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Dreamless (AKA Earless…? Pt2)


"I…am…being…ow! He's just…heavy!"

"I know. I told him not to eat too much, but then he eats nothing. He's so complicated and—Watch it! Here we are… Hey, brats, you got him?" The short-haired blond called back. The twins behind the other two looked up and nodded, the smaller body between them.

"We got him!" They said as one.

"Good. Just let me… careful, I got the keys…" The door clicked and he opened it, pushing it open with his back as he lifted the limp body higher, and they shuffled him inside. Followed by the other two, they laid them out on the floor while one of the twins ran back to close it. Kio sighed as he undressed his best friend for the second time in just a few days. It just wasn't fair, I mean, he'd always dreamed of undressing Soubi with more than his eyes and here he was doing it and couldn't have any fun! The Fighter was bleeding on top of the wounds that he had received from Selfless that were still relatively fresh. While Soubi's ability to heal was something that most people would envy, this was pushing it. One of the four helpers began to cough, covering his mouth, and his shoulders shook with the force of it. Kio blinked, resting a hand on the other boy's shoulders. "Are you alright?" he asked, frowning. He was near panic already with two to nurse, was he going to have a third?

"I'm…alright," The boy panted, holding his shirt tightly over his chest. "Pay attention…to them. Just… tired."

"Alright…" He didn't need to be told twice. Youji and Natsuo had gotten Ritsuka's clothes off, except for his pale blue boxers. It looked like he was sliced up something good, but that didn't explain why Soubi was the one bleeding to death. The way the Fighter had explained it to him, the Sacrifice was the one that usually took the damage. The artist took a deep breath, rolled up his sleeves, and set to work.

', ',

A few hours later…

"How are they doing?" The younger boy asked, coming to sit on the floor beside Kio.

"I don't know yet… they're still asleep. Soubi I can understand, but Ritsuka… he's not hurt all that badly that I can tell." They were quiet for a moment, and then he sat back on his hands, looking over to the boy he'd met only once before. "How'd you happen to be there anyway?" He asked.

"Oh.. I… I saw Ritsuka-kun walking with someone. I thought it was Soubi from afar, but then I realized that his hair was different, so I followed them. I live nearby there anyway, so it's not like I was following him…" Said the other, rubbing his upper arm.

"I never said you were. You're to young to be a pervert like Soubi." Kio said with a smirk and the other boy laughed a little uneasily. "So then… how come you're not freaked out at all?"

"Well… I followed Ritsuka-kun once and I overheard some of the stuff that the people were saying to him. I thought it was odd but I thought it would be rude to ask him and admit that I'd followed him. What about you? Those two called you, didn't they?" He asked, motioning to the twins, who were curled up together and sleeping behind them on a blanket.

"Yeah, well, I've been Soubi's friend for a while. I know a lot about him because he trusts me. Hey… I think one of them just moved." Kio said, standing up and leaning over the bed.

', ',

Purple-red eyes opened slowly, and then the pain set in and they closed again. A groan escaped his lips as he tried to move. His limbs stung pretty badly, and in his chest was a dull and heavy pain. He remembered being cut in a lot of places, each one like a searing paper-cut opening fresh wounds to bleed in just seconds. Soubi really was strong… Soubi! He tried to sit up and had to lean heavily on his right arm to do so. It shook with his weight, but it was resting on something soft… He opened his eyes again and fell back when they met the violet ones of the blond with the pierced ears. "Kio!" He shouted in surprise, and the blond gave him his wide smile.

"You're awake."


"He's right beside you. Still out. Man, you get to lay in bed with him again kid." The college boy said with in a wicked tone. Ritsuka's eyes moved, and he sighed in relief to see the blond laying beside him. Despite the bandages that covered his body, his chest rose and fell evenly enough. His eyes watered and he looked up at Kio again. He caught sight of the Zero twins sleeping on a blanket behind the blond, and also there was…

"Yayoi-kun?" He asked, puzzled. The boy with the silver tipped hair smiled shyly, his ears down.

"I saw you walking." He said. "I didn't know what to do, until Kio showed up."

"Oh…" Ritsuka said, looking back to Soubi and chewing his lip.

