over what happened!" Seirika snarled as she probed Suzakato's presence and glanced toward the Shibuya district. There! Have to see what he's up to! Takato, you better not be planning anything you might regret.


Sensing the portal being opened, Espritdramon prepared to glide off with Samuridramon in his arms. He stopped and looked back down at the five Chimera warriors. Mika, Maya, Larry, Hayata and Sara were gathered together.

"I must be off, you five. Thank you for helping me save my colleague here," Espritdramon said. "I must get back and rejoin my fellow Dra-Warriors before the portal to my world closes."

"Good luck and hopefully your friend will feel better when she wakes up," Sara replied.

"What are you five going to do from here on?" inquired the Dra-Warrior.

Mika shrugged as she looked at her four team mates. "Who knows? We haven't decided. I suppose we'll relocate. Maya could probably go back home but I think her new mutant abilities might scare her folks."

Maya sighed sadly. "I'll try to hide it from my parents."

"That's going to be hard, Maya. You're probably better off traveling with us," Hayata stated.

"It's okay. If she proclaims she can control it, then more power to her," Mika spoke up. "I'd be willing to show the old man back at my home. He's a combat master and should teach me to control my power. The rest of you are pretty much orphans. Sorry to hear."

"Whatever choice you children make, please let it be the right one. Do not follow the path of evil," Espritdramon said as he flew off with Samuridramon in tow. "Until then, good luck to you, my friends."

As the five watched Espritdramon disappear into the distance, they gathered together.

"So, this means goodbye then?" Sara asked as she looked at Hayata. "I mean... we'd need to drop off these three to their homes." The girl pointed to the Grandra siblings.

"Point taken. They can show us the way," Larry said.

Hayata crossed his arms and grunted. "No way in hell I'm going back to the orphanage."

"Then, where will you, me and Larry go?" The little girl inquired.

Mika quickly thought of an idea and snapped her fingers. "Ah! The ol' light bulb just lit up!"

"What do you have in mind?" Maya shifted toward Mika.

"The three of you can stay over my place. Maya, try your best to keep your powers in check. My old man knows of a great combat master who can probably help us control our powers."

Larry blinked. "Who might this combat master be, Mika?"

"Okami Inuki. Wait, I could have sworn I heard someone screaming out his name inside that ship," Mika recalled. "I wonder if he was there."

Hayata shrugged. "There was a large wolf creature with a woman but I might be mistaken. That couldn't have been that combat master."

"Well, if that was him, I hope he and that lady managed to escape. I say we go see Okami to see if he can teach us to control our new powers," Mika said. "Otherwise, we can't fully master our abilities. What do you say."

Larry nodded. "I'm in."

"Guess so," Hayata shrugged.

Sara smiled. "Let's do it!"

Maya bit her lip and nodded. "Ok, count me in, too."

"Cool! It's settled then! We're going to master our new abilities!" Mika declared as she raised a thumb up. "That way we can help this city clean up the streets and to give Takato's friends a hand."

"Sounds good to me! Henry will surely be impressed with me!" Sara giggled happily.

Hayata groaned. "You're not suggesting we become crime fighters? Sorry but that's just not up to my standards."

"Not necessarily but we have to start off somewhere before we deal with tougher enemies," Mika stated. "That Elementdramon would have taken us if Espritdramon wasn't there to cover for us. We were only lucky to have gotten a few hits in." She looked toward the Grandra siblings. "Anyway, we have these three to drop off and we part ways. It was a pleasure working with you, guys."

As Mika put her hand out, the other four Chimeras placed their hands on top of Mika's.

"Let's never forget the day we all met," Maya said.

"Right. Until next time, it'll be right here at this exact spot," Mika said.

With that, the five Chimeras yelled out in unison and prepared to head off to take the Grandra siblings to their homes. From there, they would part ways for a short time until Sara, Hayata and Larry move in with Mika. After that, they'll settle in and rejoin Maya to attempt to receive Okami's training.

All plans for the Chimera warriors were set into motion.


East Shibuya/Inuki Residence/1:15 AM

Gathered outside the Inuki residence were the entire Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detective assemblage. In addition to them, Okami, Aoshi and Suzuno themselves.

Keiko, Shizuru, Yukina and Atsuko emerged to be greeted upon by the Detectives. Yusuke hurried over to Keiko and his mother while Kuwabara checked on both Shizuru and Yukina. Hiei stared from the distances as he kept an eye on Yukina.

"They're all back with their souls in tact. That's good," Mizuno smiled with relief.

"Oh, Yusuke! Thank goodness you and the guys are fine," Keiko said as she hugged Yusuke. "I didn't think I'd ever wake up."

Yusuke pressed Keiko close to him and shut his eyes. "It's over, Keiko. You can relax now."

"Yuuukina! Kuwabara the Man has survived against the evil alien doers!" The orange-haired teen struck a silly pose in front of the ice maiden.

Yukina couldn't help but giggle toward Kuwabara's usual antics. "You should tell me all about your experience, Kuwabara."

Kurama chuckled as he watched Hiei from the corner of his eye. Hiei, surely you could lighten up and enjoy this moment together? We've just returned from a war.

Hiei snorted in response and closed his eyes. Hn. Surely, you jest.

Sailor Moon - back in her Valkyrie form - stepped in front of Okami to show him the two crystals.

"I see. So, now you possess the two sacred crystals, Princess Serenity," Okami smiled proudly as he touched the Moon Heart Crystal. "Your mother would be very proud of you."

Moon blinked. "You know Queen Serenity?"

"It's been such a long time since I've seen your mother. You might not remember me..."

"Actually, I might have some fond memory of you," the Moon Princess said as she closed her eyes. Quick images of her past replayed in her mind, including the day she was rescued by Okami. "Yes... I do remember you, Okami-san. It's just been so long."

"I know it has, Princess Serenity."

Suzuno held Aoshi by her side. "Okami would always tell me how adorable you were as a child."

Sailor Moon slightly blushed. "Oh, really?"

Okami glanced over to Sailor Mars and called her over. "Princess Mars, could you come over here?"

The Miko Senshi blinked and pointed to herself. She went along with Okami's wish. As she stopped beside Sailor Moon, Mars glared toward Okami. "Yes, Okami-san?"

"I understand this has been an experience you will surely never forget?"

Mars nodded. "I'll never forget. Becoming one with Yami Houou was one experience I will never forget. I mean... she had me destroy Kaiser Ghidorah. Not that there's anything bad about it."

Sailor Moon placed a hand on Mars' right shoulder and nodded. "Yami Houou destroyed him."

"Yeah but still I can't help but feel that I had ended the whole Rajita war. Of course, Yami Houou used my body to try destroying all of you."

"Mars, please it's over," Moon said. "Yami Houou can no longer torment you. Remember that Houou is apart of you now. She's your guardian."

"But, what if she comes back?"

Galaxia immediately stepped forward and responded. "Then, we'll be ready to seal her power. Sailor Moon surely can accommodate that."

"Yes," Moon nodded.

"Besides, Sailor Mars, the chances of Yami Houou emerging anytime soon are very slim. Houou said herself that she needs time to recover her energy that Yami Houou had taken from her. Mars, I advise you to keep your emotions in check. Sailor Senshi and friends, listen up. All of you are responsible for keeping a close eye on her."

"Hey, don't forget about Hiei," Kuwabara said as he pointed over the demon.

Cammy smiled. "Hiei, you'll take good care of me and my sister, right?"

Hiei turned away. "Hn."

"Hiei, this is serious business," Yusuke confronted the demon. "Do you want to be responsible for Yami Houou to be reawakened again? The best you can do is to keep an eye on the two girls as Houou asked you to!"

"Whoa... Yusuke," Keiko blinked.

The lead Spirit Detective realized what he just said. "Yeah... I surprise myself, too. Why did I just say all that?"

"You mean you weren't even thinking about it?" Kuwabara wondered. "Still, you were straight to the point, Urameshi."

"Very good. I'm quite impressed, Yusuke," Kurama smirked.

Sailor Mars listened to the Spirit Detectives ramble on as she smiled. "Thanks for your concern, guys. I'm sure Hiei won't mind staying near my shrine. Right, Hiei?"

The demon shifted his eyes directly toward the Miko. "Hn. Whatever, woman."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sailor Uranus was doubtful about the situation. "Hiei doesn't seem to be the most trustworthy guy we know."

Sailor Venus spoke up. "Hey, Hiei maybe a jerk at times but he's still a very honorable guy."

"She has a point," Mizuno said.

Sailor Jupiter crossed her arms and smirked. "And we'll always be there to stay in contact with Mars from time to time."

Sailor Star Fighter chuckled. "Looks like you guys have your work cut out for ya."

"We'll manage. Mars is our friend and we'll do everything we can to make sure everything turns out just fine for her," Sailor Mercury replied.

"Galaxia," Princess Kakyuu spoke up as she addressed the Golden Queen. "You said that there will be Imperium ships arriving soon?"

The golden-haired woman nodded. "Yes. Chronos has summoned for his elites to arrive anytime now. They will arrive to round up all remaining Rajita soldiers. This procedure should not last for more than a day."

"Will they be collecting Rajita from across the planet and not just in Japan?" asked Sailor Star Maker.

"Correct. Every major city, country and continent. Even any eggs the aliens may have laid will also be confiscated. They will then be imprisoned on Planet Imperium where they will be tried for their crimes. Believe me. Praetor Chronos knows just how to handle petty space criminals."

Sailor Star Healer scoffed. "Good. Make sure that each of them get their just desserts."

"Galaxia," Mars spoke up as she walked over to the golden-haired lady. "Does this mean they've called off their execution order on me?"

Galaxia faced the Miko. "Yes, I have talked to Praetor Chronos over it. He hates doing it but he'd rather value his own life than for Houou to take it away from him. You're safe, Sailor Mars. Rest assured."

Sailor Moon walked over and hugged Sailor Mars. "Isn't that great, Mars? You've been let go free!"

"After all, it was Houou and Sailor Moon that restored those lost worlds. Yami Houou surely will never be forgotten or forgiven. However, I can't honestly blame you, Sailor Mars. That entity used you against your will."

"But, I've also come to terms with her as well. To think I'd be protected by an ancient entity with the power to create and destroy life. Sailor Moon, promise me that you'll watch over me. If you value our friendship, then you'll do it?"

The Moon Princess smiled as she placed a warm hand across Mars' left cheek. "You know I value our friendship."

"Thanks, Sailor Moon."

Shizuru sighed as she glanced over to Kuwabara and the boys. "Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt but where do we go from here?" Geez and I didn't even pack my cigarettes. I could use a smoke right about now.

"Well, we all move on. The war is over but we shouldn't forget what happened during the last few weeks," Sailor Star Fighter announced. "Senshi. Detectives. Once again, you prevented another evil from taking this world."

Sailor Venus sighed with relief. "Thank goodness. Here I thought the Pharaohmon incident was bad but this Rajita invasion pushed us beyond our limits!"

Tuxedo Kamen took Sailor Moon's hand and kissed her on her left cheek. "This means the future has been restored once you were brought back, Sailor Moon."

"It did...? What happened to the future?" Moon asked.

"When your soul was captured, I received message from King Endymion. He informed me that everything in the future had been lost and altered. The entire order has been restored once your soul returned to your body... Look, I'll explain everything to you later. All that matters is we've won," the masked man brought Sailor Moon close to him and kissed her on the lips.

Everyone watched as the two lovers locked lips.

Sailor Venus hollered. "Whoo hoo! Go, girl!"

"That's OUR favorite couple!" Sailor Jupiter shouted out. As she said this, she was quickly reminded of Mako Tsunami. Oh, god! Mako-kun! I've got to go look for him in a minute. Geez and he already knows I'm Sailor Jupiter! I'm in such a tight spot. I hope he keeps my identity a secret.

