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Chapter Nineteen

Everyone froze. Even Vlad and his clones, all watching as the most nefarious ghost of all time materialized in front of them. Danny watched, horrified as the red-eyed Phantom scanned the room, taking in the scene. Then a malicious smile crossed his pale lips and everyone in the room seemed to shiver involuntarily. Just the mere presence of the ghost shocked and frightened them.

Observing from his prison, Danny saw fear flit across Vlad's face. He knew now, unfortunately far too late, exactly what he was dealing with. The evil ghost's eyes met Danny's and he smirked. Danny scowled, but inside he was terrified. He was going to have to watch his family attempt to battle Dark Danny and be completely incapable of helping them.

"What a nice reunion." said the ghost and Danny felt his goose bumps creep up his arms. "But, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut it short." He blasted the unprepared Plasmius with a ghost ray and he smashed into the wall. He sank to the floor with a groan of pain, going back to human form and dropping the thermos. It rolled across the floor and everyone else watched its progress with bated breath. Tucker started towards it, but he hadn't taken two steps before Dark Danny hit him with a huge ball of ghost energy. Tucker skidded across the floor, still standing and doubled over, dropping to his knees.

Maddie fired a round of ectoplasmic shots at the spirit, but he knocked the blaster carelessly out of her hands and swatted her into Vlad, who was just coming to.

"Maddie! Are you alright!" cried Jack and Vlad in unison. She didn't respond, completely out cold. Danny rammed his shoulder against the door, determined to escape the cell. Still, it didn't yield. He shouted in frustration. Danny didn't think he could bear watching his evil future-self take out his entire family and do nothing. He stuck his head up and peered out the window again and saw that his sister was finally regaining consciousness. She sat up, a bewildered look on her face, but, luckily, Dark Danny didn't notice.

"Danny!" she hissed, quicklyassessing the situation. "Hang on, I'll get you out!" She pulled a bobby pin out of her hair and started to pick the lock.

Meanwhile, Valerie was shooting at the ghost, trying to get past his ghost shield. A cord of ghost energy wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides and sent her spinning into Jazz. Both girls collapsed in a heap in front of the door, the lock still not completely picked.

Now only Sam, Vlad and Jack were left to face off with Dark Danny. Jack swung a Jack-O-Nine-Tails at him, missed, and nearly roped Vlad instead. Plasmius scowled at him and Dark Danny laughed. The teenage Danny, viewing all this from behind the bars noticed that Sam was creeping on tiptoe toward the dented thermos as Vlad and his least favorite person ever worked together to distract Dark Danny.

Sam stretched out her arm and tried to pick up the thermos without making noise. Unfortunately, Dark Danny spotted her reflection in the glass that kept Danny's Phantom half confined. He spun around and grabbed her by the wrist, lifting off the ground and bringing her to his eye level. Sam looked away from his red eyes,actually scaredand struggled to get free.

"Sam," said the ghost. "Did you really think that you could fool me?" She didn't answer or look at him. "It's too bad," he continued, forming a ghost ray with his free hand. "You might have made a good villain, yourself."

"Sam!" yelped Danny, rattling the bars. "No!"

Then, the strangest thing happened. Dark Danny's eyes flickered green for a split second and he dropped Sam to the floor. She landed painfully on her broken ankle and fell to her knees. Suddenly, Dark Danny's eyes changed back and he lunged at her. A burst of electrical ghost energy went through Sam and she went limp.

"Leave her ALONE!" roared Danny. In the glass tank, Danny Phantom's eyes flew open and he yelled in unison with his Danny Fenton half, only his cry can out as a ghostly wail. The glass shattered and everyone crashed into the opposite wall, even Dark Danny.

Danny Phantom unlocked the cell and fused back together with his human half. Danny flew over and snatched up the thermos and pressed the button, sucking up Dark Danny for a second time. The ghost struggled and schreeched, but all to no avail. Danny clapped the lid on the thermos and Dark Danny was defeatedonce again.Danny flew to Sam's side and turned human again. Everyone else had come around and Jazz and Tucker came over, supporting Valerie between them. Jack helped his wife to her feet, Vlad even came closer, and they all formed a circle around Sam and Danny.

"Sam?" Danny whispered. She didn't respond; she didn't even appear to be breathing. "Sam!"

"Danny, honey." said Maddie gently, touching his shoulder. But he ignored her, squeezing Sam's hand. His eyes burned with unshed tears.

"Sam, wake up!" he begged. "Please! You have to!" Still, she didn't move. Valerie gave an involuntary sob and buried her face in Tucker's shoulder. He held her close, trying to calm her down.

"Sam, you can't die!"Danny murmured. "I--I love you."

Everyone was quiet for a long moment. Even Vlad didn't have any comments to make. Danny sat motionless, with Sam's head cradled in his arms.

Suddenly, Sam's eyes flickered open. She moaned and brought a hand to her face. Danny opened his own eyes and his whole face lit up. He threw his arms around Sam's neck and hugged her like he hadn't seen her for years.

"Oh God, Sam!" he cried. "You're alive!"

"Yeah," she said. "Now can you, um, let go of me? My neck is killing me."

"Sorry!" Danny exclaimed, releasing her, a pinkish color creeping into his pale cheeks. Sam's face reddened too, but she looked him resolutely in the eyes.

"Danny, did you mean what you justsaid?" she whispered. He looked up into her violet eyes. The pair appeared to have forgotten everyone else in the room.

"What'd I say?"

"Well," Sam said, leaning towards him. "If you did…" She kissed him lightly and started to pull away. But Danny stopped her, kissing her in return.

"Ahem!" Jazz said pointedly. They broke apart and looked up at the group around them. Both faces flushed, but they stood up, determined to hide their embarrassment. Everyone suddenly seemed to remember why they were their and rounded on Vlad.

"Ah!" he said. 'Now then, I'm sorry about all this. What do you say, Daniel? Bygones?"

Clang! "Oh, yeah," Danny replied, locking Vlad in the cell. "Definitely bygones."

"Let's get out of here!" suggested Jack. He and Maddie both looked at their son and smiled proudly. Danny smiled back and pressed Sam's hand.

"Yeah," he grinned, feeling freer than he could ever remember. "Let's go home."

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