"I'm going to walk Yayoi here home, if you're feeling alright enough." Kio said brightly, grabbing his coat. "It's almost midnight now, and he didn't want to go home until you woke up." He explained, and Yayoi yawned as he grabbed his coat.

"I'll tell Hitomi-sensei that Ritsuka-kun is sick, that I was at his house."

"Thank you… Yayoi." Ritsuka said with a smile. Yayoi smiled, his ears lowering a little in embarrassment. The two of them left, and with the twins asleep, things were quiet. Ritsuka laid his head on Soubi's chest, listening carefully to his heart. His hand clenched in the sheets as he listened to its steady rhythm. "Wake up, Soubi." He whispered, closing his eyes. He was alive, so it had been the right decision for Soubi to obey him, he wanted to tell him that himself… or maybe he wanted to hear the Fighter confirm it. He knew he would never be as good as Seimei, but he wanted to keep them alive at least. Pairless had said something about Soubi and his brother, something that nagged at him. The secretive way that he spoke about them, like something had been going on. He knew it was none of his business, but his chest hurt even more thinking about it. Seimei still had his ears, though…right? Kouya's had been fake… No! he shook his head.

Seimei was always open and honest with him… he had even told him his name was Beloved! He hadn't told him about Soubi, or about the battles, but that was just to protect him. He wasn't sure anymore, and that made him depressed. Well, even more depressed. That he couldn't trust Seimei… That he trusted Soubi. Soubi was the most treasured person in his life right now, the one he would never want to forget, the one that loved him even if he wasn't the real Ritsuka.

/"If you die here, the real Ritsuka will wake up."/

It was the dream-Seimei's words to him that confused him. Ritsuka had decided once and for all that he was not ready to leave this life, with these memories. He felt bad for hurting his mother, and he knew it was selfish, but… Katsuko-sensei, Yuiko-kun, Hitomi-sensei, Yayoi-kun, Kio, Youji and Natsuo, and Soubi. He didn't want to forget them, ever. He would create his own destiny, not fall into 'Loveless'' role and become a puppet. Soubi was his Fighter now, and he was going to help him. Even if Seimei… even if Seimei was alive, he wouldn't let Soubi go.

', ',

Ice blue eyes opened slowly, and he took in a breath. He was comfortable, and he cloud feel the bandages itch. Was he in bed? Ritsuka! His eyes were blurry, and it was to bright in the room. He felt a weight on his chest as he tried to sit up and looked down, breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of those soft black ears. He laid back down painfully, groaning.

"Soubi?" A soft voice asked. The Fighter smiled, reaching up despite feeling the bandages pull on his drying wounds, and placed his hand on Ritsuka's soft hair. His Sacrifice lifted up to stare down into his face. "Say it."

"I love you?" The blond said with a smile.

"Not that!" His Sacrifice complained, and Soubi laughed. Ritsuka's face remained resolute in its glare/pout, and he gave in.

"Say what, Ritsuka?"

"Say that I was right." The pre-teen said in a determined voice. He stared hard into his Fighter's eyes and Soubi wondered just how long Ritsuka had waited, staying awake, just for him to wake up so that he could hear those words from him. He smiled, reaching up to touch a bandage on his beloved's face.

"You were right, Master." He said lightly. Ritsuka blushed at his use of that word again, but he smiled anyway. His smile faded slowly, and he laid his head back down. Soubi was quiet for a while, letting his little love take his time with whatever was bothering him. Finally, Ritsuka spoke, so softly that he had to strain to hear him,

"What…would Seimei have done?" The unexpected question came, and Soubi wasn't prepared for it.

"He…" He thought about it, his eyes on the ceiling. "He would have done the same thing. Seimei hated to lose, and he would have wanted to win even at the cost of his own life, I believe."

"What about… that fight when you were getting hurt instead of me? The one with Selfless, when I didn't know what was going on, he would have known. What would he have…?"

"It doesn't matter, though. Because you are Ritsuka, not Seimei. Ritsuka does things that Ritsuka would do, and no one else. That's why I follow Ritsuka now."

"Liar… you fight for me because -he- told you to." The boy said, his ears going back as he clenched his fists in the sheets, burring his head into Soubi's warm chest. Soubi took a breath as if to speak, but he let it out slowly instead. Reaching up, he played with his Sacrifice's ears.