As Sailor Mercury turned, she spotted Arbormon and Mercuremon standing outside the gate of the residence. She quickly raced over to the gates and took Arbormon's hands.


"So glad to see you're okay, Ami. All turned out well for all of us."

"Same here," Mercury nodded. "Oh and you brought your friend?"

Mercuremon merely acknowledged the blue-haired girl with a wave.

"Don't worry about him," Arbormon said as he had Mercury's hands in his own. "So, how long are you staying in town for?"

"Um, well... Until after the holidays. Why?"

"Just wanted to know if you wanted to spend more time since you're here? There are plenty of places for us to go."

Mercury slightly blushed. "Oh... Vega. I'd like that."

Sailor Neptune watched this from the distance and giggled. "Well, it seems our little shy Mercury has found herself a man."

"He appears to be one of those Legendary Warriors," Sailor Saturn said.

Sailor Sedna blinked. "Wow, that's so cool. Ah, now I'm suddenly reminded of my boyfriend."

"Yeah, what's his name?" Sailor Uranus asked.

"Dimitri," the Ice Senshi blushed as she placed her hands on her chest. "I kinda wish he was here right now."

Yusuke noticed the love fest going on with the two couples and looked at Keiko. "Say, Keiko. I was thinking..."

"No way."

"Oh, c'mon! I didn't even pop the question yet!"

Keiko turned away with arms crossed. "You didn't even need to say it. I knew what you were trying to imply."

"Heh, look at you Urameshi. Next thing you know he's going to be begging on his knees," Kuwabara teased the lead Spirit Detective.

Atsuko sighed as she watched her son begging like a puppy around Keiko. "Yusuke. Just what am I going to do with you? You just don't know how to talk to women."

"Ok, everyone! Pipe down!" Genkai silenced everyone as she stepped onto the front porch.

Everyone shifted their attention toward the old psychic as she and Botan stepped forward. Botan carried along Luna and Artemis on her way out the front door.

"Luna!" Sailor Moon happily ran over as the black cat jumped into the girl's arms. "Oh, Luna! I'm back!"

"Yes, that's good! I'm glad you've all come back safe and sound," Luna rubbed her face against Sailor Moon and purred happily.

Artemis hopped out of Botan's arms and jumped up into Sailor Venus' waiting arms. "Venus!"

"Artemis! Oh god, you wouldn't believe everything you missed! What an experience we've had!"

The white cat simply purred. "You can tell me all about it when we're all settled."

"I think all of us here have undergone quite an experience. Earth had just been invaded by an otherworldly race. Not even I could imagine an invasion of this magnitude," Genkai stated as everyone listened. "Nonetheless, we all managed to persevere."

"Indeed, we have and we couldn't have done it without you guys," Botan said. "Yusuke, you and the boys worked well with the Sailor Senshi. Perhaps I should advise Koenma to issue a pact to form a coalition between the two groups? I think it would benefit both teams if you ask me."

"Would you really do that?" Sailor Moon inquired.

The ferry girl winked. "No problem. After how well these two teams have co-existed, I think so."

"That'll be good for us," Sailor Pluto stated.

Sailor Uranus scoffed. "I'm not so sure."

"C'mon, Uranus. Let's for once put any differences aside," Sailor Saturn replied.

"Excuse me but can I have a say in this?" A voice spoke out amongst the entire group.

Everyone turned as they saw Suzakato and Guilmon standing on the front lawn. Sailor Mars gasped as soon as she saw the boy and his digimon partner. Quickly jumping out in front of the group were Uranus and Neptune.

"Whoa! Hold it! I didn't come here to start a fight!" Suzakato was taken back as he assumed a defensive stance.

"Look, kid. If you know what's good for you, just get out of here," Uranus frowned as she prepared to attack.

Neptune scoffed. "This is your last warning."

Sailor Venus frowned. "Neptune! Uranus! Stop this!"

Sailor Mars quickly walked past Moon and pushed through the two Outer Senshi. "You two better stop right now!" The Miko stood in front of Suzakato and Guilmon. "These two should NOT be frowned upon! Takato shouldn't be even accused of being a murderer! He did what was right to stop Yami Houou. Yes, it's true Sailor Moon and I helped to weaken her but it was him that helped Houou exorcise the evil from that entity!"

"Again, you're defending this boy?" Uranus snarled.

"That's enough you two!" Sailor Moon barked out. "I'm telling you two leave that boy alone!"

"Mars... I need to know. Are you really Cammy's sister?" Suzakato whispered to Sailor Mars.

The Miko nodded. "Yeah, I'm sorry I've had to keep my identity secret."

"It's okay but you don't have to defend me. I should be treated like crap for what I've done."

"I don't want to hear you say that, Takato," Mars sighed as she turned and put her hands on Suzakato's shoulders. "Look... You saved my life. If you hadn't been there to deliver that final blow, I don't think Yami Houou would have been beaten."

"You're just saying that..."

"No. I'm not."


"Truly. Look, Takato, inside us we have entities. You have Suzaku. I have Houou. Those two have a deep bond for one another."

"They're lovers, aren't they?"

"Yeah. I don't know much about this Morrigana lady but all I know she's part of the Mars lineage. She's my ancestor. She created Suzaku and the three other Beasts after forming a bond with Houou eons ago. I would assume she created Suzaku in honor of Houou. You know to pay tribute to her."

Suzakato smiled. "Hard to believe Suzaku and Houou actually know one another."

"So, what are you going to do, Takato? The war is over."

"Yeah but I still can't forgive myself for what I've done. It's going to be hard for me stomach the image of myself taking your life. Taking a human life is wrong... I've always been raised on that notion."

Mars blinked. "Yeah but don't go drama queen on me every time we see each other. I want you to stay strong. Your friends need you to be."


"Hey, Takato!" Seirika's voice shouted from above.

As Suzakato glanced upward, he watched Seirika levitate from above and moved aside as she landed in front of him. Mars stepped aside and smiled.

"About time I found you. Why did you go and fly off without telling us?" Seirika snorted as she confronted Suzakato. "You know you had us all worried!"

"Look! I'm sorry but I had to come and take care of a few things..."

Looking behind Suzakato, Seirika noticed Guilmon and Sailor Mars. "Oh. I see now."

"Your name is Rika, right?" Mars asked as she approached Seirika.

"Yeah, I'm her. Look, I'm glad everything has turned out all right for you and your friends."

"Thanks, Rika. I hope and your friends find your families."


Sailor Mars kneeled down and whispered into Seirika's ear. "Could you do something for me? I realize how close you and Takato are."

"What?! What are you talking about?"

"Takato has told me how much he likes you. Now, don't get mad at me. Takato is the one who told me."

Seirika narrowed her eyes and snorted. "I see."

"Please stay close to him. You and your friends should comfort him at times of need," the Fire Senshi suggested. "But I would give him some time to recover from this whole experience. You understand, right?"

"Crystal clear."

Suzakato glanced back and forth between the two girls. "Um, guys?"

"Takato, I've asked Rika here to keep an eye on you. So, remember what I've told you," Mars smiled as she walked away. "Remember, if you need someone to talk to, you have me, Takato."

Before Suzakato could say anything else, Seirika put an arm around her friend's neck and cleared her throat.

"I think we should get back with the others. Okay, goggle head?"

Suzakato nodded as he called out to Mars. "Thanks for understanding, Mars. I'll try and cope with all of this anguish."

"C'mon, Guilmon. We're leaving," Seirika said as she called over the red reptile.

"Coming, Rika! No worries, Takato! We're all going to help you recover!" Guilmon grabbed a hold of Suzakato's right arm.

As Seirika flew off with Suzakato and Guilmon, Sailor Mars watched them depart and shifted her eyes back to her colleagues. The Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives waited as she walked back on the front yard of the Inuki residence.

"Before anything else, my friends. I would advise all of you to rest and allow the Imperium to carry out their work. You deserve a break after what has happened," Galaxia suggested as she directed this to all facing her.

Genkai nodded. "Agreed. You hear that slackers?"

Everyone shared a laugh at Genkai's remark - with the exceptions of Hiei, Brimstone, Uranus and Neptune.

"Hey, Yusuke!" A pair of voices shouted from the distance.

"Look! It's Chuu!" Botan pointed toward the gates.

"Oh man! I can't believe you guys are here!" Yusuke was thrilled to see Chuu. "Chuu! You big son of a gun! When did you get here?"

The tall, mohawk-wearing demon waved out to the Spirit Detectives. "Just now! And lookie here I brought, mates!" Standing beside Chuu were Shishiwakamaru, Rinku, Jin, Touya and the 'Beautiful' Suzaka.

"Jin, too?! Oh man! This is great!" Yusuke shouted as he ran up to greet his old demon friends from the Dark Tournament.

"Well surely is a surprise. Who would have guessed?" Kurama smiled.

Galaxia sighed happily as she crossed her arms. "It's times like this when you forget that there ever was an invasion. Of course, that is not the case."

"But there comes a time for us to recover and let the planet recover," Sailor Pluto replied as she watched everyone preparing to settle down.

Princess Kakyuu nodded. "You know perhaps we should stay, Starlights. At least until everything appears to be settled."

"That's a good idea, Princess Kakyuu," Sailor Star Fighter stated as she shifted her eyes toward Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. "Will that be okay?"

"Sure. You're one of our friends," Sailor Moon smiled. "At least stay through the holidays."

"I think we'll do just that," Sailor Star Maker said.

"How about you, Galaxia?" Tuxedo Kamen directed his question to Galaxia.

"I have work to do. Chronos expects me to meet with him soon," the Golden Queen replied.

Sailor Mars approached Galaxia. "Should you ever decide to change your mind, you're more than welcome to come for a Christmas party I'm planning on throwing."

"Ooooh, a party at Rei-chan's?! We're SO there!" Sailor Moon giggled with excitement.

Mars sweat dropped. "All of you are invited if you ask me. Okami-sensei and his family are even welcome."

"Thank you, Sailor Mars. We're in your gratitude," Okami bowed his head.

Aoshi smiled. "Yes, I'll be sure to invite Yui-chan. Cammy, you'll be there, too!"

Nodding her head, Cammy responded. "You bet I will! I live with my sister anyway."

"Then, it's settled! A Christmas party over at Mars' place!" Moon publicly announced to everyone.

As the Spirit Detectives, Sailor Senshi and their colleagues gathered on the front area of the Inuki residence, Sailor Mars closed her eyes as she telepathically communicated with the Houou.

Houou. From this day forth, I vow to rely on my own power unless another great enemy like Ghidorah approaches. This should at least allow you to time to recover.

Yes, a good suggestion. Thank you, Rei.

And now I can finally relax. Though, can I even be sure this is the end? This is definitely not the end of a great evil threatening to destroy our world.

Yes but you and your friends will always rise to confront the great evil force. Mars, never lose faith in yourself and your friends. Never lose faith in Takato either.

I won't.

As Sailor Mars shifted her eyes forward, she noticed Hiei standing ten feet away from her. The shady demon stared at the Miko shortly as he slowly turned away.

"Hiei. Don't think I'd forgotten about you."

"And what of it?"

Mars smiled. "You're also welcome to my Christmas party. You and the boys of course but I would like it if you were to come."

Hiei simply blinked. "Hn."

"I take that as a 'yes' then?"

With that, he turned away and walked down to meet with the other Detectives.

"That's a yes then," the Miko slightly rolled her eyes.

