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The New Beginning

Part I

Selindra was now over one month old. But she already looked like six. And so she jumped down the stairs, hoping that someone has a little time for her.

She stormed right into her father´s study. There sat the famous Count Dracula, reading and writing.

"Daddy!", she said, "Could you play with me little? It´s sooo boring since you started working!"

Dracula looked up from the book he was reading and into the pretty face of his daughter. She looked much like her parents with her mother´s eyes and her father´s hair. "Selindra, dear, why don´t you ask your mother? I´m busy today", he spoke softly. Her expression went from a wide smile into a sad look.

"But you´re always busy!", she protested and stalked out of the study.

She ignored the fact that her father was working behind her and called out loudly: "Mommy!"

As no reply came Selindra ran into her mother´s chamber. She was sitting on her bed. "Mama!", she called again. Then she walked over to Tina and pulled lightly at her hair, trying to get her attention.

Finally Tina took her ear - phone, that had kept her from hearing her daughter off of her head. "I´m sorry, love, did you say something?"

Selindra started jumping up and down. "Daddy doesn´t want to play with me! Can´t you do something?"

Tina shook her head. "No, when we disturb he will never be done with working. But if you want you can help aunt Kitana and aunt Anna with decorating their rooms."

"Yes, that will be fun!", she said enthusiastically and went over to them.

Part II

"Hold still," said Kitana. "Okay, ready? Push!"

Kitana and Anna were trying to put up an Epica poster which was as tall as it was wide, so you can imagine the difficulty they were having trying to get it up right just so they could tape it to the wall.

"I have no idea who this group is but if they make posters this big they must be pretty important," said Anna when they got the top of it taped to the wall successfully.

"They're pretty big in Europe but practically unknown in America," said Kitana. "My brother Daniel had to order his CD special from Germany. And speaking of which I'm gonna have to fly back to home in a few hours so I can give him back his CDs. If any of them were scratched it would mean my head."

There was a loud squeaking sound from on the floor. When Kitana and Anna looked down they saw Selindra seated on the bed holding the Epica CD Kitana had borrowed from her brother. A long scratch was across it. Selindra looked up at her Aunts.

"Was that supposed to happen?" she asked. Kitana slapped her forehead.

"Seli!" she cried as she jumped onto her bed. "That belongs to my brother! Now it's broken and Epica is hard to replace! Unless one of us gives you permission you shouldn't touch our stuff! It's very fragile." Selindra hung her head in shame.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Kitty," she said quietly. "I didn't know."

Kitana sighed. She could never stay mad at her niece for too long. She bent down and hugged the little girl.

"It's okay," she whispered. "Just remember you won't touch any of these with out my permission next time, okay, Seli?" Selindra nodded while wiping away a few tears. Kitana patted her on the head. "Good girl."