"At first." He said softly. "Now, if your own Fighter really did appear… he'd have to fight me for you." The blond exclaimed, and he smiled when he felt Ritsuka relax. "I'm not letting go of you that easily. Are you letting go of me, the butterfly you caught by accident?"


Soubi never though he'd be so happy to hear the word 'no' from Ritsuka before. But he had a question this time… "Ritsuka… how did you survive?"

"I don't know," The boy answered hesitantly, "Suddenly there was this weight on my chest, and I felt like all of my insides were so tight that they were going to explode… and then it was gone, and I felt a rush. It made me so sick that I couldn't stand it. I felt… I felt like I was dying. I was happy when you came to me… As long as I knew that you wouldn't die because of me,"

"For you."


"Ritsuka… the reason I say I'd be happy to die for you is that I would die knowing that you could live. Yes, it would mean that I'd fulfilled my duty, but my last thoughts would be of you smiling. Your cute ears and tail, your pout, your voice. Dying for someone is much different than dying because of someone."

"That's sacrifice, Soubi. I'm your Sacrifice, you're not mine. You fight so that I don't end up that way. You have to stay alive so that I don't become a Sacrifice…Not become mine." Ritsuka said quietly. Soubi quieted, his hand rubbing the boy's cat-ear slowly as Ritsuka listened to the rhythmic heartbeat beneath his real ear. They drifted off slowly, warmly, in each other's arms.

', ',

Kio glanced to the side as he walked, taking a closer look at the boy walking beside him. Yayoi was silent the entire way, lost in his own thoughts that were obviously and not surprisingly probably complicated. His ears twitched now and then, and his face looked stressed. When Kio had first met the other boy he had thought him a nerd and not given it another thought really. Though he did lighten up after a while, once he had stopped spending every waking moment staring at that pink haired idiot Yuiko. He'd smiled, and talked with them and not just her, and Kio'd though that perhaps he wasn't so bad after all.

Yayoi's ears perked, and he looked up and over to the tall blond beside him. Raising an eyebrow, he asked, "What's so funny?"


"You're snickering… it's creepy."

"Oh! I was just thinking of how you acted when I tried to give you sake' that time." Kio explained with his usual grin, and Yayoi blushed.

"W-well, I'm definitely a minor! Anyway, sake's too bitter for me!"

"Then you've tasted it before?"

"O-once. At home on New Years." The boy explained, chewing on his lower lip.

"Calm down, I'm not making fun of you. I'm just trying to cheer you up, since you look so upset. Not that I blame you, but I'm just letting you know: life goes on. You're worried about Ritsuka. I know that feeling, but there's nothing we can do. It's depressing, I know. It's depressing for me to know that my best friend in the entire world could die at any moment, and I couldn't even do anything if I was right there beside him. I know. But it's their world, somehow." Kio said, rubbing the back of his head. "God, that was out-of-character. I guess the past few days have been hell for me. I've got two assignments to finish and Soubi hasn't even started his. I bring him back from the brink of death twice, and I have to deal with those little brat twins both times as well."

"But you do care about him, don't you? I could tell by the way you looked while you were helping him. And you like Ritsuka, too, even though he's in your way."

"He's not in my way. Soubi and I… Heh, it's a fantasy. I told you, they have their world and we have ours. But what about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, isn't he in your way?" Kio asked, and when Yayoi looked away, ears lowered, he smirked. "I saw you, looking at that girl. Looking depressed whenever she looked at Ritsuka. You only smile for her, even though you have a good smile. You're a good person, Yayoi, to help him like this."

"He's my friend. I want him to be happy. I want her to be happy too, and I know she can't be with him now for sure anyway. But… I don't want her anymore, either."

"Eh? Why not? She's not bad looking."

"It's… it's not that. I just… give up. I'm to short for her anyway." He said, fists clenching.

"She said that?" Yayoi's expression was his answer. Laughing, he shook his head. "Like height matters. Isn't Ritsuka short too, though?"

"That's what I said."