With the announcement of the party, this sealed the final chapter to the Rajita invasion. However, much work was needed to be done as the Imperium army still had to collect any remaining Rajita soldiers left on Earth. The evil warlord, Kaiser Ghidorah, and his armies were defeated by Earth's heroes - in addition to the Digital World's warriors. Yami Houou, too, was stopped by three unlikely heroes: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Takato Matsuda. The five teams that helped defeat Pharaohmon can now rest and look forward to the upcoming holiday season.


"People of Earth. This is Galaxia, former Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica, speaking. Everything went as scheduled. The Praetor of Imperium, Chronos, and his men had waited for their reinforcements to arrive on Planet Earth. Every city and continent had been covered. All remaining Rajita soldiers were collected to be rounded up and taken in as prisoners. All eggs laid underneath the ground were collected to prevent any chances of Rajita hatchlings to emerge. Overall, the procedure only lasted a day as Chronos and his soldiers departed from Earth to take the remaining Rajita to Planet Imperium to be tried.

Kaiser Ghidorah has been confirmed to be deceased as his ash remains were found within his royal chamber. Two of his generals, Kuiiza and Kujiko, are confirmed to be dead. His other two generals, Morpheous and Nagah, have been declared missing. The Rajita mother ship was confiscated by Praetor Chronos and his men before finally departing to their home world. As soon as the Imperium military left, I remained on Earth to monitor the Sailor Senshi and their comrades. Interesting to know how they've managed to align themselves with several groups of talented yet unique warriors.

Digimon. Spirit Detectives. Legendary Warriors. Tamers. Duelists? Well, it seems I've missed out a lot since I've been away. Well, this would be the perfect time for me to get to know each of these groups.

Thankfully, Earth is already recovering from the Rajita invasion. Just in time for these 'holidays' the people of Earth talk so much about..."


Digital World/Underground Chamber in Demon's Castle/4:55 AM

Arriving within the underground laboratory compound of Demon's castle was Dark Guilmon and company. They had brought in the collection of parts needed to construct the tracking device - the tool essential to locate Valmarmon's seven pieces.

"WOO! We're back!" Skull Satanmon dropped down to knees and threw up his arms praising the ceiling. "HOME SWEET LABORATORY!"

Marine Devimon walked over and bopped the fool over his head. "Pipe down, moron! We know that!"

Atolmdramon sighed with relief as he sat down on a chair. "Well, I am glad we made it out of there with our lives."

"Yeah! Who knows what would have happened if that creep found out we were stealing some of his property!" Puppetmon said.

Grabbing an empty can of bug juice, Fuugamon crushed it. "Argh! Empty! Can we at least get some bug juice to celebrate?!"

"We will once we get ourselves situated but that bug juice will only be for you, Fuugamon! The rest of us would rather have a feast!" Black Guilmon exclaimed as he listened to his stomach grumble. He quickly shot a glance as his colleagues stared at him. "What?! I can't help it if I'm hungry!" Great, I better not have a lust for bread like my idiot brother.

Yamidramon stepped forward and tapped Black Guilmon's back. "Um, don't you think we should have Skull Satanmon hand us those God Cards?"

"That's correct! You wanted to use those special cards you had Skull Satanmon take from that duelist, Yugi Muto," General Scorpionus reminded the black reptile digimon.

"Ah, yes! The cards! Thank you for reminding me, gentlemen," Black Guilmon said as he stared over to Skull Satanmon. "Ok, skully, hand me those cards. I'll be needing them right now if you don't mind."

"Sure thing, boss! Just gimmie a min..." Skull Satanmon jumped to his feet while picking at his shorts' pockets. Much to everyone's surprise - and Marine Devimon's dismay -, he tossed out numerous cheese burgers and several photos of himself. Finally, he stopped at a dead end and felt his body stiffen in frozen shock. "Erm... Um... Boss..."

"C'mon! What's taking so long? They couldn't have been buried deeply in your pockets!" Black Guilmon snarled with impatience. "Let me have them!"

"Houston, we have a problem. A BIG problem..." Skull Satanmon gulped as he pulled out his empty pockets. No sights of the two Egyptian God cards.

As everyone turned and groaned in disbelief, Skull Satanmon slowly backed away.

Black Guilmon jumped off the table and in front of Skull Satanmon. His face contorted with a mix of rage and horrified disbelief... but mostly anger. His black face immediately turned red like a tomato as he was ready to explode. Everyone else quickly hurried out of the laboratory.

Skull Satanmon backed away and squeaked. "Eep...?"


Demon sat peacefully in his seat while leaning his head back against his throne. He, like many of the other digimon, had witnessed and felt the frightening power demonstrated by Yami Houou hours ago. Lady Devimon walked into the Demon Lord's royal chamber with a book in hand.

Before Demon shut his eyes to sleep...


Demon was shakened in his seat as the ground underneath him rumbled from Black Guilmon's bellowing screams.

"Humph, it appears that stupid bonehead screwed up on their routine mission. Typical," Lady Devimon sighed as she lowered her head.

"Typical is an understatement, Lady Devimon. Some villains these days just seem to have gone downhill. I miss the old days," Demon remarked as he closed his eyes.


Back down in the underground laboratory.

"ACCCCCK!" Skull Satanmon gagged as his gray tongue stuck out. He was on one side being choked while on the other end Black Guilmon applied both hands around Skull Satanmon's skinny neck.

"WHY YOU LITTLE! GRRRR!" Black Guilmon growled with intense anger.

"Um... Why does this seem familiar to me?" Marine Devimon scratched his head and shrugged.

Fuugamon flipped on the television switch as the screen immediately popped onto The Simpsons. "Oooo, my favorite show!"

"There's your answer, Marine Devimon," Yamidramon answered.

Slamming his fist on the table, General Scorpionus cursed under his breath. "Curse that dimwit! That bonehead! Now all of out plans have been scaled back to several years! Maybe even ten years! Augh, who knows?! We have no means of tracking those pieces!"

"So, what now? Do we just build the tracking device? I mean we could still find the pieces but without the cards it will be more difficult. Black Guilmon was under the assumption the cards have the power to trace the pieces. Think of it like a metal detector. Right, Black Guilmon?" Atolmdramon inquired as he glanced over to Black Guilmon choking Skull Satanmon. "Oh, wait. Never mind."

"Isn't there anyone out there who could potentially help us to find the pieces?!" Yamidramon exclaimed.

"At this point, we have no one. Demon could help us but... you know how he hates being bothered," Atolmdramon said.

"But doesn't he want to bring back Valmarmon?" Puppetmon asked.

General Scorpionus explained to his colleagues. "Well, he did but he doesn't think anyone has the power to do so. He's already planning to recruit some of the nastiest digimon he can find throughout the Digital World. Of course, if he even steps out of his castle and tried to attack, the Sovereigns will be there to prevent him. Until, we can find someone who has the power to find the pieces... we're out of luck."

"There just has to be someone out there! We cannot give up!" Yamidramon cried out.

Marine Devimon sighed. "Being overly dramatic, aren't you?"

As Yamidramon roared out in frustration, Fuugamon was on his seat watching The Simpsons while Black Guilmon continued choking the ever daylights out of Skull Satanmon.


Demon rose out of his seat as he sensed a new, mysterious presence. His ghoulish eyes narrowed as he noticed a figure walking out of the dark corner. Lady Devimon noticed the intruder as she jumped back and hissed.

"Ah, so this is the castle of the great Demon," the figure stepped out into the light. As the light beamed down on him, the figure was revealed to be Madoudramon. "Greetings, Demon."

"Who in devil's name are you?! And how dare you show yourself without addressing to Lord Demon by his proper title!" Lady Devimon bared her fangs and hissed.

"Calm down, Lady Devimon," Demon said as he walked away from his throne. He floated over to the center of his throne room and stood twenty feet from where Madoudramon faced him. "Now, I ask you... who are you? And how did you arrive here? I would have sensed you coming a long time ago."

"Demon. You now serve under my orders!" Madoudramon quickly informed the Demon Lord Digimon.

Taken back by the tone of the new arrival, Demon scoffed as he raised his right hand. Mystical yellow flames ignited at the palm of his hand while preparing to unleash his deadly Flame Inferno. "Humph, surely you jest. You ask me, Lord Demon, to serve you? You truly are a fool to come all the way here and squabble all of this rubbish. You'll pay for trepassing on MY unholy ground with your life!" Before he could fire, Madoudramon stopped him by addressing the name that even Demon feared.

"I'm Madoudramon, loyal knight and one of the high ranking generals of Lord Valmarmon!"

This immediately caused Demon to halt his attack.

"What?! Valmarmon?!" Lady Devimon exclamined out of shock. "Lord Demon..."

"Yes, I see now," Demon replied, lowering his hand. "What do you know about Lord Valmarmon, Madoudramon?" Even Demon, as powerful of a Demon Lord that he is, worshipped the Great Demon God Valmarmon.

Madoudramon chuckled. "Why don't you ask him yourself? I've already found his main piece, the Heart!"

"The Heart? You know where it is?"

"Yes, I do."

Demon gave this some thought as he looked back to Madoudramon. "Where can I find it?"

"Allow me!" Madoudramon exclaimed, snapping his fingers.

Suddenly, a black flash of energy materialized behind him and a viewing mirror behind him. Displayed on the front of the mirror was the demon-like heart. "Behold, Valmarmon's Heart with his immortal soul resting within!"

Both Demon and Lady Devimon were shocked as their eyes laid on the demonic heart. Madoudramon stood beside the mirror with a smirk.

"Can it really be, Lord Demon?"

Demon chuckled with pleasure. "Yes. That's Valmarmon's Heart. I can sense nothing but pure evil. Even greater than mine."

"I'm glad to see you are pleased. Now, will you help me find the seven pieces, Demon?"

"To bring destruction to the Digital World and eradicate my enemies," Demon grinned underneath his hood. "Let the search for the pieces commence."

Madoudramon smirked. "That can wait. Valmarmon is extremely patient as it is. For now, let us make other arrangements, Demon."

This had Demon's attention as he floated over to his seat. "Tell me what you have in mind, Madoudramon."

"Certainly," the dark warrior grinned.


Sector 34593/Great Phoenixmon Mountain Range/5:55 AM

Deep within the new secret Neo-Rajita Headquarters.

Operations were currently underway to collect digimon specimens to begin a cross-fusion process to produce new Rajita/Digimon hybrids and develop them into super soldiers. Super soldiers with the combined strength of a Rajita and a Digimon with enough abilities to pave the way to a whole next step in Rajita evolution.

That was Nagah's goal: To surpass Ghidorah in military strength. Instead of relying on a large number of low-level commons and elites, the new empress wanted less super elites. In other words, quality over quantity.

Watching from on top of a catwalk, Nagah glanced over the egg harvests below the caverns and smirked.

"Ah, yes. All is going well. With those fools taken in by the Imperium people, we're all that is left of the Rajita Empire but we are the Neo-Rajita Empire! We are the new age!" Nagah announced as she howled in laughter. "Ooooh, yes! The balance of power has shifted! I can feel it!"

"Excuse me, Express Nagah," Melancholia's soft-spoken voice spoke out behind the empress. "Ghidorah's inheritance is beginning to hatch."

Twirling around, Nagah smiled with delight as she rushed past Melancholia. "Well, what are we waiting for?! Let's go!"

"Please, my lady, hold on!"

As Nagah arrived and stepped on a platform, she was carried over to the giant tube. Her eyes widened with joy as the egg inside was starting to break and peel away. Two gleaming eyes stared out of the broken shell and into Nagah's eyes. The hatchling inside screeched out as a pair of tentacle-like arms stretched out and slammed against the incubator tube.


