60 Years after AC

Cloud Strife is sat in his wheelchair, peacefully watching the sun rise, his grey hair as spikey as ever, his Mako blue eyes staring out from a heavily wrinkled face.

Cid and Barett were already dead of Lung Cancer and Old Age, Yuffie was the Ruler of Wutai and Vincent was stil as infuriatingly young as ever.

Across from him in a rocking chair sat Tifa, the woman had stood by him, despite him never making a move to form a relationship, since their first adventure.

She was a little insane in his opinion, not that he dared point that out to her.

It had been twenty years since Sephiroth had been defeated once again, in fact Cloud had done it so often that the 54th time he had only had to slash once at knee to end the fight, though that could have just been the athritis...

"Cloud... I have returned... though you thought you had completly destroyed her, mothers earlobe was enough to allow me to be reborn!"

Cloud sighed as he turned to look at the 'Great Sephiroth'

If possible his hair was even grey-er than it had been 60 years ago, he seemed at first glance to be stood in a crouching battlestance, but actually it was simly age had given him a hump.

Green slitted eyes glared playfully from under all the spare blotchy skin that hung from his face

In his right hand, his left was busy suporting him with his walking stick, he held the Masamune,the only thing that didnt seem to have changed.

Groaning as he pulled himself from his wheelchair, Cloud picked up his walking stick and started towards his house.

"Dont you ever give up?" grumbling Cloud glared at the man "And get off my lawn!"

Twenty minutes later Cloud had sucessfully walked the thirty feet into his house, grabbed a sword, and made it back out to face Sephiroth.

At the sound of Cloud settling into a combat stance Sephiroth awoke with a grunt from were he had been propping himself up with his sword.

They stared at eachother a long time, Tifa snoring the only noise to be heard, then they attacked.

And their swords met in unimpressive attacks that a snail could have dodged, making a slight clink at the metal met.

"You still have it Cloud." Sephiroth smirked as Cloud blocked a incredibly slow slash, Cloud simply glared hatefully at him as he attacked again.

After another sword lock, both men were panting and clutching their chests.

"It seems we are evenly matched in skill, lets move on." with his usual smirk, slightly broken by the heavy panting, Sephiroth lifted his hand from his walking stick, swaying dangerously as he did, and Cloud noticed that his arm was glowing with a trademark sign of Magic use.

"Ah fudge" Cloud grumbled "My favorite show is starting soon."

And an instant later the Ultima spell wiped out the area.

In the Lifestream

"I hate you Sephiroth" A young again Cloud growled as he held his sword in a stance he hadnt been able to for many years.

"Now, Now Cloud, we have a looong time to vent our anger." Sephiroth smirked as he also prepared to fight like he hadnt been able to for a long time.

Aeris, Tifa and Zack sat nearby watching.

"When do you think they will notice they cant actually hurt eachother here?" Zack grinned at the flowergirl and fighter.

"With the way those two fight? those masocists will probobly never notice." Tifa frowned.

"Poor Cloud" Aeris sighed.