"Well, I don't think height matters." Kio said, reaching over to ruffle Yayoi's ears and hair. The pre-teen protested, and he laughed again. "You're cute. If she doesn't want you, her loss." He said, and Yayoi blushed. They quieted as they neared the site of the spell battle, and Kio was the first to speak. "He's gone." He stated, stopping at the bloodstained area where Pairless had fallen.

"He's alive then?"

"I don't know…" They were quiet for a moment, and Kio sighed. "Let's keep going." He said, and they headed off. The blond had already decided that he wouldn't get any sleep that night. He'd get home and work on his projects, giving Ritsuka and Soubi time to rest peacefully. Yayoi didn't think he'd sleep either. He'd probably play those games he'd bought, or read something… he'd think hard on what Kio said, and try to accept it. Where at first he'd thought the pierced blond to be nothing but a loudmouth idiot who acted purely on impulse, he'd seen a side of him that he knew somehow, not many saw. Besides, perhaps he could smile a little more for himself.

', ',

Ritsuka awoke to find his gaze filled by the graceful face of his Fighter. Soubi's hair tickled his bandaged cheeks, and his icy violet-blue eyes held him motionless even as his cheeks colored. "Sou…" He was stopped by the soft lips that pressed over his, like warm silk. He didn't resist, on the contrary, he leaned up into the chaste kiss. "Soubi…" He said, winding his arms around the blonde's neck.

"Oops… I was going to kiss you as you slept, but…" Soubi whispered, his breath sweet as it washed over Ritsuka's damp lips.


"That's three times you've said my name. Do you want something from me, Ritsuka?" Soubi said with his honest smile.

"Mnn.." The younger boy frowned, his expression pained before he hid it in Soubi's neck. His hands clutched at Soubi's back, pulling him closer despite the pain it gave him them both. "I want to trust you, Soubi.." He said, his voice breaking. "I want to keep you… The one thing that will never go away, but you seem to intent on dying!"

"No. I'm not. Not when… when I get to be near you." Soubi said, and Ritsuka felt the older one's lips on his neck. He tilted his head a little, taking a breath not unlike a gasp.


"You keep saying my name. What do you want, Master?" Soubi drawled, his tongue slipping out to leave a wet trail from Ritsuka's ear to his collarbone. His Sacrifice arched his back, closing his eyes. They opened half-way, and Ritsuka's pink tongue shot out to wet his lips.

"I…I can't say…"

"I want to obey you."

"I-I know. H-Hey, you're hurt! I'm…Hah!" He stopped as Soubi's hand came to rest suddenly on his hip, fingers slipping underneath the band of his light blue boxers. "Youji…Natsuo…" He protested. Soubi smiled as he stopped nibbling on Ritsuka's fleshy earlobe.

"Gone." He said simply, and Ritsuka gave in. An invasion sensations swept over the black-eared boy, and he was helpless against it. Soubi's lips, Soubi's hands, Soubi's tongue and teeth… His Fighter was taking over him, and he was afraid….and comforted by it. It was hard for him, to give orders. Seimei had always told him what he should do when asked, and never asked Ritsuka to tell him. What he wanted… Did he want Seimei? But this was Soubi. Soubi, who followed his orders, denied his questions, and confused him daily.

"Soubi!" He gasped, and his Fighter stopped that instant. He panted, his bangs sticking to the sides of his face as he closed his eyes tightly, nails tearing the bandages on Soubi's back. His Fighter showed no pain, of course.

"What is it, Master?"

"Go…slower." Ritsuka panted at last, and his Fighter smiled.

"As you wish." He said, and he closed his mouth over his little love's right nipple. His tongue was wet, warm, and slick as it passed over it. His teeth were gentle as they nipped it, his other hand rolling the hard pebble of flesh ever so lightly. The hand that had so sinfully snuck inside of Ritsuka's boxers moved again, touching flesh that had never been touched by anyone. Bandages tore scabs free as Ritsuka scratched them, a strangled cry escaping his throat. This was what it was like to lose your ears, he thought. It was hot, and damp, and it felt so good…

"Kiss me again," He said breathlessly, and his Fighter obeyed. This time, Soubi's skilled tongue slipped past Ritsuka's slack defenses to invade his mouth. He thrust it forward once, twice, and then he entwined it with his lover's in a slippery duel. Ritsuka caught it with his teeth, and Soubi's eyes opened in surprise. The younger boy smiled as he released it, a hand on the back of Soubi's head pulling him down for another kiss. Soubi got his revenge though, when he wrapped his slender fingers around Ritsuka's length, stroking it with ease. The Sacrifice was caught unprepared, and his face scrunched in concentration as he tried to get a hold on his body…..