Nagah stood as her body quivered and her hands tightened. "Oh, yes. Finally, you will be the key to this Neo-Rajita Empire. You will be the one to lead us into a new era! You shall be far stronger than your father has ever been! Believe me when I say this. For I will train you myself and prevent you from becoming an arrogant fool like Ghidorah."

Those same fear-inducing green eyes pierced a stare toward Nagah. This would be the future lead figure of the Neo-Rajita Empire.

"I will tame the beast," Nagah whispered.

The green eyes shifted away from Nagah and immediately closed as the creature underwent his growth development - which would take it another six months or so. Until then, Empress Nagah would run the entire operations to make the Neo-Rajita Empire grow without anyone realizing it.

The Rajita were ready for another comeback but that will require time.


Unknown Sector in the Digital World/6:13 AM

Sitting peacefully inside his cavern domain, the figure saw a view of Earth through his orb. "So, the Yami Houou was defeated by an unlikely force: Takato Matsuda. Interesting. Even I did not foresee this event coming. No matter. Another prophecy has come to pass. Pharaohmon and his forces were the first to fall. The Rajita and Yami Houou were the next enemies in line to fall. With a new Rajita Empire on the rise and the demon digimon gathering tools to find the seven pieces, I do not see any conflict arising anytime soon for Earth's warriors to deal with. From this point forward, there will simply be a peaceful period. When the next threat arises, only I can tell."

With that, the prophet vanished behind the blanket of darkness and relocated to another isolated cavern within the Digital World.


Three Weeks and four days later.

Christmas Day has come... at least in Japan.


Tokyo, Japan/Christmas Day/9:30 AM

Snow had started falling since the second week of December and the spirit of the Christmas season had managed to help the people to move on with their lives. With their city repaired by Princess Serenity and Houou, business went along as usual and Tokyo's citizens tried to forget about the entire Rajita invasion. It was only a little less than four weeks ago when the entire world - and Digital World - was attacked by the alien invaders.

However, simply forgetting about a recent alien incursion was not going to be easy. The Imperium people had reminded Earth to simply move on with their lives and hinted at a return to one day build a new relationship with the humans. This way Earth could be better monitored in case another evil alien race decided to invade.

Praetor Chronos made it clear that Earth was now under their careful watch from this point forward.

As for those heroes responsible for saving Earth...

They got together with their loved ones and celebrated the Christmas holiday.


Shibuya District/Kanbara Residence/10:30 AM

Starting with Takuya Kanbara and his friends.

Gathered together around a dining table, Takuya and his fellow Legendary Warriors - excluding Vega, Dimitro, Jaarin and Sam - were already eating their Christmas breakfast. The feast included a delicious Christmas turkey, boiled eggs, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, dressing, cranberry sauce, honey-baked ham and other delicious foods.

"Ooooh, boy! I'm in HEAVEN!" Junpei shouted after eating a bowl of his mashed potatoes. "Takuya! You're mom is a great cook!"

Tomoki smiled as he grabbed a piece of bread. "I'll say!"

"Hey, how about passing me some of that dressing, Kouichi?" Kouji asked his brother.

Kouichi nodded in response as he scooped up some of the warm dressing. "Sure thing, Kouji."

Sitting next to Takuya, Izumi held a fork with a piece of turkey on it. "How about I feed you, Takuya?"

"Will you? REALLY?!" The goggle boy glanced over to the blonde-haired girl with a tongue sticking out. "Oh, gimmie! Gimmie!"

Junpei scoffed once glancing over to Takuya and Izumi. "Humph, why does she get the girl to feed him?"

"You can have some of my mashed potatoes, Junpei," the little boy offered his plate to Junpei.

"Nah, it's cool. You can have it, squirt."

"Suit yourself, Junpei."

Takuya swallowed the turkey piece from Izumi's fork and sighed happily. Izumi actually fed me? Ooooh, this is the best Christmas ever!

"You know, guys," Izumi sighed as she stared down at her plate. "It wasn't too long ago we've been through hell. Our world could have easily been destroyed twice over."

Kouji nodded as he expressed a serious gesture. "No kidding. First, that alien warlord and then Yami Houou. It's unbelievable all of that ever happened."

"But, add the fact that Sailor Moon and Houou's lighter side restored all the damage caused by those aliens. The people of Earth would rather be enjoying their peace during this holiday," Kouichi said.

Swallowing his turkey, Takuya cleared his throat and put his silverware down. "Guys, I know what we've been through. We were there in midst of the whole Yami Houou battle. Let's be lucky we managed to survive. But, you know I'm happy we can even spend Christmas together. This year has already been one of the most grueling. Have you guys forgotten about Pharaohmon and the Shadow Tournament earlier this year? Just a couple of weeks ago, the two worlds were invaded by a powerful alien empire. All I can say we should be thankful for being alive."

The other Legendary Warriors nodded as they looked over to give Takuya an undivided attention.

"I've got to say... I never would have expected one of the Sailor Senshi to end up becoming our enemy. Luckily, she managed to overcome that evil entity Yami Houou," Takuya said.

Izumi put an arm behind Takuya's back and smiled. "She'll be back, Takuya. And we should be, too. Let's just enjoy Christmas together."

"Yeah, we should do that," Kouichi nodded.

Kouji smirked. "We could go and visit the Tamers. I heard they were going to be over at Takato's."

"Guess we can go catch up with them after we finish eating and unwrapping my gifts!" Takuya lifted his head and expressed high spirits again. "C'mon! Let's continue digging in guys! There's plenty of food left!"

Junpei chuckled. "Hey, I don't expect me to hold back anytime soon!"

As the Legendary Warriors continued eating, Takuya's mother and brother watched from inside the kitchen.


"Takuya Kanbara here. As you can see, me and my friends are going to manage through this holiday season. Even though this year has been rough, we're not going to let any of that ruin our Christmas together. So, let's end the year with a bang, dudes!"


Domino City District/Kame Game Shop/Muto Residence/11:38 AM

Yugi stared out the window of the game shop while waiting for the arrival of Mai, Serenity and Morpheous. Fortunately for Morpheous, Serenity and the others hid Morpheous from being caught by the Imperium people. For these past three weeks, the former general was exposed to human society and he has been learning to adapt to the new human lifestyle - thanks to Serenity and her mother.

The young King of Games sighed as he stared at the window. "Snow and more snow."

"Isn't it just nice? Maybe we can go out and build some snowmen? Or maybe a Snow Kuriboh?" Tea winked as she handed Yugi a cup of hot chocolate. "Here you go."

"Oh, thanks, Tea," Yugi took the cup and sniffed it. "So warm."

"You really ought to try some, Yug!" Joey walked out of the counter and sipped his hot chocolate cup. "It'll keep ya warm! It tastes even better with some marshmallows!"

Sitting on the stairs leading to the top floor, Tristan smirked. "Just when you thought all the stuff that happened three weeks ago. That invasion and all."

The four teens were reminded of the horrible destruction the Rajita had brought to Tokyo and the entire planet. Just like Takuya and the others, they quickly became depressed over the hell they experienced.

"Look. Let's not try to remember what happened but we can't forget it," Yugi spoke up as he stared at the steaming, brown chocolate in his cup. "Just remember that we're all here and together in time for Christmas."

"That's for the best," Tea said as she heard the oven from the back of the store. "Oh, the gingerbread cookies are done! C'mon, Yugi! How about you and me can check on them?"

"Sure," Yugi smiled as he followed Tea toward the backroom. "Grandpa! The cookies are done!"

"Oh, good! I'm coming down!" Solomon called out as he started walking down the stairs. "Oh, my legs just aren't strong like they used to be."

"Let me help ya down, gramps," Joey offered his hand to Solomon Muto.

"Thanks, Joey."

Suddenly, the door bell rang which prompted Tristan to answer it. Opening the door, Tristan allowed their first guests in: Professor Hawkins and Rebecca.

"Oh, Arthur! So, good to see you received my invitation!" Solomon offered to show of hospitality to his guests. "Please, come in."

"Thank you, Solomon," Professor Hawkins smiled in gesture.

Rebecca stepped inside and surveyed the entire game shop. "Is Yugi here?"

"He's in the back with Tea getting the gingerbread cookies out," Tristan said, pointing to the back.

"Ooooh, getting gingerbread cookies out without me! I don't think so!" The little girl scoffed as she hurried toward the back. "Yugi! I'm herrrre!"

Joey sweat dropped as he watched Rebecca flee off. "Gee, she hasn't changed a bit." And to think that runt is a college student. Hoo boy.

"Oh, Joey, I think there are some friends out there waiting for you," Professor Hawkins stepped aside as Serenity, Mai, Duke and Morpheous came into view.

"Hey, you guys finally came!" Joey exclaimed as he let the four in. "Come on in!"

Mai smiled as she placed her scarf around Joey's neck. "How about taking my scarf for me, Joseph?"

"Ha, ha..." Joey snorted.

Edging closer to Joey, Mai planted a kiss on his left cheek. "Merry Christmas, hon."

"Joey! Merry Christmas!" Serenity giggled as she threw her arms around her brother. "And mom says a happy holidays to you!"

"Yeah, tell her I said Merry Christmas," Joey smiled as he embraced his sister. "Besides, we'll be seeing her tomorrow, right?"

Morpheous cautiously stepped inside and glanced at the game shop. "Should I even be here?"

"Oh, yes! You're with me, Morpheous. Don't be afraid," Serenity took the former general's hand and led him inside. "This is Yugi's home so to speak. It's also a game shop owned by his grandfather."

Duke chuckled as he high-fived Joey and Tristan. "Merry Christmas, guys!"

"You, too, man!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Merry X-Mas to you, too, Duke," Joey said as he watched Serenity showing Morpheous around the game shop. A warm smile curled on his lips. "Serenity's so happy. She's been clinging to him ever since we hid him from those alien jerks."

"They weren't jerks, Joey. At least, I don't think they were. They were out finding all the remaining Rajita creeps that were left. Fortunately, they bagged them all," Duke explained.

"Good. I hope those guys were right about looking out for our planet. We don't want another group of crazy aliens to come knocking on our door," Tristan said, scratching his head.

Pointing to a card display, Serenity clung to Morpheous right arm.

"Morpheous, thanks for staying with mom and me. I've always been alone and needed someone with me since I live so far from my brother."

"It's no problem, Serenity. As long as you're happy," Morpheous replied. "Though, Mai had suggested that she would find me an occupation."

"Oh, you're going to look for work? Well, that's not a bad way to start. Though, that means you'll move out of our home eventually."

Morpheous shrugged as he pressed his hand on the glass display case of cards. "We'll see where the future lies, Serenity. But, remember that I'll always be with you."

"Thanks, Morpheous," Serenity planted a kiss on his left cheek. "Just being with you brings joy."

Just then, a trio of figures came marching toward the game shop. Each sported a pair of shades and warm clothing.

"Ah, here we are," one of them spoke.

As Yugi, Tea and Rebecca emerged with the tray of gingerbread cookies, the group heard the footsteps from outside. They shifted to the window to spot the three figures.

"Hey! Who's there?!" Joey demanded as he walked out on the front. His eyes widened in disbelief once realizing the identities of the three figures. "It's you three!"

"What happened, Joey?!" Tristan shouted as he and Duke ran out.

Duke scowled. "Well, well, look who the cat dragged in three. Three rats."

"Humph, now is that anyway to greet three guests, mate?"

The trio was none other than the former Doom Bikers: Raphael, Alister and Valon.

"Raphael?!" Yugi exclaimed as he walked out on the front porch. "What are you doing here?"

Removing his shades, Raphael pierced a glance toward his former duel rival. "Yugi Muto, just wanted to drop by and tell you... Merry Christmas."

"No way! I don't buy that for a minute! You probably wanted to come here and steal gramps' cards!" Joey growled as he balled up his fists.

