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Note: This takes place after "Ultimate Enemy" and "Reign Storm"

Chapter One: Secrets Revealed

It was the hottest day of summer so far in Amity Park. But that wasn't saying much, seeing as school had only been out for two weeks. Nonetheless, the heat waves rising from the asphalt and the sun beating down on their heads had driven most people into their cool, air-conditioned houses.

The same was true for the Fenton's, but, for them, it was by no means relaxing. Maddie Fenton was curled up on an arm chair, wrapped in a blanket, despite the heat, looking like she was about to cry. Jazz sat on the sofa opposite her, biting her lip anxiously and throwing glances at the clock every few seconds. Jack wore an unusually grave expression and watched his wife, motionless.

Danny Fenton, the fourth member of the family, was not there. In fact, Danny had been missing for three months. The Amity Park search committee had finally given up and Danny was declared "deceased" only days before his fifteenth birthday.

It had been a hard blow to his parents, particularly his mother. She had been ill since that day and was no longer interested in anything, even ghosts. That made what Jazz was planning to do even more difficult for her.

The doorbell rang and Jazz jumped to her feet and crossed the room in one swift stride. Her hand trembled slightly as she reached for the doorknob. Even so, she grasped it firmly and swung it open, letting Sam and Tucker inside.

Danny's death had affected them too. Sam was even more withdrawn than Maddie and spoke only to Tucker and the Fenton's. Tucker had dark circles under his eyes and his face was drawn, as if he had suddenly aged ten years.

Maddie looked up at them, but turned away quickly, as if seeing them brought back memories too painful to relive. Jazz silently returned to the sofa and sat down; Sam and Tucker followed suit.

"Mom? Dad?" Jazz began "We need to tell you something…important." She glanced at Danny's two best friends; Sam looked away, but Tucker gave her an encouraging nod. Jack nodded, his eyes distant, to show that he listening.

"Do you remember the—the ghost kid," her voice wavered slightly, "That saved the town by pulling out of the ghost zone?" Jack looked at her for the first time in days, traces of curiosity lingering in his eyes, and nodded again.

"He is—he was…" she felt hot tears prickling in the corners of her eyes and broke off.

"Danny was the ghost boy." Sam whispered in a trembling voice. Tears slid down her cheeks, blurring her vision, but she couldn't miss the astonished looks on Jack and Maddie's faces.

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