', ',

Ritsuka gasped, sitting up quickly. It was a mistake to do so, and he grabbed his head as he fell back, gasping for breath. His whole body was hot, and wet, and definitely not feeling anything but pain. A dream…? He was dazed, his head feeling heavy and his vision fuzzy.

"…suka! Rit…! Ritsuka!" Soubi's voice sounded desperate, and he wanted to tell him that he was alright, but he couldn't find his voice just now. He raised his hand instead, and it was grabbed by two and held tightly. "Get a cup of water, and wet a rag." Soubi told the twins, and they moved to do so. "You scared me Ritsuka… Waking up so suddenly. It's just fever from the wounds…"

"B-but… yours…"

"I'm alright. This is nothing." Soubi said. The moonlight was poor light for the room, but Ritsuka finally made out his Fighter's shape laying beside him, leaning on his elbow and holding Ritsuka's hand. His face colored with more than fever as images from his dream came back to him, or was it a dream?

"W-what…?" Ritsuka frowned, seeing the dark stain on Soubi's collarbone. "Bleeding…?" He asked, and his Fighter shook his head.

"It's nothing… Pulled them when I sat up to help you." He let go of Ritsuka's hand to take the rag, which he placed on Ritsuka's forehead. It was cool and wet, and it made him dizzy again, but it was soothing. Ritsuka sighed, closing his eyes. Something was off, but he couldn't figure out what…

"Drink this. It will help you feel better." Soubi was saying, and he felt the glass at his lips, but his throat wouldn't work. He felt it spill down his face, but that felt good, too.

"S-Sou..bi.." He said quietly. "Let me sleep…" And he let darkness soothe him. Soubi frowned as he stared down at his peacefully sleeping Sacrifice. He watched him until Natsuo prodded his back, and he winced.

"Soubi-chan needs the water too." The twin said, licking the tip of his finger where it touched the other Fighter's back.

"Mm-hmm, and more." Youji said as he hung on his own Fighter. Soubi smiled wryly as he put the glass to his lips, drinking the cool water down, but it didn't cool his fever very much.

', ',

Kio rubbed his eyes as the light spilled into the room. His back was sore and his neck was stiff as he stretched, twisting to listen to them pop into place. Fell asleep painting… He looked outside and sighed. Checking his phone he wasn't surprised to see that there wasn't any messages, and he clicked it closed. He stood up, stretching again as he stripped of yesterdays clothes, tossing them into the basket to wash later. He turned on the water of the English-style shower, stepping into it. Closing his eyes as he tilted his head back, he let the water wash away the rest of the sweat, grime, and even blood, he noticed. Last night he hadn't cared, but he wanted yesterday's clinging essence off of himself now. He scrubbed at his body with the sponge until it felt clean, and he had just gotten the shampoo into his hair when he heard his phone give warning of a received message. Nearly slipping several times, he rushed back into his bedroom to snatch it up. He blinked a few times at the message before he caught on. Smiling sadly, he typed back his message, sent it, and went back to finish his shower.

', ',

Yayoi read the reply over and over, making sure he understood. Alright, he thought. Rubbing his tired eyes, he swore off video games for the rest of his life. Closing his phone he got up to dress for school. Unlike Kio he'd taken a bath straight when he'd gotten home, and fallen asleep in it for two hours before he woke to start his games. He had to tell Shinome-sensei that Ritsuka was sick, so he had to go to school. When he was dressed and ready, he picked up his phone again, peeking one last time at the messages.

To Kio Kaido:

-Up all night. Does it ever get easier to deal with?

To Yayoi:


Smiling, he shoved the phone into his bag and headed out the door. If it didn't get easier, then he would have to live with it like Kio did. After all, Kio had known Soubi for longer than he'd known Ritsuka. He was sure he could do it, but it might take time to adjust, and something told him Kio would be willing to lend a hand.