Valon groaned while holding his head. "Same ol' dog with no bite. I tell ya..." He spotted Mai standing behind Joey. "Oh, hey, Mai. Long time no see."

"Hello to you, too, Valon," Mai put an arm around Joey. "Ease down, boy." Her gentle voice caused Joey to relax his nerves and settle down.

Tea blinked. "So, that's all? You just wanted to come by and wish us a Merry Christmas?"

"Yeah but we also wanted to tell ya. We're working with the government now," Valon said. "Actually, we're working with an American Air Force soldier named Nate Escobar. He told us that we can work with him to remove our criminal record of working with Dartz. It was agreed upon with his branch."

"It's a good deal. We scratch his back and he scratches ours. Honestly, I hate having to do this work myself but eh... What can ya do?" Valon shrugged.

"That's good. At least you three have something to do and this will get them off your back," Mai said.

"Correct but we decided to drop by and put the past behind us," Raphael said as he put out his hand. "Yugi?"

The King of Games walked forward and stared at Raphael's extended hand. "Well..." What should I do, Atem?

Accept, Yugi. As he said, the past is behind us. He and his two colleagues have seen the errors of their ways. Remember, he was one of the few duelists to have defeated us. This is to show respect for another duelist.

"Raphael, you got it," Yugi said as he shook the man's hand.

"Thank you, Yugi," Raphael smiled as he waved to his two colleagues.

"Now, how about we all share some gingerbread cookies all? Before they get cold!" Tea called out as she walked inside.

"In before it gets cold!" Joey announced as he took Mai along.

Eventually, everyone started marching back inside the game shop to eat the gingerbread cookies and share the holiday spirit.


"And that's our side of the whole story. Though, this Christmas would be one of Atem's final days in the living world. We left for Egypt three days after Christmas. We would arrive in Egypt where Atem and I would engage in the Ceremonial Duel. My friends watched us duel in one of our toughest duels with Atem's fate on the line. In the end, it was I that defeated Atem. However, this meant a heartfelt goodbye to my dueling partner and best friend. If it wasn't for Atem, I wouldn't have so many friends to begin with. Before Atem, I only knew Tea. Eventually, thanks to the Millennium Puzzle, I met Joey, Tristan and Duke. With Atem on my side, I dueled against many strong duelists including some of the very best. Seto Kaiba was one of them. He, too, would become a friend to me. In addition, many others would follow.

Atem, my friend... Let us never forget this Christmas. This is one of our final days together. Even though, you will be gone... you surely will not be forgotten. Although Atem will be gone, this isn't the end of the story for me and my friends. We'll still be there to offer any kind of support to Takato, the Tamers, Takuya, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi and all the others. We just recently saved the world. All of them are my friends. I just hope I get to know them all. For now, all I say is this... This is not the end but the start of a new beginning."


Domino City District/Kaiba Manor/12:45 PM

As he stood in front of a mirror, Seto Kaiba adjusted his tie as he wore a black tuxedo complete with a red rose inside his coat pocket. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. One day after the invasion ended, Kaiba deactivated the KC-Hypnos project and decided it was in his best interest to simply move forward with new theme park. He realized that tampering with another world's dimensions would cause such great cataclysmic effects.

He was solely responsible for the merger between the Digital World and the Virtual World. However, because of that, the Digital World became more diverse and expanded. Through the KC-Hypnos project, he made it possible for Digimon and Duel Monsters to co-exist.

Opening his eyes, Kaiba looked away from the mirror and snorted. "Mokuba, this had better be a good idea."

Just then, the doorbell rang as Seto paced toward the door.

"I'll get that."

As he turned the handle, Seto opened the door to see Lyn at the front. Of course, she was in her street clothes garb - blue jeans, black jacket and black boots.

"Hey, moneybags," Lyn smirked as she walked in and glanced at his attire. "Well, you're looking pretty sharp there, Seto." Crossing her arms, the girl couldn't help but chuckle. "Were you expecting me to just show up in a beautiful, fancy dress?"

"Well, I..."

"Whatever. I only need to wear that if I want to," Lyn smirked as she took Kaiba by his hands. "How about showing me to the dining table? I'm famished."

"Hold it... I..."

"Oh, you haven't even gotten started? Well, get your cooks to fix us something up," Lyn sighed as she stopped.


As Seto turned away, Lyn reached out and grabbed his right arm. "Seto. I just wanted to tell you thanks for letting our brothers hang out more during these last few weeks. Mokuba sure could use some kids his age to hang out with. I'm sure you understand."

Seto stared into Lyn's eyes and turned away. Then, to his own surprise, a smirk curled on his lips.

"Yeah. No problem, Lyn."

"I thought so."

Turning back toward the blue-haired girl, Seto was reminded of images of Priest Seto and Kisara. He and Lyn stared at each other as if time around them stopped abruptly. Then, they leaned closer until both were inches away from kissing. Seto caught Kisara by surprise and kissed Lyn on her lips.

Lyn's eyes widened in shock as her lips met Seto's. Though, she finally gave in and put a hand behind Seto's back.

Pulling herself off Seto, Lyn blinked and scoffed. "Hey, that wasn't fair. You're going against the rules!"

The CEO smirked. "Screw the rules, I have money."

With that, Lyn rolled her eyes and walked with Seto to the kitchen to tell the cooks about their Christmas brunch. This would be start of their blossoming relationship and it is unknown what the future lied ahead for them both.


Shinjuku District/Matsuda Residence/1:49 PM

The gathering at the Matsuda residence was large and with more unexpected company. Of course, the Tamers - both Beast and Victory - and their digimon partners were present in addition to their parents and families. Yamaki, Riley and Talley were amongst those guests to make an unexpected arrival to greet the families.

The most unexpected guests were Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, TK, Kari and Willis showing up.

Gathered at Shinjuku Central Park, the Tamers gathered around as the six Digi-Destined explained of their many adventures. Kazu and Kenta were giddy as usual while sitting back to listen to Tai talking about the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode experience.

"...And there was Imperialdramon rose in wicked white armor as held up his enchanted Omega Sword!" Tai explained. "Whoosh! Armageddemon was history!"

Davis butted in. "That's our digimon! Ken and I couldn't have been any prouder. Right, Ken?"

"It was something I'll never forget. That's for sure," Ken smiled.

"Wow! I wish we could have been there to see it happen!" Kazu and Kenta exclaimed in unison.

Guardromon dropped down to one knee. "We're not worthy to being in your shoes, oh great Digi-Destined!"

As she listened to all this, Rika groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you three pipe down and let them finish? They were the ones who actually saw that event happen."

Kari nodded. "It was a sight to behold for sure. Right, TK?"

"You bet! Gee, what do you suppose Omegamon needed to talk with that Guilmon about?" TK wondered as he glanced toward the forest.

"I think something about a spot with the Royal Knights but who knows otherwise," Matt replied.

"A spot in the Royal Knights? Heh, that lucky red bread eater!" Terriermon cracked a grin as he lied on top of Henry's head.

"And Takato's not here either," Henry noticed the absence of the goggle head.

Himura glanced around his surroundings as he got up from the ground. Jeri and Yui looked up at the boy.

"Where could he have gone?" Himura wondered while looking behind the bushes.

Inumon and Renamon nodded to one another as they fled off to locate Takato. Dark Gabumon followed in pursuit with the pair.

Tai shifted his eyes toward Davis and nodded. "Let's go and find him, Davis."



Standing several feet from the park's lake, Takato held a plastic case. Inside this case was the Suzaku card. Staring at the card, he was reminded of being used against his will to kill Rei.

He was quickly reminded of the horrible accusations shouted toward him by the Sailor Senshi - before Houou revived Rei.

"Sorry, Rei. Mars. I'm sorry I have to do this but I have to detach myself from Suzaku," Takato found himself in an inner struggle between accepting and denying his Guardian Beast. Suzaku. I have to let you go. I can't have this power anymore. I'm not responsible enough to handle it! With that, he let out a deep sigh and threw the case into the lake. He watched as it started sinking to the bottom and turned away. "Suzaku, I deny you."

Closing his eyes, he started walking away from the lake and pressed onward to continue his life without Suzaku.

"Takato!" A voice called out from the distance.

The boy gasped as he watched Rika racing toward him. She stopped and put her hands on Takato's shoulders.

"Takato, it's about time I found you!"

"Rika? What are you doing here?"

"What else? To get you back! I think the Digi-Destined are about to leave."

"Already? Oh, well, I better go say my goodbyes then."

Rika glanced over Takato and noticed the lake in the background. She looked into his near lifeless eyes with concern.

"What were you doing here anyway?"

"Just having some time to myself. Shouldn't we all need our alone time?"

"Sure. I need my timeouts, too. Anyway, c'mon, let's go see depart," Rika took Takato by the arm. "Geez, next time, tell us where you start going these days. You haven't been yourself since the whole Yami Houou incident. Rei is just fine, Takato."

"She maybe but I'm not..."

Rika sighed as she couldn't help but feel terrible for the boy. That was a traumatic experience as it involved a human life being taken - something Takato was against.

Ugh, I can't blame you, goggle head. I'd feel pretty shitty myself, too. Especially after being forced by my own guardian to take a human life.

Suddenly, Gallantmon came out of the forest and found Takato standing in front of Rika.

"Takato! I found ya!"

Twirling around at the sound of his partner's voice, Takato took his mind off Suzaku and Rika as he glanced at his partner. "Gallantmon?"

"I was looking all over you for! Omegamon wants to see us both!"

"What for?" Takato inquired as he blinked his eyes. "Care to tell?"

"I think he wants me to join the Royal Knights! Doesn't that sound great?!"

As he heard this, Takato's eyes widened. "What?! Are you serious?!"

"Yeah! C'mon and follow me, Takato!" Gallantmon nodded as he raced off into the forest. "Hurry!"

"Hold on! Wait for me!" Takato called back to his partner as he chased him through the forest.

Monitoring Takato closely, Rika glanced back to the lake and frowned. No, there has to be more to this. I will find out eventually. This change in Takato's demeanor. I have to know what he did over at the lake.


Later on, as Takato and Gallantmon reached Omegamon, the discussions began. Omegamon offered Gallantmon a place amongst the Royal Knight Court. However, that meant leaving his partner, Takato, for a while as Omegamon wanted help repair the damage the Rajita had inflicted in the Digital World.

When it looked like Takato was about to speak up, Gallantmon did it for him. Tai and Davis stood beside Omegamon as they waited for Takato's partner to confirm his answer.


"It's okay, Takato. I've made my decision but I need to know if you'll be okay."

The boy didn't know what to think as his mind was still conflicted with emotions. Just a while ago, he had rejected Suzaku. Now, he might very well see his own digimon partner leave for a short time to accept his place amongst the Royal Knight Court.

"...What do you say, Gallantmon? I think it would benefit you. You would provide services to our group. You certainly qualify to become a member."

Gallantmon shifted his eyes toward Omegamon. "But, will this effect my friendship with Takato?"

"Oh no. This will in no way hinder in your partnership with Takato Matsuda. But, please, think about this offer. You have all the time in the world to decide. There is no immediate rush but make sure to think about it. Gallantmon would be a strong asset to the Royal Knights."

"Well, I've already made my decision, Omegamon," Takato's partner spoke up. He kneeled down and bowed his head. "I accept."

With that, Omegamon crossed his arms and nodded in approval. "I see. Gallantmon, I am grateful you have accepted. I promise that you'll be helping us for a good cause. We will help rebuild sections of the Digital World and I will take you to places of which you've never seen before."

"Sounds like fun!" Gallantmon chuckled, looking down at Takato. He noticed a hint of sadness in the boy's eyes. "Takato? Please, don't feel sad."

