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Chapter 26

Hermione made her way down to the dungeons. It had been an exhausting week. Half term had finally arrived and for once in Hermione's life, she was actually glad of the break. With her pregnancy came tiredness and all she wanted to do lately was just sleep and eat. Severus had to literally drag her out of bed the other day because she just couldn't get up. She thanked him by turning off the hot water while he was in the shower.

She had finally told him of her decision and she was asked many times by both Severus and the headmaster if she was completely sure. She had lost count of the amount of times she had to reassure them both that it was what she thought was best. Going into hiding, even with Severus could be just as dangerous - what if Voldemort did something to her parents to try and force her to come out of hiding?

Besides, she didn't want to sit around like a coward while her friends fought Voldemort - she did it once and she would do it again and this time she would make sure everyone was safe. Madame Pomphrey and Ginny could look after her child in the infirmary and she would get Dumbledore to set wards around it again. But this time, she would make sure they wouldn't be able to get out either, until the school was completely free of Death Eaters - she was taking no chances this time!

She finally made it to her chambers. She put her book bag down by the coat rack and sat down on the couch. She noticed a letter sitting on the coffee table addressed to her. There was a brown owl next to it so she assumed it wasn't from Harry. Surprisingly, when she opened it, she saw it was from Ron.

It was very vague, though he did say he was rather busy, having to work as well as train because he needed the extra money. She frowned slightly. It was understandable that he hadn't mentioned that he had a job to Harry, as Ron has always been embarrassed about his families lack of money. But surely he knew Harry would understand? Whatever the reason Ron didn't speak to Harry about it, Hermione didn't dwell on it as she quickly wrote a reply.

It wasn't until she sat back down when she sensed that she wasn't alone in the room. She quickly pulled out her wand and stood back up.

"Show yourself."

She nearly dropped her wand in shock when she saw Draco Malfoy step out of a dark corner on the far end of the room.

"What are you doing here Malfoy?"

"Well, I did come here to see my godfather, Granger, but I was hoping he would have got here before you," he sneered at her.

"Well as you can see, he isn't here, so you can leave," Hermione shot back at him, her wand still pointed at him. "And if you had only came down here to see Severus, why did you hide when I came in?"

Draco merely shrugged. "Well what exactly would you have done if you walked in here and found me lounging on the couch?"

"I don't believe you. If you thought Severus would have been here before me, you would not have hid. You know what I think? I think you were snooping around in here. Am I right?"

Draco seemed to take a step back, "No, I wasn't. I told you why I'm here and if you don't believe me, that's your problem. And anyway, if I was looking for something, I could have stunned you and kept looking."

Hermione thought about that one. It was true, he could have done, but he didn't. "Okay, so tell me, what are you doing here then?"

"I told you, I need to talk to my godfather about something important."

"Well, you will have to go look for him then because as you can clearly see, he isn't here." Hermione's arm was starting to ache slightly and she silently begged him to go.

"Look, I have to wait here, if I don't, I don't think I'll be able to come back again. I need to do this now, while I'm still here."

"Yes, but I don't trust you Malfoy. I don't want you here, in fact I don't want you anywhere near me!"

Draco seemed to be having an internal conflict with himself and when he finally looked up, he had a defeated look about him, which shocked Hermione.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I'm here to talk to Severus - that is not a lie. I just didn't want to tell you the reason why because the way I see it, this will only concern me, Severus and the headmaster. But, since you have to poke your nose into everyone's business, I suppose I have no choice."

He looked at Hermione, who motioned for him to continue. He took a deep breath before continuing and Hermione noticed that he looked a lot more pale than usual.

"As you probably know, I have joined the side of the Dark Lord. But, it wasn't my decision, it was my fathers. He wanted me to join up as a way of him proving his loyalty to that madman. But it's not what I want - I hate it! I hate what he makes me do and what he makes me watch…it's disgusting! I came here to ask Severus to help me. I want to go over to the other side.," Draco finished the last part in a barely audible whisper.

Hermione stared at him, completely at a loss what to say. Was he lying? If so, he must be an amazing actor! She was, however, saved from answering because at that moment Severus walked in.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he took in the scene before him. Hermione was still stood there, wand pointed at his godson. He also took in the appearance of Draco and noticing how pale he looked, he assumed Hermione had scared him with the threat of a particularly nasty hex.

"What is going on here?" He glared down at the both of them and Hermione hastily lowered her wand.

"I found him hiding in here. He said he came here to talk to you, but I didn't believe him. I'll leave you to it." She quickly gathered her bag and made her way to the library, checking she still had the disillusionment charm fixed on her large stomach.

But she never made it to the library as she bumped into Ginny, who was making her way up to the common room. She decided to spend some time with her instead, as she hadn't seen her since the previous week. Honestly, Hermione was glad she saw Ginny as she didn't really have any work. She just wanted to escape from Severus and Draco.

However, Hermione decided not to tell Ginny about what had transpired between Malfoy and herself. Instead she sat and discussed the child growing inside her.

"How come you don't look pregnant? You said you're five months and yet you still look tiny!"

"It's just a disillusionment charm, so none of the students can see it. Here," Hermione grabbed Ginny's hand and placed it on her stomach. She laughed at the younger girls reaction.

"Bloody hell, that's so strange! I can feel it, but I can't see it. It feels huge!"

Hermione placed her own hand on her stomach and smiled. "That's because it is…well it's normal size for five months, according to Madame Pomphrey."

"Have you thought of a name yet?"

"Well, since we know it's a girl, it's been easier to discuss names. We both like the name Artemis."

"Oh, that's lovely. It sounds like a good strong name."

"Yes, I think that's why we both like it so much."

"With both yours and Professor Snape's intelligence, your daughter is bound to be very bright."

Hermione smiled, "I just hope she doesn't get his nose! Or my hair!"

Ginny laughed with her. "I'm sure she will be lovely no matter how she looks."

They talked for a while longer before Hermione decided it would be safe to venture back down to the dungeons. She was relieved to find she was right, since Draco was no where to be found and Severus was sitting at the table marking essays.

"So what exactly happened before…or do I want to know?"

Severus put his quill down and swept a hand over his face in a tired gesture.

"It seems Draco really does want to change sides. Albus and I questioned him. We even delved into his mind…nothing. I even thought about using veritaserum, but Albus though it to be unnecessary - for now anyway."

Hermione placed herself onto his lap. "But he just seemed like he was up to something. I mean, why hide like that?"

"Because he still sees you as an enemy. An enemy he wouldn't like to cross - knowing how hard you can hit a guy."

That memory made her shift nervously. She didn't realise he knew about that and she replied with a small, "Oh."

Severus smiled down at the witch in his arms. "Well, it has been a long day for you. You should get some sleep. I am staying up a while longer as I still have some work to do."

Hermione, too tired to argue, merely nodded and made her way to their bedroom. She fell asleep almost as soon as her head touched the pillow. She didn't hear Severus leave their chambers.

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