Bleach ficlet

Summary: Ochi-sensei muses over her new transfer students. Manga spoilers! Post chapter 195 pre chapter 196. Inspired by Chapter 195 page 12-13 spread.

Bleach is owned by Kubo-sensei, I'm just playing with their minds. Thanks to Mssakura for beta!


Ochi-sensei assessed the group in front of her and decided that wailing like a baby would be unbecoming. Really, had she done something to offend the heavens in a previous life?

First she had Kurosaki and cohorts in her class; when they actually attended. Kurosaki's odd behaviour had even infected the years' two honour students! Ishida and Inoue were now sporting bruises, bandages and pathetic excuses nearly as frequently as Sado and Kurosaki.

But this new group. They looked like a bottle of Ibuprofen just waiting to be taken.

Ochi-sensei honestly didn't think it was physically possible for someone to be more well endowed than Inoue, but had just been proven wrong. The practical part of her brain was supplying questions like 'I wonder how long that button will hold out, Should I call the janitor to mop up the blood from all of the nosebleeds? and How much does her back ache?' While the petty side of her brain snidely remarked 'Shit! Those things can't be real!'

Then there were the three older boys. One was going to steal Kurosaki's title of 'Most Easily Seen in a Crowd", with that blood red hair and more body art on him than in the window of a tattoo parlour! And the other two! Eye shadow and feathers? They were an obvious target for bullies. However she was starting to wonder if the local bullies wouldn't be in for a nasty surprise. Especially as they already seemed acquainted with Kurosaki.

At least she had one bright spot in this motley crew. Little Hitsugaya-kun looked like he would be just the competition Ishida and Inoue needed to get their grades back on track. It would be nice to have at least one new addition to the class who wouldn't cause trouble.