"I'm not..." Takato tried to hide his tears while wiping his eyes. He put his hand down and smiled to his armored partner. "Heck, I should feel honored. My partner gets to join one of the most well known royal courts in the Digital World! You've a seat in the Royal Knight Court! You can't let an opportunity like this slip out of your hands!"

"You're right," Gallantmon said.

Tai looked over at Takato and smirked, balling up his fist. "Takato, don't feel down. You know Gallantmon will not let Omegamon down!"

"Yeah! He's going to fit right in with the Royal Knights!" Davis reassured Takato while trying his best to raise the boy's spirits.

"Well, hearing that from you two... that makes me feel better," Takato smiled, lifting his head up. "Still, it's not going to be the same without you around."

Gallantmon sighed as he looked back to Omegamon. "When do you need me?"

"Well, I was going to say now but I will let you spend the holidays with Takato," Omegamon stated. "I think it's just right for you two to spend time after the war we've endured. This is a time of a new peaceful era. How long will that last? I cannot say for sure."

"Just as long as I stay with Takato for Christmas," Gallantmon nodded as he kneeled down by his partner. "So, what do you think? Isn't this just exciting?"

Before saying anything else, Takato nodded in approval. "I'm proud of you, buddy. Now you can show them what you're made of!"

"Yeah! I get to be a protector and preserver along with Omegamon!" Gallantmon said with excitement in his tone. "I can't wait! This is like a dream come true!"

"Well said, Gallantmon! This is your chance to shine!" Davis grinned while flashing a thumb up.

Just then, Tai shifted his eyes to Takato and noticed something troubling the boy. "Takato? Are you okay?"

"Yeah... just a little overwhelmed by this news but I'm fine," Takato gave a reassuring smile. "Just need to take in the shock of Gallantmon becoming a Royal Knight Court member."

"You should be proud," the Child of Courage said.

"I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

Tai nodded. "It's nothing. I was just wondering how you were going to handle the shock of the news. Believe me. I was sad to let Agumon go." He looked up at Omegamon while patting the giant's right leg. "Now, here we are reunited. Though, it'll be time for me and the other Digi-Destined to go. Our families and friends back home are wondering why we aren't spending Christmas with them."

"I see. So, you're going back?"

Davis sighed. "Yeah, it sucks but Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Yolei and Cody are expecting us to crash their party back home. Heh, I hope I get to kiss Kari under the mistletoe!" With that, the Child of Miracles flashed a grin as his white teeth glistened.

Both Tai and Takato sweatdropped while lowering their heads.

"Yeah, that's just like Davis."

Omegamon and Gallantmon laughed together as Davis stood proudly.

Lifting his head up, Takato glanced back to Gallantmon and smiled. Well, whatever the Royal Knights have planned for you... Guilmon, make me proud. Still, I'm going to be lonely without you... or... No, just you. Mentioning Suzaku's name became taboo to the boy as he severed his bond with the phoenix beast. Time for me to wish Gallantmon the best and look ahead to a new future. Whatever it may bring. But let's enjoy these holidays.

Watching from on top of a tree were Impmon and Calumon. Calumon tilted his head to the left side and wondered what had Guilmon troubled.

"Guilmon's joining Omegamon? Wow, that's cool!"

Impmon shrugged. "I guess we wish ol' pineapple head the best then. Hey, check this out!" The tiny viral rookie picked up a helmet belonging to a slain Rajita soldier and placed it over his head. "Freeze, human! Prepare to die! We will enslave yooooooou!" Impmon got a kick out of mocking the Rajita soldiers that had overtaken Earth several weeks ago during the Rajita Invasion. "Hahaha! I should have Bada-Boomed you clowns back to orbit! This is MY town, yas jerks!"

Calumon nodded his head and sighed. "Weirdo."


Digital World/Digital Underworld/3:17 PM

Later that day, the Tamers and their digimon partners left their families to see the Digi-Destined depart back to their world. Also there to greet the Digi-Destined on their final farewell were the Legendary Warriors.

Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon were present as they glanced over to their Digi-Destined partners. Standing together in front of a portal gateway were Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, TK, Kari and Willis with his Terriermon.

"I can't believe this is actually goodbye," Takuya said. "We only got to know each other these last few weeks."

Takato nodded. "We had a fun time together, Digi-Destined. Wish you could have stayed a little longer."

"Yeah but we have our friends on the other side," Tai replied. "It sucks I know but we're really going to miss. You guys." The leader shifted his eyes toward Omegamon. "Omegamon..."

"Tai. Matt. Remember that we have duties here. We really want to go back with you but... you know the story," the Royal Knight sighed sadly.

Kari looked over to Ophanimon as tears formed in her eyes. "Ophanimon..."

"TK. Please, say hello to your mother and everyone back home for us," Seraphimon asked as TK embraced him. "At least we got to spend some more time during this occasion."

"I'm glad we were able to come back and watch you guys triumph over another evil," TK sniffed as he tried to hide his tears. Of course, he couldn't.

Cherubimon glanced down to Willis and nodded with a warm smile. "Willis." He then stared over to Terriermon. "Brother. Please, take care of Willis."

"No problem, brother!" Terriermon happily chirped.

Matt walked beside Tai as they stepped in front of Omegamon. The Royal Knight kneeled beside the two to allow the boys to embrace him. They, too, shed some heartfelt tears for their partners - now fused into one Royal Knight.

"You go out there and get the job done, Omegamon. We know you can do it," Matt said.

Tai smiled. "And good luck with that Athenamon chick. She's a hottie."

"Thank you, Tai. Matt," Omegamon replied, closing his eyes as if he wanted to shed tears himself. "I really wish more could be done to allow you to stay."

Patting Imperialdramon's right claw, Davis took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, my friend, it's been real. I really don't want to leave you behind like this."

"I know but my new duties lie here. Davis, please don't forget what has happened here and the times we spent together. Even though, it was for a short time," the Dra-Warrior leader said. "And Ken..."

"Yes, Imperialdramon?" Ken wiped a tear from his eye.

"Just remember, that you can come back here. Don't think this is the last time we'll ever see each other. You can still communicate with us by e-mail," Imperialdramon assured his two partners.

"I'll be sure to e-mail ya everyday!" Davis flashed a thumb up.

Ken nodded. "Will do, Imperialdramon."

Anubimon watched as the Digi-Destined said their goodbyes and sighed sadly. "I really hate to do this to them." Looking over by his side, he noticed Kotori, Seadramon, Ryo and Cyberdramon. "Don't you guys think so?"

Kotori frowned. "Yeah but it's got to be done. Omegamon and the others have their new duties."

Just one more thing," Tai shifted his eyes over to Seadramon. "Are you sure you're Metal Seadramon, one of the four Dark Masters?"

"Yes but I can assure you that I bear no grudge against you and your friends anymore. Since my partnership with Kotori, I've learned the meaning of companionship. She has opened my eyes just a little."

"Well, that's good to hear. That's a lot coming out of a former Dark Master. I never would have expected that from you," Matt spoke up as he walked beside Tai.

Ryo waved to the Digi-Destined. "Farewell my friends. Oh and Ken... Don't forget about me."

"I won't, Ryo Akiyama," Ken smiled.

"Digi-Destined, are you all ready?" Anubimon addressed to the six teens as he moved away from the portal.

"Right. C'mon, everyone let's go," Tai announced as he and Matt were the first to walk up.

"Tai!" Takato called out to grab the Digi-Destined leader's attention. "Tai! You'll always be my idol!"

"Same here, man! Hope we'll see ya again! We didn't even get a chance to work with you and Davis!" Takuya shouted.

Davis grinned. "There's always next time and thanks for inviting us to your homes! Wow, I still can't believe we're actually celebrities in this dimension."

Kari smiled as she recalled meeting with Yugi and his group during the three-week period.


Flashback/Week One of the Post-Rajita Invasion Aftermath

"Oh my gosh! K... Kari?! You're actually here?!" Yugi was flabbergasted as he stared over at the Child of Light.

Kari smiled as she reached over and shook Yugi's hand. "I didn't know I had so many fans outside my own world. I heard you were one of the many people to help us against the invaders."

"Yeah... Let's just say that I was actually in the line of fire. So, how long will be staying?" Yugi slightly blushed.

"Until about Christmas. I hope to meet with your friends... Um, what's your name?"

"Yugi Muto."

"Yugi Muto...? Hey! Oh my gosh! You're a TV character from my world!"

"Guess it's a dream come true to see one of your favorite TV characters come to life, huh?" Yugi smiled as he tried to hide his blush.

Kari giggled. "Yeah, I suppose so."

"Yeah, a dream come true. Hikari Kamiya, it's a pleasure to finally meet you."


Giggling to herself, Kari started walking down with Ken, Davis, TK and Willis.

"What's so funny, Kari?" TK asked.

"Oh nothing. Just remembering meeting a sweet boy. He said I was his 'dream girl'," the Child of Light continued giggling.

Davis jumped in front of Kari. "You're my dream girl, too, Kari!"

"Oh, boy. Things just never change," TK sighed as he watched Davis worshipping Kari.

"Look at them, go, Henry," Terriermon watched the Digi-Destined walking toward the portal.

"This surely won't be the last time we'll see them," Henry said as he watched the six teens leaving.

The six Digi-Destined took another moment to stop and glance back to their partners one more time. Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon each acknowledged their respective partners. The six teens waved their final heartfelt goodbyes before finally passing through the portal.

"Goodbye my friends and hopefully we will see each other again," Omegamon murmured, staring at the floor. "I will miss you, Tai and Matt."

"See you again, Digi-Destined. Hopefully, you'll be back soon," Takato whispered as he lowered his head.


"Takato Matsuda here. We just watched the Digi-Destined make their departure. I know Kazu and Kenta were crying like babies. Heck, who could really blame them? Tai is a Digi-Destined I idolized and worshipped. I had a great time spending three weeks with him and the Digi-Destined. They seem to be well adjusted here. Though, they had to really conceal themselves from the public. Imagine the amount of Digimon fans that would crowd around him and his friends. I feel sad for Omegamon and the others. It had to hurt them the most. We'll see just how they'll manage.

As for the Digital World, there have been many drastic changes. It has been agreed upon by Huanglongmon and the Sovereigns to grant the Duel Monsters territories in the Digital World. Many are sharing land with the native Digimon. For one thing, I know the Amazon Duel Monsters are currently living on the same kingdom as Athenamon's people. Several Duel Monster Dragons have been recruited by the Dra-Warriors. Even several of the Elemental Heroes have been assigned guardian duties by the Sovereigns. There have been a few differences as far as territory goes and some conflict but nothing too bad. But, I think and hope those problems will be resolved. Overall, all is looking well in the Digital World. Let's hope everything works out well.

Oh and I'll be sad when Gallantmon leaves to join the Royal Knights. Man, I can't but be excited but sad. Whatever you do... make me proud, boy. And I hope you'll come home safely.

Well, anyway, the holiday season is not complete without going directly to the Sailor Senshi. Rika suggested that we go over and see them. I never told Rika this about I did throw my Suzaku into the lake. Somehow, she's starting to get the suspicion that I had gotten rid my card. We'll see. I had to do what I thought was right. Separating myself from Suzaku was for the best.

So, here we go. Onto tonight's party over at Hikawa Shrine. Oh as for where Phillipe and a few others are. Well, Phillipe is spending time with his family before he meets with us over at Hikawa Shrine. Jaarin is out with her friend, Sam Joseph. Dimitro is out with his girlfriend from what Takuya has told me. Anyway, onto the party we go!"


Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/7:34 PM

A huge festivity occurred later that Christmas night at the Hikawa Shrine. The Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives all gathered to throw a huge party thanks to Rei inviting her friends over and setting up the event.

Inside the dining room of the shrine, Minako and Makoto were serving drinks for the guests arriving. Ami was seen sitting in a corner chatting with Vega, Kurama and Kou Taiki. Hotaru was playing solitaire with Haruka and Michiru at the dining table. Kou Yaten was relaxed as he chatted with Luna and Artemis as Yaten tried charming Luna - much to the dismay of Artemis.

Usagi sat at another table with Mamoru by her side. Princess Kakyuu, Kou Seiya and Galaxia were also seen chatting with Usagi and her lover. Chibi-Chibi was a surprise guest as Galaxia had brought her over to visit Usagi.

Offering Keiko a cup of tea, Yusuke led her outside the shrine to gaze up toward the stars.

"It's beautiful, Yusuke. Don't you think?"

The Spirit Detective blinked and nodded. "Yeah. I'm just thankful we're all alive and out of that mess."

"Did you think you guys would have won?"

"Doubt it. Without the Senshi, I don't think we would have made it that far," Yusuke admitted. "I'm glad everything's worked out well for Rei and her friends. Yami Houou was really something I never hope to experience again."

"That poor girl. It was nice of her to invite all of us for a Christmas party," the girl smiled as she sipped her cup of tea. "And she makes some really good tea!"

"Um, I think Rei's sister made the tea."

"Oh, well, it's good nonetheless."

Glancing up toward the stars, Yusuke sighed deeply.

"What are you thinking about, Yusuke?"

"Nothing much. Just realizing how much crap I've been through this whole year. First, Pharaohmon. Then, Toguro and the Dark Tournament. Just recently, the Rajita and Yami Houou. I've seen a lot of stuff happen in just a whole year."

"Maybe expect a more peaceful new year?"

"I hope so. Somehow, I doubt it. Even with Mizuno and Brimstone recently becoming Spirit Detectives, we don't know just what to expect."

Keiko smiled. "You're thinking too much. That's not like you, Yusuke."

"No kidding. I don't know why I'm bothering," Yusuke shrugged as he glanced over to see Kuwabara putting on another comedy routine to keep Yukina entertained at the garden. "Here's to a better new year." With that, he pointed to the moon. "Bang!"


"This is your favorite neighborhood Spirit Detective, Yusuke Urameshi speaking. Spending time with my friends over these holidays is just what I needed. Hell, it's what all of us deserved after the whole year. Well, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse for yours truly. A month or so after the Rajita war, my team and I would encounter a rogue Spirit Detective named Shinobu Sensui. As it turned out, he has a thing against all humans and plans to open a doorway leading to the Makai. Well, he's not going to be opening some damn door while I'm there to kick his ass! Sensui, bring it on!

Enough about that though. These are the holiday seasons. We should enjoy it while it lasts. Oh, as for where Botan, Shizuru and 'grandma' are…Kuwabara's sister is home with the family from what I hear. Botan is back at Spirit World doing double duty with her assignments with more souls coming into Spirit World. I tell ya. The holidays can be great but depressing with people dying in accidents. It's a shame really. As for Genkai, well, I hear she might come to the party.

Anyway, this is Yusuke wishing you a Merry Christmas!"


On the other side of the shrine, Karin closed a door behind her and walked out toward the back of the shrine. She stopped to notice Setsuna standing at the center as if waiting for Karin's arrival.

"Oh, Setsuna-san."

"Karin, it's time."

Karin calmly nodded in reply. "Yeah."

"Before we go inside, I want to remind you of what's to come. The Kuiper Belt Senshi have been located but we will wait until it is time to gather them. Do you understand, Karin?"

Nodding her head, she responded. "Yes. Me teaming with you all was simply an experience to get me to learn the dynamics of leading a team. Soon, I'll be leading my own Senshi."

"Correct. Now, let's go and reveal to all about your secret power, Karin."

Later that night, once the Tamers arrived with Ryo, Setsuna and Karin quickly made an announcement to all in attendance regarding Karin's role. This managed to shock all, including the Senshi and the Tamers.

Glancing over to Ryo, Karin smirked. "Ryo Akiyama, I was wondering if I was going to run into you."

The Legendary Tamer blinked and cracked a smile. "Well, well, well... Karin Osaka. What brings you to this little corner of the universe?"

"Why, the Rajita, of course," she responded as she sat down next to Cammy, Mokuba, Max and Sam. "I've actually been here awhile but Anubimon wouldn't let me appear before now."

"Ah, that sounds like him," Ryo replied.

Rei glanced at both Kari and Ryo - back and forth. "Karin, what's going on? How do you know this boy? I didn't think anyone in this dimension could recognize you."

"True, except Ryo isn't from this dimension," Karin answered.

"Wait, a minute. So, you two have met before?" Rika inquired curiously.

"Actually, chances are we've never seen each other before tonight," Ryo revealed.

Takato blinked with confusion. "Huh?"

"I concur with that response myself," Himura said.

Karin sighed. "It's complicated."

"You see. Karin and I are dimension jumpers so to speak," Ryo went on to explain the complicated issue. "I told you, Tamers, that I was born in the same universe as Tai and the others, but I was sent back in time where ENIAC gave me the power to travel across space-time dimensions in order to stop Zeed Millenniumon. Karin here was given the same power. Though, it was from a different source and for a different reason."

Karin continued after Ryo. "However, there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions. There are some dimensions where we don't even exist, and some dimensions where alternate versions of us are also given the ability to travel across dimensions, and so there are limitations placed on which dimensions we are able to jump to. We can't jump to a dimension where an alternate version of us exists, or has existed. It's a failsafe designed to avoid any potential paradoxes. Besides, it's hard to precisely predict which dimension we jump to anyway, so even if we tried to jump into a world where we existed, we couldn't."

"Because there are an infinite number of dimensions, and a sub-infinite number of alternate us-es, versions of ourselves are bound to run across each other," Ryo explained to everyone. "I've met several Karins and I'm sure she's met several versions of me."

"True," Karin nodded. "In fact, one of the Ryos I met died in an encounter with Zeed Millenniumon."

Ryo sighed upon hearing this. "I... didn't need to know that."

"Sorry. Anyway, when you take into account the limitations placed on our power, the chances of two specific versions of ourselves meeting each other more than once are... well, let's just say that when I tried to figure out the exact odds, I got a factor of infinity squared," Karin sweat dropped.

Everyone in the room was overwhelmed with disbelief and bewilderment - though Ami, Henry, Taiki, Kurama, Setsuna and Galaxia were intrigued by Karin's calculations.

"Geez, how were you able to figure THAT out?!" Minako shook her head. "Ugh! Brain freeze!"

Terriermon shook his head. "I've just had a brain fart after hearing all that techno whack talk!"

"For once I agree, rabbit," Rika nodded as she had a confused look.

Sam placed his head on the table. "Please, no math. Not during Christmas season."

Cammy glanced over to Rei and blinked. "What do you think, sister?" Suddenly, she noticed the Miko was gone. "Um, Rei?"

Sitting down on her seat, Karin picked up her glass of juice and took a sip. Maybe I should tell them about Dimitri. Nah, now isn't the time. I'll let them recover from all the information I just gave them.

Yui handed Aoshi a gingerbread cookie. "Here, Aoshi. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you, too, Yui-chan," the half-Lycan boy smiled as he received the gingerbread cookie.

Himura offered Jeri a glass of juice as the girl accepted his generous offer.

"Thanks, Himura-kun."

"Anything for you, Jeri," the boy nodded with a smile.

Sitting down behind the group, Inumon noticed a mistletoe above Renamon and himself. A devious smirk crossed his lips.

"Hey, Renamon. You know. We're underneath a mistletoe and it's the holiday occasion. So, you know what that means?"

Renamon shifted her eyes toward Inumon and crossed her arms. "What...?"

Before Renamon could say anything else, Inumon surprised her with a kiss on her lips. Renamon pulled herself away and gawked at the mongrel with disbelief.


"So, what you think? Surprised ya, didn't I?"

The yellow-haired vulpine smirked as she edged toward Inumon and prepared to slap him across the face. Inumon was even prepared for the inevitable slap but then to his surprise... She kissed him on his nose.

Inumon opened his eyes and blushed. "Oh... Renamon?"

"Did you think I was going to hit you, Inumon?"

"No... But..." Inumon fell back and fainted.


Dark Gabumon noticed this along with Terriermon as they both shared a laugh at the 'couple.'

"This would have been a Kodiak moment there," Terriermon snickered. "Too bad I don't have a camera."

Dark Gabumon chuckled. "Typical mutt."

Leaning against the floor, Inumon closed his eyes with a smile on his face. Ah, the best moment of my life ever. Thank you, Renamon. I needed it.


Walking outside of the shrine, Makoto led Mako out to stare up at the stars - much like Yusuke and Keiko did earlier.

"Geez, all of that talk from that girl and that boy made my head spin like crazy!" Mako shook his head and shuddered. "Man!"

"Hey, Mako-kun. Guess where we're standing under?" Makoto winked to the duelist.

Looking above his head, Mako noticed a mistletoe.

"A... A mistletoe. Um, Mako-chan. Shouldn't we..."

Before Mako could say anything else, Makoto planted a kiss on the young man's lips and pulled him toward her. Mako eventually gave in as he and Makoto shared a romantic Christmas kiss underneath the stars.

Pulling herself off Mako, Makoto winked to him and whispered in a low, sexy tone. "Merry Christmas, Mako-kun."

"You, too, Mako-chan."

Looking from behind a door, Minako giggled a devilish chuckle. Oooo, Mako-chan scores a hot guy! Just you wait until I find myself a man!


Okami stood outside as he stared over to the garden to find what appeared to be an omnious figure. He narrowed his eyes to notice that figure transform into the ghost of Queen Serenity.

"Queen Serenity."

A smile crossed the beautiful queen's face as she drifted over to Okami's side and embraced him.

"You would be very proud of your daughter. She and her Senshi with the help of new allies defeated the Rajita. Ghidorah's threat is no more."

Queen Serenity planted a kiss onto Okami's lips as she quickly vanished into a blue-white mist. The older man watched as the spirit drifted off across the garden and left him happy - knowing that she was still watching over everyone from beyond the Spirit World.


Standing outside in the garden, Hiei calmly sat down. He had distanced himself from everyone since the party started as he normally would have preferred.

Rei stopped as she noticed Hiei in the garden and whispered to herself. "Um... Hi, Hiei... No. That doesn't sound right."

"I know you're there, woman. Why don't you come out of there?"

Realizing that Hiei has his Jagan Eye, Rei stepped out of her hiding spot and slowly approached the demon. Shifting his eyes to Rei, Hiei kept to himself and scoffed.

"What are you doing out here alone, Hiei?"

"Just thinking. It's really none of your concern."

"Don't like to socialize much, do ya?" Rei smirked as she walked beside the demon. "Yeah, I've pretty much felt the same way myself these last few weeks. It's not that I don't enjoy having company but I'm still sort of recovering from that Yami Houou experience."


"I'm glad Yukina has her soul back. You should be very relieved, Hiei."

"Yeah, I suppose," Hiei said.

"Hard to believe all that's happened this past year. I mean... our teams have just gotten to know each other. I'm happy to hear Botan tell us that Koenma has decided to allow us to assist you in any cases you might have. Though, I think you boys can handle a lot of those cases on your own. I doubt we'll be seeing a huge threat like the Rajita anytime soon."

"Like we need your help against lowly demons."

"Yeah, with us becoming Valkyrie Senshi, our powers pretty much are on a whole different level than you boys," Rei gasped as she stopped. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean it that way! You're strong, Hiei, but... seeing how I have a cosmic entity inside of me... I think it's safe to say I'm stronger than you." Ugh, there I go again.

"Possibly," Hiei remarked as he slowly turned away. "I cannot compete with an entity as powerful as Houou. She is protecting you after all."

"Yeah. Though, I much prefer fighting with my own power instead of relying on a god-like entity to bail me out," the Miko stated, twiddling her thumbs. "By the way, Hiei... how about that fight we had during the invasion?"

This prompted Hiei to pause and shift his eyes directly toward Rei.

"What of it?"

"I hope you don't hold any grudge for me... Well, you know."

"You bested me. Nothing more to it. Only two humans now have defeated me: Yusuke and you."

"I don't know whether to feel honored."

"It's up to you I suppose. Meh," Hiei turned away and walked down the path leading to the shrine. "My job is to simply monitor you and your sister, but only because Houou asked me to."

Rei nodded with a smile. "Still, I'm grateful. Thank you, Hiei."

"Rei-chan!" Usagi called out from the distance.

Noticing the odango girl waving out to her, Rei warmly smiled. "Usagi! I'll be over there!" She quickly caught up to Hiei and walked down with him to directly lead the demon to the shrine. "Mind if I join you? I have to get back to the shrine anyway. We have a party to wrap up!"

"Whatever," Hiei shrugged.


Mizuno watched Hiei and Rei walking back into the shrine from a tree and took a snapshot with a camera. "Perfect. This will definitely be something for keeps!"


As Hiei and Rei entered the shrine, everyone greeted them on arrival. The Tamers, the Sailor Senshi, the Spirit Detectives and the other guests were ready to wrap up the party. Usagi walked over to Rei and embraced the Miko.

"Rei-chan, never ever beat yourself up anymore. I want you to be happy. Enjoy life while it lasts. Whatever happened is in past."

The Miko smiled with tears in her eyes and put her arms around her friend. "Yes, thank you. I'll do my best to cope with all this. Thank you, everyone for coming."

Takato stepped forward and approached Rei. "Let's just make this night memorable. This marks the end of an old year and in no time... a new year will be upon us."

"Yes," Rei smiled as she wiped a tear. "A new year. Hopefully, it will all be for the better."


"And with that comes the end of our story. Usagi is right. Whatever happened is in the past but we must not forget. I certainly will never forget Yami Houou and the Rajita invasion. Though, I will say that these events will stay etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. This year has had many drastic events occur and now we're already about to enter a new year. 2004. It's times like this that I wish everyone who attended tonight's party would stay forever but we all have to move on. The Starlights, Princess Kakyuu and Galaxia would leave the next day. Usagi, Mamoru-san and Ami-chan would return to America after New Years Day. The Spirit Detectives, the Tamers and my fellow Senshi moved on with their lives. It's just me, Cammy-chan, my grandfather, Yuuchirou occasionally and Hiei. Though, I'm trying my best to keep Hiei from beating up poor Yuuchirou.

One thing I'm thankful that Yami Houou did do was erase my so-called 'daddy dearest and my step mom their memories of that night. I don't want them to remember anything about Yami Houou. As much as I loathe my father, I won't ever wish death on him.

And there's Takato. Sweet Takato Matsuda. Dear boy, I hope all goes well for you, Rika, and your friends. Whenever you need anyone to talk to, remember you have me. As far as I'm concerned, you're part of my family now.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year. This is Rei Hino saying goodbye to you all. Stay close to your families, friends and loved ones this holiday season. Farewell."


Far Distant Future/Crystal Tokyo Palace

To indicate that the future was indeed intact: a view of the beautiful Crystal Tokyo was shown in the background. Standing on top of a hill huddled together were Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion and a taller, older Chibi-Usa. Watching from the background was the four Guardian Senshi - Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

"Oh, how pretty!" Chibi-Usa happily chirped as she opened a box revealing a beautiful white gown. "Thank you, momma! Poppa!"

Neo-Queen Serenity warmly embraced her daughter and brought Chibi-Usa close to her. "Merry Christmas, Small Lady."

Staring up toward the blue skies, King Endymion smiled and shut his eyes to send a message to his present day self. Thank you, my friends. You and the Senshi have done it again. Chibi-Usa looks forward to returning to see you all again.


Unknown Nexus Dimension/9:45 PM

Monitoring every activity on a big screen in front of her, the white glowing figure stared at events unfolding. She watched quietly as she observed the Sailor Senshi, the Tamers and the others.

Specifically, her eyes were on Usagi, Rei, Karin and the Senshi.

A gentle smile crossed the figure's white lips. "Karin Osaka, so you finally told them of your role. It was inevitable. You had to inform them, dear child. Your role as a dimension jumper is not yet done. There will come a time when the realms of reality will be threatened by evil powers attempting to destroy the universes. There's no telling if a being such as Millenniumon or another dimension eradicator will arise to threaten the universe you are currently within. Karin, please be careful on how you tread across the nexus to see your friend."

Her eyes were now on Rei. "Rei Hino, you come to understand that you are only human. You, like all other humans, carry within them a capacity between good and evil. All of your actions result from the interaction between these two fundamental forces. Your reason makes yourself aware of these forces and gives you the obligation of choosing between these two. Though, regrettably, not all choices are clear-cut. Sailor Mars achieved a power level that placed her as far above humanity... on the evolutionary scale. Ora Guardians, what do you have to say on this matter?"

Closing her eyes, the glowing white figure glanced up toward the ceiling as she inquired to these 'Ora Guardians'.


Far Corner of Space

In response to the figure's voice, four shadowy figures appeared and formed a circle beyond the far corners of space. These four were hyper dimensional beings. Their physical appearances remained concealed with only their voices heard.

"The Rajita Empire have been reduced to nothing but a tiny fragment and they now dwell within an alternate realm known as the Digital World. They are to be monitored carefully. With Ghidorah slain, his heir will no doubt rise to become the new figurehead for the Neo-Rajita," a voice belonging to a woman with spiked protrusions on the top of her head.

Another belonged to a man with flowing hair behind his head. "As for Houou... It is a force of primal passion. Humans are still as much a creature of passion as of intellect. Such passion is by its very nature seductive and violent. Rei Hino could not help but respond to it. Be changed by it and in time... be overwhelmed. So, she briefly became the dark side of Houou: the Black Angel. A Chaos-Bringer. Yet, when faced with a choice keeping her god-like power - knowing she would then wreak death and destruction across the stars - and dying by her student's hand... She chose the later."

A second woman with long flowing hair spoke out amongst her fellow Ora Guardians. "That is what makes humanity unique in the cosmos, my friends. This extraordinary capacity for self-sacrifice or to save one from becoming corrupted by the inner demons. This ability to triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles if the cause be just, knowing all the while that to do so means certain death."

The third was a female with an authoritative presence. Long extensions flowed across the sides of her head. "Though, in the end, Sailor Mars was saved by the same primordial force and given another chance to live. Fellow guardians. Guardian Cosmos. The Houou must be carefully monitored at all times. For if she is ever re-released and wages a warpath across the cosmos, one of us must step in to prevent her from bringing destruction. It is our duties to protect our dimensions. Alas, Rei Hino could have lived to become a god but it was more important to her that she die... a human and be killed by an unlikely anomaly: a boy named Takato Matsuda. And by divine intervention from her protector, she was given another chance to redeem herself. Guardians, I leave you with this. Do not let your eyes off Earth. For there will come a time, one of us will intervene to prevent Yami Houou's reawakening before Chaos returns."

With that, the four Ora Guardians vanished into the black abyss of space.

Knowing full well that one of them might be required to confront Yami Houou - if she ever were to reawaken.

Though, for now, Earth seems to be doing well.

But, for how long?




And with that, season two of the YuYuGiDigiMoon series is complete. Those final lines made by the Ora Guardians and 'Guardian Cosmos' were mostly taken from The Dark Phoenix Saga graphic novel - approximately at the end of the story. Those lines were said by The Watcher. So, credit goes to Claremont and Byrne for that wonderful graphic novel.

By the way, did you spot the obvious reference to Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged? C'mon, it's obvious. There's only one to find! (winks) Credit goes to LittleKuriboh for such an ingenius anime parody and the quote I used as reference.

(faints and falls over) Can't believe it took us this long to make it this far. Two years and about a few months.

I must confess. School and real life factors into the long delays. Plus, my beta has had his share of problems outside his life and has been working. During the summer of 2006, my laptop goes ka-put and I lost nearly 50 percent of the work I had plotted out for the rest of this season! You couldn't imagine how stressful it was. I had to force myself to take time off from writing the Rajita story and wait until fall to get back into the groove of things.

Anyway, those surprises and announcements I wanted to discuss about.

Well, I am happy to inform you all that there will be more tales in the YuYuGiDigiMoon series, including a spin-off and a movie fic!

I want to first announce: YuYuGiDigiMoon: Gaiden. Gaiden translates as 'side story' in Japanese and this is a whole series of them! You see... I, too, realize just how big and complex my chapters have gotten. My YuYuGiDigiMoon: Gaiden series will consist of short stories, one-shots, mini-arcs and other random things. This way I can flesh out minor characters and give them their due in the spotlight. Characters like the Tamers' parents, Jaarin Wong, Sam Joseph, the Doom Bikers, Yamaki & his crew, the Dra-Warriors, Skull Satanmon and many others who deserve some spotlight time! The YuYuGiDigiMoon universe has become complex and is expanding. There are plenty of gaps, events and characters to cover.

The next installment following the Rajita story will be a spin-off mini-series entitled The Kuiper Belt Senshi. It is August 2006. Taking place nearly three years after the Rajita saga, this will be a tale based on Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna's mission to locate her Kuiper Belt Senshi. She must find her five companions and help them to understand their roles as new Sailor Senshi. However, there will be obstacles standing in Karin's path - Sailor Animamates led by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. Can Karin successfully gather her five colleagues before she is done in by these evil Senshi? Find out in the upcoming spin-off!

The movie fic will be entitled Taiyoukai Awakening. It is October 2006. Halloween looms near. With the Makai Tournament over and demons prevented to cause havoc in the human world, a demon uprising leads to a sorcerer to awaken sleeping Taiyoukais - one of the strongest demons from the Makai. Spirit World is immediately alerted of the Taiyoukai awakening as the Spirit Detectives must once again rise up to meet these powerful enemies. In addition, the Detectives receive aid from the Tamers, the Sailor Senshi, the Legendary Warriors and company. See what transpires and how they will prevent the demons from overtaking the human world! You thought Draco was bad? You haven't seen anything like these Taiyoukais including the big whopper himself!

And finally. The third season: The one where our heroes must deal with Valmarmon and a few new & old villains as well. Enough said. The title of the third season is still pending but look forward to it sometime in 2008!

Will the third season be the series finale? I honestl cannot tell you. With so many ideas in my head, I would like to continue for as long as I wanted to.

With that, I leave you with those announcements. Now for the survey questions. This is one again a Top 7 list. Pick out seven for each category.

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Please note that you don't have to fill out every category here. So, take your time.

Before I go, I want to give more credit where credit is due. I do not own Digimon Tamers or Frontier, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh. There are also plenty of OCs in this story that I do not own and have borrowed from other fic authors. Credit goes to those respective authors (you know who you are). I also want to give credit to LazerWulf, Ninetalesuk and Belletiger, the cousin of the late-Youkai Youko (RIP, my friend. This series is an honor to you). These three were my main contributors to the series and it was great working with them. I would have been in stuck with this series if it had not been for them. They helped out to contribute ideas and look over my work.

With that, the Invasion of the Rajita has ended. Please, read and review.

Next up, The Kuiper Belt Senshi mini-saga!